Fourth-grader earns Veto power

Emmie McElrath, a fourth-grade student at Stratford, got to sit at head of school Dr. Bob Veto’s desk on Friday after her family put in the top bid for “Headmaster for a Day.” (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)

By CARLY WANNA, Gazebo Editor

Lauren McElrath received a special visit from the “headmaster” during class on Friday.

However, she wasn’t in trouble. She was embarrassed because the administrator staring at her and her friends in their eighth grade classroom was none other than her little sister.

Fourth-grader Emmie McElrath served as “Headmaster for a Day,” giving her the authority to visit her sister, skip her classes, and tour around campus with head of school Dr. Robert Veto. She also had a seat at the faculty table during upper school lunch.

“I was looking through the paper we got in signed paper folders where it was the key [for the auction items.]” Emmie said. “We read through the back about the things you could get, and one of the things towards the bottom was ‘Headmaster for a Day.’”

The McElrath family bid on the prize as a part of the “Teacher Treasures” silent auction. Emmie’s sister, Lauren McElrath, was able to serve as preschool director under Dr. Kelly Causey.

The auction was a part of  “Celebrating Art” fundraiser in October. It raised between $25,000-$30,000, surpassing last year’s magazine sales revenue.

Emmie shadowed Veto for the day. She especially enjoyed seeing the 3-D printer. Noticing her fascination with the device, technology instructor Mike McCue made an official name plate for her using the machine.

Emmie did not forget her humble beginnings. By executive decree, the fourth grade will enjoy a pajama day in the upcoming weeks.

“I’ll be retiring one of these days,” joked Veto. “We’ll have someone trained and ready.”

“Headmaster” Emmie McElrath enjoys a laugh with Dr. Bob Veto. (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)