We took a poll of Stratford favorites


“Caramel apples. They are sweet enough to be good, but still a fruit. So I feel less guilty.’’ – Finn Anderson, senior

“Funnel cakes. I love how they melt in my mouth.’’ – Allie Edwards, senior

“Fried Oreos. They taste like my two favorite things: chocolate and funnel cake.’’ – Catherine Brown, junior

“Funnel cake because it’s light and flaky.’’ – Logan Thomas, junior

“Cream with peach cobbler because it’s very refreshing and not fried.’’ – Marta Stevenson, sophomore

“Fried cheesecake because it tastes like heaven.’’ – Thomas Thwaite, senior

“Funnel cake. It’s nice and flaky.’’ – Bhavin Patel, sophomore

“Corn dogs and funnel cakes. You have to be unhealthy when you go to the fair.” — Jensen Bowden, senior

“I don’t eat fair food, it grosses me out” – Ashlin Jackson, sophomore

“Funnel cakes are definitely the best fair food. The other fried stuff is disgusting.” –Vivian Duong, sophomore

“Funnel cake because when I was little and couldn’t ride rides so that was the only reason I went to the fair” – Meggie Aivalotis

“Corn dogs.’’ — Coleman Rozier, senior

“Turkey legs.’’ — Nathan Dillard, senior

“Fried Oreos because I like Oreos” – Isabel McSwain, sophomore

“Funnel cake because it’s huge.’’ – Caroline Cole, sophomore

“Funnel cake because it big, warm, and so delicious!” – Carson Dorsey, sophomore

“Definitely the funnel cakes because you can get corn dogs and fries everywhere but you can’t get funnel cake everywhere.”- Taylor Swan, freshman

“Definitely caramel apples. They’re the best thing at the fair.’’ – Josie Coleman, sophomore

“I would say the turkey legs, because they are so juicy and they feel so warm and good in my mouth” -Nathan Hunt, junior

“Candied apples, Fried Oreos and funnel cake.’’ – Grace Deedrick, senior