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Senior Wills 2015


Alexis Adams

Grace: not wanting to bring you home, clothing fights, silent car rides, dancing in your room, oreo cheesecake, I’m the favorite, Hagrid, Coke, 10-hour plane ride, that sample, crying because I thought mom was going to give you away. Lucy: Right Round lyrics, carry my skis, JB baby, running over trees, Scooby, hitting Frank with the door, locking me out, “bug,” sneaking out on spring break, Tattnall boys, Krystal at movies, junior study hall, do I have lipstick on my face, Bragg Jam, Hennery Burns, my voicemails, beach trips, Papa’s spit, riding Marta, hoppy, I’m not immature, Revenge, possessed room, ride to Wesley Glenn with Liz, running from you know who, that guy trying to dance with you at Music Midtown, stepping in dog poop in Athens, Belle, lake trip, bad Taki, 4th of July mountains, crying because my phone was in the cooler, BBQ art, “I wonder if Nelly is gonna show up,” singing too loud while you were fighting with Liz, Pocahontas, straightening crinkles, trying to hit me with golf cart, stop it I’m a hobbit, asleep during the Auburn game, shutting me in dark places, tiny Dairy Queen bathroom, juicy pants, extra two hours back from Auburn. Morgan: LEO, shaving cream on your feet, Joseph N., making Matthew mad, prom night, Margaret, bad Taki, no I don’t want to go hiking, Lizzie, black light, stains, joyful noise, stacking reindeer, 4th of July mountains, Grey’s Anatomy, running from Lucy’s boyfriend, twin beds, hot tub, your date with you know, rearranging Lucy’s dogs, Adams01Waffle House’s pancakes, crater, Pocahontas. Virginia Ann: grey gauchos, Abercrombie, ping pong wars, drowning in the river, little man, captains, last minute walkout, #getitright, Miley, blueberry scones, elbow touches, night gowns, weird cheers, sweet tea, chicken minis, Gus, Pocahontas, mountain man, bananas, Ming’s, casserole shop doughnuts, your lake house, sliders, bus buddy, Lowrey. Amelia: JOSE, Boston illinoise, sleep talking, “Do I look too sweet?”, blender, running from Brad, hot dog incident, “I swear it’s not mine!”, stop it I’m a hobbit, Danny, bush at father Rick’s, Morgan’s sink, tone deaf, chi chi, high heel booties, drowning, grandma’s clothes, I’m gonna go to my room, only person who will eat Firehouse with me. Ann: Charleston, Faye, eating nachos off the floor, hiking all over Athens, 4th of July mountains, zebra cakes, Kiki, leggings, boggle with tab, your iguana, medicine in nose, locked in my bathroom, Nicaragua, tie-dye headband, cheer camp, running on Forsyth. Ginny Lane: looking for you at Starbucks, stacking reindeer, Stapes & Floyd. Miller: Firehouse, corn dogs, grilled cheese, ugly. Murray: guy in the yellow shirt. McKenna: sleeping buddy, Barnes & Noble, Halloween. Missy: corn dogs, Ke$ha, spider bruises, spilled Starbucks. Tift: mermaids, best roommate ever, circle or sniff, Pocahontas, one-shoulder uni. Colyar: favorite, hooking arms, the bump, born backwards. Riley A.: chocolate brown, smelling like fries. Jonathan: McDonald’s date, American flag heart ring. Cooper H.: telling people we date, saving me at Music Midtown, snoop, my mood swings, carrying me in Athens.

