2016 Senior Wills

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Mariam Akbar

I leave to these people, in no particular order:

Rania: the great relationship we formed the year before I left for college. Mariam AkbarAlso, Lana is Bax. Color-guard: all of the insanely bad jokes we made about each other, our witch dresses, Guardossaurus Rex, and all our weird phrases. Band: three amazing years of developing arm muscle that I’ll never forget. Theater Fam and Animal Fam: thanks for my confidence and so many memories of the dumb stuff we did backstage. Also that time we broke down sobbing after performing at Region only to win and go to State! Community Service Council: that meeting that we never had lol. Savannah: best prom date ever, makeup skills, life advice, deep car talks, and my favorite famous person. Victoria: the alternative universe where you’re my roommate, the cute picture from Ms. Watson’s 4th grade class, and the phrase that I will use forever: “Driving the food”. Hinal: being queen twice over, torturous Kumon sessions that resulted in our friendship, your BA dance moves/the time you choreographed a dance for my aunt’s wedding, and the irony of how you tried to get annoying-me into rap music in 10th grade, only to have it be my favorite genre now. Also the gummy bear show and Neal. Rujul: cheese, which you can eat, Starbucks, and the irony of how you hated Kumon for all of your youth, just to work there now. Kenzie: leaving your homeroom in 9th grade, only to be re-united in 12th, making every morning better. Michelle: random life talks that have saved mine, being a Great Gatsby Party host (also that dope pun). Vivi: an amazing year of attempting to learn Greek, being band buddies, Halloween night, the skype call with Antonios that never happened. Amber: my entire childhood basically, Diary of a Bad Girl, and that time you slept at my house for 2 days. Aiza: that party where we met, because without it I wouldn’t have one of my best friends. Also Harry Potter, Tumblr, and everything fangirl. And FOOD. Zainab: tweety bird, being my #1 girl to talk to about everything, that time we casually went to a One Direction Concert, our telepathic twin powers. Tanisha: Pink boas, Fuddruckers, Creative Writing and most importantly “It’s on the horse, not with the horse.”  420 Squad/Tech Squad: y’all know who you are. Blaze it and I’ll miss the random movies and interesting conversations that we’ve shared. Ben and Walker: Who knows who the home wrecker is. Dylan Q: all the life lessons that I had to learn, I’m glad that I learned them with and from you John Michael: a pack of pencils. Grace: photography therapy sessions, being the (somewhat) sane ones in guard. Gracie: best flute section leader and drum major ever. Dr. Katz: Being your intern, preserving each other’s sanity, our great taste in television; I have yet to meet another adult who loves OUAT as much as I do. Also a set of CAH because it’s your favorite game.

Miles Anderson

Finn Anderson: My prestigious legacy. Amir Ahmadi: My turnip farm in Kazakhstan along with all my monetary assets. Shishir Bandi: C-Pat, Miles AndersonVirgil, Catullus and the lips, Equilibrium. Carter Canady: Tight invisible seams, Brian Glynn, Buddy Don’s workshop, the poker table, Dasani water, the imported hoodies, Cedar Rapids, Mr. Krabz. Robert Clark: Slayer and death grips in homeroom, The wooden horse. Tommy Cleveland: The mixing bible, Tom Collins, AP Reddit, Bro science. Josh Davis: My spot in the driveway. Crawford Edwards: my stock portfolio. Will Gibson: Camping, The spring break bikes. Tanisha Gosh: My artistic talent. David Haithcock: MB/MC time, AP bio exam, shotput. Noah Hill: My room. Tommy McCook: the money I won from you in poker, Young Thug music videos, Casino Royale, Vitamin C, Panda. John Michael O’Quinn: All my UGA gear. Mr. Kelley, Mrs. Gumbart, Mrs. Waters, Mr. Free and just about every teacher I’ve had: All the homework I never finished. Hinal Patel: The Syria project. Jack Peterson: The counterfeit cedar business, the cheese residue, paper bags, the closet (aka. Sanctuary), big blind, monsieur Bond wins. Sim Patrick: Gerald’s bike, AP Gov. days. Stratford Academy: The next field house. Ben Pruett: the tenderfoots. Pierce Reaves: All food I’ve been hit with, The Mint, activate elongate drills, the 400m. Donald Trump: My life and soul. Thomas Thwaite: 4chan raids. Jake Thomas: Dr. Thunder, The Macon Mayhem. Andrew Young: Frank Underwood’s Campaign, The English movie.

Mary Wilson Avant

Avery Layton: trap god, teaching me rap, diamond gals, speeding through river north, Saturday night’s, clothes, fun bun, that one time, the heads of the trap bus, Georgia heat, Okonkwo, Division 3. Allyn Parker: UGA, nevermwa portrait2 having money, Baja blasts, endless jamming, Broadway tunes, Mr. Calculus brightest students, you’re not my dad!, sprinkle cones, diamond girls, your mom’s organization. Ann Thompson: that one missed turn to Athens, large amounts of Advil cold and sinus, lululemon headbands, the Bermuda shorts, #togetherweswarm, chevron, a huge monogram. Evans McCook: endless rides, always forgetting things, hairspray, braiding hair, date walls, Coke Icees. Elizabeth Copelan: hot Yolanda girl, infinite spirit, tinder, the English alliance, bus buddy (beep beep). Emma Davis: cubbles, the classic pose, lemon slushies, our dance with the softball bats. Jensen Lindsey: HFBday, #sophomoresatprom, you’re not my dad!, what would Jensen do?, pulling a Jensen. Tori Dover: booty bumps, tag team pitching, total sophomore move, Ben. Bella Gill: “can I get in the pic?”, college team rivals. Softball team: fire up team, Jordan Belford, trap bus, jam sessions before games, State Runners Up. Ally Raymond: girlfriend. Carey Woodcock: mhmm, ferocious v, 96, “do you suspect?”. Felton Hatcher: 8th grade relationship;). Carter Canady: discus buddies, pre-throw handshake Savannah Joyner: shabi you savvy head, triple helix, photosynthesizing, Ben rector, ear rubbing SN: no one ever responding, tombo, VS models, “omg I love your swell”, dolphin calls, surprise parties that somehow always get ruined. Campaigners: a whole lot of awesome Thursday nights.

AnaGrace Ballard

Meg Griffin: The name Megan, sonic runs, staying at my house all summer, nail appointments every Friday, Gabanna the fish…RIP. Always AnaGraceBallardbeing the third wheel, all of my yellow sour patch kids, popcorn and m&ms, shogun, coming to all of my family events, beach trips to SSI, all the clothes that I have “borrowed”, Waka Flocka, Zebulon road, that purple flower crown, macaroons, albino, my bird, mental breakdowns, life lessons. The Jaguar…the car not the cat. OMG it’s Kim again. Katy Perry. Oatmeal. Zaxby’s. People jumping into your sun roof. Mary Oren: Luke Bryan, Spring break, Geometry with Mr. Free, river floatin’, the indian accent, politics… Corey Smith, Fight Night by Migos, always being the fourth wheel for Meg, Halloween, the back seat, afternoon walks, the sunglasses that I lost at Luke Bryan, bonefish, FOJ dates, prom dates, the name horse girl, twitter messages, spongebob and Patrick. RPIM. Never replying to your snap chats or text messages…sorry. Trailer park boys and My Name is Earl. Back row of literally every class that we have together. McDonald’s chicken nuggets, with a large fry and large sweet tea with lemon…don’t forget the spicy buffalo sauce. My Birthdayday. Molly Griffin: Always telling me to leave your house, the shoe that you threw at my head, my laundry detergent and my green hair tie. Holland Jones: The ferris wheel at Music Midtown, party mom and color blindness. Bella Gill: New Year’s Eve and those guys we definitely should have never dated but thought it was a good idea at the time. Alyssa Orona: The FPD Christmas Dance with Zack and Kendall… Cherish Jones: Aerobics with Coach Wall. O’showen Williams: Live feed on Spring Break, you definitely have a bigger head than me… Wimberly Dennis: Athens, Redneck trips to the farm, cheese puffs, ranch dressing, plenty of trips down to the Boro, the front seat middle school Christmas parties, the taser, almost getting kicked out of sonic, and coke.

Shishir Bandi

Nischal: Driving to school, my poor music taste, telling each other to calm down, sour gummy worms, Spring Break, my room and everything in it, Shishir Bandithe Baru, all of Mom and Dad’s expectations. AP Stats and AP Econ: Mr. Free’s smiling face. 3rd Period AP English: An Oscar-worthy film, group therapy, Cards Against Humanity, Dr. Katz throwing books. Any Latin student ever: Cameron Paterson. George: Orange slices, 4 million pushups, a shirt. Christian: Sachin’s maid, “Keep it a hunnid.” Sushil: Temple volleyball, No Shave November every month. Dave: Waterskis, marginal benefit-marginal cost, being Trap Mansion bouncers. Sachin: An unopened gate, being co-failedictorians, long lunch dates, being the science intern for Help Desk, golf cart rides, a glass of water, the spoils of war, a red solo cup. Felton: REI, Stronglifts 5×5, a foldable kayak, Moes with bros, Instagram tags, ultimate frisbee, the strobe light app, Dylan and Laney. Dylan O: Filming, Star Wars spoilers, Indiana Jones. Dylan Q: The Brown marching band. Tommy: Quiz Bowl champs, Nagatha Christie, being roommates at Georgia Tech, reckless gains, Brodin, Broki, the Iron Gods, Mr. Hyde, Orlando, wiener dogs. Ben: JP, The Rock, Civ V, Milk Duds, Ace Bentura, Stormtrooper Vans, a magnetic personality, “Have you boys met Olivia?” Walker: Funky socks, Aslan, NSP, Game Grumps, diets, lots of protein, SPING BAKE, Ben’s and Chris’s competing affections. Stephen: AP Physics, your 16th birthday party, diss tracks. Asa: A beautiful smile, AP Stats FRQs. Chris: Jack the kitten, Smuffy Muggleton, a man bun. Robert C: On-demand car rides. Ramsie: Gang gang, T-Pain, fainting, Doug and ManSpider, telling Cal that we’re rooming together at UGA next year. Savannah J: GATA, radish children “Ross, sup bruh?” Libby: Third on the list, AP Chemistry, the Year of the Otter. Hinal: Two different crowns. Conner: I couldn’t think of anything good; I’m sorry. Michelle: Most Likely to Succeed, sheep, not getting into college. Ally R: Blow Pops, Vincent. Deep: Forbes, texting on Snapchat. David M: “DAVID!” “SHISHIR!” Justin: Dubstep. Raine: #FeelTheBern. Logan: Spring Break, Nischal, a lost bicycle. Rushabh: Algebra II, partying with seniors. Maggie G: A 36 ACT math score. Sammy: “You’re my buuuuuuuud.” Om: The math team, Mr. Stecher. Dylan O. and Ben: Room 421, Running in the 90s, DE, “Ooooooh it’s too real.” Carly and Jessica: The first Carsica the Band shirt. Steve and Nick: Help Desk, nonstop Chemistry homework, one assist for the Stratford lacrosse program, Gollum. Ben, Asa, Chris, Stephen, and Walker: The dankest of memes, Olympus, VT forever. To anyone not mentioned: Sorry for not remembering our time and memories together. I leave each of you $10 from Mr. Stecher’s salary. It is currently 2AM and this is the best thing I could think of. You’re welcome.

Taylor Bashuk

Clay: strawberry milkshakes, Beghecki, my calculator, Veto’s Pizza, a radio, a hoodie, 4 Square, lunchroom trash, Dr. Pepper, the 100, Mercer taylor clayUniversity. Thomas: Paris’s old house, nike shorts, Teriyaki House, DiGiorgio’s delivery, Carol, the significantly smaller desk, bananas, watermelon, cookies, car wrecks, aux cord, summer ’14, a running chicken, a stolen bike, Smuckers PB&J. Thomas and Clay: Mrs. Snow’s class, kitchen, bus rides, Steve & Allan, Shrimp, “Chinchillas guys”, Mikey’s chicken, Math, Mike’s car, Carol’s jokes. Jacob L: MEMEME!, Vietnam, Chicken Run, Jr. Sadies, SOS, a love hate relationship, cookie dough with powdered sugar, my s’well bottle. Katie: secrets, girl code, my ugliness, LAB DB12, volleyball, the bull, the outside refrigerator, spring break cups, Abby Schwartz. Raine: Wesleyan talks, your dad’s house. Ally R: Ralph the fish, the bayou stories, the cult. Custis: our birthday, Mrs. Grace’s, COD, a water bottle, Jr. Prom, evil apples, eye winks, hand holding. Jackson P: a hole in the wall. Foobs: Ephpaddah, the spring break house. Sarah K: Jen, camp, extra seat belt, driving lessons, Hannah Montana, Shalom Squad, being basic, FPD, Hilton Head Island, my Torah, Congregation Sha’ arey Israel, DIANE. Lucy J: jam sessions, tone deafness, talks in my car, a phone charger. Sarah and Lucy: lil pandas, “My Humps”, Vineville, a clean car, soft as butter. Holland and Meg: my life, Music Midtown, yearbook. Elizabeth C: Itty Bitty Bugs, stories about Chan, a flying newspaper, art class in Atlanta, lotion as conditioner, lake trips. Daniella: 7th Grade NYE, Tutti Frutti. Sierra: Athens, TBoy, Ronald, WAKA. 2nd Period Art: a pair of chacos, the Eagles’ Nest, Hershey Kisses. Volleyball team: a lifetime supply of Jimmy Johns. Yearbook Staff: Gwen, DJ JuJu, lunch before 1:05, InDesign (RIP). Coach Kate: Hey Mom!!! Leslie: 28-21.

Victoria Brown

I, Victoria Brown, in my weird and messed up mind, hereby leave to: Savannah Alday: green eyes, multiple car talks, Kiwanis Talent Show (oh god), Cry Baby, shared parking spot, the time you locked yourself out of victoria savannah ayour car. MacKenzie Conn: tons of hair bleach, hair-braiding sessions, gluten-free (sometimes), that one time you were in colorguard, Periwinkle Hurgen Burgen Yurgensson. Michelle Tang: sushi cake, that one time at band camp, Doug Evans, salad stabbings, siblings, secret santa. Mariam Akbar: almost roommates, coke diet, College Pinterest Board, 5th period lunch errands. Hinal Patel: Queen B, Flumnutt. Rujul Patel: Rujal, Marc’s wall picture, multiple walks to get food. Aiza Shabbir: Mark Twain and his mustache, Dora’s thunder thighs, French 4, THE Aiza. David Haithcock: “Your boyfriend is 12, right?”, my hands vs. your hands, the endless hugs. Vivi Iakovidou: a portable microphone, the amount of fun we’re going to have as roommates, that awkward first time I took you home. Spirit of Stratford Marching Band: Ms. Voss’s broken elbow, “One more time!”, another Disney Trip, more time to practice, Keep up the great work guys! I love and will miss all of you! Gracie Childers: 56.50 hours, one more hello, “Bye bye now!” Grace Deedrick: more morning stories, crazy dance moves, the Telegram that brought us together. Meredith Fuchs: plenty of Music Theory homework. Safi Rahman: leadership of the Pit, dying moose noises, a watch so that you get to school on time. Cameron Walsh: motherhood, more chin folds, MEH, boy problems, that one time you hated me for 3 months. 1st Semester Science Fiction: reading quizzes, comma problems. 2nd Semester Creative Writing: endless popcorn and Coca-Cola, missing objects, ransom notes. Carolynn Dromsky: your Beta Club pin. Kaylee Jellum: second mother, hugs, gluten-free donuts. Benjamin Jorgensen: baby hands, Janfest, District Honor Band. Noah Fenimore: I’m no longer disappointed, all the snare drum parts from now on. Li-An Tsai: all the RWBY fanfiction you can think of, co-ownership of the Pit. Ms. Voss and Ms. Haynie: Thank you for being my lifelong mentors! I will cherish the moments we shared dearly! Dr. Katz: the senior poem, “Is that a euphemism?”, short stories ended too soon, see you in 4 years. Mr. Stecher: Freddy the Turkey, College Algebra and AP Calculus with me.  Mr. Grisamore: senioritis. AP Calculus AB (p 6): ab[Dave(x)-Carly(x)].All My Teachers and Those That I Missed: Thank you for being the wonderful people you are! You are the reason I had such a wonderful experience here at Stratford! You all have had a huge impact on my life, and I’m very thankful for it. I love you all, from the bottom of my heart!

Carter Canady

Miles Anderson: Tight invisible seams, swimming, uncooked ramen blocks, Vineville, ghost pepper, the British dab, the taser, bass memes, our weekly Vine sessions, “what it feels like to chew five gum”, Kali muscle Carter Canadyand CT Fletcher, “we pumpin”, pruning ficus trees, honeydew, “coach I can’t swim”, our Spring break music selection, Buddy Don, Mohammaduuuu Buhariiiiiiiiii, Cedar Rapids. Jack Peterson: D-end stance, Walt the savage, steam room, squirting Pierce with blue Gatorade, laughing at you every time you ate food, holding down the fort with you under the Friday night lights, my pregame speeches, my boots, counterfeit cedar, the paper mache elephant, late night poker, the endless nicknames, Buddy Don, me vomiting every football workout. Tommy McCook: NCAA 14, broken glass and controllers, car batteries, broken headsets, White Castle, Gatorade bottle, your cabin, the .45, FIFA 15, the Rolex, filming the first time I got pulled over with Pierce, the cups that we filled with oil, the extensive combat missions over the years, the firecracker I held too long at your house, the paper mache elephant, the escort when the mini Mercedes took flight, Buddy Don, Carlos Hyde, The Black Mamba, the potato bowl. Pierce Reaves: PCJ Farming Inc, the ducks, Buttons, doing donuts with your truck at my farm, sneaky fox, my D-end buddy, the paper mache elephant, my bumper when the Mini Mercedes took flight, Buddy Don, me vomiting every football workout, breakfast bowl, and chocolate milk. Clay Passante: Endless your mom jokes, early morning BVB games, that left turn sign in Atlanta, your broken air conditioner, our toaster market we will have in college. Sim Patrick: 4th of July Fireworks, “I love you Sim!” *explosion*, the mud pit at practice that one day, holding down the trenches for my QB1 under the Friday night lights, being sub-par soccer buddies, turf dirt and grass, reason 455… the atmosphere. Sushil Patel: Wreck em’ Tech, lord, official Birmingham southern panther, moose skin steering wheel, street lamp. Claire Rinehart: The Braves vs. Steelers game, the Broncos, Facetime, the Westin, watching nothing but ESPN, Idle Hour, GTA 5, the ducks, painting my house waiting for you, Jake Ganus, oysters, your Speak and Spell music, Dane Cook’s English muffin, our fights. Will Gibson: The Mini Mercedes air intake, putting too much oil in my car, the amount of food you consumed at the airsoft game. David Haithcock: bee sting, threatening to beat you up in the hallway every day, holding down the right side of the O-Line. Justin Griffin: the 70 pound dumbbell. Walker Gibbons: Toronto, the lamp post at GA Tech.

