Talking R-E-S-P-E-C-T over lunch

Conversation Central MEETS monthly

By RANIA AKBAR and ARYA DATTA, Gazebo Staff Writers

The Conversation Central lunchtime meeting for October was on the topic of respect.

“Conversation Central is a place to just discuss their opinions without any judgment,” said conversation central chairwoman Reese Ellis.

Students who willingly attended learned how to respect others in many different situations.

For example, how to respect people of higher authorities no matter what their behavior is was one of the subtopics discussed. Students also learned   which questions are acceptable to ask during a first meeting.

Academic Tech Specialist, Mr.Dwayne Lawson joined in and explained how to be respectful of other people’s religion, backgrounds or political views.

From this, the participants were taught to not offend anyone and to not pressure one’s opinions on others.