Peer pressure and pizza

Conversation Central has lunch discussion

Guidance counselor Charlotte Stewart discusses “peer pressure” with students at ADL’s “Conversation Central.” (Photo by EMMA QUINTAL, Gazebo Staff)

By RANIA AKBAR and ARYA DATTA, Gazebo Staff Writers

In Stratford’s first “Conversation Central” meeting of the year, guidance counselor Ms. Charlotte Stewart explained there is more than just one type of peer pressure.

Stewart had a chance to interact with each of the students and get to know how peer pressure is handled. Each student shared their input about what they think about peer pressure, the different types, and whether peer pressure can be good in certain situations.

Stewart said there are positive and negative forms. She said peer pressure can be a great ‘’procedure’’ used in school. If someone says they never do their homework, friends can pressure them into doing their homework for better grades.

But the negative form of peer pressure is what most students face and have trouble overcoming.

“It’s about finding the uniqueness and the originality of each one of us,” Stewart said. “We need to know our boundaries and limits.”

The 11 students who attended the meeting enjoyed a pizza lunch while discussing different types of personal experiences of peer pressure and how to overcome it.

Many students with older siblings said they feel pressured into living up to expectations.

Conversation Central was organized by president Bailey Toole and sophomore Reese Ellis.