Quintez Cephus

O’showen: Sosa, ball out bro you are destined for greatness, remember the doubters, forthill, in the bando, the first spring break, groome snoozes, coach Kang big head ahh. Carlton: bestie, jimmy choos, super model, look DSC_1272down on all the little Hong Kongians, “dream team” lol, 2k16 #Lituation, prom, cut it, Carlyle dances, chipmunk, 11th grade fights, Cons driveway, goes down in the dm. Jack Evans: the great Icebox, weezle. Maggie Thornsberry: JB, personal water girl, cloud 9 before practice, date nights, pizza delivery man. Caroline Durkee: New sheets. Carey Woodcock: DITB, peach game. Evans McCook: DITB, cheeks, peach game. Cmo: glorious Nitorious B.I.G. Jaylen: baby g dubb. Tyler Jordan: takeover TG.Noah Hill: itty gang the lingo, eat it gang, the breeze .Cali Ruth Hayes: track star #beast, 800 meter death, 4 by 4 death, mile death, 2 mile death, track is death, humanities, sweet Caroline, the dream team, Mark Richt. Tift Palmer: my first Stratford friend, Thursdays. Caroline Rozier: Sweet Caroline, humanities dream team, Traynham dance moves. Isabella Gill: passing History, Signing day. Riley Anderson: paying my tickets, third wheeling but not you, flat tires in Athens, the pink blanket. Will Gibson: trapping on the roof in SSI, slaughtering they daughter’s, pack that stick. Tommy McCook: Emory, keep the block on lock, the camp video, running over your foot, your glory days, 11th grade TD catches, the famous interception, the dunks. Fussell: Fuss, bestie, my Ms Hayslip 2.0, the signing day speech, future Wisconsin visits, roll tide, blake, the ride to spring break that didn’t include me, teaching me math. Ginny Anne: the real super model, dime, D1 FSU commit, #blessed. Meg, Mary, Fussell: the dream team lol, good ole Mary…. JMO: Sweezyyyy, Slaughter UGA. Mary Wilson Avant: MWA14, bus rides, the teddy bear lol I was in love, UGA softball, most athletic goals. Cal Whitworth: ESPN video. Andrew Palmer: first introduced at Stratford, dab daddy, cooked hamburger. Ally Parker: bestie, secret cheerleader, pre-game meals, Wisconsin visits. Sim Patrick: fade routes, slants, stops. James Mitchell: deep money ball.

Daniella Chrabuszcz

Aysha Roberts: every secret I ever had, vent sessions, car rides/ blaring music, naps on the comfiest bed ever, 1 season of Vball, 2 seasons of track, 5.5 seasons of basketball,  6 seasons of soccer, more secrets, Dylan and other trainers, chick-fil-a and papa john’s, our snapchat streak, being a
 part of the family and having Frank yell at you too, boys, more food. XC TEAM: Disney, pick-up lines, Sergei, leg cramps, splash /space mountain, 6 miles a day :), 400’s, Marta’s prayers (and voice) Coach Ginny’s pep talks, state Champs 2012,  my heart and soul<3. Soccer Team: ice baths, winning streaks, Coach Kate’s fitness, beating FPD and MDS, Coach Jordan’s music taste, Gatorade chews, soda, the best nap you’ll ever get on away game bus rides,  Mylers’ leprechaunness, pregame meals, let’s get it started…in herreeeee, love and support and endless blood, sweat and tears for yall. Hinal Patel: QUEEN, twerking, homeroom. Mary Oren: bunny, microwaving phones. ELLIE/CAREY/EVANS: Big D.  Kaylee Jellum: joke book. Marta: juicy freshman gossip, a prayer before your race, a voice box for Disney, Olympic medal for track. TSlo: freak the freak out, 7-12th grade friendship, MY SUSHI, deep meaningful talks followed by stupid pointless inside jokes, smelling good all the time, hipsterness, Mrs E’s French class, understanding each other, spring break, good luck to your future, kid!  Madelyn Stephens: hi!!! Tori Dover: the 400!! Track girls: coach Bailey’s hugs and prayers, sprints at practice.  Jacob Lischer: Yak. Ellie P: pete, rides home and talks about everything, bball 4 lyfe, awkward stuff, Sandra’s hugs, carpooling, that one time we were neighbors. Mrs. Fleming: birthday twins, mentor for homeroom and my second mom. Jack Peterson: that one time you may or may not have stacked my deer. Julianna Hightower: being the good daughter Sandra always wanted, soccer for 5 years, Thiago, <3. Bella Gill: GATATSA,freshman year, soccer bc it took up 3/4 of our lives, your dad bc I’ll miss him the most haha, ap art, talks about every boy problem we’ve ever had, Thiago. AP ART: James, love hate relationship, Fred’s Jokes, never actually doing art. Clay Passante: snickerdoodles, beki, your houses food, drugs bc they’re sooo relatable haha, AND THEN I SAID, mercer for the next 4 years !!  Wehbe Lee: my entire life pretty much, panera, bread, health food, picture taking, chasing trains, chocolate, shopping on clearance, movie nights, Taylor swift blaring and singing our hearts out, Frozen Everything, a plane ticket to come see me next year. Lizzi Clayton: poodle panda, naps on my bed, that one time we were tailed by a car at 3:30 am, new experiences, soccer carpooling. Savannah Joyner: It sho got hot in here as soon as she shut that door, painted shirts. Jessica Gratigny: my art skills haha. Libby Ellison: car ride, TSWIFT, Chrabuszcz, mamma Sandra, the scarf on game day, swim season. Anna Katherine Boswell: 10 100’s on the 1:30. Walker Gibbons: HELLLOOOOO. Mr. Fred: your room for ¾ of the day, bad jokes. Stratford Academy: positive quote of the day.

Tommy Cleveland

Miles: Tight Invisible Seams, Poker, Philmont, Bags, Cuba Libre, Dashia, Milk, Gerald, Amir, Glasses. Carter: Steam, Kali, Bear, Tom Collins, PWO, FIFA, Eric, G2 Pilots. Tommy: Atek, Famous Dad, the River. Jack: Beans, IMG_8576nicknames, lasers, cheesesticks, Dierks Bentley, Geaux Tigers, an oil change. Aaron: Roll tide. Brannen: Golf team, protein, Pip, ricers, skeet. Davis: skeet shooting team, Peter. Nate: Peter. Steve: cooooaach, XC?, Disney. Ellie P: XC, Sergei, MS. David: Big Wave, J’s, Berry Bear. Crawford: crowbar. George: Alabama hat, handshakes. Robert: Sonia, Julius, Randy; Sushil – Cricket, AP Gov. Chambless: Tattnall, a belt. Dylan: Dolan, XC, the doobie brothers, smash bros. Felton: flow, ultimate, 5×5, cub scouts, strikers. John:  Asperger’s, golf, vine, a 3 wood.  Michael: a donut, a stopwatch, golf team. Raine: Mr. Hubbard, corn. Christian:  Peter, Kentucky. Shishir: the most interesting man in the world, Luke Bryan, the Ganges, a roommate, Georgia college?, quiz bowl, randomly showing up at my house, Pokémon, math. Sachin: Gluten, tennis, trap mansion, neighbors, snow days, german shepherds. Andrew: ADY, a bathtub, ROLL TIDE, makeup; Clay: Dortmund, second place, Europa league, 5 times in a row, FUT. Zane: The north Tower. Sim: HI, mansion party. Traynham: The firehouse, Mrs. Cassel. Jake: You ready JT?, Wade, Atletico, Torres. Lizzi: being slow, math, a b+. Knox: the name, a new taillight, seaside, HDMI, mediocre, Blair, TJ. Boltja: golf, whiff, 126, a glove, prius. Jack Evans: SSI, Fredrica, McCullough, Pip, soft vs. hard, Waynesboro, King. Burke: Pacquiao, Warner Robins, Jud. Trey: Dogs, J’s, weeny boy. Hinal: My mom, QUEENAL, questions. Gibby: Sod, Air Max, Butler, Guppy. Herndo: the aux. Wade: Philmont, iceman, Sounders. Ben: Beep, that’s a bad idea, Disney. Sahan: Quiz Bowl, India Pacers, Basketball. Golf Team: Pips, a speaker, SSI, Fredrica, Waynesboro, PSP, beating FPD, 176, a future, Larry’s, Crab daddy’s. Cross Country: a team, Steve, COOOOOAACH, Disney, state in a swamp. Skeet team: Peter, Ben, Gene, another title, more than just Davis, Jasper, Gatewood. Quiz Bowl: repeat?, Louisiana, another title, India, OM, the Ganges, Luke, Waffle House, Tunak Tunak Tun.

Elizabeth Copelan

LK: skrrt skrrt skrrt scrape tha bowl like grits, lo2fink and Lo2K, Chuck Norris commercials, lob squad, jake, tier one, sunday stars, shark week, rodreeky, bursters baby, pink eye from perrin, falling down the hill at Nick’s football game, Dave offering me meatball subs, guy from jensen avery elizabethConnecticut, shmoney, disney 365, elkuhdah, alix nail, Papa and Madge, McDonalds butter biscuit and nuggs, jellybean birthmark, tossing bags, hit the quan, Michael Buble, cloud that doesn’t like to be touched there, streets, you are my favorite person alive and you are going to do great things. Live it up because these years don’t last as long as (you’ll soon find out) you wish they would. Love you so so so much. Katie King: PK, roll tide, come on, class after break, stay for coach bridges, water bottle girl, dancing to genetics, diseases/college algebra couch, robby being in love with you not me, robert, loudly awkward remarks, do you think he was there, do you think he knows, teresa it’s a pythin, my concussion from Stecher’s door, your concussion from Stecher’s desk, eye of the tiger trap remix, nowhere fast, roasted, it’s fine, Katherine the figure skater, Chuck Danger, sluppy, lumberjack jacket. Ginny Anne Pinson: plooms, forgotten IDs, that time you left me for your second grade bf Jack Evans at a football game, “hey boyfriend” “shutup”, tombo, when bailey slipped on the rug, telling macon people about camp stories, when ada stepped on the pinecone, Vegas, Fort Worth, Auburn, spiders, blahitscourtney, john and graciexoxo, who’s gatita lee?, quinoa salad vs steak, sneaking into your house when you had surgery, healthy ice cream, cats, hillbilly updates, video of your parents chasing the squirrel out of you houser, splat the bird, do you eat meat, you hitting conner in the face, Mrs. Gordillo and her husband, old people, no gum in my car, texas roadhouse, toel model shows, crush on Giles, Westfield mirror pic, Brookstone junior prom, ride on stratosphere, cauliflower mashed potatoes, G5 Ginny, pic with my tongue out at camp, Abby Brock gettign left at the cabin the first day, 40 miles down the wrong road in Columbus, your closet rod falling on my head, best friend necklace. Avery Layton: PDA, Krispy Kreme, boho goddess, phallic, averydonutsquirrel, galentines winners, tres’s sweet smile, bob’s burgers, chicken nuggets, a new button up shirt, cole’s jacket, my phone in derric’s car, eating cookie cake in front of seniors, caroline rae, tanner tyson, GAC, tweets at camp, PE in cars, minion peeps, jewelry company lol, ifunny, that ugly pic of me on spring break with the bun on my head, a bat on derric’s windows, shelli wall, i came in like oahc helli wall, that time i sang do i to her, kicking jake off the bed, jake eating my rubber bands, kimmy taking us to someone’s house, aunt anna, caroline and henson, you winning theh igh gpa award at tennis, me being salty, my best friend since freshman year, awkardly facebook messaging you after you shadowed, that pic of you that we still can’t find,all of your hand me downs, I love you!!!! Caroline Rozier: Carolitook9puppiesfemalefightclub, mommy luh you punkin, bunny, bridesmaids, melissa mccarthy, our spring break 3XL bed to ourselves, camel scratching his neck, evan breen, Jimmy, Stewie Gilligan Griffin, Custis vs. Me homeroom groupme, team loser. Mary Wilson Avant: hot yolanda girl, dirty pants, it’s cold, racing to buffaloes, tinder, football student sections. Evans McCook: waffles, tier one tennis, your grandma’s cool choker, wanting to be you, it’s fine, buns on top of our heads. Grace Marie Adams: waffles, riding the basketball bench, roscoe dash, trucks by rick, shark week, G$, my dog kicking me in the head, lil G, four hour ice cream dates, it’s fine, that face with the deuces, grandmama, TGR summer, coleman. Jensen Lindsey: PDA, J-e-n, puppies on craigslist, bad car rides, circa, tres, meredith, all the clothes with tags in your closet, GAC, stalking people’s houses, max loving everything, sarah stepping on your chicken, travelling to baseball games, not paying attention in US, texting in US, camel, cactus, money bag. Taylor Bashuk: leeanne x40 food plate, the show goes on, beach trips when we were little, my shipping address, getting to the workout room and quitting lol, you going to camp, crappy bathing suits, clint cloud, rap chat. Fuss: Emily Claire EC Fussy Fuss, riding on the hood of your jeep, spraying me with windshield cleaner, jack and charles, let’s go cha, two doubs, one doubs, you and robby, clifford not tying my shoe, come on, roll tide, do you think he was there, do you think he knows, stay for coach bridges, class after break, reed, then blake then nick then hahahaa, robert, nike shoes, gisselle, jack renfroe playing guitar, atrophy, Ms. ECB, cooper in kinetix, it’s not a contest chariot, bob’s burgers, pink key, uhhh, that’s the chorus, volleyball, that one girl’s serve, carson, coleman. Conner Hefner: sweetchick1010, that time i was featured on sweetchick1010, josh siegel, tonight we play tattnall tonight we beat tattnall, love of the the revivalists, you taking up for me xoxo, john cena, that trip to american idol lol. Valentine Grinstead: minions, volleyball, you rock. Regan Oliver: smallcakes, rides to YL, one of my fav freshman, a new ACL, my condolences that this is so late, you walking into humanities, fetty the puppy, ribbon, your house at Christmas, tanner tyson lol, forcing you to play games at your first young life. Sanford Caroline Neel & Annabelle Tomlin: a life saving ride at new years, my favorite cousin pair. Gracie Holliman: my prison friend. Emily Sheridan: rides on Dreamer, horses, hanging with Layne at the bull where she “enjoyed herself”, toenail clippers aka TC, coolest sophomore I know. Ann Thompson: Ann(e), Eh-too-fay, that time i stayed on your couch for three days, sleeping like question marks in a small bed, trained frog professionals, “Cooper what do you see” “Water” “What else” “Trees”, grind on me, Peeples, Matthew Davis, chocolate eclair cake, Denson, turtles for Virg, witch hands, cardboard, talking politics at lunch, lily pulitzer, eggs in your bed, MW and the bugs, that pic of you looking like bob marley, coastas bro. Tift Palmer: puppy sisters, tift loves lemurs and cookies, fifth period spanish in lori’s room, me being the favorite in humanities, fluff, furry, spikes, swearat, sweat rat, rachel lewis, mermaid, the collage, that cat, ann ann ann ann ann, that car ride with jack and cooper, my name’s marie and i am three. Colyar McCord: Yar an Lan, your role in the AP play, that time you flipped your bike in Fripp. Carlton Woodcock: that time you ran your bike into a bridge in Fripp, you and Riley bunny hopping, eating healthy, junior study hall. Cali Ruth Hays: team loser, holocaust, texting Michael David Woodyard. Custis Donner: our homeroom group me fight. Ally Parker: Harley Anne loving us more, Easter, Rosa, me laughing at all your jokes, dancing nonstop at FPD prom, Miranda, you leaving my scooter at GAP’s, bite size kroger cookies, Hinal’s mentor advice. Slum Nation: all of my love and random thoughts/comments. Wade Snow: you know, halloween, an Allen Iverson jersey. Riley Anderson: sweatrats, TGR summer. Carey Woodcock: chan’s unfortunate questions, Sunday school. Will Gibson: breaking your jet ski, family guy, the unit. Ben Pruett: passing college algebra grade. Quintez Cephus: kno one, mama ash. Jessica Gratigny: your shirt is on backwards. Sierra McWhirter: Bridesmaids, that time your mom took me home in the truck, you coming to strat and being in my homeroom woooohooooo, you always being late. Jensen Bowden: me wanting your dogs, deep talks in spring break, almost hitting a kid on a bike it’s fine, me asking you to save your bucket from your kids meal. Allie & Jake Edwards: TCU shirts and visits #hornedfrogs2021. Tori Dover: thee happiest, cutest smiliest person i know, shoe game so strong always. Ashlin Jackson: my love for your mom and you, one of my fav freshman, alwys saying hey to you. Mr. Stecher: Chuck Danger, the couch, a water bottle you poured on me, a concussion, a passing college algebra grade, that time I didn’t wear shorts, impressions, Bobby BA Stecher. Mr. Bridges: happy meal, tanning oil. Fred: all of my artistic abilities, number one tennis fan, horned frogs, never learning how to use your printer.

