Food drive hopes to finish strong


Molly Garud and Evana Baggett

Happily married, but intensely competitive, Dr. Frank Katz and Mrs. Sarah Walcott have their classes competing in Stratford’s annual food drive.

The prize is bragging rights for an entire year.

Dr. Katz, an upper school English teacher, has claimed more victories than his better half in recent years. And he cherishes  the satisfaction of a more charitable home room than his wife.

Mrs. Walcott, who teaches second grade in the lower school, doesn’t complain if she loses. She always encourages her students to donate as many cans as possible.

The Katz family goes to great lengths to win the competition. Dr. Katz has even scavenged his pantry at home for canned goods to donate for the food drive.

According to one family member, Dr. Katz has been known to “steal” cans out of his daughter’s backpack when she isn’t looking. He also has been a suspect in taking cans from Mrs. Walcott’s box when her back was turned.

In the end, this friendly race to collect the most canned goods greatly benefits the community. The donated items are delivered to Macon Outreach, which collects the food for Thanksgiving meals for the underprivileged.

The Stratford food drive, sponsored by The Key Club, supports Macon Outreach. Among the most popular donation items are  corn and green beans.

This year, Key Club members have been trying to discourage donations of Ramen noodles because many recipients of the meals already purchase and consume Ramen Noodles on a daily basis.

On average, most people bring in five cans which adds up to enough food to fill several cars.

“My favorite part of the food drive is picking up the boxes at the end of the drive,” said Ellie Wangerin, a junior who is head of the drive for the Key Club. “Everyone is gathered together, and it’s great to see the final result after a week and a half of collecting canned goods.”