New school puts Reese at ease

Nadia Reese, of Wilkinson County, is Stratford’s first recipient of the Griffith Family Scholarship. (Photo by GRACIE BELL, Gazebo Staff)

By GRACIE BELL, Gazebo Staff Writer

At 6 a.m., many Stratford Academy students are still sound asleep.

However, Nadia Reese is already up and moving, getting ready for her 45-minute morning commute to Macon from Wilkinson County.

Traveling more than 40 miles a day, the Stratford freshman is excited for her first year here.

Nadia is Stratford’s first recipient of the Griffith Family Scholarship. Dr. Robert Veto, head of school, said the Griffith family “made a very generous gift to Stratford to make this possible” for the new freshman.

The family, “known locally for their philanthropy and their generosity,” has sponsored scholarships before at other educational institutions. While thumbing through many applications for the brand new scholarship at Stratford, Nadia’s stuck out.

She had an extraordinary transcript from her middle school years, and comes from a hard-working family.

When her family learned Nadia had been granted the merit-based scholarship, Nadia said her parents “were excited, because there was going to be a big change.” Nadia is regarded as a “terrific young lady” by Dr. Veto, and describes herself as “goofy, athletic, smart, and hard-working.”

Awarded annually to a new freshman, the Griffith Family Scholarship is merit-based, focusing on past transcripts and teacher recommendations. Nadia was not aware of the opportunity until her parents told her.
However, she has enjoyed the change and her new environment at Stratford.

“It’s easy to get along with people and make new friends,’’ she said.
Nadia is eager to become involved in Stratford’s activities. Originally planning to play softball this season, her intentions were dismantled when she learned her travel basketball season would interfere with the practices. However, when Stratford’s winter basketball season rolls around, Nadia plans to try and make the team roster.

Her favorite aspect of Stratford is the teaching staff and her favorite subject is math.. She said they’re “easy to work with, they’re helpful, and they help [her] understand what they’re teaching.”