Amber Datta

Arya: goodie goodie, chahun main ya na, dompas, hotline bling, pll, S8, Quantico, your attacks, charades, bud, nicknames for my friends, our sign language, Tripp, dancing in the car, 3 idiots joke, Theo James, macaroons,Amber Datta drama, Netflix password, dead battery collection, my concerts, laloo fish, Rodrigo, killing bugs in my room, arguments, our ‘sleepovers’, Netflix binging, Christmas movies with mama, the king and queen of the house, abbreviating words, the triangle dance, Kmart haul, many future sheila’s, Thomaston and Milledgeville, I’m taller and always will be:). Aiza: Aakash hunt, dabluxyz, chubba, lb, db, hb, cb, gb, food, bust dyl. plan, Bollywood, journalism, roach stories, dpdbdr33, bolly dances, DGG, hoh, shahid kapoor, transformation pics, hemiola, who’s tejan, locust fire alarm, stressful roommate search, French, La Croix, summer hottie, 2nd day of summer, sweet chariot, small shakes, perfect schedules in sophomore year, too cold for school, band, Amber wali cupcakes, matters, taken sleepover, ‘straight to the bonefish instagram’, crying, ranting, band, snap streak, lehengas. Mariam: Aaksah hunt, dabluxyz, talent show, lb, hb, gb, foreign films club, bolly dances, learning Hindi, OSO, ek chutki sindoor, our parents, doing plays, who’s tejan, locust fire alarm, man shadow, taken sleepover, your puppies, mater, Halloween, photography, manicures, facetiming sisters, double piercings and highlights, kung fu panda, zootopia, your forever lasting nail polish, stressful roommate search, desi clothes to prom, you crying during every movie, twins, flute, French trips. Tanisha: Crazy sleepovers, London bridges, laloo, long phone calls, French films, Oscar awards, Sadie Westclock, chup chup ke, Indian party drama, s’mores cereal, biriyani, mehendi, rides in my car, precal, prom lead out, walks in the neighborhood, never picking up your phone, sweet 16 slideshow, stressful roommate search, Rodrigo the fish, ‘doodles’, UGA. Hinal: Queenal, my cousins, same brain, mandir drama, mgs, my future gujju husband, late night study calls, group chat, my parties you never come to, FaceTime, our opposite personalities, gossip, Mexican bhel, gujju accents, sasriyakal, cherry blossom queen wave, talking more to my mom than to me, gummy bear shows, Patels taking over the world. Rujul: physiology, Sanjeet Neil Patel, you’re amazing natural hazel eye color. Savannah: bumping into each other, car drama, photography. Vivi: Can barely ever hear you, reading lips, Atlanta French trip, Halloween, learning greek, teaching you Hindi, Antonios<3, Greece drama, humus, band, sorry guy, being a dedicated member to the foreign films club. Tarab: Actual twins, who’s who, pre cal, drivers ed, ‘peaches and maters’. Victoria: always being sassy. Zainab: your amazing fashion sense and artistic abilities that I will always strive for. Gracie: your amazing cookies, a trip to England. Manasa: holi, glitz hair salon, Indian parties full of lots of drama. Mrs Gumbart: Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and caring person who’s always working tirelessly and willing to help out with every student’s needs and problems.

Wimberly Dennis

Meg: declined credit cards, Sunday car washes at the Napier car wash, nightly rants, trapping me in your car until I actually have to be home, doing your yearbook pages for you, being best friends with Morgan Sodel Wimberly Dennisand Branch, trips to Dicks, Academy, or Target, eating Marble Slab or Dairy Queen every day, cookie dough, skydiving, the Dickey’s Christmas party, staying with me once a month when my parents leave me, Buffaloes’ brownies, chicken fingers, the SAE house, lots and lots sugar. AnaGrace: Wing Night, the front seat of Meg’s car, Holocaust Papers, and annoying Meg. Holland J: goofing off and annoying Meg in yearbook, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Big Lots and Olive Garden. Taylor: 3.75 years of yearbook . Grace, Tootle, Ramsie, and Maggie: Left Side Best Side and Dancing like a white girl at a concert. Maggie and Ramsie: 4th quarter boy talk. Sachin: late night phone calls, savagery, thank you, undiscovered humor. Felton: awkward hugs, Bon hommes, familial issues, sarcastic comments, callouts, Thug by Slim Thug, and broccoli stalks. Daniella: never ending laughs, all kinds different of shenanigans, life chats. The Laxerssss: love of the game, Yellow Cards, and endless laughter. Miller Ann: laxxx, ab creating laughs, your love for camp, cheesecake, broccoli stalks, Ady, and Elton John. Lucy and Sarah: mah pah and kid. Ellie Wangerin: the 8 meter. Sarah K: CRASHHHHH. Lucy J: weekly dates, no shoes, skating across the grass of the soccer field, my tennis shoes, being your mom, and daily rants. Jake E: unsatisfactory hugs, family issues, a pet fish that dies in 2 days, and camp talks. Avery: Sam N Erica and wild sides. Jensen L: Long lunch naps. Laren: Athens Wimberly. The yearbook staff: WooT wooT Yearbook, Juleen, DJ Ron, eDesign. Laney: road trips to Athens, severe senioritis, lax pax, and defense. Varsity Cheerleaders: caravanning, monsters, the banana, the back of the bus, burnt fingers from making tags, and a love for Stratford. Senior Cheerleaders: 4 years of cheering for the school we love, cheer camp shenanigans, bus jam sessions. Ally P: God Sisters, rants about tech, endless confusion in calc, 18 years of friendship, Christmas cookie making, butter, weird food concoctions, NCL. Riley G: belly bump buds, suppuh club, NiNi the stuffed Elephant, dance with Lizz, slowly becoming our moms, food, laughing our tails off at basically everything, the little sister I always wanted. Holland S. and Molly G: my favorite freshmen and rides until I leave.

Laren Durkee

Fussell: Statesboro, Monday night Bachelor, my futon in Athens, Jordan Belfort, “our life”, RIP mattress on the highway, jam sessions in the jeep, eating until we are sick, 6God, Justin Bieber, moon taxi, RG, Niall at

IMG_6231 2Chili’s, falling in the marsh, Waka, Rancheros chicken salad sandwich at FOJ, Belize, seaside, 10 inches in a foot, and so much more! I have no idea what I’m going to do without you next year.
Carlton: secret Instagram comments, Rob, steaming, Sangria, vegan cookies, the Brave’s game adventure, Reese’s eggs, Hong Kong, Athens, Kim and Kanye, our height difference, seaside, my modeling career being better than yours, going to miss you so much! MWA: Elizabeth, reading out loud, wall of ice cream, the pep club, student sections for your softball games in the SEC, tinder, the next four years together in Athens! Steve & Caroline: keep the Durkee mentality strong V. Cheerleaders: K-Sol, laying eggs, Friday night lights, the bus jam session after GMC, pregame meals, cheer camp food, Frosted Tips/Winnie the Pooh, always being in the beginner stunt class, Kentucky run. Jr. Cheerleaders: cherish your senior year it’s the best time of your life! Cali: 45 minutes of talk 15 minutes of practice, cookie dough chapstick, strip, sad dolphin, the story about your nephew, Flik food. Jack E: dance parties, prom, blaze, Precal. Maggie & Jensen B: APES, Elsa, Mr. Bridges, a place to stay in Athens. Jensen L: the time you died at the river, Jenny Lin and Nugget, WWJD, me protecting you from Kevin on spring break, that man sprinting through Wesleyan. Thomas: being so good at photography. Avery: “you’ve done it now”, freshmen, Will and Bradley. Sierra: Waka, Chili’s, the boro, the townhouse party, Harry Bennett, breaking trust, ramen noodles, fanny pack, DT, Ady on the bull, 3 times in a row, spring break. SN: nobody every responding to the group message, slumber parties, gift swap, tombo, the rookery, that one kid in the background of all our pictures, we might all be separated next year but can’t wait to come visit everyone! Ginny Anne: A-B-A-C, Jennifer “Thick Caramel” Quick, Chase wars, Hal Brickle, that time you looked like a drag queen. Libby & Ramsie: fire. Nathan: soccer scarves. Carey: kicking people out, “catch ya on the flipside”, 4784206969. O’Showen: fort hill, “boolin”, wing night, country music. Sachin: Bradford, trash cans, trash bags, speaker, drinks, decorations, guest list, keeping the gate open for me, golf cart rides, DD, screenshot if you think he’s the most annoying kid ever, photography. Maggie, Allie, Lily: Sachin’s toilet  Emily, Gracie, Fuss, Caroline: fam, Emily not really being in fam but it’s okay. Caroline: my room unlocked, a place to come and stay when mom gets annoying, no fight November, a new door to my room, an 1130 curfew, Max, Bradford, Joseph’s voice cracks, and Tove Lo. Really going to miss my other half next year don’t have too much fun without me but savor every minute of it. I love you!

Libby Ellison

Abby: morning car rides, rap sessions, “hip” playlist, being twins, couple skate. Haley: driving the golf cart, shotgun once a week, the next taylor swift concert, alarm clocks. Ramsie: fool me 3 times, 22, razzleberry pies, Libbie Ellisonthe correct cheer uniform, B-days, sliding in DMs, jeanne’s at midnight, letters from Benjamin, cloud, forming a friendship because of vocab words, lady and the tramp fry, blood on the leaves, exfoliation, TMT, vines, el giro, 2 heads, 3 bodies, 1 souls, cheer bus, buoyancy socks, triple helix, salt and vinegar chips, kim jong un. Savannah: ear rubbing, yellow shirts, pillow pets, eating tubs of ice cream, spotify premium, baby otters, March 5th, the friend anniversary, 5 years time, sky, grass, family photos, the top of Ramsie’s driveway, yogurt puns, cheeks, daily coffee talks, summer adventure list, the next day, tree climbing, what’s in the tinfoil, save the mountain gorillas, 5 years of college. Michelle: joining the swarm, tangator, shopping. Laney: POB, every way to Orange beach, ragin cajuns. Raine: fixing my problems. Katie: the urge to hug you. James: long lunches, friend pants, brookies, best friendship. Clay: date wall, Cameron Paterson. Cal: cuddle cal, table manners, light switches, GTA, eating your ice cream, honeycrisp. Kat: intern, freedom park, fur, fluff noise, ATL road trip, staying with me next year, babysitting otters, king of pop drinks, being kicked out of the trifeminate, not having a personal relationship. Lily: wife, fashion advice, college advice, talks with Katie. Robert: fiery mills of my heart in APUSH. Laren: fire. Jackson: Scottish pony, flour baby cookie cake. Megan: amoebas, pinterest, matching sweaters. Mary: biology study video, starbucks everyday, horse memories. Riley: neck squeezes. Ally R: cheer talks. Shishir: Turkey Ball asking with a turkey sandwich. GAP: 110%. Mary Wilson: savi heads. Ally P: being late to calc, CFA and taco bell drive thru. Hinal: being the queen, twerking. Daniella: swim rides, highlands pool, thunder rule. George: superlative picture location. Wimberly: 4 years of yearbook, English class commentary. Holland: stressing over and finishing yearbook. Carly: string parties, the gazebo. Jessica: coolness. Tarab: world cultures, best hair. Nischal: gummy worms. Riley G: MMTC, AP bio, ATL trip. Maggie: Rockbrook, lifeguarding, going to Kim once. Tootle: belting it. Burke: british voice, 2 classes together, fur. McKay: mentee, froshcup, crazy love. Shijing: yogurt candies, ketchup, Korean rap, spicy chicken sandwich. Cheerleaders: rapping bad blood on the bus with my hoodie on. Swim team: being wet eagles, 500s, midpool 50s, coach, sculling. Ram Lightening: certamen, never taking finals, symmetry and harmony. Calc class: getting to go to CFA, smart board art, fighting over the couch seat. Homeroom: Mr. Paterson, going from arriving at 8:39 to having to be on time, never having any forms done, Hinal’s music. Environmental design class: a hole. Math team: white chicks winning, the raffle, celebratory cake. Yearbook Staff: the font opus, covered shoulders, change back to inDesign, not feathering pictures, scanning schedule, a lot of emotions, lit mag, mikata dinner, feasting after assembly, Juleen.

Jack Evans

Sim Patrick: Day 1, Brother, Pete Cam, cookouts, rooftops, milk, Beau, pictures, broken phones, hiding places, laughed until we cried, moon taxi, IMG_2093pineapple lamp. Thomas Traynham: day 1, pepper, home cooked meals, noodles, moes, SB roommates, John’s girlfriend, the farm, t island, the pool, gas, Micheal Vick. Will Herndon: day 1, Next four years, the pool, 99 cents, the garage, the tree house,  the bull,  late nights , steam room, Kathy. Will Gibson: day 1, tint game, the pool, the cabin, late nights, loud music, wade Hampton, Gibby, steam room. Jack Peterson: Day 1, tahoe gang, work crew, nicknames, idle hour, steam room,  medicated. John Michael: Day 1, t island,  date trips, the country, duck squad,  dingers. Pierce Reaves: Day 1, The pool house, Subs, coca-cola, steam room, idle hour,  PReaves. Oshowen Williams: Forthill, senior year, gas, 99 Cents, Mansion Party. Tommy McCook: Day 1, vampoopers, idle hour, steam room, tree house,  late nights. Custis Donner: Day 1, mountains, the pool, bathrooms, snacks, hiding places. Ally Parker: Sophomore and Junior year. Colyar McCord: Precal, soft skin, fourth and fifth grade. Laren Durkee: day 1, MJ, spring break, precal, river daze. Caroline Rozier: dave and Whit, next four years. Michael Hicks: Stratford Golf Legacy, the Cup. Sanford Caroline Neel: childhood, first love, day 1 neighbor, rides home, late nights, sneaking out.

Raine Foulkes

Stephen Mosley: physics tower, slow pan, unrequited love. Savannah Alday: best friends at ballet, the paper towel rose you made me, our 13th birthday party. Daniella Chrabuszcz: campaigning in middle school, groupRaine Foulkes dates at Idle Hour. Amelia Foulkes: my legacy, literally everything in our house. Sahan: not knowing your name (I hope I spelled it right, still don’t know your last time). Tejas Athni: knowing your name & not Sahan’s, Alton at Morningside. Hinal Patel: the confidence that she is drop-dead GORGEOUS. Riley Grossnickle: the cul-de-sac, neighbors. Sun God: my eyeglasses, contemplating career choices, The Trochees (a comic strip). Fred: inappropriate jokes, emotional instability, the best internship ever, tears. KT King: attending the best “graduation” party ever, everything Lana, Mrs. Gumbart as a religion, the best lunch table, returning from London. Andrew Young: cracking our backs / knuckles / necks in Human Relations. Libby Ellison: breakup CD’s, late night phone calls, Donna’s killer advice. Conner Hefner: jamming on the way to Bearstock, “Frances Ha” quotes. Ally Parker: “Stronger” by Kanye West, crafts for a speedy breakup recovery. Taylor Bashuk: being roommates *tear*, vibes. Ally Raymond: rocking out to Queen albums, my “Ally” outfit, the neighborhood. Asa Marshall V: taking me & Ben to the movies, being a matchmaker, super desperate texts. Chris Jellum: a girlfriend who is way cooler than you, coming over to my house to help pick out my clothes. George Lind: endless movie nights over the summer. Ben Pruett: Conestoga wagons, the trio in the woods, buying you Monsters before school. Meg Griffin: calling you before dates, drawing a circle on my forehead (@Allison). Savannah Joyner: growing our hair so long we can play baseball with it. Tommy Cleveland: our adorable picture in kindergarten. Thomas Traynham: our Ingleside days when you made paper fans for all of the girls. Dylan Quintal: things I wish I had never seen, snapchat fashion advice, psychology class. Jackson Pyles: either, being total opposites, Temple Run battles, being SUPER hyper in your car. Jacob Lischer & Custis Donner: being a pro ping pong player, mumbling. Jacob: following you home, lanky. Custis: IHCC pool / lifeguarding. Thomas Slocumb: spin the bottle at the library, predictions for Meg after high school, gynecology discussions, being best friend soul mates. David Haithcock: “It’ll buff”, Moe’s for short lunch. Christian Storey: best prom date EVER & neighbors forever. Wehbe Lee: matching Gymboree outfits. Robert Clark: getting turnt for AP Stats. Emily Claire Fussell: that one trip to HHI when we put makeup all over our faces & took super fly pictures of it. Walker Gibbons: never perfecting the “Hellooo!” Shijing Gong & Pan Qi: PALS carpool. Science Fiction class: incredibly inappropriate everything, the best breakfast ever. Sachin Khurana: late night golf cart voyages. Clay Passante: MacEwan, the eggplant emoji (I don’t even know the significance of this, but I know in middle school I put it by your name in my phone, & it cracks me up now). AnaGrace Ballard: Luke Bryan…

Emily Claire Fussell

Sophomore girls (you know who you are): fam, Irish potato fam, weekend nights, come stay with me all the time! Sydnie: sonic, chase aEmilyclariefussel(Shakespeare), Savannah, volleyball, Wyatt, cover. Aysha: volleyball arm partners, set me, I’ll set you, sonic. Riley G: Atlantis, lake house, Maddison & meagan, epic movie, volleyball, Donna & Jerry. Jack Kelly & Tucker: yeti cooler, Sochi gallery, the fort. Trey Giles: Finding Narnia, trip back from the Sheridan’s farm, trevans. Clifton: coolest person I know, fsu, Justin Bieber, baseball. Grace: 2 dubs, Leo, weird tennis movements, I don’t have on sunglasses, genetics, talking to yourself,coke. Avery & Jensen: you had one job, spring break. Elizabeth: bobs burgers, sluppy, genetics, roll tide, Charles & Jack, Coleman, camp Mac t-shirt. Thomas Traynham: you’re the favorite child, Glenn Mary , 24 mph, french video, moes, 8 hour river day that was supposed to be 3 hours. Sim: GET SOME, that time we switched cars for a day. Tommy McCook: 4th period, the river summer 2015, the time you picked us up from the river, jumping off the tree, Blake, roll tide?, will you help me? Time lapse, do sharks have scales?, Sierra from California, Convoy. Pierce: 4th period, the river, Blake, trust, you’ve done it now. Qt: bruh I need help bruh. Sierra: the river, waka? Spring break, that time you picked us up from the cox, chilis, jumping off the tree. Bella: stop, AP art, egals, advanced art, I believe in soccer, Belize, music midtown. Laren: summer 2015, Belize, slumber parties, bachelor(ette), Justin Bieber, Athens, waka, that moment when you know you really messed up, your bathroom floor, adventures we never took, shadowing you, chilis, the cox, SO many more but can’t think because this is due tomorrow. Jack E: Belize, tarantula, 7th period, genetics. Holland: rubber band, hating me, tommy spilling the water, O.B., lsc 7 yrs. Katie: Kroger, roll tide, stay for coach bridges, disssses, AP art, English, when you fell in humanities, egals. Hinal: volleyball, Glenn, Mary, & Blake, T.T. Carlton: nyc, Hershey kisses, ms. Hutto, J Christopher’s, class of 2014.

