Top grads await big day

By DEEP PATEL, Gazebo Assistant Editor

Michelle Tang will have the distinct honor of being class valedictorian at this year’s graduation for Stratford Academy. Shishir Bandi and Sachin Khurana are the co-salutatorians of the Class of 2016.

Michelle Tang

Tang ended her high school career with a 4.45 GPA and a total of 13 AP classes.

“It was nice that we all got something in the end because we’ve worked pretty hard during high school,” she said.

Tang, who was a part of Stratford’s volleyball team for three years, will continue to advance her studies at Georgia Tech. She plans to major in Biochemistry with a minor in Spanish.

Sachin Khurana Bandi, who took 13 AP classes throughout his high school career, and Khurana, who took 11, ended their senior years with a cumulative 4.37 G.P.A.

Bandi, who took 13 AP classes throughout his high school career, and Khurana, who had 11, both ended  their senior years with a cumulative 4.37 GPA.

Khurana has played varsity tennis for five years and also ran cross country. He signed a national-letter-of-intent to play tennis at Mercer.

He will be in the honors program and pursue a finance/business major with a minor in mathematics and complete a four-year MBA.

Shishir Bandi

Bandi, a dedicated member of Stratford’s tennis team, will pursue a chemical engineering concentration at Georgia Tech.

“I’ve worked pretty hard throughout all of high school, so I was somewhat expecting this,” said Bandi.

Stratford’s graduation will be held on Saturday, May 28, at the Macon City Auditorium at 5 p.m.

“How can I give you advice when I still need it myself?” Tang said of her valedictorian speech.

In his speech, Khurana will challenge his classmates to build on the foundation they have received at Stratford.

Bandi said the goal of his speech is “to make you all laugh or reduce you all to tears. Maybe both.”

Class of 2016 Honor Graduates:

Miles Anderson
Mary Wilson Avant
Shishir Bandi
Victoria Brown
Daniella Chrabuszcz
Robert Clark
Amber Datta
Wimberly Dennis
Laren Durkee
Jaedyn Ellis
Libby Ellison
Raine Foulkes
Tanisha Ghosh
William Gibson
Felton Hatcher
Vivi Iakovidou
Chris Jellum
Holland Jones
Savannah Joyner
Sachin Khurana
Avery Layton
Wehbe Lee
George Lind
Jacob Lischer
Colyar McCord
James Mitchell
Stephen Mosley
Dylan Ogle
John Michael O’Quinn
Tift Palmer
Allyn Parker
Rujul Patel
Hinal Patel
Dylan Quintal
Alexandra Raymond
Aiza Shabbir
Michelle Tang
Ann Thompson
Laney Tuck
Ramsie Whitworth