EXIT POLL: Final exams

What exam do you dread most and why?
Sophomore Noah Fenimore tries not to fret over upcoming exams. (Photo by WADE SNOW, Gazebo Staff)

“APUSH- I’m not good at the class!” –  Elie Minette, junior

“Pre-cal – one percent chance I’ll get higher than a C.” – Marta Stevenson, sophomore

“AP Geography because I’m failing it.” – Asman Karim, freshman

“I’m very nervous about English because I am not doing very well in it.” – Christian Groselle, freshman

“Physics because it’s the spawn of Satan.” – Sarah Koplin, junior

“AP Latin because it’s hard and there’s so much to study for” – Preston Kennedy, junior

“Biology … because biology is dumb” – O’Neil McGean, freshman

“AP U.S. History because of my teacher.” – Sydnie Rouleau, junior

“Chemistry because it’s hard.” – Maggie Fuchs, sophomore

“AP English 12, not so much because it’s hard, but my whole grade depends on this exam.” – Justin Griffin, senior

“I don’t know. I guess I’m not really worried about any exam.” –  Alex Buehler, sophomore

“Precalculus because it’s going to be hard and the topics on there are going to be advanced.” – Sean Malhotra, freshman

“AP Geography because it’s a very unique class and I’ve never taken anything similar to it before.” – Jenny Belle Butler, freshman

“Pre-cal because I’m basically failing but it’s fine.” – Riley Grossnickle, senior

“Chemistry, because it’s hard.” – Drake Miscall, sophomore

“AP Environmental Science, because it’s a lot of info, and Pre-cal because it’s Pre-cal.” – Monica Montalvo, senior

“Chemistry! I’ve heard it takes hours!” – Charles Cross, sophomore

“I’d have to say math because I have my lowest grade in that class” – Tomi Sogade, freshman

“Chemistry because Mr. Harrington is going to kill me.” – Isabel McSwain, sophomore

“AP Euro because there’s a lot of material that’s gonna be on it.” – Noah Fenimore, sophomore

“World history, because I hate it.” – Autumn Land, sophomore

“Environmental because it’s just a lot to memorize, and it’s on Monday.” – Valentine Grinstead, senior

“Humanities because it’s going to be a really long paper, and I’m not looking forward to that.” – Ames Jamison, senior

“Physiology because it’s just a tough class.” – Jack Kelly, junior

“Chemistry. It’s my worst class. It’s just the hardest. I don’t really understand any of it.” – Molly Griffin, sophomore

 “AP Geography because there’s just too much information” – Ben Duke, freshman

 “Biology because who isn’t confused in Bio 24/7?” – Elizabeth Sellers, freshman

“I’m not looking forward to biology because it’s the most difficult subject for me and you need to know a lot of information and everything connects to each other.” – Price Lee, freshman

“Math because I have literally no idea what’s going on.” – Abby Ellison, freshman 

“I’m scared for my math exam because I just don’t do well in that class.” – Josie Coleman, sophomore

Josie Coleman is anxious about her math exam. (Photo by CAP PATEL, Gazebo Staff)