Tanisha Ghosh

AP Gov: Beyonce, Formation, Queenal, Donald Trump, #feelthebern, the Zodiac Killer, Ben Carson, our homework, and Mr. Kelley’s stories. AP Tanisha GhoshGeog: Mr. Kelley’s stories, Li-An’s fists, Cap and Reese’s perfectly memorized song lyrics, Kenzie’s facial expressions, Rushabh trying to be cool, and the knowledge that you are gonna be awesome sophomores. Amber: London Bridges, Attay-sway,Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer, The X Factor, the collagen in our faces, roaches, making French commercials, biryani, Chup Chup Ke, pass the parcel, LBD, Emma Approved, all the Desi parties, and sleeping everywhere. Mariam: The pink feather boa, Emma Approved, LBD, cats, Dr. Katz, THE HORSE, all of Creative Writing, Oscar Isaac, couches, the Kim Kardashian game, trips with Ms.E, and all of the makeup in Ulta. Aiza: Sid, Shahid, Patrick Dempsey, LBD, Emma Approved, Trips with Ms.E, and your impressions of me at lunch. J.R: THE ELBOW WAVE. Hinal: Neil, getting ready in homeroom, AP Gov, Zayn Malik, the gummy bear show, and deep discussions. Dr. Katz: My rants, cats, THE HORSE, Scobahull, Shanghai Hots, all of Creative Writing, a coupon for a new didgeridoo, and an ice block that never melts. Mrs. Fleming: My nuclear meltdowns, Pinterest, and Dr. Katz. Mr. Kelley: Model UN trips and your disciples. Mr. Kelley’s Fan Club: Never leave Room 115. Manasa and Sai: All the Desi events we’ve been to (including Quiz Bowl).  Mr. Fred: Study Hall, borrowing tripods,and Royal Hand-Waves. Ms. Gumbart and Ms. Eubanks: Thank you both so much for helping me with the insanity that was my college applications, I couldn’t have done any of it without you. Tarab: All the Bollywood movies we’ve made you watch, the Karate Days, Discrete Math, your awesome birthday parties, and precalc. Safi: Your chewbacca impression, Dr. Katz, and precalc. All the people in Color Guard, Band, Ms. Voss, and Ms. Haynie: Thank you so much for letting me follow you around during football season and letting me be part of it all. Vivi: HISTORY, Greek Yogurt discussions, and Antonios, Gracie: 90 % of my video production projects, Star Wars, Pentatonix, French Class, and BBC. AP Lit: Paper Moon, I Am Woman, Tropical, Buzzword, Not going outside, and Copelan’s fights with Dr. Katz. Miller Ann and Layne: Easter Egg Hunts, snow days, and Bellgrove Pointe. Tejas: My Flip camera and all the Desi parties. George: All those drone and navy seal videos. Tripp: My precalc string project. My Homeroom: Jamming out to One Direction in the morning, our lost Freshmen letters, fighting over Pandora, my lateness, and Hinal sleeping on the floor. To anyone I forgot: Thanks for all the memories and everything you’ve done for me, it’s been an amazing 13 years!

Isabella Gill

Sierra: Waka Flocka, Hutch and Cole, Statesboro trips, roadblocks, the bull, CB crew, Gatewood party, barberitos, Mercer lacrosse, Geep Jang.
Mary Wilson: freshman basketball season, photoshoot. AnaGrace: Derric, bella gillbirthday dinner at IVP, frogs. Meg: hit man chases. QT: signing day, US history exam prep, first trip to Starbucks. Daniella: senior soccer squad, years of soccer, Thiago, daily vent sessions, temper tantrums, bum bum bum, Kane Brown concert. Copelan: McDonald’s nuggets, Cope is Dope volleyball team. Jack: CB crew, Sadie Hawkins date, Swedish fish and popcorn. Emily Claire: all things purple, chocolate, the leaf, Panther attack, monogrammed tire covers, abstract chairs. Cali: senior captains, Hays field. Ann: beating FPD, Advanced art, banning tanning beds, senior soccer squad, solo bus seat, compost, Youth for Christ basketball. Will Herndon: ‘water’, be a lion. Holland: organizing my notes, falling out of the hammock in Belize, cleaning my room. Katie: AP art, TimeHop, Fred’s jokes. Tommy McCook: Algebra 1, Highlands. James: not today. Mary: birthday buddies, Latin exam, falling out of the hammock, Panther attack. Gap: 6 to 9, what happens in art stays in art, Auburn boy, camp boy, false promposal. Thomas Traynham: freshman crush, Bon Hommes, Concorde Fire.  Riley Grossnickle: MDS grad party, off roading in the Benz. Oshowen: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, University of Tennessee, CB crew. Larson: VFL. Carey: DQ, hills, burpees, all things fitness. Ellie P: awkward interviews. Maggie Thornsberry: Milly, spaghetti, CB crew. Jake Edwards: wing night. Jack Miscall: pre-game soccer meals. AP Art: ‘we have a love hate relationship, but right now it’s mostly hate’, James. Varsity Soccer Team: burpees, beating FPD, best high school memories.

Meg Griffin

Molly: riding to school with Mama, the demon dog, driving around the neighborhood to finish a song, being the favorite child, your porsche, talking to my friends more than I do, acting like your older than me, never letting your phone die. AnaGrace: Living with you all summer, sonic mary holland megslushies, cleaning my house more than me, worst dog sitter award, the Duke’s house, frogs, “on a scale from one to ten what mood are you in”?, carving pumpkins, music midtown, popcorn and m&m’s, kroger at 2a.m. to get cookies, all my clothes, the GEICO lizard, riding on the sunroof, pink glocks, WWE, wing night, your birthday, driving around all night, picking people up at 3a.m., ending up in the most random places. Mary: Street fights, text fighting, matching everything, “horse girl”, Halloween, Spring break, FOJ and bonefish, Cat ears, declined cards, shopping, music midtown, your “studying” video, staying home alone, stupid movies, bruster’s ice cream cakes, macaroons, concerts in the car. Wimberly: first grade, my yearbook pages, laughing at me when I cry in S&S, being more excited about me getting into college than I was, Sea island, always wanting to eat ice cream, sarcastic remarks. Holland: making sure I have all my work done, SAT on saturday and sunday, yearbook, music midtown ferris wheel. Taylor: 1-800 meg, humanities project, yearbook due dates, intimidating me. Libby: expensive pistachios and peace tea, yearbook, sophomore year spring break, biking in the rain. Thomas: always telling me what to do, spiders, peace tea and expensive pistachios, not listening to me when you know I’m right, ruining my american girl doll, a trip to Disney world. Holland S: rides everywhere, bugging me as much as my sister, unneeded selfies, silent facetimes, all those pictures we never took.

Felton Hatcher

Ellie P: our 4 hour Disney romance, Nandi, it’s all good. Catherine: Pete’s and I’s relationship, Nandi, it’s all good. Mr. Stecher: pick up lines. Jacob: power bottom. Colyar: family meals, dfac, a combined check, Buffs. FelttonHatcherCaroline: Buffs. Savannah J: savage j, jaQUI, salsa, radish children. Ramsie: jaQUI, salsa. Ann: that one time I went with you to yoga, stats class. Sachin: “ping pong” training, volleyball games, golf carting, bonfires, 27 rejections. Dylan: 5×5, Halloween, ‘yakin, soccer. Mrs. Gumbart: my acute sense of style, getting me into college. Jake: hugs in the hallway, it’s a father son thing. Steve: coins to throw on It’s a Small World. Walker: squad or nah, house party. Riley G: Bos, salutes in the hall. Wimberly: Bons Hommes, snapchat streak, recovering familial bond. Miller Ann: broccoli, Sean. Layne: being your favorite mentor.

Cali Ruth Hays

Riley Anderson: Franny and Eugene, OMG dance video, stealing tooth necklaces, Warren, idle hour bathroom, a pinch from Sue, Tisquanto. Caroline Rozier: Team Loser, Madayyyyy, 5…6…7…8, sad dolphin, the arm cali jamespose, torturing you on the way to your surprise birthday party. Ann Thompson: Maine trips, Happiness Rainbow cooking videos, Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap, soccer, sneaking into Thomas Jefferson’s house, awkward Auburn visit, swim team, buying wrong ticket for Eric Church. Ginny Anne Pinson: Elizabeth Dobson, idle hour pool date, wife, Rach, Athens road trip, a speeding ticket, phone in the toilet, picture of Hinson with his shirt off and flash on. Tift Palmer: Rufus, Phoebe, zit cream, neo, sniffing my head, bullet hole, the kitty, buttered noodles, Buffaloes dates, magical powers, tummy issues, awkward ssi trip before we were friends, 2nd period train, Eric Church, springsteen live, sour patch kid face, heh, dwolff. Thomas Traynham: Our 4th grade love. Quintez Cephus: your #1 fan, hit them folk, summer sixteen, college algebra, track meets. Sim Patrick: dig em’, Rufus. Tootle Neel: therapy, Caymans trip, collecting rocks, Buddha, nightly vent sessions, breaking into the house on the river, screenshots, sail boat. Cross Country Team: Disney, complaining, winning state (Coach Ginny still has to run 5 miles for that). Soccer Team: 47 yard sprints, getting off the bus, beating FPD. Conner Hefner: every memory from cross country, okieeeee, that life changing Disney trip. Ally Parker: Callison Rose, me laughing at all your jokes. Savannah Joyner: my face. Elizabeth Copelan: wedding crashers, sand in your Reese’s puffs, hatred for FOJ. Laren Durkee: swag master, redurk, workout grind, 30 minute speech at cheer, incident with my nephew, French fry flavored chap stick, rope holder, wild for the night, work remix, being shorter than me, ghetto Volvo. Cheerleading Team: Friday night lights, caravans, pre-game meals, laying eggs, stunting, getting made fun of at Twiggs County, getting knocked out by a football player. James Mitchell: Steph Curry, purple powerade. Colyar McCord: no neck picture, the bird walk from cheer. Mary Wilson Avant: Danny Sanchez. John Michael O’Quinn: sharing your girlfriend. Maggie Greer: the Catholic. Gracen Boatright: “the click”, cross country car rides, my love for you, Chick-Fil-A dates. Grace Adams: scuba diving in the hot tub, awkward cheering on the end of the football line. Carey Woodcock: a jog on the beach. Friends: raging about certain things, powderpuff, monster energy drink and strip, Patrick McNair, 10 hour float down the river, never responding in the group message, Swell, froyo. Wade Snow: my heart. Annabelle Tomlin: “wellllll the duck walked up to the lemonade stand”. Valentine Grinstead: Valentina of the Sea.

Conner Hefner

Lucy Jenkins: lunch at barbs, hatred for Nash Grier, so much love!! Sarah Koplin: musical theatre, weird noises, snuggles, seasons of love, nubby. Conner HefnerEvans McCook: bike rides to the pier, auburn basketball camp, Macon noise tournaments, fam trips to the beach. Emma Davis: bonding time, always calling me Con, Halloween parties at the Sutton’s. Jensen Bowden: base buddy, red high heels. Jake Edwards: leather jacket, math, car rides, silent treatment, a love/hate relationship. Walker Gibbons: gym workouts, Spotify playlists, band geeks, Moe’s, favorite songs, unwatched movies, lots of laughs, prom, LOVE YA!! Maggie Greer: a pilgrimage, cheer camp roomies, Instagram captions. Riley Grossnickle: Shamus, Wiz Khalifa concert, cookie cake, 2am talks, my eternal love for you & Mary Ellen. Lily Howe: math/cheer buddies, women codes, hey there, hi there, ho there, lots of love(!!) Wade Snow: weird noises, Chance the rapper, bo burnham, grandfather tendencies, FaceTime calls, revivalists tickets, video of Reynolds, Margot Robbie, video texts, Fever Pitch, lots of laughs– love ya dude. Shishir Bandi: dabbing, prom!! Daniella C: xc runs in the morning, 5th period lunch runs, incorrect pronunciation of words, deep talks, hippy clothes. Elizabeth Copelan: Josh Siegel, endless supply of Tiger Beat & rubber bands, cookie cake, John Cena. Laren Durkee: lots of snapchat’s, long lunch, Larry MacHarren, parties at your house, pilgrimage, 1D concert at wembley, our ‘mom,’ student section fights, civic club shows, beach trips. Felton Hatcher: hair scratches, chocolate milk, lion king 1&½. Cali Ruth Hays: okee, 7 years of XC, our run in the morning, snorting, college algebra, Disney world, cheer buddies. Holland Jones: every science class, Belize, flour children. Savannah Joyner: being the love of my life. Katie King: music midtown, love for one direction, video texts, a contract, theater, Harry styles. Asa Marshall: a weird drink from Starbucks, a new car, a hug, head scratches, soft earlobes, onstage relationships, lots of laughs, a stellar friendship; love you so much!! Colyar McCord: here loser, Chadwick & Niall, BK icees, cheerleading, netflix & chill, driving on , spring break roomies, beach trips, concerts, snapchats, bus ride buddies, barbs, coke, being weird together, sleepovers, the best advice giver, Belize, crazy eye, ice skating, video texts, random sentimental texts, no control, so many other jokes; the greatest friendship I’ve ever known– I love you so much. Tift Palmer: snorting, mermaid tail, squeezes, homeroom. Ally Parker: always singing, plays, cuddling, nononononono, midnight swimming, my hairstylist, cheering, CRisp/CRazy, take a bow, ESPN commercial, talent show, beach trips, pickles & bubbles, SO MUCH LOVE. GAP: Richmond hill, “going for a jog,” walks, wipe your face, concerts, music midtown, halfway talks, $10 frozen yogurt, best music taste, a Bratz & Jesus doll; lots of love!! Ally Raymond: fluff pics, HOCO theatre, XC for 7 years, Disney world, snuggles Caroline Rozier: Harry styles/ Carry Royles, 5 concerts, holes, beach trips, Stratford videos, study hall, springdale, no control, being the funniest & most beautiful person I know, love you! Thomas Slocumb: math/APES buddy, Cnnr & Thoms, cards against humanities, ily.

Vivi Iakovidou

Amber Datta: Atlanta, 7 second challenge, two truths one lie, memories from band bus rides, memories from football games, band bus attendance, greek lessons. Aiza Shabbir: Phoebe, 7 second challenge, two truths one lie, memories from band bus rides, memories from football games, band bus attendance, greek lessons. Mariam Akbar: Atlanta, -2 motivation, can of coke, 7 second challenge, two truths one lie, memories from band bus rides, memories from football games, band bus attendance,greek lessons. Hinal Patel: you’re hose. Tanisha Ghosh: pre calculus. Victoria Brown: mercer basketball game, memories from band bus rides, memories from football games, take care of spiders. Shijing Gong: bow bow, conversations in study hall, greek lessons,memories from math tournament volunteering. Pan Qi: memories from math tournament volunteering. Tarab Ajjan: one dollar spice cake.

Holland Jones

Pre-School playground, HaKori, homeroom. Meg: bicycles, yearbook, LSC, school work, always being our personal driver. Mary: DSC_1009venting, Belize, LSC, short tempers, hammocks, Halloween. AnaGrace: short tempers, Junior English, sophomore year, the ferris wheel at Music Midtown, dancing at Prom. Libby: yearbook, homeroom. Grey: car rides, dance, competitions. Langley Anne: 5th grade girls dance, dance, competitions. Bella: Belize, diseases, that time in World History, organizing your room, hammocks. Savannah: church, panama city, knees, bicycles. Raine: Hilton Head, the prime days in Middle School. Emily Claire: France, talking trees, long lunch, short lunch, LSC, California.

Savannah Joyner

Michelle: Aiza, Pepe, Chac Mool, ir al bano, go jackets. Aaron: the garden. MWA: Savihead, CRUSTY, being Stecher’s favorite, sweating, MOIST. Savannah JoynerMaggie G: weirdest person on earth, the royal family, Disco music, art room DJ. Ann: Gville icecream, garden explosions, needtobreathe, eating large today, discover weekly playlist, beach yoga, 4/5/6 more years with me, Atl adventures, a giant painted wall, pizza, stolen clothing, pizza, your bottom, pizza, some alone time for when you get tired of me. GAP: “Wait yall”…still waiting. Sim: a slap in the face. Coleman: runner twins, double dates with Maggie and Carol, silhouettes. Allie E: pinterest paintings, cotton ball clouds, B’s in art. Cal: a few more rides, orthodontist appointments, Chance the rapper, lax, food on your shirt, dating, the light switch, humidifier vape, ESPN, hippie music, a cooler sister. Homeroom: best at being the worst, better Fred than dead. Mr. Fred: an awesome farewell tour, the art room, I’m lichen it, jokes that aren’t funny, hey my name is Grace. Molo’kids: turkey tom, sea cliffs, chicken hekka, pbjs and salsa, Make Me Say, sand and bullet holes, HE>I, Viola. Cope: Ann’s toes, cardboard, Layla. Shijing: yogurt candies, green beans. Calc AB: productivity, hey sister, Mark. Felton: compost bin, freshman year romance. Campaigners: Thursdays, Chasidi, butter noodles, gelato, happiest night of the week, fluffy kids, Ann’s stare, missed curfews, lots of love. Cali: daily Cali, your face, Callyn. Nischal: I love you. Om: Spanish, two phones, you’re not even in this class, cyphering. Allyn: one life talk a week, carpooling, showing up to my house uninvited, a full pantry, lots of laughs at nothing, procrastination, a list, feet out the window, my seat, 100 mph, snuggles in your bed, broadway music, tears, why you so obsessed with me?, duo cheezits, voices, headaches, Meester Haymays. Mary Elaine: best ears ever. Bobby: bean. Jonathan: lima bean, a burrito date. Cavannah: my heart. Abby and Haley E: The better Ellisons. Laney: vegetables, Enrique Iglesias, honeycrisp, running. O’showen: best hair, Lukas coming to Macon. Thomas T: sweet girls, haircuts by Bonnie. Colyar: “my brother..”, bubble, clammy hands. APE class: singalongs, Ramsie’s bun, sausage hands, weirdness, laughter and tears. Freddy’s crew: one concrete road trip a month. James: lots of Blizzards, Lebron, brookies, shagging, Jim Halpert, Frank Sinatra, interesting, Ramsie’s house, 11:30 bedtime. Robert: a ride, Star Wars, bad movies, Rkelley, butterball. Shishir: an oak tree, 5 years, The Bandit. Libby: Sky and Ramblin, 5 years time, Fergie, Taylor Swift, a shared Spotify account, the dent in my tree, the dent in your car, top of Ramsie’s driveway, melted icecream, tree monkey. Sachin: garden fights, dirt, 2. Ramsie: smooth R&B, dermatologists, albondiga, creative dance moves, chingado, FOMO, lake Tobo, a duck named fish, Dinkin Flicka, kale chips, fake shyness, getting stuck between a wall and a pole, hand lessons, trilingualism, Pootie Tang, the basement, Azibo Busta. Valentine: the pipe, a finished painting, that rash. Wade: boo bear, skeezy moments, bojangles biscuits, best managers ever, married couple things, Portland, knuckle popping.

