A few tricks, lots of treats

Stratford students got into the Halloween spirit on Monday, dressing up as everything from Donald Trump to Forrest Gump, skeletons, football players and princesses. Here are a few that caught the eye of our Gazebo cameras.

Jacob Burke as Donald Trump and Sarah Kate Sellers, who had a big breakfast. (Photo by MOLLY GARUD, Gazebo Staff)
Senior Cameron Walsh as the Charles Muntz character from “Up.” (Photo by EMMA QUINTAL, Gazebo Staff)
Kindergartener Adrianna Beach came dressed as a princess. (Photo by NEELY SHAH, Gazebo Staff)
The day was a lot like a box of chocolates for senior Jake Edwards as Forrest Gump (Photo by CARLY WANNA, Gazebo Staff)
Shijing Gong and Pan Qi, both seniors, are a couple of skeletons. (Photo by RANIA AKBAR, Gazebo Staff)
Gracie Childers got a head start as Holtzmann from Ghostbusters (Photo by CARLY WANNA, Gazebo Staff)
Will Buzzell showed up as a Georgia football player, despite the loss to the Gators this past weekend. (Photo by NEELY SHAH, Gazebo Staff)
Kevin McGean wreaked havoc as the Mayhem guy from the Allstate commercials. (Photo by CARLY WANNA, Gazebo Staff)