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Annie Shih
This is not only Annie Shih’s first year at Stratford but also her first year in the United States. She recently moved here from Costa Rica. 

She is currently in the 10th grade and has a younger brother named Danny, who is in the eighth grade.

There are many things she likes about the school, including the great teachers and nice students. However, she dislikes the homework and the fact that it takes up hours of sleep. 

Although she has not been here long, she already has plans to restart the Chess Club. She also has many hobbies such as playing the piano, guitar, and flute and writing and doing art. On weekends, she likes to hang out with friends. 

One rare but fun thing she was able to experience a couple of years ago was bungee jumping. Other things she wants to do include graduating, finding a job she likes, and writing a book.

 At home, one of her favorite shows to watch is “The 100.” She has two pet parrots named Erick and Cookie. 

If she won a million dollars in the lottery, she would donate part of it to charity and buy a couple of things she likes but save most of it for college. 

Additionally, she says that it would be helpful if she could read people’s minds if she could choose a superpower.

One piece of advice that she wants to share with others is to give your best today, so you can create a better tomorrow. -- Sabina Ajjan

Annie Shih, Staff Writer

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