Sachin Khurana

Felton: 1st grade, Lake Tobo, golf carting, those speakers, the trap mansion, Sam, snap stories, AP pick up lines, closet girls, 26 rejections,
3AA3B475-7615-442C-8AC1-494ADC4AB8E2 (1)power bottom, “I just had four hot dogs and I’m gluten free”.
Shishir: guard the gates, math tournaments, ap chem, golf carting, the chair, Thomas Edison, the ropes not long enough, intern 24/7. Jensen L: getting swole. George: bio, handshakes, washing cars, golf carting. Miles and Carter: the Mickey Mouse trap house. Tift: my sister in law in English 11, Lori, ap modern lol. Christian: loving everybody, two storeys, B-, pong, me gusta la pizza, your birthday party. Dave: beating me up, nighttime jokes, broads in atlanta, golf cart. Sushil: Volleyball at the temple, quarters, the beard. Caroline R: prom, rockets, coleman, pickup lines, New Years. Colyar: prom balloons, falling in the lip dub. Caroline D: 3am rides, Bradford, actually a Durkee, Annie. Emma: geometry, pics at every party, my secret crush. Laren: Bradford, all the supplies, the most annoying kid, fight me, actually a Durkee, Nancy, the Harry Potter movie. Aiza: Ap Calc, sorry you had to hear that. Michelle: See Michelle’s answer, AP pick up lines, the gatsby party, that English movie. Avery: two hundred years on each one, 4 years of English, superlative, Gatsby, phone/Jones county, racquetball, Jordan belfort, work. Carlton: Senior Sadies, tall club, eating healthy. Copelan: tennis, Hayes, your real boyfriend. Gracie: handshake, our child. Lucy J: apple’s, XC. Jacob, Tommy, Dylan O: the splash mountain picture. Ally R: XC, double 7, ap bio, KY, actually screwed. Luke: double 7, ap bio, white coats, actually screwed. Jack P: tables in the gym. Jack E: them new kicks, Spanish video, photography. Tommy M: tennis lessons, racing on the retreat. Evans: tennis, princess, New Years. Savannah J: gardening, ap chem, Spanish Christmas dance, sophomore sadies, albondiga, fragmented, 2 inches, Lindsey. Raine: the margaritaville’s, violence in English, stoichiometry, 2am house visits, cut it. Ramsie: prom, getting the truck stuck, water shots, Monica, the MRS degree, the Harry Potter movie. Libby: the real editor of the lit mag, ms donna. Emory: red solo cups. Steve: random movies, getting pulled over on peake, pulling, our graduation conversation, the trap mansion, cleaning up New Year’s, intern. Mary Wilson: white girls beat brown boys, signing day. Sim: is that a cell phone in your back pocket? Trey: don’t touch the hair, do you even start? Asia: that’s my best friend, all I need, apush. Wimberly: English, DQ, Jordan belfort. Jake E: the lit mag, frat, sister jokes. Clay: “I will fight you”. Aaron: the garden, apush. Robert S: double 7, bio, actually screwed. Riley: D1, bio, stealing your seat, actually screwed. Wade: getting cussed out of Kroger, Caramel Jesus. Lily: apush, dance partners, my golf cart. Jake T: our one doubles match. Mark: the team, trumps, ownership of the ping pong club, ok boys ok boys, winning state, doubles in Savannah, mowing the lawn, Sukkoman, Seshens. Maggie G: my toilets. Ellie: XC, cinches, you and Felton.

Katie King

Taylor: Being the “mom” friend, Halloween, South Macon parties, driving, going DT on a Thursday, spring break, a hole in the wall, napping
on the air mattress, Abby and I are best friends yeah yeah yeah, long D8DE01DC-B2CD-4AC1-BF98-884478BEF753lunch, roll tide, New Years Eve.
Thomas: Being a divorced couple, spring break, having an epiphany listening to Fast Car….two years later crying to Fast Car, the 6 months rule, the tepee, eating your food, making fun of you, the blue heart emoji and the elephant emoji. Clay: Eating your cookies, making you take my trash at lunch, being married, annoying you, long lunch, apple salad, that one time with Ally at Jeanne’s, me always being mean to you, calling you and you not answering. Ally: Jeanne’s, spring break, South Macon parties with that guy Noah, discussing our bad decisions together, going on adventures, Shell station, GNO, Fresh Produce Records, the tepee, Young Frankenstein, documenting everything. Raine: Prom after party, fried okra, our old lunch table, giving each other all the details, bearstock, Wesleyan. Conner: One Direction, study hall Freshman year, living in London, coke icees. Laren: Ships and sailors. Still salty. Fussell: ROLL TIDE, wait for Coach Bridges, the class after break, that one time I fell in Humanities, advanced art, a family of entrepreneurs, Bella’s artwork, 3rd period English, Kroger, Moes, LOVE, heck yeah. GAP: Telling stories in art, me always making fun of you, not doing art, giving each other looks in Humanities and English. Bella: Not doing art, abandonment, portraits, abstract chairs, Fussell didn’t take advanced hahaha. Copelan: Chuck Danger, roll tide, Mr. Stecher’s couch, PK, when Fussell, Robby, and I ignored you in the group message, genetics, Halloween, taking advantage of Robert’s math skills. Asa: Brookford, Emmanuel, spring break two years ago, your Travis shirt. Stephen: Height difference. Ellie: Hi my name’s Katie and I’m leaving you this in my senior will!     

Avery Layton

Elizabeth Copelan: Bob’s Burgers, Beached whale, Coach Wall & aerobics free time, C.T.’s jacket, KTB, stalking people’s houses, elbow pose, 2 dozen Jermnsem Lindseydoughnuts, snakes, Barbs, goldfish, Tucker, Vineyard Vine’s hat, steaks, SSI road trip with Dean. Jensen Lindsey: your house, La Parilla, clothes, risky business, anti-snuggling, 3rd wheeling, 2 liter of Mountain Dew, bit seat, The Kia, that one time, Division 3, Max, black Friday, new peppermints, volunteering to deliver, messy countertop. PDA: Publix parking lot, Fireflies, Caymans, demerits for days. Mary Wilson: flat tires, Panda Express, Pope, hard strikes, Bella, bus flips in the Boro, Zoo hotel rooms, school mom, Do it all. S.N: Fripp, lurking in the background, Ginny Anne’s Icecream sandwiches, bucket list, Weagle, Swim special. Will Herndon: Board work, APUSH, countless rides, Mexican, Snapchat filters, Fabreeze, hippie. Tori Dover, Ashlin Jackson, & Autumn Land: Car rides, B. Lyons, and everything Jones County. Softball Team: pregame with Gucci, trap remixes 24/7, bus flips, beef with GMC. Wimberly Dennis: Stratford parties, Sam n’ Erica, Coke, DQ. Hinal Patel: Queenal, pyrenees puppies, Derric. Sachin Khurana: English class, Work, Gatsby. Emma Davis & Evans McCook: Goals, visits to UGA. Laren: oh you’ve done it now, spring break, sleepovers. Emily Claire: jumping off roofs, Box, Fusselllllll! Lora Kate DiPonzio: tier 1 tennis: we get there, pics, lunch time chats.

Wehbe Lee

Daniella C: chasing trains, my camera, rapping Dark Horse flawlessly, babayyyy, almost dying on the way to Columbus, trying to make your wehbe sachinmom like me again, FaceTime meltdowns, Crazy Bull, vegetarian jokes, shopping the sale racks. Thomas S: dermatologist for our derms, Grey’s Anatomy freak outs, babayyyy, Napoleon, that one time on the playground in second grade, Taste and See coffee dates, your pizza crust, the AP English video, tropical rainforest ahhhh, your mom jokes, “I HIT THE POWER BOX”. Ally R: fluffy selfies, Mr. Free, investigative tasks. Conner H: Cracker Barrel biscuits, being hopeless romantics, Armadillo, singing flawlessly, sinners forever, Chihuahua. Raine F: off campus lunch, Fazoli’s breadsticks, IHCC workouts, Bernie Sanders. Cochran L: not acknowledging each other in the hallway, blaring Disney music on the way to school, my candy stash. Carlton W: hot yoga, middle school crushes, Friday Night Pig Outs, Jenlizard and Wencat. Ally P: SSI trips, #ST2IX, Vines (mowa your lard). Jackson P: that one time we were in love in middle school, your mom jokes, throwing things at me. McKay P: our snapchat streak, hugs in the hallway, Nutcracker pep talks, ranting about dance drama. Tift P: our biology project, complaining about dance, the face, Nutcracker jam sessions, cheese toast, fouettés, earthworm. Jacob L: “will you take a picture of us?”. Laney T: kickboxing, talking about our problems, you trying to get me to eat healthy, Bugman, Fat Kid, casitas, trying to get wifi in Belize, jumping off the bus and sprinting to the bathroom, Friday Night Pig Outs in 8th grade. Shishir B: Shishirious, 6th grade Washington trip, 6th period Stats. Savannah J: Polar bears for lyfeeeee. Colyar M: cOYlar, cow patties, Ms. Hanberry’s homeroom. Mary Wilson A: frawend. Ramsie W: taking your sandwich crust, Tswizzle concert, Pinterest failures. Noah H: cutting in the lunch line, diseases. Katie K: 7th period study hall, Maroon 5. Oshowen W: hugs in the hallway.

Jensen Lindsey

Avery Layton: Road trips, Belting songs at the top of our lungs, the kia, that one time at my house, Lots of food, stealing clothes, cheek to cheek friction, HLB, Piggy back rides, Fam beach trips, Max, We are the world.Averylayton Elizabeth Copelan: Fireflies, M&M cookies, crazy ex-boyfriends, GAC, Late night buffaloes, FOJ, broken seatbelts, Buddy, the one time let you drive my car, Athens road trip. Laren Durkee: Spring break naps, late night steam sessions, Runaways at Wesleyan, cookie dough, THE river. Carlton Woodcock : Speed limits, QT, Any form of math. Sierra McWhirter: Shark bites, Coach Bridges couch, Snuggles. Emily Claire Fussell: My driveway. Clifton Olmstead: Senior Prom. Ginny Anne Pinson: Roasted chicken quinoa lentil bowl. Mary Wilson Avant: Sophomore boys, slumber parties. Cali Ruth Hays: Here’s to the next 4 years. Lora Kate DiPonzio: Are you hungry? Larson McDaniel: Late night Krystal.  Custis Donner: best lifeguard award. O’Showen Williams: Peanut. Quintez Cephus: BAE. Noah Hill: Saved the best for last. You are my forever bestie. Love you.

Asa Marshall

Stephen: deputy ladybug, guitar hero, laughing in a pillow, sunflower seeds, triscuit stuff, countless deep conversations, Chris: the tragic asa ben“skateboard accident,” long nights playing games while you were in
DC, gym-steam-cruise, countless nights in the garage, the wall, the church, Mabel White, Walker: HALLO, stars on Chris’s dock, “wait you’re a junior?” Conner: Dylan’s Driveway, saving you from the beach, a forced hug, running in the rain, watching you almost die at region in Band Geeks, “is fine,” Ben: breaking bottles at Fripp, the cabin, VT, sweating
when it’s cold, Katie: practice driving, basketball games, Fleetwood Mac;
Cameron: four years – two pics, an Asa hug, purple bathwater. Dylan Ogle: Sitting next to each other in Ms. Wengler’s class, being that kid who skipped school to play Halo Reach, being better than me at everything I introduced you to – debate, cross country, any video game ever, Tommy Cleveland: The Great Freshman Karma Race, Raine: The Mall, 7 grade trip to the zoo, 10 people on a golf cart, Dylan Quintal: MLP, personality tests, Ally R: “So this is Christmas,” my broken sixth grade heart, Shishir Bandi: A large trophy for being the coolest salutatorian around, George Lind: A long-deserved handshake

Tommy McCook

Evans: BK, DQ, my t-shirts, the basement, Panda, lectures from UJ and Susie, beans, wendy wu, icarly and the award for being the laziest human
Shorter: barnes & noble, wendy wu, icarly, your cooking, and running from the dogs. Jack Kelly: Uncle Tom, riding dirtbikes, tannerite, checking on the Dickey residence, your ankle, graduation party last year, Vitamin C, Moes, movie night, and the Dell. Pierce: Uncle Rusty, pee wee herman, Vitamin C, muff, texting Riley, Brunswick medical center, world war 3 in your swamp, tannerite, hunting, Moes, your poolhouse, ice cream, The league, the ducklings, and CW McCall. Jack Pete: Petey, Beans, Lord Beans, Nub, corn dogs, geaux tigers, your spring break freak out, staying with weasel and bobby p in oxford, steam, IHCC, RIP the forerunner, gum out of your car, computer scandal, vitamin C, vape god, and Smokey the bear. Thomas Traynham: fighting in your front yard, Sadie Hawkins tree house, Big Ed, Masters Sunday, jet ski accident. Will Gibson: Gibby, the lake, the kneecap, riding at your grandparents, Brinks by Gucci Mane, Free Guwop, and your grandparents field. Jack Evans: King, Cheever the free floating beaver, weasel, jet ski, metal balls and vampoopers. Will Herndon: herndy, herndog, shutting down the computers, and ski trip. Carter: Don, my best friend since day 1, airsoft, nerf, Blair Walsh blowing the outback bowl, Xbox, NCAA football, Athens Y camp, Petey pouring Gatorade on Pierce, breakfast bowl, computer shut down, your car going airborne, the cabin, and you almost blowing my knee out at twiggs county. Miles: IHCC, the cabin, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Ames: Frat tats. Andrew Young: The nightmare at Jordan-Hare. Hughes: My son, football rides, taco bell, FIFA, Manchester Derby, and cheese tacos. John Morgan: My other son, football rides, cheese tacos, track, and spring break. Charlie Giles: Smokey the bear, Henley London, Vitamin C. John Michael: Jmike, hitting Ady with the football, slapping Robert, our spring break bed, Senior basketball, The League and Fetty Wap. Quintez: Qt, Ceph Daddy, YRN, Roundball roundup, the charger, the challenger, Pete’s april fools freak out and spring break. O’Showen: “ounce”, Oski, oshack, oshack cam, The lsc, and Basketball. Sim: Bi, Frisbee, crawfish, Dabbing through new years. Emily And Maggie: My room. Carey: My jerseys Ginny Anne: Blue and Red glasses. Tift: Bi and Oxford. Emory: New Years, The Boy, Hockey game, Superbowl, February 7th, Eenie Meenie, Prom, Masters Sunday, basement, pacoon, panda, Aunt rita, snapchat streak, square, 600lb life, fat, smelly, EMO, Dude, Dudette, Me being tanner than you, tan god, DA, My long sleeve soccer jerseys, The Magnolia tree, my granddad’s poem, Feo, pimples, never knowing where to eat,  passing out, and Down.

Colyar McCord

Lila/Bobby: Car rides, orchard, I’m the youngest, Ashley Stephens, BRF, singing weird, guess the song, GTA 5, animals in your room, stole your bed, chin, wrestling, extreme pumpkin carving. Tift: Cooner, weird voices/faces, VS trips, Sea Island trips, haunted tennis camp, sleepy face, killing scorpions, TOMP, porch time, mermaids, Banks, late night IMG_4868-2sleepovers, my arm, Love Actually/Hall Pass, 80s music, Robert Bowers, Starbucks, checking for particles, Dude Looks Like a Lady, handshake, hives, spilled ice, cutting cotton balls, Shallow Hal, Edna, raw noodles, Hi-La, Phoebe, decked out for New Years, jellybeans, Christmas, running in the rain, the futon in my dorm. Conner: Coke icees, Jeep rides, jam sessions, Netflix date, therapy sessions, cute pics, “running” sb2k15, barbs, beach, Snapchat, Broadway music, blueberries, “ice skating,” living at my house for the summer, angry texts, stop acting like a baby, organizing, coloring, 1D, Lionfish, hammock, singing in your real voice, here loser, escaping SSI, different laughs, running in the rain, bus partner. Caroline: running in the rain, watercolor, jumping car in BK parking lot, Jeep struggles, pointing out my blemish, soccer game carpools, Buffs with Felton, river house, Phillips and MM, harmonizing, country music, 1D. Cali: running in the rain, no neck, laying eggs, K-sol, 5th period intern, my New Year’s Eve crown, the card. Allyn: Cheer captains, Allyn Pallyn/Collie Mollie, Ladiez drop em, marrying Holden, not using your real voice, we don’t do that here, Letsgoletsgoletsgo, pod up. GAP: first time having sushi, boy talks, JM, bats in your shower, Swell jokes, my sb confidence boosting, the card. Riley: Thanksgiving, bird buggy, Christmas Eve, related to everyone, Santa Claus with Emily, I don’t like you very much. Copelan: Lan/Yar, my dance moves, falling off my bike, promposal. Holland: Hakori, homeroom. Laney: running buddies, Kroger’s organic section. Ramsie: APES squad, breaking into song, trimming your arm hair, Bubbles, my brother, photosynthesizing, dystopian, triple helix. Sav-J: APES squad, breaking into song, Bubbles, my brother, photosynthesizing, mutual annoyance, dystopian, triple helix. MWA: APES squad, photosynthesizing, triple helix, crashing with you in Athens. Laren: cookies and coke, worst day of my life, falling off your bed, picking up your family from Ken’s, what’s the matter with these scissors, The Climb, beach trips, roundabout. King: 3rd-5th grade relationship, breaking up with you for Petey, Natalie, precal tutoring, Turkey Ball. Sim: New boot goofin’, 1st period study hall, scared of you, always mad at you, 409. Felton: Buffs with Carol, sah dude, handshake, man bun status, dating?, JM, boy toy, sister. James: Chilllll, same schedule, crush, humanities, staring, screenshots, sassy, locker buddies, Steph. JMO: hand gestures, sniffing, twice my size, stealing pencils. Gibby: SH/Prom, failing at shagging, singing, best date, watercolor, hair not moving, Cut It. Grace: sister switch, we don’t do that here, letsgoletsgoletsgo, making you cry, pod up, hitting myself, the snapchat face. Lily: Awkward hey, aye aye captain, lunch and carwash. Maggie: Dimples, bartendra, cuppable knees. Allie: APES squad, photosynthesizing, failing quizzes. Wade: Talks on stairs, official friendship sb2k15, #ColyarandWade’sBeachDayBash.

