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Cate Eddlemon
Cate Eddlemon is a Sophomore and has spent both years of high school on the Gazebo Staff as a Staff Writer. She has been at Stratford for 10 years and has two siblings at Stratford, Cooper, sixth grade and Carter, a senior. When she isn’t busy after school with cross country, cheerleading, or tennis, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and watching her favorite show, “Friends.” In the lunchroom, Cate’s enjoys the FLIK Mac & Cheese, but outside of school, her favorite food is grilled cheese. Cate has two dogs, Jack and Henry. She loves getting to see her friends every single day, but her least favorite part about school is all of the homework. Cate is excited for a great year with the Gazebo.

--Taylor Swan

Cate Eddlemon, Staff Writer

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