The Update Wall (Sadie Hawkins Dance)


Every day, we will update the “date” wall for the Sadie Hawkins Dance on Saturday, Feb. 4.


Maggie Greer and George Dunwoody

Claire Rinehart and Justin Griffin

Coleman Rozier and Jake Edwards

Riley Grossnickle and Ames Jamison

Tarab Ajjan and Aaron Arnold

Jensen Bowden and Zane Holliman

Lily Howe and Luke Slappey

Monica Montalvo and Jake Ricks

Maggie Thornsberry and Conner James

Sanford Caroline Neel and Austin Marchman

Valentine Grinstead and Wade Snow

Kirsten Beach and Noah Hill

Lizzie Clayton and David Matlock

Gracen Boatright and Clifton Olmstead

Allie Edwards and Robert Stone

Noah Hill and Kirsten Beach

Zainab Sadiqui and Andrew Smolensky

Mimi Davis and Andrew Palmer

Alexus Whipple and Kasey Sanders

Bailey Toole and Rex Damron


Faith Boyington and Armaun Smith

Anna Kate Medlin and Carson Greene

Carlin Weinberg and Preston Kennedy

Emily Sheridan and Jack Kelly

Ellie Peterson and Michael Hicks

Emma Davis and Matt Muse

Manasa Vermuri and Shawn Shivdat

Miller Ann Davis and Greg Sutton

Steve Durkee and Sarah Koplin

Morgan Mathis and Aman Jindani



Autumn Land and Dell Sikes

Kenzie Muenzer and Benjamin Jorgensen

Maggie McCullough and Charles Cross

Caroline Cole and John Coleman Tidwell

Karen Jarrard and Wesley Wilson

Gracie Bell and Joseph Webb

Kaitlyn Neel and William Stubbs

Betsy Hill and John Morgan Manley

Josie Coleman and Jonathan Siegel

Drake Miscall and McKinley Thompson

McKay Powers and Preston Brewer

Isabel McSwain and Andrew Moring

Molly Groves and Christian Palmer

Ashlin Jackson and Chase Clay

Layne Davis and Jayce Stephens

Maimee Henderson and Nic O’Neal

Emory Sutherland and Charlie Giles

Alyssa Ferland and Mark Barrow


Emma Quintal and Edlin St. Vil

Neely Shah and Christian Groselle

Abby Ellison and Todd Battcher

Holly Hunt and Nick Jokhai

Sophie Denisar and Matt Newberry

Maya Rubinstein and Jaren Linowes

Arya Datta and Sean Malhotra

Lillie Sweet Strickland and Bo Crook

Josie Lamb and Nate Jones

Ellen Adams and Reid Wilson

Taylor Swan and John Bickley

Sara Kate Durkee and Andrew Delves

Mary Elaine Mitchell and John Thomas Carter

Molly Garud and David Grant