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Helen Pope
Sophomore Helen Pope has been a part of the Gazebo staff for two years and is a staff writer. She has been attending Stratford for 12 years, beginning in pre-k. Helen has two siblings, Claudia, junior, and Woodson, who is a fifth-grader. She participates in cross country, shooting team, and track. Her least favorite thing about school is taking tests and her favorite part of school is lunch and eating FLIK cookies. She said everything is funny and she laughs at literally everything. Helen's pet peeves are when people touch the ceiling of a car and slow walking. On the weekends Helen likes to spend her time on Netflix and hanging with friends, and her favorite show on Netflix is "Grey's Anatomy." Her favorite movie is "The Game Plan" and her favorite food is ice cream cones. Helen's favorite color is silver and she has two dogs one named Smokey and Poppy. The one thing that she thinks surprises people is that she is smart. -Will Baxley

Helen Pope, Staff Writer

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