Christina Alibozek

Jack P.: my car keys. Lindsey: walking into Young Life when it’s cold, freezing cold Auburn trips, bringing Rita to school, Fountain of Juice five times a week, Larry, identical families, that time I tried pure barre, going to the Lilly store, the pole, JH’s bed, J. Dick, finally finding out what marriage is like, snuggling, magic bear, O’Charley’s, mini water bottles, raisin toast, chocolate covered strawberries, matching yoga outfits, Auburn blanket, so many limes. Ginny Lane: Dirty Guvs, hotel rooms and Waffle House, the bull, morning after, J. Dick. Karlyn: Howler monkeys in Belize, Luke Bryan 2k14, punny jokes, Darrel, orange corvette rides, taking my earrings out for me (true friend), doing my make-up and hair for me on spring break, epic playlists, AP Chemistry, 21 Jump Street. Emily S.: Kappa Alpha Order, pledgeship. Virginia Ann: Joshua, Gato, that girl. Meme: Bo and Luke. Drew: don’t worry, I found us a ride, leaving you at the Shell. Murray: Rita, using your leggings and Uggs as a towel, Monica, wrists, we’re in the same boat, Chancellor Newsome, NYE. Amelia: the land, party bus bruises, Calvin. McKenna: Hank. Carey and Ellie: that time you told Karlyn Samford wasAlibozekChristina recruiting her, Pete’s makeover, Coach Kate. Morgan: Instagram tags, Rick’s motorcycle, snuggling, goal kicks, oooooaaaahhhhhmmmmm, bbw, O’Charley’s, punny jokes, your goalie shorts, !!!, soft smiling, love of horses, those Belize t-shirts, funny moments with Coach Hale, Dosio in the shower. Missy: Ke$ha, me sleeping on your porch, Chili’s & bowling dates. Bella: always taking unexpected Snapchats of me. 3rd Period Study Hall: movie nights at my house, 50 people at long lunch, Snapchat drawings. Sam: Lori Palmer, stealing from my dad’s fridge, dressed up, watching crossroads. Katherine K.: “What’s the withdrawal method?” (Mr. Bridge’s Environmental Class). Noah: we kissed. It happened. Brighten: snuggling, endless Instagram tags, motivational speeches, deep talks, sneaking into Fountain of Juice. Cali: #closeddoors, same outfit every day, you’re Sully and Morgan’s Mike. Hamilton: being an hour late to Sadie Hawkins pictures. Sachin: Econ, Moe’s dates, going to your first football game. Alex K.: your 8th grade NYE party. Alexis: prom date. Alex C.: Jordan Belfort, staying frat. Ansley: Drew’s daily posts in the Wake Forest group. Jack H.: wiping out in Amelia’s movie room. Joseph: AP Chemistry, 21 Jump Street. Marge: being best friends in 3rd grade. Sean: you are a jungle man forever, that time you told me the island in Belize was on fire and I didn’t believe you. Carly: you just make me happy. Sarin: see Michelle’s answers. Shelby: Tostitos, John Walker. AP English: I got the chips!! Belize People: I brake for tapirs, Joshua, the bus, four-hour car rides to a waterfall. Mr. Loomis: our love of UVA basketball, our not-love of Mike London and UVA football. Huntley: shopping addict for life. Mr. Bridges: watching cute animal videos because I love them. Cooper H.: blocking me on Snapchat 24/7.

