Young drivers go forward

Stratford offers students required ‘Joshua’s Law’ course on drug and alcohol awareness

By DEEP PATEL, Gazebo Staff Writer

The first quarter is over, summer is a memory, and new drivers are anxious to get behind the wheel.

Freshmen and sophomores are now enduring the long process of Joshua’s Law.

The state-mandated training course stands in the way of young drivers from passing their test and getting the license.

A Drug and Alcohol Awareness course is the second step of Joshua’s Law that future drivers must complete. Stratford offers the drug and alcohol course on campus.

Coach Miles Pippin, the school’s driver’s education teacher, is the instructor. In late September, the class met before school from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m.

He said his class is not as full as he usually expects.

“I had about 30 sophomores and freshmen, but it is normally around 60 students,” Pippin said.

He said the course covers the basics of dealing with substances and being under suspicion of connection with substances.

“It just covered things that happen if you get pulled over, and it goes hand-in-hand with Drivers Ed,” he explained.

“Of the three sections in the book, only one really deals with drugs and alcohol, but the rest is just Driver’s Ed material,” Pippin said. I think it could put a lot more emphasis on the drugs and alcohol.”