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Will Baxley
Have you had a chance to meet the Gazebo’s very own meteorologist? Senior Will Baxley, who also is referred to as Bax or Willy, has been at Stratford for eight years. He is co-sports editor with his brother, Ben, and is staff meteorologist with Knox Cleveland. In addition to Ben, a junior, Will also has a sister, Annie, who is in the eighth grade. On the weekends, “Bax” enjoys spending time with friends and playing Minecraft on his Switch, a device similar to an iPad. He participates in cross country, basketball, and baseball. During school, he enjoys study hall as well as pep club and loves FLIK’s pasta with sauce. Will often cries in the presence of peppers, especially Scorpion peppers, but he can easily be cheered up by memes and himself. His biggest pet peeves are when people lie, drive badly, or walk slowly. When “Willy” has free time, he likes to watch “Breaking Bad,” “Narcos,” and “Infinity War.” Will admits that if he was given a million dollars, he would buy a fire-shooting Lamborgini and a really cool oven toaster. Finally, one thing most people are surprised to know about Will is he is a great cook. -- Helen Pope

Will Baxley, Co-Sports Editor

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