Sierra McWhirter

Maggie: Laundry Room, Roof, THE beach, Idle Hour, Janese, Waffle House, Lake Tobo, Mall fountain, under your car, basement couch, Milly, Sierra McWhirterSpring Break, Grilled Cheese, Kathy, Von, Car jams, Lake house, the guest
house, 8/20, Migos, Waka, lokos, Gabes, DT, da bull, long island, chase, no hands, Darby, my free styles, Barbs, Idlewild, ice, my knee, shotgun, the woods at the lake, lake trips, snuggles, Dr. Thomas, ravioli, snap chat drawings, my dad, spaghetti, crazy rap, sharptop, clothes, green, twin beds, Austin, 4th of July, sparkle cups, NYE party 2k15, getting punched in the face, chilis.
Laren: Chilis, Waka, Breaking Trust, Spring break 2k15 and 2k16, fanny packs, DT, the bull, Irish waiter at Chili’s, ramen noodles, the fix, running down the beach/streets in SSI, Miley party, golf course running, my free styles, shotgunning, Moon taxi, brickSQUAD, prom, papa soul, Gabes, my knee, ice, SFB, addy on the bull. Emily Claire: brickSQUAD, box, the river, Rope swing(RIP), my free styles, running down the beach and streets in SSI, Spring Break, swimming up the river, Gabes, SFB, barbs, moes, sophomores. Jensen: Coach Bridges, His Couch, spring break, shark bite, snuggles, sophomores. Bella: first football game, Athens(hahah), Statesboro, Masters, your neck, jacks bed, prom bus, papa soul, da bull, DT, Mercer, Jward, wing man, 2:30, out for the eagles. Caroline Durkee: brickSQUAD, Lake trip, rally, Chili’s, Gabe’s, guest house, the woods, ritas, spring break, waka, clap, Dr. Thomas, party hard, SFB. Carey: lake trips, guest house, ritas, your cousin, elsom, spring break, waka, clap, prom, chilis, sadie hawkins after party, Dr. Thomas, party hard, 4th of July. Lucy: legacy, Gabes, Spring Break, chili’s, a a ron, brickSQUAD, party hard. Gracie:  Spring Break, chillis, prom, sadie hawkins after party, brickSQUAD, party hard, Paula. Evans: Spring break, prom, prom after party, party hard. Anna Kat: study hall, the woods on spring break, running on the beach, Burke. Burke: study hall, brownie batter blizzard, my british accent. George: doughnuts, study hall. Nathan: study hall, spring break, waka, cheese it’s, the boro. Kevin: sadie, spring break, wingman, Sam, role of partying hard, railroad tracks, fifty shades of black, movie night, green, fruit punch, watermelon, Maggie. Blake: my cousin, corn hole, lethal, mint. Sim: Trig, get out me way, gabe’s fense, SierraBoro, handful, dab, Rachel, my party. Jon Michael: Trig, get out me way, handful, SierraBoro, dab. Wade: Trig, get out me way, handful. Mikey: pep talks, sadie hawkins after party, Gabes, idle Hour. Stephen Durso: Spring break, locos, fruit punch, green, Gabe’s, Annabelle. Annabelle: Spring Break, twin beds, no sleep, kicking people out of bed. Grace: southern, spring break, ice, party hard. Oshowen: baker’s man, Spring Break, Kat. Taylor: Athens, Carol, Leslie, T boy, ronald.

Dylan Ogle

Laney: Hockey Date, Always Cold, Movie Nights, Pre-packaged meals, I have great taste in television, Never taking you to a movie theater again, dylan_4Long lunch where I make food and you take a nap, I love your animals more than you do, I’ll contact you later, “I don’t do camo”, That time you tricked me over your college decision, Aquarium adventure, Callaway Christmas trip, Getting me to go to church, Your eternal struggle with Felton, This isn’t going to make you cry, Guess what? I love you and you’re an incredible person. Walker: Trash, Dark Souls 2, Git Gud, Be Yourself, Band Geeks, Sophomore year spring break, You’ll forever be a frat legend and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, You’re a pretty good programmer, Csgo competitive team, BRO DO YOU CURL? Shishir: DE, Macbeth, English multiple choice, Spring Wake, 16 hours, Better than Sachin, Life advice with Rushabh, Intern, Cards Against Humanity, LT and Nischal Dylan: D&D, Wild campaigns, Dylan stop, Your semester fling with debate Asa: Sophomore year, Band Geeks, Convincing me to do debate, Never did a play, Six Flags, XC. Chris: Soccer, Wheels, XC, Latin, Smash, Sophomore year, when you tried to start a band. Amelia F: Do work, Be motivated, Collect rare Pepes and Memes, Try hard, Don’t listen to Chris. Laren: 7th grade homeroom, Latin, How Lyn likes you more than me, Intern. Ben: DE, Spring Brakes, Running in the 90’s, Oooooooo it’s too real, the only other person who uses 4chan, Cards against Humanity, Dark Souls. Conner: Canner, The speech, Bojack, Pal, Friend, Ally, Hi how are you doing, The beginning of the year(RIP), The English movie, MAC HII, Band Geeks, Don’t get lost in New York like in Home alone 2: Lost in New York. Cite me when you get famous. JT: Spring Break, Fifa God. Robert: Debate, Debate Camp, Winning UGA as a freshman, Were you Hemanth’s partner? Trips with Abby, RIP Stratford Debate. Sachin: Trap Mansion, 4 years of Homeroom, You’re okay at tennis, the worst kind of person, Spring Break for a Day, the inferior/taller Indian, Did you run XC? Tommy C: XC, Win the warmup, Ap gov aka Binding of Isaac, Wall Building Expert, Make APGOV great again. Andrew S: Your Mom, Linux Trash, Slav, Putin, are you a US citizen? cs:go, gta 5, APCS Trash. I know your secret you weeb. Your Skype name. Alex: Nerd, Weeb Commander, FLINTSTONES?, Grandad, Bad Memes, Worse Bots, Carry on the tech club, hold onto your marbles, It’ll buff. Jake: NOOT NOOT, Mobile App Dev, Nerd, play more vidya. Denny: The legendary weeb off. Victoria: Discord, Hayden, MUH JOB, Minecraft in middle school Austin S: Are you from Texas? Felton: Bringing me to Stratford, Club Soccer, A little XC on the side, 5×5, Swole Patrol, Yakking, Halloween, 7 years of Stratford Soccer, Dad, Bro, Dude Bro, Bro Dude Bro,  Intern, Life advice with Rushabh , Always down to smash, Thanks for being a bro since we were just wee lads. Disclaimer: If anyone thinks I left something out it’s because I did. Don’t be so salty. Accidents happen.

John Michael O’Quinn

Sim: suh dude, loling, east beach, street signs, the mailbox, AP gov, the church service, being destructive, a football to ADY’s face, roommates, the
FullSizeRender-6tweety bird, tift, hotty toddy, ole piss, lumberjacks, mental toughness, the last pass…and a lot of other things.
ThomasTray: shaved legs, highlighted happy trail, team matthew, ashtray, jug squad, exaggerating everything, hotty toddy, trolling motor problems, T island, concussions, embarrassing pictures, trashman, and much more. Tommy M: a trip to the masters, photography, Gucci, frat tats, hilarious videos on Instagram, basketball, region champs,dunking,shooting into a massive cloud of tweety birds, creek crossing, unexpected catches, explicit songs at break, scooter… And lots of other things. King: being a king, trips to T island, the church service, going hard, Kenny Chesney concert, running in the marsh, lumberjacks, duck squad, getting lost in wilco, skote, my man, many other memories. Pete: Oakley boy, dumb nicknames, the kneecap, beansss, football, baseball, looking frat at all times, pillow to the face, whining, one of a kind. Rest of the crew: spring break, east beach, boys for life, camping trips, dt, the barn, the field, chef Randy, the pineapple. Annabelle: Sean. Quintez: my boy, D1, girl troubles, region champs, dab daddy you are going to do big things. O’showen: Oskie likes Oskie, east beach street signs, region champs, my boy. Andrew Palmer: frat star, scout team, SAB rides, sea island, going hard on weekends. Tucker Massey: fratstar, you’re in love, suhhhh dude. James: Keep up the hard work, region champs. Jamison/Giles: Mr. BS, routine plays, going hard on weekends, take some more ground balls. Trey Tharpe: water. Colyar: go dawgs. Jamie: the truck, starting on varsity finally, King of the household, dump runs, being like me, thinking you can take me, freaking out, mud bogging, doing dumb stuff, my childhood, being the worst shot in the family, spongebob, girl advise, your only a freshman, cutting your wrists, missing teeth, your my brother and I love you. Tift: where do I even start… Sniffing duh, doing everything “for a second”, junior and senior year, six dances, popped collars, bae, braves games, aquarium trips, Thomas Rhett’s guitar pick, trips to the field, 5 million dates, particles, the wolf tree, sitting in your car, being cute, the fake voice, the 4th, being late with or without the flowers, ice cream runs, fetty wap 679, the left thumb, over thinking, six flags, Abe Lincoln, the rabbit face, being awkward, the first kiss if that’s what you’d like to call it, vanilla, mermaids, puffy eyes, Lucy, the cute voice, dolphin noises, Yehh hehhh, sad pterodactyl, my heart, sea island, just being weird, snorting, February, especially the 18th, purring, star gazing, lion hair, freckles, having brown hair, hotty toddy, #1 cheerleader, sitting in the driveway, not being able to leave, the lamb, magical powers pillow, hunting trips, having a love for bald eagles, going on adventures, and much much much more…you’re the best T love you to the moon and back.

Mary Oren

Meg: best friend since 4k, albino, long lunches at foj, pixie stix, cat at ole miss, pens and paper, springbreak, always taking forever to get ready, annoying each other, your car after halloween, street fighting, always driving doesn’t matter whose car, annoying you. AnaGrace: not knowing your name for 2 months, smurfs, effie, doing nothing in aerobics, geometry, countdowns, the song in english, our terrible board game, luke bryan, floating down the river, lost sunglasses, spongebob, broken sunglasses, mrs. Waters, fighting about grades, annoying meg, twitter messages, willis, being terrible at working out, fighting over the front seat, double date. Holland: lsc, belize, snorkeling, annoying you everyday, venting, do you dance?, always helping me with school, your temper, hammocking. Bella: birthday buddy, latin, latin exam, ram lightning, belize, almost getting attacked by a panther, adventure buddy, hammocks, shnurkle, sadie hawkins, watching tv in study hall. Wimberly: friends since 4k, middle school beach trip, meg ag and i always stressing you out.

Tift Palmer

Dewey: Lori & Richard, Tucker, SAB, the animals, DQ, car rides, rap battles, girl issues, deep talks, bffs, the hoe, dimples, dolphin, hotty toddy, I LOVE U. John Michael: Junior & Senior year, bunnies, lions, jmo tiftsniffing, 6 school dances, cinnamon roll, football Friday nights, buffaloes, the 4th, icecream, Netflix, voices, laying, New Years kiss (lol), Sea Island, puffy eyes, 7th period, rubber chicken, sad dolphin, wolf tree, purring, road trips, aquarium, long goodbyes, eno date, february fun, sitting in the car after school, rich girl, snacks, behind, eyeballs, literally same person—thanks for all the memories, u da best love youu. Rufus: Nosing, the click, girlfriend, Molokai photoshoot, dates, zit cream, week night sleepovers, movie theatre position, excitement to see you, Layla, tummy issues, the kitty, spencer grace, magical powers, Eric Church, buffaloes chicken basket, 3C, dolphin noise, the walk, heh. Colyar: Coones, my other half, yellow blanket, Sea Island trips, Christmas night, sniffing, riding together, John Michael, precal, tomp, fripp, lady, porch time, snacks, soft arms, griff, handshake. SN: SSI spring break, 16 girls, lunch outside, our anthem song, slumber parties, no response group me, dinner, froyo, Laren’s house pregames. Campaigners: Molokai, Thursdays, relationship advice, gelato, butter noodles, ten pm, mae’s snuggles, chasidi’s perfection. SAB: Lake Oconee retreat, amazing dinner food, late night swim, Christmas assembly, bridge jumping, Turkey Ball. Carol: Mermaid socks, Exodus, perfect makeup, D1 hair, the party duo, spring break, neighbors, crying fish from Nemo, tst tst tst, heyyloo. Ahn: The bugs, Riley and magical powers, fak, EW, iguanas, birthday button, opposites attract, since pre-K. Allyn: Currently, fat laday, pink, double dates, smell like your bed, voices, broadway music, warm snuggles. Laren: Phoomie, work remix, wild for the night, cheerleading, triangle, Athens cider, bad blood rap, New Years. Riley: Kitty, bear cat, braves game, prom bus ride, left thumb, photography, Luceria. GAP: Lion hair, the face, SAB, ice cream, froyo with all toppings, precal, duh duh da duh duh, lori, Aaron’s singing, sulg. MWA: SAB, bible study, heyyloo, Elizabeth’s candy jar, venting about our fave teacher, homeroom buddy Conner: Watercolor, good hugs, vent sessions, mermaid talk, how’s your day been, griff’s homeroom, voices. Copelan: Humanities, fluff, Robby or Dean, Spanish 3, McLain, mermaids. Wehbe/Carlton: Dance, fluffs, Alice, Roxy, Sav Banks. Gracen: Double dates, the click, spring break, hotty toddy, 6 th period, on a wall, rubber chicken, intruder, bathroom, the dunes, relationship talks. Tootle: Pink fluff emoji, heyyloo, jammin’ car rides, interstate, GAC, mermaids, sparkles, neighbors, twins. Annabelle: Best nickname, party partner, neighbors (finally), Exodus, large personalities, boy talks, Kennesaw bus ride. Sim: APES, plants with no water, the horse, isler, jip, the climate, crying fishies from Nemo, Mr. 2 Liter, hotty toddy, road trip, bi, m&amp;sim, mean girls at frank’s. Tucker: Dewey, dolphin noise. Aaron: Katie, precal, the lorax, roll tide voice, Mr. 2 Liter, burritos, SAB. King: BFF, neighbors, precal, acorn, cutting the tail, SAB. Tommy: Washington, road trip, bi, faceplant at baseball, driving off road, relationship convos, m&amp;sim. Gibby: Ma drinking partna, gibster, hotty toddy. Bobby: Tomp, little bro, Christmas night. Maggie T.: Tifty Cent, Exodus. Emma/Gracie: triangle, hair. Jack P.: bff’s, heart to hearts, fighting like siblings, ur gf is my best friend, first person to drive pearl.

Ally Parker

Harley Anne: an awesome middle and high school, all the trips to NY, your bed, Miranda, strange faces, CHUCK. Edlin: hugs everyday, french homework, my football tag, an awesome highschool, CANDY Elizabeth HC1Go (1)Sellers: bffs in Amelia Island, your insane beauty Emma Quintal: playing with your magical hair, lots of roles, piggyback rides Mary Elaine: James, super soft skin Matt Newberry: lots of male main roles, love of theatre, “too much of a good thing” Josie Coleman: cheerleading, cheer camp, little sister tradition, your golf skills Joseph Webb:wait your sister is Alexis? Nischal Bandi: calc without me and calc next year, gummi worms, white chix Catherine Brown: CAROLINE SUNSHINE!! Emma Davis: a terrible New Years pic, sharpied converse Lora Kate Diponzio: chunking eggs on the ground, stealing kids’ candy Tori Dover: you’re just my favorite Trey Giles, Jack Kelly, Andrew Palmer, Tucker Massey: hitting the curb Jeffrey Hale: Dear Edwina Michael Hicks: always being bffs Gracie Holliman: my mini me Lucy Jenkins: my spirit animal for sure Lucy Lee: “if it flies it dies”, your grandfather, long khaki shorts Larson McDaniel: shagging in my driveway, “Lawson”, your dad Andrew Palmer: your football tag in my car Emily Sheridan: SQUIRT Carey Woodcock: wow so much ice cream/movies just us two, my little sister, love you Grace Adams: we don’t do that here, lesgolesgolesgolesgo, cheering beside you, vids in yearbook with frannie, the drawer that won’t close Aaron Arnold: baseball games, the bus, baseball sweatshirts, PROM, the caterpillar, Sorry what??, your voice 24/7, how nice I am to you, snapchat faces, environmental, family trees, your hair Gracen Boatright: always eating the same food in girl talk meetings AK Boswell: your gorgeous natural hair Jensen Bowden: heart-to-hearts, you are me, braiding hair, eye makeup, cheer captainship, FPD prom Grace Deedrick: your chicken voice, chicken bun, and amazing acting skills Nathan Dillard: so daggum cute Crawford Edwards: MS prez, key club Allie Edwards: never knowing which Ally(ie), girl talk, that bball game with 6 cheerleaders, cheer camp next year Walker Gibbons: gosh great hugs, a great voice, getting Sonic, just being friends Jessica Gratigny: a HUGE hug…jk Maggie Greer: cupable knees, cheer camp!! Vtine Grinstead: loving you and making me laugh all the time Blake Hendley: voice cracks in the dugout Lily Howe: heart-to-hearts, away football games, cheering, the three seater, cheesy goldfish, your pink prom dress Sanford Caroline Neel: waffle house at 2 AM, cheer captainship, cheer camp, Dynamite by Taio Cruz, the single life Claire Rinehart: hey cuh-laire Sarah Kate Sellers: Amelia Island, my hair, rap songs, Sonic, heart-to-hearts, Kiss Me Kate scene, sweet lil mouse Trey Tharpe: public speaking, Will Smith, the front desk Maggie T: Darbie!! Cameron Walsh: Waho date, Krystal date, the drama club Carly Wanna: Old Major!!! Baseball team: thanks for welcoming me in for just my senior year Varsity Cheer Squad: the banana, Cheer camp, the walking chants, body language by Jesse McCartney, high ponies, dinners, I LOVE YOU GUYS. To all seniors: yours is coming don’t fret but I couldn’t fit it in this 500 word count

Hinal Patel

Aiza: How’s the water?, Anton, ugly pictures on your phone, swimming lessons, life jacket, intense religious talks, Shahid Kapoor, MG’s, laughing IMG_4427like crazy over nothing that it hurts, and a congratulations for being the only person who’s figured me out. Amber: 5 hour phone calls, AP Bio
study sessions, gossiping with you, gossiping with your mom, SASIRAKAL, MG’s, and I leave you your soon to be Gujju husband.
Mariam: the awful Kumon days, Emory Oxford, color guard, G-Eazy, dholki, RIP Bollywood dance club, and I leave a thanks for being my first friend at Stratford Academy. Monica: the Cuban Temple, twerking, Spanish music, Bollywood movies, volleyball bus rides, Indian guys, and Mandir, going to miss you so much. Rujul: My life because you know everything. Manav: Annoying everyone in the house together, touching your face all the time, don’t touch anything in my room when I’m not there. Tanisha: Homerooms, AP Government, and I leave you the gummy bear show. Savannah Alday: Thinking you were a model, high heels I can’t wear, color guard, and you know who. Victoria: Indian cookies that give you diarrhea, talking about how pale you are, and BEAR DOWN. Vivi: Hot guys from Greece. Mckenzie and Michelle: Twerking, and failed attempts at playing volleyball. Mr. Ethridge: All the times you made fun of me. I’m going to miss you and your jokes. Ms. Gumbart: That one Quote ID I wrote that you passed out to the whole class, the ilo in Things Fall Apart and the hoe house in Chronicle are in the center both towns and therefore are the same thing. Coach Chabot: The bench. Dr. Katz: That paper I wrote on Twerking. Hope you try it one day. Emily Claire Fussell: I leave you TT, I’m expecting a wedding soon. Ann: Find a hot Indian guy for me while you’re at Tech please. They are hard to miss. Thomas S: Our interracial marriage, don’t touch my cow, and hiding our love from the Indian community HAHA. Avery: My GPA, SAT score, and college acceptances. You have the same thing. Laney: Spinach juice. Chandani: CAP. Daniella: BEAR DOWN. Libby: I LOVE YOU! Zainab: Deep Belize convos. Sim: Simmhhhhh.  Aaron: Winal, Pinal, Queenal and anything else you came up with. George: High-fives in the hallway. Miles: That one paper on Syria. Tommy Cleveland: Going to miss your unneeded humor and sarcasm. Dave: Rap songs. Riley: the spiders you killed in Belize for me, volleyball practices, and the bikini bottom you still have. I love you Riley! Stratford Volleyball: I gotchu. Amber, Aiza, Rujul, Mariam, and Tanisha: I leave you my most prized possession. Take care of it because it’s time for me to move on. I leave you Neil. Kenzie: Twerking.

