Retreats are treats for Thursday


Gracie Bell, Gazebo Staff Writer


A picnic lunch. A scavenger hunt. Community service projects. A fun day helping elementary school children.

Those are some of the activities planned for Stratford’s annual class retreats on Thursday.

Mrs. Theresa Ferrari, assistant principal, said she hopes the retreats will not only be productive, but will build comraderie between students.

The ninth grade will follow tradition and go to the Woodruff House on Coleman Hill – the site of “old Stratford.” The freshmen will take a tour and play trivia games with former Stratford students, followed by a picnic lunch.

The sophomores will host elementary school students from Elam Alexander with behavioral disorders. It will take place at the football stadium, where Stratford students will engage with the kids and learn about how to interact with children that may be different from them. The sophomores will have a picnic lunch and finish the day off with an undecided activity.

The junior class will be spending the day in downtown Macon, starting the day with community service projects at the Middle Georgia Rescue Mission, Keep Macon Bibb Beautiful, Loaves & Fishes, Mulberry Outreach, Middle Georgia Community Food Bank and Bibb Animal Shelter.

They’ll have lunch on their own and meet back at the Armory Ballroom to begin a scavenger hunt on Cherry Street. The eleventh graders also have a chance to participate in mini classes such as dancing and other activities.

Seniors will meet at the Liipfert family residence off Mumford Road. They’ll also have a scavenger hunt, picnic lunch and finish with reflections on their years at Stratford.