Chandler Banks

Brighten: Lucy, stress-relieving car ride, first times, banana Kashi bar, doing only biceps, Foo Fighters in the weight room, Team Wildside, mountain trips, looking at yourself in the mirror for hours. Jacob C.: always winning in 2K, your house, Harley biting me, benching more than you, Team Wildside, college roommates. Conner: eight-hour arm workout, risky Snapchats, Team Wildside. Cooper H.: hunting, Nanny’s cooking, Duck Squad, Team Wildside, Basketball 6th men of the year, texting Kristin, freshmen. Jonathan and Lukas: kicking PK’s at me, beating you both in 2K, outside squad, anger issues, a functioning brain. Morgan: ooohhh, best friends for life, spending the next four years together, kayaking dates, everything. Lucy: Bragg Jam at Crazy Bull, Luke Bryan concert. Team Wildside: keys that don’t work, too much time, boys for life. Jack Evans and John Michael: Duck Squad, visits next   Banks03year, y’all never killing anything, stop sign on the way back. O’Showen and QT: grocery store, being on the ship, Committing to the G. Jack H.: you being salty, never winning in 2K, outside squad. Cole G.: smash bros, TC, paintball, never losing, UGA, broken finger, never remembering long lunch. Sarin and Sachin: doubles matches, badminton victories, your mom’s smoothies, annoying Kenji and TC, me winning in ping pong, brown bros. Joseph: Andersonville, sting pong. Austin D.: knocking you out, bullpen. Sean: mowing lawns, swim parties. Connor: broken bowls, broken mailboxes, Jacob’s, long lunch journeys. Lawson: stolen hats, cans, Snapchats, dragging visors behind your car, two showers, rope climbing, Brad, Wilbur. Thomas: flexing, random pre-workout drinks. Sam: too many cross country practices, the river in the mountains, hiking, good memories. Jack K.: play dances. Drew: yee-feller, two showers, play dances. Evans: church services, babysitting, listening to Tommy yell, workout Snapchats, dos, nahhhh, tight pants. Trey G.: peace sign, driving my car, railroad tracks. Palmer: future frat legend. Spencer: mohawk Fridays, Kempa. Mr. Loomis: XC practices, counting me tardy, writing this senior will for you in 30 minutes.

Lucy Bobbitt

Alexis: Spring Break 2k13 #riptoyourphone, early curfews, “spending the night at Morgan’s,” four beach trips, being immature, hair scare, your HORRIBLE driving skills, saying “it’s fine” when it’s not, trips to Auburn, parasailing in PCB and crying when they dipped us, double dates, laughing for no reason, reading each other’s minds, never going where you want to eat (Firehouse), “someone is calling my name Alexis,” the lady in Burger King bathroom, calling you on the house phone with big news, inviting yourself to spend the night, B.o.B. concert at Music Midtown with my “friend,” spiders, picking out my outfits before football games, notes in AP Modern, lake trips, that one tube ride we just couldn’t get back fast enough. Morgan: breakfast at Rick’s, adventurous days at Wesleyan, cheesy scary movies, Leo, being our dog sitter, never knowing what to buy you for Christmas, breaking your nose, spending the night at Julie’s and “coming home at 11:30,” practicing our speeches, sliding around in socks in my kitchen, “there is blood (ketchup) on thy face,” Geometry, v.good, late night tennis matches and getting mad when you would win, haunted houses, never wanting to snuggle, our birthday songs to each other, Margaret and her cute “puppy,” Dreamer, you and Amelia letting Bella out of the hotel room, kayaking when Alexis had “food poisoning,” Adele. Alexis and Morgan: our July 4th trip to the mountains, being my best friends, the people wearing black in the bathroom at Burger King, beach trip, adventures before we could drive. Amelia: batting cages with Brad, NYE party, 1st and 2nd base, “doing  Lucyeverything I do,”  almost jumping out of my car to fight someone at Tattnall, the most competitive person I’ve ever met, trying to take notes in APUSH while you ask me a million questions, getting kicked out of Mr. Lawson’s class, DANNY, softball state party, first night in Belize, last night in Belize, making you go in the bathroom because “people were coming,” repacking your bag EVERY single night, mental breakdowns in the softball dugout, Brad hitting the pole so hard the birds were scared, laughing so hard at LizBob that you get hiccups, letting Bella out of the hotel room. Val: the baby face, killing all of your pets, making fun of your lisp, curly hair, your fingernails, getting mad at you in Mr. Fletcher’s class, Lee pushing me on the Lego table, Abercrombie, throwing lead in my eye, talking about me on the playground, scary grandpa, chased by cops in NYC, shopping at Strawberry. Drew: my toes, Geometry, harassing me, that time me and Morgan scared you. Meme: rolls, Coach Treadway’s speech, watching “the show.” GL: long jump at FPD, watching BET, Dreamer, spending the night at your house every weekend freshmen year, red camera.  McKenna: who actually cracked the screen? Our night out in Belize. Thunder. Ann: making too many bracelets, new car seats, lots of Febreze, not being sentimental, the old hombre, being with Kim more than you. Grace: being my little sister, dealing with Alexis’ moods, my mom’s stories, lots of trips together. Copelan: Jamie, Shelli, jealous of your hair.  Mary Wilson: basketball, softball, braiding my hair, #uga19, being tan, same parents. Carey: 3 ball, rides, always up to shoot, mumbling, good hair, that one practice you just couldn’t keep it together, NYE car ride. Evans: never shooting, saying “girly” after everything, RUN EVANS, be athletic at 3rd base next year girly. Ginny Anne: that really bad rash…, lots of lotion for that really bad rash, getting hype for bball, ice cream, burping. Jack: everyone telling us we’re going to get married, Fox, arguing with me about everything. Lukas: when I was on your kill list. Chandler: Luke Bryan concert, love/hate relationship, IGGY, Panera date. Brighten: that time we were best friends, Starbucks gift card, diet plan you made me, ignoring that text, venting in Moe’s parking lot. Basketball team: a lot of great seasons, pre-game songs, Bon Qui Qui, 2 50 and 5’s, gut sprints, playing the boys, TU next year. O’Showen: Skittles, Starburst, a lot of chicken biscuits, too many peppermints, Frances, the cop, the way you say literally, bae, using my phone 24/7, getting mad when I didn’t know your full name, shoes being most important, bus partner, Chief Keef, the SAT, Oreo blizzards, my chucks. Quintez: owing me money (still waiting on that), getting in a fight at Mercer, getting mad when I “disrespect” you, good luck text, giggling all the time, having too many girlfriends to keep up with.

