New color would be welcome addition to outerwear

By LIZZI CLAYTON, Assistant Editor


Lizzi Clayton

When you think of Stratford’s colors, it seems simple. Navy blue and white.

Yet the colors of our school uniforms are a little more inclusive. With khaki pants, skirts and skorts, plaid skirts and skorts, and yellow and gray shirts in addition to the traditional colors of navy and white.

Stratford offers a wide variety of colors. Even with inclusions of khaki, yellow, gray, and green, outerwear is still limited to the basic “solid navy, gray or white,” as stated in the 2016-2017 Student and Parent Handbook.

With the inclusion of yellow and green in our uniform outfits, why can’t we wear jackets, sweatshirts, etc. in those same colors?

Rules restrict outerwear options partially because other colors don’t match well with the regular uniforms. Since girls’ plaid skirts and skorts have green in them, this reasoning doesn’t apply.

I have several green jackets and sweaters that I cannot wear at school. I understand the restriction on other colors, but the green rule simply doesn’t make sense.

I walk around every day seeing green skirts and skorts, so I have always been confused on why we can’t wear the same color on a jacket.
I know I am not the only student who has at least one sweater or jacket that is green.

I have heard many of my friends and classmates talk about this issue, and if enough students feel the same way, maybe we could open a conversation with the administration and we could try to change this section of the uniform code.

Lizzi Clayton is a senior and assistant editor of The Gazebo.