Sim Patrick

Jack Evans: Brothers, Cookouts, Gentle, TKM, The Fence, Wade snow, Asparagus, Humble and Kind. Thomas Traynham: Nosebleed, Cheese, Anna, Chan, Junior Prom. Carter Canady: Pumba, Reasons I love soccer, Sim PatrickSoccer bench, “What’s up?” *under football pile, Wade Snow, Icy hot. Josh Davis: Interns, Easy and Fiction. Miles Anderson: Gerald. Colyar McCord: Rocky, Colyar, New Boot Goofin, 409, Bobby hating me, Bag. Pierce Reaves: Nascar, Twitch, Walt. Will Gibson: Hidden pool, Rumble Road, Hot tub, Gibson Rd, Barn. Will Herndon: The Fence, McDonalds on Pio Nono. Tommy McCook: Dabbin, Short circuit, NASCAR troubles, Strike one, Bi, Bobby P, Crawfish, Stop signs, Gibson Rd. Jack Peterson: Every nickname know to man, Mr. Photographer, Hendley London, Fishing, The Bayou, Aunt Susan, Watercolor, Every nickname know to man, Christmas ornament. John Michael O’Quinn: Mental toughness, Skateboarders on a hill, Breaking my closet, Pete and the pillow, Slapping Robert, Ady and the football, Is that a teddy bear?, Jumping the creek, Jordan, Lol. Wade Snow: Backseat water, Wing Factory, Gotcha, Don’t go outside, HIES, FPD, Turf Dirt and Grass, Aunt Susan. Tift Palmer: Bi, Burrito, Nun, Horsemouth, Sim and M, Climate. Ginny Anne Pinson: Auburn, Jacket. Emily Sheridan: Greazy, Fun while it lasted, Peach, The car ride, Hipster, Loop, Sweet Sweet Almond joy, Pasty. Emma Davis: Loop, Pricess, Question of the Day, My Saturday, Sister, M, Awkward Eye, Contact, Peace Sign, Eggsma,1,2,3 Ahhh. Caroline Durkee: Josh, Nancy. Laren Durkee: Josh, Nancy. Sanford Caroline Neel: Turkey Ball, Rowdy cowboy, Dabbing through new years, Too Too, Make Sim a better person, Everyone hates sim. Grace Adams: EE, Sister, Beth, Connor, Ana, Bing Bong. O’showen Williams: Kobe, Aye Bro, Now waiittt a minute, Waffle fry, Wilber, Nub, Gerber. Trey and Charlie Giles: Hendley London, Need to pee, New year’s troubles, Aunt Susan. Evans McCook: Half loop, Trevans, New year’s troubles. Carey Woodcock: Loop, Qb. Gracie Holliman: The handshake, Paula, Loop, QB, Ames, Awkward. Annabelle Tomlin: Shaun, 4th period, Conner James, New kids. Aaron Arnold: Meerkat, Burrito, TC, Moes. Ames Jamison: Roberta trips, Watercolor, Pete, Burke. Sierra McWhirter: Sierraboro, Get out me way. Jonathan Siegel: Son. Michael Hicks: Thursday Dinners, Sheriff Dave, Center. Jack Kelly: Charlie Giles, Pete. Andrew Palmer: Little QB, New balances, so college, Tucker. Bobby McCord: little brother. Kevin McGean: Booty, Team 4. Robert Stone: Team 4.

Jack Peterson

Herndon: day one, SB2K15, IHCC 24/7, ready to party, Athens brawls, exaggerating stuff, air max nation, making fun of Traynham, us being called old men, gibby is kevin, King’s funny ways, tech center, BK runs, 12976304_1011270728909205_1868742112_nold mall, Sanford, hope we make it out. Gibby: Lexus store runs, black mamba’s, barn, always tired, me being apart of your family, grandparents cabin, FX upgrades, Lake Oconee, torn ACL, always had my back. Tommy: duo, always freaking out, Chevy nation, river adventures, staying with Weasel and Roberto in Oxford, BK, the Shell, cabin trips, fake punt against Presbyterian, no one trusts us, Honeybadger on loose, Thursday night Madden with Don, football camp, Varsity Blues, paintball, see you in Baton Rouge on the 22, ride or die. Pierce: who’s taller, Reaves Estate, IHCC, bee sting, you still go to FPD, Friday Night Lights, weightlifting, laughing at everything, you wear the same clothes every day, sporting clays, pool house, July 4 2014, MCL injuries. Jack Evans: too many nicknames, Grounds Crew survivors, Downtown Athens, Lucky has issues, you can’t bench the bar, sleep all day. Traynham: toddlers from beginning, no chill, secretary’s tummy ache, Chappell’s pimiento cheese, your sister banned me from her house, you want to marry Ole Miss, twitter arguments. Sim: jersey game, Pat’s photography company, scout team QB, fishing anywhere we can, Thursday night dinners, Atlanta boy at heart. QT and O’Showen: ready to make a tackle, steam runs, dunk central, hot fries. Carter: football till we die, Xbox, silver bullet down, buzzzz, MTC, keep ice longer, stupid decisions, bear down, beard brothers. John Michael: complainer, dad is always mad. Cleveland: Cats by 90, playing golf, Luke Bryan 2k14. Miles: poker till 2 AM. Robert: you’re made of cedarwood. Trey and Charlie: Charlie is more popular, Koala, groceries, y’alls wisdom came from me, cat noises, supplements, untucked shirts. Larson: LB squad, new pair of shoes every week. Dewey: mini me, zoning out, not a catcher. Ames: Moes van, Ben is bigger than you, sorry attitude. Wade: Viking squad, lost clothes. Zane: punt against Mt. Paran. Jack Kelly: Scotty, making Pierce and Tommy mad, Fred boys, ankle, you aren’t that smart. Clifton: baseball with Blake. Michael Hicks: once a sheriff always a sheriff, 10:00. Blake Hendley: Kroger stops, always making me laugh. Josh Davis: youth football with Hendley, same person as me, 10th grade bullpens. Aaron: Gerald, 2014 defense. 2015 Football Team: best times of my life, enjoy every moment you have with your boys. Tift: getting mad at each other, besties in the end. Laren: always helping me out. Riley: brother/sister love. Lily: wife, believing everything I say, family trips. Maggie Greer: Prom 15, your sarcasm, LSU over UGA. Ellie: fighting about pointless topics, you don’t eat, only family member in shape, drive 9 hours and visit me next year. Evans and Carey: 2 sisters I never had. Gracie: beach trips. Emily Sheridan: daughter, Uncle Chris. Gracen: sisters, 40 mins away, Camilla farm, wanting ice cream, fall asleep at 9:30, fireworks, Thomaston food, Chick Fil A, Snap streak, working out, always on time, always out of town, hockey, makeup issues, Coke icee, turkey at the fair, chucks, you’re the best.

Ginny Anne Pinson

Ally Raymond: cheer partner, somewhere over the rainbow. Daniella C: your mom and jordan allen. Jack Peterson: our date to see Home on the Range. Taylor Bashuk: ruining your yard. Carter Canady: donuts/gifts you Ginny Anne Pinsongave me in 7th. Robert Clark: prom, fake dating in 8th, chase med school. Thomas Traynham: greenville guy, getting mad for not telling my brother about Santa. Ramsie Whitworth: dropping you in extension, apple dip at FSA, candice. O’Showen Williams: chill, HAVEN’T BEEN ASLEEP, forgetting your birthday. Katie King: concerts, falling in humanities, GATATSA, love hate with james, rolltide, mcflurry after MM, telling stories, spilling liquid at grow, McCalister’s sandwiches, no mayo, light on the lettuce, painting of me, my cheek bones. Tommy McCook: peewee, asking you out at every bonfire, my diary, spending the night because our parents talked all night, turkey ball in athens, hughes, ninnies, red/blue glasses. Custis Donner: always giving me your soccer scarf junior year. Quintez Cephus: D1 best friend, shooting on sundays, looking at each other/dancing, my dad, WERK, model pics, VS swimshow, furman sweatshirt, giving each other advice, thank you for always believing in me. Jack Evans: my 2nd grade heart, breaking up at carpool, cheating on me with paris, my glasses, double pre-cal, pre-cal last, sadie hawkins after party. Ashlee Francis: AUBURN BASKETBALL, coach cass, secretary, never doing my notecard, fish sandwich at DQ. George Lind: always holding the door. Holland Jones: marshmallow fluff. Sim Patrick: sadie hawkins, holding your jacket, always feeling bad at parties, that girl that likes you, you me and my brother in my kitchen, nickleback, QB1. Bella Gill: GATATSA, rolltide, katie falling in humanities, love hate with james, leaf painting, are you in art?, hudson. Libby Ellison: 110%, doing james string project ugh. Felton Hatcher: getting annoyed when i get fired up about powderpuff, yeah in your moms car, your shirt brings out your eyes. Savannah Joyner: James’s string project, vs models, trees, making fun of ann, feelings show. Wehbe Lee: star wars, staying up until 4:30 thinking we broke the world record, gibbly cake. SN: sending yalls individually bc they are too long;). James Mitchell: send it to you l8r. DQ Lounge: every blizzard dq has to offer. Carey & Evans: my bruise, basketball rides, ice cream, my girls forever and ever, JFISH. Hughes Pinson: two eyes, being late, dad’s freakouts, the aux, abafraz, i’m going to miss you so much, be safe, love you with all of my heart. Maggie Greer: kill it next year as president, kim, ice cream, cheer,  ILYSM. Annabelle Tomlin: dinner date at FOJ. Blake Hendley: that girl… Wade Snow: who are you again? Lily Howe: S score score… Grace Adams: deuces, disney trips, PLL, WSAM. Tootle: your note<3, JA & JM… Aaron Arnold: bestfriend, rolltide, girl advice. Emily Sheridan: HUGE bottle of lotion. Jensen Bowden: catching me at my weirdest. Sarah Koplin: camp. Jake Edwards: parking in my dad’s spot. Coach Bridges: ALL OF MY PROBLEMS. Fred: puns. Mrs. Brogdon: notecards.

Pierce Reaves

Tommy McCook: Uncle Remus, mud bogging, the viper pit, the injured crew, Nascar races, road trips, hunting, the river when you gave me 6 stitches, hog hunting in south ga, back of the football bus with Ames Jmicpierce jack p and Pete, basketball with coach pierce, your house, the 5500, the jeep, our spring break house room…., trips to the river house and lake house, shutting down the school computers, LSC. Will H: Your house, steaming, the country club, Bryon, going out to eat,  senior English, your stories, the river, atl trips. Pete: steaming, football, duck hunting, Getting your car stuck multiple times, lunch table food fights,  nicknames, corn dogs, injured crew, pool house, Janeanes, back of the football bus, getting in trouble, Mr. Free’s class. Will Gibson: riding dirtbikes and four wheelers, my field, the cabin, lockdowns at the dealership, the porsche, your house chilling, late night hot tubs sections, off roading, the time we almost flipped, speeding tickets, officer vandi, lake house trips,  that night of the snap chat. Riley Grossnickle: chilling in your driveway in the freezing cold, fam, Sour Patch kids, ice cream, movies, the ducks, buttons, the field, my athletic skills, pool b ball, prom (11), Turkeyball, Sadie Hawkins, prom (12), double dates with Pete and Gracen, driving around, track meets, Halloween party, the toy box, Sundays, Bo, my tires, after football games, football games. Thomas: Ole Miss, getting the jeep stuck, study hall, football workouts, the river, bro time, party’s, gibbys cabin. Sim: football senior year, the river, party’s, football dinners, football camp, spring break, track. Tucker: my track skills, the liars club. Siegal: my long jump skills. Trey Giles: PE. Ames: bio, the lake, jet ski, the corner in chem with Gracen and Allie, making fun of Pete, not doing homework, getting kicked out of glass, spitting on Pete, the football bus, math class, pe, football practice, the moes truck. Gracen: double dates. Jmic: football, mud bogging. Jack Evans: chilling at your house, offroading, king. Jack Kelly: Shell, steaming, hunting, trips to mossy dell, fishing, saint simons, chances car, road trips, the farm truck,shooting guns, chilling on school nights, moes, riding dirtbikes and fourwheelers, fixing things, CW Mccall, cb radios, the holy land. Carter: football, Track, Buttons, the ducks, pcj farming, ding dong ditching, the night the Mercedes took flight. O: FPD, Basketball at fpd, track, football, Mr. Tripp splash, Cheese, housekeeping. Q: Football, houseKeeping, Track. Charlie Giles: Vitamin C and D, Pig noises.

Caroline Rozier

Evans McCook: my hair. Emily Sheridan: a big hug, hey babeh,sticky rice, best cousin to relate to,  Asparagus sandwiches, all the clothes in the world, cranberry juice, annual beach trips, trend setting. Enjoy your last 2 years! ILY. Maggie Greer: 3rd sister, late night detour to a certainCaroline Rozier teacher’s house, weirdest person i’ll ever meet, your zits, the rolling stones, a room in Buckingham palace, culpable knees, Art. Valentine Grinstead: Valentina of the sea, interlocked toes, years of youth and Exodus, Art class. Allie Edwards: Art class, laughing at Maggie, laughing in general, Fred’s favorite student. Grace Adams: gurr & curr. Avery Layton: the whip. Ann Thompson: iguanas, your twin bed, bugs, bug-eyes, that long lunch, your episodes, cousin Cole, let me take you out, YEAH by Usher. Felton Hatcher: Buffalo dates, rants, missed high-fives. Sachin Khurana: a pickup line. James Mitchell: purple powerade, Wendy’s, lunch stares, Steph obsession. Wade Snow: suh dude. Quintez Cephus: Thomas dancing, making fun of and laughing at Thomas. Jensen Lindsey: almost dying at the river. Laren Durkee: that weird night, many car rides, club Durkee. Allyn Parker: Springdale buddy, ohh kurtt, public speaking, all the candy in the world, your amazing voices,the lace “headband”. Riley Anderson: GET OFF THE GRASS, your friends from other schools lol, our 13th dance, the trip to the farm, that one long lunch, your nostrils, our identical grades, Frank. Cali Ruth Hays: 5,6,7,8…,  candid pictures, stomach issues, exodus pals, bible study, maddeh, your uggs, wedding crashers, the long lunch crew, strip, cousin Cole, let me take you out, your blanket/sleeping bag. Carlton Woodcock: kale and quinoa, most athletic, wedding crashers, VS, VS dancing, that weird night. Mary Wilson Avant: bible study, our bday dance, fave word that you say, ice skating rink boys. Tift Palmer: our hand gesture, Taft, cowell, that’s right caleh, cranking, sniffing, exodus/youth/bible study, maddehh, mermaids, sparkles, my party partner, “should we turn up? Should we not?”, nose checks, ILY. Ginny Anne Pinson: VS angels forever, Lana Del Rey, Sam Snow,SB turn up, music midtown, Marshall, froyo, ice cream, wax strip, cats. Elizabeth Copelan: 9 puppies, bridesmaids, wedding crashers, Melissa McCarthy, bunny, vines, pull the lever kronk. Conner Hefner: everything 1D, music midtown, tumblrs, LUTD, a football, DAVE NO, neighbors, froyo dates, Coleman Hill slide, 5sos concert, ILYSM. Colyar McCord: neighbors, Buffalo’s with Felton, rants, everything 1D, harmonizing, LUTD, staring at James, night with Lila, Coleman Hill slide, jam seshes, sarcasm everyday, ILYSM. SN: our fondness of underclassmen, trips, dancing, singing, gossiping, laughing. I love y’all! Coleman Rozier: our 100th date, the face, messing with bunny, late night ice cream runs, facetiming, me annoying you, not the favorite kids, look at her gown, snapchat thirsty, bro for life, moes’ naked Joey, vines, our scream, twin beds, you driving, my embarrassing car, 1D, the strokes, glozelle. You’re my best friends and I can’t wait for you to join me in the Boro! I love you!