Jacob Brewer

Sam: forting around, our summer adventures before junior year, homeroom, cross country, slacklining, Low Impact, tech club, WOW, smite, league, runescape, and hopefully finishing our amazing fort. Mary Kate: Freshman/Junior year Sadies and our limo. Noah: That birthday rave, Holocaust andBrewer (2) senior humanities. Cody: the flashbacks to your prison life. Laurel: nothing beats being a car and driving around. Ella H.: Running up and down that one street, Holocaust, late nights at your house, seeing the car pull into your driveway. Nayah: Why won’t you let me apply for that scholarship? Hamilton, Sam, and Joshua: building the fort, Hunter Joe of the Land, and Adventure Squad. Nathan P.: popping your back and watching you eat chips at your house. Joseph: breakfast with Mickey and Spencer. Spencer: breakfast again, homeroom and homeroom baseball. Andrew S.: English and Physiology. Hannah: the H.A.N.N.A.H. and J.A.C.O.B. systems, Prom 2k15. Gabe: Physics and Intern with Mr. McCue. Ben P.: Dank memes. Ally R.: calling you to talk to Vincent. Deep: 2nd semester of Creative Writing and Athens. Dylan: Physics, intern, cross country, Disney, and chroming everything. Chris J.: Skate club and Mr.Stecher. And last, but also least, to Loy: I leave everything that no one else wanted like, Val, our jam sessions, Little Creek, workin out, ballet, ballet retreats, bass players, the eagle island group, longboarding, and subs.

