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Grace Ge
Grace Ge, a new student, and junior is excited for her first year on the Gazebo Staff.

When Grace has the time, she enjoys picking up a good novel, and on the weekends watching her favorite Netflix show, “Criminal Minds”. Her favorite movies are “Pacific Rim” (from 2013), “The Pianist”, and “Dunkirk”.

Orlando Bloom, Grace’s celebrity crush, “because when he hops off the horse in the movie, “Lord of the Rings” I knew he is my Legolas”.

If Grace was ever summoned with a superpower, she would “want the power of Scarlet Witch” from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Grace has never had Flik before because she enjoys her packed lunch. She does not have a favorite food but she dislikes when bananas are not the perfect amount of ripeness for her. She also is not a fan of avocados.

Even though, a  fan of all shades of the color blue, Grace rarely has the blues and does not cry often.

An only child, Grace used to have two parrots. Her pet peeve is when things are not in the places they always belong, but she is not always willing to fix them most of the time.

Wisely, if Grace won a million dollars, she would want to save it to invest in college. 

Traveling and finishing all of her favorite shows are on her bucket list.

--Caris Weinberg


Grace Ge, Staff Writer

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