Aiza Shabbir

Hinal: “how was the water?”, daily laughing sessions, your swimming skills, ugly Belize pictures, “sleepyhead,” making fun of people you shibbitsnapchat, over exaggerations, knowing what you mean when others don’t, dancing with Anton, ehh. Amber: dp, db, dr, hb, cb, lb (both of them), try hard candids, straight to the bonefish instagram, ccg, melaleuca, laddoo and biryani, prom poses, “finally feeling so relieved after a very long period,” grey’s, bollywood valentines, ugly middle school pictures, transformation tuesdays, chubba, journalism and you humming kamli. Mariam: cinematography, dholki dances, a million car rides to atl, the woooooorst, terrible ombre lips, mr. sai, your fashion DS game, creepy buzzfeed videos, “beauuuutiful day,” trooper, chipotle. Zainab: our casita and beach house in Belize, chimples, when we listened to I gotta feelin for an entire summer, s’mores and IHOP at 5 in the morning, pronouncing p’s as b’s. Tanisha: the bat from Six Flags, laughing contests in middle school, every birthday party at your house. Michelle: 7 years of math classes, physiology dissections, cpk, fluffy, pina coladas, microsleeping, attached at the hip, the Gatsby party. Victoria: mark twain, worms in space, the salad dressing I dropped and cried about, Jaedyn; nicole, chad, college counselor life, nachos, tropical flava, my parking skills, my speech on height. Rujul: train, cheese that you can eat, hair twisty things, makeup hair and nail videos, steven kelly. Vivi: yelling your name on band buses, trying to get you to talk louder, your love for chemistry, Greek lessons. Ally P: 6 years of French, animal crackers, the DELF trip, twazersank, moules frites, the random Krispy Kreme we ended up at without knowing how we got there, 5th period study hall people; starbucks and moes runs, the college office, my call to pam and her rejection, eating probably 15 snickers in one period, the desperate run to get to lunch on time. Zuna, Zeraiz, and Ahmed: asoue and all its monologues, hey pig, you can never kill the ants, loan, basically, license plates, maties, strange things aunties say, truly, roasting Zeraiz at the dinner table, russell and the 7 culinary sins, anne burrell’s hair, “that was rue,” armenian mom of three, you think I do this for fun, Zeraiz’s face when he tries not to laugh, signs we laugh at on the way home, the cat with its hands out, ahmed dance, ru pickin up what I’m puttin down:)), bad puns, toby, the viceroy and senator palpatine, CB#, standing there all alone, rrrumple, pie style jack, seafood at it is best, countless car rides.

Michelle Tang

I, Michelle Tang, of sound mind and body hereby bestow upon these
people the following things: 
Savannah Alday: Advice: you know what kind.
Crazy, Wild ideas. Napping anywhere and everywhere.
Kenze: “In the bed next to me?” Talks. Rants. Chuck. Your Parents. Victoria: Random back scratches that feel heavenly. 7th grade black knee tops. Rujul: Being the erwgtyhjmvnsawenice person that’s secretly evil. Your Mother’s cooking. Jaedyn: APES. Not showing up to school. Pepperdine. Aiza: 15654 years of math classes and more. Food. Just lots of Food. Actually super violent. Billy. Felton: “Panic.” Dragon. Sachin: Failidictorian. Terrible pick up lines. Shishir: Intern Moments. The college ride. Dave: Study Hall until you up and left me. The few good long lunches we had. George: All those Yogi Bear quotes. Cooking for Spanish freshman year. Sav J: Awkward eye contact in Spanish all the time. Libby: “Mici.” and “Join the Swarm.” Peer Pressure. Laney: All of the boy drama. Coffee and sleep. Dylan Ogle: Laney. VB Team: Mutual hatred of the same thing. Jimmy John’s all the way. Aysha: Holding hands on the court. Riles: Tight Squeezy Hugs. Sour Patch Kids. AP Bio. Graci: That running thing backstage. Role of the Town Prostitute. Look of pain in class. Dissections. E. Cope: The Valedictorian Title. Om: 20,000 years of the same classes.

Ann Thompson

Kiki: Zulu, Mawtha, Stella’s heating, pineapple&sausage pizza, King Dewski, Joshua1:9. Allyn: Arby’s, Venti MCC, Mae being a tuwtle, jes, budding cheer camp friendships, Dewey, five point turns. Ramsie: the holy yog. Savannah: trees, photosynthesis, a painted wall, a sustainability Ann Thompsongarden, 17 of Lukas’s sweatshirts (skrrrt), Greenville ice cream (and a ticket), buzz buzz. SN: Freddy’s, heated lunch time convos, sorry I passed out a lot, a road trip to atl, Fripp&Amelia&Seaside. Avery: Allen Free. Copelan: vegetables, cardboards, more vegetables. Campaigners: Thursday nights, Chaseedee, Ann’s soul searching stares, the best part of my senior year. Carey: power…..finness, a Howard Huskies sweatshirt, Coach’s profile pic. Evans: the green dress, food. Felton: a trip to REI. MWA: Ffffffff, sweating, people using your towel during basketball games, Luke Bryan sophomore year, a special Freddy’s shout out, morning walks for coffee with my mother during SB. Taft: MWA during sophomore spring break, Taft&Ahn4Evr, Senior boyfriends and prom, always taking the best pictures, being the lead roles in lower school playground games, two yellow bird moths, Docio’s wandering eyes. Hinal: every insect in Belize, swimming lessons. KellyRuth: Scrumdidlyumptious Sweets and Eats, GT culinary school, you not inviting us to the lake, the alien creature dog, Happiness Rainbow’s cooking videos, Maine, a remarkable height difference, Macon United Soccer, basically my childhood. Riley: RayFay, TGR. Carol & the 2nd period study hall: which wich, Riley’s driving skills, Cali’s–well you know. GAP: ice cream, DB’s feelings, a rabid bat in the shower, cats, big words you don’t understand, ice cream, an A+ on a precal test, ice cream, a July 4th weekend at Lake Martin, a fruit bowl for Lukas, so many stellar years of solid friendship, ice cream.

Thomas Traynham

Tommy: fighting in my front yard, masters sunday, Big Ed, treehouse, jet ski, Go Rebs. Oshowen: gas, jordans, “bro bro bro”, not saving numbers in IMG_1047your phone. Randy: a little tiny cedar wooden horse, sonya. King: so many memories it’s hard to put on here, my best friend, my brother, always being shorter than me (you still are), the farm, never trust.. You know, your dad’s life lessons, Pepper, jet ski accidents, lucky and her seizures, big black (ta)hoe, the table, and all the memories with cheever the free floating beaver. Herndo: Playoff hockey, “going to chick fil a early morning”, the playhouse, trips to football games, trips to the palace, lunch every day in the summer, no food in your house, burnt popcorn, and the most important, the dirty birds. Pierce: the pool house, flipping my jeep at your house, the guest room at wills, locking people out of gibbys house, dumping water on waitress, crawling up my stairs, Go Rebs. Gibby: mountain trip, getting lost, fixing plumbing at cabin, barn, movies at your house, an extra bed in my dorm room lol, the memories we will make next year, Go Rebs. JM: PDA. Pete: red sox, steelers, lswho, tons of corn dogs, the steam room, the crazy nicknames, a funnel, another car to break down. Sim: my guest bed, starbucks, street signs, chan, mailbox, Go Rebs. Amir: the senior group me. Miles and Slocumb: the drawing in 6th grade. Taylor and Leslie: telling me santa isn’t real. Cali: 4th and 5th grade. Wil Koeper: a new big toe. Felton: a birthday song twice a month. Peter: a tool to fix your trunk. Jon: big trucks boi. Josh: weenie boy. Jake Edwards: that one picture on instagram;), lankiest man alive. Chaw boy: cope mint, Miles Pippen. Lily: that one time I came to play with your new little puppy. Stone: I leave you the right to support united, a real club. Kevin: the barn. Larson: the barn, your toolbox, spring break, your mom warning me about taking care of you. Kelly: Marta. Carey: savage, keep doing you, you rock. Banana: trudi freak outs, maci sneaking in the room, beach trip, ice cream, a few too many packs of gum, new years, my rants, again trudi freak out (good luck), your mom’s text.

Laney Tuck

Dylan: TB, I’ll contact you later, hockey games, stacked and unmatched socks, Moe’s, Waffle House, 4 cream and 3 sugar, Callaway Gardens, your laney dylancovers, naps and snugs, the chromecast, Georgia Aquarium, soccer pants, morning mini car dates, never letting you pick another movie again, froyo, kisses, awful haircuts, XC sweatshirt, family dinners, car gum, clammy hands, people watching, church, twenty one pilots, 4th period study hall, always leaving the door open, back wall in APES, food prep, all the babies, none of the carbs, Sheldon, lol at your bike rack, stop touching Lily, hangry, your never ending support, I love you the mostest and the toastest! Libby: POBII, raging Cajuns, Caesar wraps, throwing popsicles off the balcony, Donner and Lester, postcards, the American delicacy, LuLu’s, The Hangout, banana pops, Sam’s tackle shop, your broken foot, the Winn Dixie, chandelier, one season of swimming. Ramsie: cheesy whales, all the carbs, plastic water bottles so you don’t wilt, laxatives, Tinker Bell, never understanding precal, locker buddies, chapstick, yes you can have some of my gum, One Direction concerts, get thick. Savannah: koala, the one time we tried to go geocaching, intro to art, furry tree stump, all the veggies, Sunday nights getting lost in Wesleyan, spirit break out, DQ blizzards, foreign headbands, unwatched Harry Potter movies 6 and 7 parts 1 & 2, lunchroom bathroom, earlobes, brown town. Carly: feeling laxy?? Ellie: gingerbread cookies with frosting, swim, Preston and Ben, carb free diet, Lilly Pulitzer cups, Kate Spade dresses, Zac Brown concerts, Tony, private yoga sessions, juice cleanse, overalls. Preston: overnight babysitting adventures, Rango, The Chrisley’s, strawberry milkshakes, kayaking, da Wu. Colyar: running buddies, cheer camp roomies. Laren: you were right, I don’t do camo. Michelle: forever thankful you exist, how are you and Clayton?, did you read for Spanish?, snapchat messages. Wimberly: excuses not to go to lacrosse, jug of lemonade, Rihanna.

Ramsie Whitworth

Cal: a year together as Eagles, the Impala and The Truck, choice language on the way to school, Dad forcing you to eat more food, Mom’s Gifties, my undying love for Shelby while I’m gone, ESPN videography, T. Mike, Ramsie Whitworthbonding over Vine. Libby: personal individuality, 3 years of Latin drama, symmetry and harmony, fool me three times, having all my classes with you freshman year, eternal bus buddies, bus rides with shared headphone dances, anti-jokes, Awake, rolling houses, cheer camp love, Kim Jong Un, sparkling grape juice, prom 2015, 2 heads, 1 body, 3 souls, The Cloud, London Bridge, annual swimming in uniforms before exams, lake parties at RayMay’s, being my first best friend at Stratford, a futon with my name on it at Tech. Savannah: notes to C.J., Spanish chats with my Albondiga, penguin in the tin foil, the couple couch, the perfect summer of 2014, cruising, Arkansas, cat poo and mailbox incidents, tears at lunch, baby bear, meow, ear rubs, every variation of bean, speaking of mountain gorillas and Bonnie Joyner, catfish I MEAN STREP, Jessie/Jack McLanahan and his quotes, trees and succulents, MANY Athens/Atlanta commutes. APES SQUAD: photosynthesizing, spraang breakkkk! will never not be funny, breaking out in song, my favorite class and the best group ever I love yall. Ann: Oh My Yog, beach yoga, your toes, meeting Lillie Tate’s crew, pink rims, a night in Athens, Putin’s personality type. Laney: broccoli at Hancock central, endless sass, that one juice cleanse, educational lunch talks. Colyar: my brothurrrr, somebody come get her she’s really a nice lady, Bubbles (and Blossom and Buttercup), zing! (arm up, leg up pose). James: Lisa’s brookies, string parties in the man cave, FCA, number 15 in what? Shishir: Gang Gang, Brownsugar, Sadie Hawkins 2016, Doug. Mary Wilson: struggles with writing the senior will, me being an honorary sabi. Conner: such a compatible Sadie Hawkins picture. Ally Parker: searching for baby ducks, Ms. Henderson’s homeroom. Robert: snow coincidence, car rides, AP Reddit. Jacob: AP Gov entertainment, Prom 2016. Sachin: divorced or nah @ Prom 2015, your tiny shack of a house Campaigners: Chasidi’s cookies/ice cream/perfection, 16 personalities test. Bobby, Jonathan, Sam, KiKi, Cal: finishing our Jenga tournament, beach bonding. Maggie Greer: pearls, Fourth Quarter Boy Talks. Sassy Stechers: The Frosh Cup. Kat, Clay-fil-A, Pyles, Jacob, Libby: Cameron Paterson, Ram Lightning, the panda shirt we paid for but never got, Anna Katherine Boswell has friends? Wimberly: White Girl At A Concert, The Violin. Ally Raymond: a baby kitten and a baby lamb, being Abby Henry. GAP: Candice Swanepoel. Daniella: Pre Cal struggles. Thomas Slocomb: “Shishiaaaar”. Wehbe: last minute glorious Taylor Swift concert. Hinal: Mr. Kelly’s picture of you in his slides (Queenal). Felton: side hugs. Camille: the earrings I gave you in homeroom. Mary Elaine: The Coolest Mitchell Award. Abby Ellison: The Coolest Ellison Award. Mr. Fred: being BFFs despite never teaching me. End of the Lunch Table: highs and lows of the day, my love for the food you so graciously give me.

O’Showen Williams

Qt: sosa, taliban, pansy ave, the dub side, brother from another mother. Sim: waffle fry, new mars, Qb1, chill, 628 jet bootleg. Tommy: oshack Oshowen Williamscam, t-mac cam, every class together, frat tats. Jack E: cathy, weasel, blaze, the pinecone interruption, sandy, taylor, forthill, Sadie Hawkins after party speech, astronaut. Jack P: Wilbur, gerber, spanky, beans, nub, that bit, cheese sticks, vitamin c, the knee. Will H: cathy, forthill, gangsta movies, late night gas, rip bankroll, tree house,forthill. Will G: gibbo, gibby, Yamaha, bankroll fresh, bandana, slaughter gang, 21 savage, the barn, fox, if ain’t tented I ain’t in it. Jack K: naughty boy, astronaut, the slap, spring break. The ankle. JohnM: sign, ocean blvd, east beach, lucy, pinecone interruption. Pierce: fpd, splash, 8th grade basketball, housekeeping, four wheelers, naughty boy. Tyler and Jaylon: cousins, slime, cracking, dancing. Noah: chief keef, gang, tadoe, rip blood money, the breeze, spring break old man. Laren: bae, our fights, kohl’s,  cathy, pinecone interruption, my pumpkin, boolin, no snitching bankroll, late night gas. Meg: chicken biscuits, hugs, car rides, free meal spring break, sonic slushies. AnaGrace: bae, wifey, our arguments, big head, live broadcasting, snapchat, buffaloe’s knife, pulling the chair, forthill. James Mitchell: making money mitch, region champs, steph curry, bro for life. Carey and Evans: gassing the party, sisters for life, prom, shagging and dabbing, bicken back being bool. Emma D: Fav sophomore, weasel, late night pull ups, hugs, bicken back being bool. Caroline D: lil sis, fav durkee, bandana swag, dabbing, Chinese eyes, late night gassing and passing lol. Grace: ugly, lil sis, lucy, trapping in the lsc, trap queen, diva. Ally and Tift: pizza, divas, taking care of me.

Carlton Woodcock

Ally: Ron, ouaouaron, leaching, please just love me, laughing so hard in your bed late at night until Holden bangs on the wall, all the mornings you woke me up with vines, hangry, Robdawg and Wencat, marrying into12934877_1125786337466101_1300437346_n the fam… You are never getting rid of me, I love you!!!!! Jensen: All the irritated glances in math class, eye rolls at the same people, favorite person to be a diva with. Riley: Fluff, bunny hopping, Big Papi, skeeter bites, MT nails. Carol: most athletic, valedictorians, and that one night at Laren’s house we will never forget… Laren: every Instagram tag explaining our lives, sangria, Chipotle dates, steaming at the club with some deep talks. Qt: bestie, biggest supporter, Wing Wang, trap goddess, yoga, always a phone call away. Gap: steaming off the gross amount of Hershey kisses and M&M’s, Candice Swanepoel, Vs fashion show(and swim special of course). Fussell: vacay to the beach and NYC, brunching, and Hershey kisses… Carey: mom and dad’s full attention, 69 degrees on the upstairs thermostat, a car(until it gets taken away), fam bonding time, you constantly being grounded, Maddie Cam. Cali: a trip to the Boro that we never took, wedding crashers. Ann: hot power classes, that picture of Jeffrey from Sadie’s that I receive every so often…. Cope: that one hit and run. Mary Wilson: personal steam talks with Gap at Fussell’s. Tift: Fluff, the two people who always overdress… Conner: NYC next year. Carol Durkee: a new bed, you and Carey vs. me and Laren. Evans: that one in-depth convo at DQ. Emily: turning up at Club La Vela, banana boating with Pete and Carey. Pete: cracking me up on every vacation, banana boating( still salty Carey pushed me off), walking around my house naked. Maggie: lots of fun workouts with Kim, hot yoga classes, just a little friendly help behind a sand dune at Spring Break.

Andrew Young

Tommy McCook: spring break junior year, the Trump rally, every time when we were kids at your house, computer scandal, Godfather video freshman year, the prayer at Jordan Hare, continuing or grandfather’s Auburn vs. Georgia rivalry. Will Herndon: your birthday party this year, lake trips with the boys, trick shots in the lower school gym after school. Custis Donner: soccer team, Herndon’s birthday party, Sadie Hawkins antics, Kid Cudi, the Death Star, propellant, Cheetos Puffs, Spotify playlists. Jack Peterson: to many nicknames to count, home room squad, lunchroom stories, 1st semester humanities, computer scandal in Mr. Free’s double geometry, as many catch phrases as nicknames. Jack Evans: Auburn trips with you and Tyler, the Sadie Hawkins party, TKM, Sheila haircuts. Jacob Lischer: soccer team, Jeff Hale’s school of goalkeeping, KFC bucket, soccer bus ride music with Custis, wrestling practice, the Death Star. Clay Passante: Senior humanities, beating you by one card in spite and malice, being 2 hours older, honorary member of AP environmental class, washing windows, those puzzle boxes in Ms. Todd’s room, Assassin’s Creed references, the humanities paper. Miles Anderson: home room squad, AP US history, Trump rally, talking politics, game of thrones and house of cards spoilers, Godfather movie. Carter Canady: senior year soccer, Godfather movie, spring break junior year. Daniella Chrabuszcz: Hoya Spartans, home room since 7th grade. Will Gibson: jet skis at the lake, it’ll buff, the barn. Zane Holliman: pre soccer practice chipping, always borrowing cleats, soccer videos, trying to teach me how to play FIFA. Sim Patrick: senior soccer, Sadie Hawkins party, orange team in practice. Quintez Cephus: human relations, Future’s snapchats, college algebra, senior english. Nancy Todd: after class talks about solipsism, spite and malice addiction, probably the best class I have taken at Stratford, never figuring out the wooden T. Griff Etheridge: human relations, scent of a woman, men strike back jokes.