Sydney Brewer

Katherine: Bob, no Christmas for you, Spongebob, your British twin named Grace/Grass, tubing at Lake Burton in winter and you pushing me in, tennis, the One Direction concert and the guitar player serenading you, butt skiing, “you go lil buddy,” all our Vine jokes, gaming with Preston, English with Dr. Katz, tickling in P.E., your wrecks, hit and runs, deer kills, my Reese’s shirt, “I’m sitting on a rose petal,” your beanie that Pepper ate, Tuxie (sorry too soon), and seven years of being my best friend in the world. Ansley: the cruise, staying out until 5 a.m. Grease with 10 guys, Starbucks studying, singing Wonderwall on the floor, seeing my first shooting star with you, finding out you’re Hannah Montana, English with Dr. Katz, you always falling, “get over yourself,” The Bachelor, Jim with his camera, the guitar lessons we never took, sugar spice and everything nice and Ladasha, Syd. BrewerKatherine’s garage, Buffalo’s dates, whatever you say Cruella, Belize, 1980. Kaley: Wolf Creek, Ke$ha with goggles, wanna take this outside, watercolor, Hilton Head, making us be on time, always knowing the weather, Robbery, New York City and the Minus 5 Ice Bar, being gangstas for Halloween, making Kales your nickname, and growing up with you! Macaden: Katherine and I always “tutoring” you , “doo doo doo doo doo,” the lake trip (“Ladasha come home” and “Tyrone got a scholarship”), third wheeling with you and Katherine, when you rocked the cheer uniform, watercolor junior year, and when you will accidentally buy Apple. Brighten: the couch in my basement, help desk counseling, being our gal pal during spring break & saving us from the crazy guy, our duets, Cherry tucking you in, the lake trip, Pepper, Sadie Hawkins round two, and those roses you brought me, and proof-reading your papers. Murray: soccer 6th grade, taking you to Krystal’s, our thigh stand with Huntley freshman year. Karl: our childhood since birth, stunting, fighting over that one person when we were flower girls (hehe), the remote that hit you and “someone better be dead,” “geet heem.” Lindsey: having every class together for two years, calculus, your master watercolor paintings, deep convos at the help desk, twinning and having telepathy, college stress. Maggie: our dances we made up during cheerleading. Bonnie: the chickacreck, ziplining in Helen with CJ, the embarrassing pics from Ponte Vedra, P.E. freshman year, when you chased me with a refrigerator, and you being by my side when I broke my leg. Amelia: your sunken fourwheeler. Morgan: 6th grade lunch therapy. Drew: homeroom, “Syyd,” you and Noah bullying me in middleschool, you thinking my name was Cindy in lower school. Alex: brick house, nights in the garages, shagging at Sadie Hawkins. Cole G.: lactating. Cooper: Cherry, the mooing hamburgers, the communal apple. Chandler: gum. Mary Cason and Miller: wobble. Mary: physiology dissecting and Ms. Waters. Noah: chicken biscuit. Jake: How are your classes? Laney: all our ski trips. Preston: all of Stratford because you basically rule it, fast food, video games, and four years of highschool, live it up. Lora Kate: OUT! Copelan: go eagles.

Amelia Brown

VAL: Bae, that one trip to the Dominican Republic, pizza delivery girls, adventures, Wesley Glenn, marrying the beach boys, THE list, trip to your lake house, Griffin’s room belongs to you, red KIA, gold bookbags, driving skills, track, telling you literally everything. McKenna: last night in Belize, tennis, softball, Thunder, dealing with me in the dugout, Luke Bryan, losing debit cards and sunglasses, trip to Alabama, “asleep” after Bon Hommes, hot yoga, monster energy, the mean list,  Chipotle, one workout with Rob, Jonathan, Milly trip, trippy cat shirts, MDS games, ROLL TIDE. Morgan: rides in Liz, the bush in your driveway, PRETZELS, nosebleed, never graduating, my first car wreck, Belize, flip videos, who cracked the screen?, booty slap, bus flip, talent show back-up dancers, softball. Lucy: Bae, first and last nights in Belize, softball throwing and bus partners, softball locker room, Thunder, being divas, Valentine’s dance, TSA boys, long trip home from Auburn, Music Midtown, Amelia Island trip, the blender, gold bookbags, kotd, the only goodBrown01 driver, I’m giving Danny your number, stranded in the rain at UGA, hiccups from Liz, 4-peat. Alexis: growing up together, Amelia Island trip, “stop it I’m a hobbit,” my grandmother’s clothes, “juicy,” my dad thinking you’re crazy, hotdog, the blender, your funnel, drowning in the #leanin, GAC guy, Auburn games, driving skills, Georgia games, SAE house, “I need to go to college” every time we see cops, ice skating, TSA guys, Music Midtown. Kaley: growing up together, neighbors, trippy cat shirts, giving me rides, softball, basketball (quitting), tennis, RTR. Karlyn: Smiley’s, your finger. Katherine: Smiley’s, “knock on the court,” basketball, the end of the bench. Sydney: 4-wheeler in the pond, tennis, middle school soccer. Ginny Lane: the red camera, Belize, Green Turtle, red KIA. Jonathan: Yoga, DARGGG, the floor in Milledgeville, McKenna. Brighten: 8th grade. Sarah Kate: Piper Dunes, Lubby’s condo, sleepovers, lemonade stands, bike rides, Subway, Jeep life, golf carts and security, bowling. Elizabeth S.: AI, basically my little sister, Chick-fil-A breakfast, bike wrecks, roxy, jammin in the car. Cope: TENNIS, always wanting to go eat but never actually eating, “spiders in my pants,” you and my mom bonding, on the party bus past 12. Emily Claire: Jeeps, tennis, riding in the trunk, attempting to make rave shirts. Evans: softball, running extra after practice, diva, hairspray, “be athletic” at 3rd, giving you rides home. Mary Wilson: Thunder and Stratford softball, FUT, giving you rides, that’s not a turning lane. Bonnie: wrecking the golf cart, summer of 2013, Coach Wall, red KIA, Smiley’s, Gunner, CJ, Amelia Island. Sarah: summer of 2013, Amelia Island, Johnny, the night we spent at the lake, beach parking lot. Lawson: 7th and 9th grade, Sadie Hawkins, Griffin’s room, Mr. Stecher. Meme: softball, Thunder, sprint poles together, 4-peat, dirtbikes, Durhamtown, trip to Auburn. Andrew P.: Starbucks. Christina: the land.

Alex Christianson


Shishir: math counts. Tommy C.: hat hair and pips. Jack E.: the golf team. Mikey: a pony and forever on the grind. Joseph: cart rides and golf jokes. Andrew S.: Wonderwall. Austin H.: pulling skills. Luke: rides from breakfast. Sarin: extreme ping pong/volleyball matches, BIG, and all the math pickup lines you can think of, the square. Sarin, Felton, and Sachin: the triangle, and many screenshots. The golf team: golf carts and the grind.

Conner Corbitt

Jacob C.: hella travel ball, forearm workouts, and best friendship. Sean: The Bando, Black Baton, bus buddy. Austin Devenny: squats, unappreciated RBs, pre-games. Cole G.: Skaty, your butt. TEAM WILDSIDE: Team Wildside, our keys that no longer work, eight-hour arm workout. Connor: running behind you, pitching.  Alex K.: my favorite centerpiece and batting practice catcher. Alex C.: Fr@. Chandler: Frat God. Cooper H.: protein. Jackson B.: T-1000, Advil. Jonathan: curls. Nathan P.: snuggle buddy. Sam: clutch sleepover. Spencer: chanting your name at bball games and roadCorbitt trip to Frathens. T-nash: a mirror. Amelia: Prom 2k14. Alexis Adams: Jeff. Bonnie: missed opportunities. Heather: freshmeat, third wheel, Snapchatting off Mary’s phone. Karlyn: that one time we worked out. Kaley: Sophomore year, Falcons games, the Xterra. Lindsey: Springdale. Missy: Dirty Sean. Miller: Diamond “Girl,” two- month relationship, at least three surfboards. Sarah Farriba: pre-dub, swag, and Mountain Dewww. Shelby: A crush ;). Virginia Ann: that thing we had in 8th grade? and “wazzap.” Mary Spivey: Kesha, forgetting the 21st, Snowflake, my roid rages, Luke Bryan, being 5’ 3”, that scarf I got you but you never wore, text messages, the Haven. Rosalee: talking to you rather than Mary. Aaron: Dingers, center field. Will H.: “Smoke,” never understanding what you say, Petey stories. John Michael: JMo, Trot Team, G-hacks. Blake H.: Sea foam. Clifton: all my box cutting skills. Jackson P.:  the weight room, me being a better pitcher than you, shampoo, soap, water. Jack P.: Frat gear, blocking my balls. Andrew P.: no boat, shoes no entry. Cooper D.: My Snapchat videos, always beating you up. Preston K.: Ansley. Avery: that one time. Riley G.: always being at your house, intense staring. Tori: hitting lessons, the latest freshmen gossip, your dog, cousin love. Ann T.: ANN! Kevin: bigger biceps.

Huntley Cowart

Katie: beats I can fr@ to, sleeping in my bed together, executing people, needs to much love, *isn’t a girl*, New Year’s Eve. “Is that the girl we?” Talent show, Rose Hill Cemetery, two dozen donuts. “If you could go anywhere where would you go?” “The beach!” Number one on my graduation invites, we have a strict no hazing policy, my dad owns your dad, the buff, me wanting to be your friend, my love eternally. Canner: Conner, you’re always Conner, my Snapchats, band geeks, lost in the brass, frickle-frackling, Buddy, Jasper’s bed, snuggling, Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings, your remixes, the roof, *fedora tip*, marching playing tweaking, big hero 6, blolololo, bay max, study hall, the mics at talent show, Brenda & Mae, Bae, NO HIMS THE CowartCUTEST. Was Mrs. Dixon even in the play? Running around in prom dresses, another season, suck it up. Were you double tonguing? Triple! White Chocolate Mocha. Asa: dimples, my actual boyfriend, dates without Dylan, freaking out, bonfires, pathological liar, band geeks, the Tahoe, frickle-frackling. What level am I on? Interstellar, being a bro, practice driving, pizza, gotta get it together, *fedora tip*, anytime I try to cheer you up, our time together in the woods, the first person I’d call. Ally: living at my house, how destructive you are, bonfires, snuggling, my voice that makes you cry, band geeks, frickle-frackling, New Year’s Eve, beats you can fr@ to, One Direction Concert!, worst driver. Miller: journalism, jukes, durden, star shaped scars, a young go hard, j-bear. Missy: root beers and grilled cheese, Bowen, Birdie, Millie, Anything Goes, Pajama Game. Katherine, Connor, Ginny Lane, Karlyn, Joseph & Morgan M.: the Coke. Custis: the red pen, the best prom date ever, models together. Mary Cason: only take good pictures when…. Bonnie and Murray: Mrs. Walcott. Griffin: husband and wife, constantly not understanding our relationship, life talks with William, making you uncomfortable, in the back of the truck, your hat, Jungle Book, Annie, my first boyfriend, two dozen donuts. Robert: Yeeeeee. Walker: Elliott, riptide, your guitar playing, my love, HUGS, you smell good. Colyar: your dimples, Yearbook, proof-reading my writing, Niall Horan, bus rides to Wilco. Junior Cheerleaders: Enjoy it while you can! There aren’t as many Friday nights football games as you think, love every minute of next year! Heather: Ke$ha. Dylan O.: Kanye, study hall, your one Spotify playlist, the fusion, gaming, bonfires, one-upper, frickle-frackling, interstellar, being a bro, falling asleep, taki, Moe’s, SONIC, band geeks, practice driving, too many cooks, Pizza, yeeeeee, Calloway gardens, those first five days, my favorite elephant, anime is lame, my wreath of candy, trying to explain nerdy things to me, nosing, Diet Coke, bring a pescetarian (I hate you), Bonefish dates, Thursday’s at 7:30, 30 minutes, you’re annoying. What’s really weird? That we date. 10/10, PANDA, my inability to run, pop went back to genesis.

Drew Daws

Austin: your grandparent’s basement, Becca, Mexico. Spencer: church, Katherine Bolles, SIB. Alex C.: the grind. Jay: Sadie Hawkins’ bus, the front lawn, your gas station. Nathan: Leah, Caroline. Andrew: Lucy L., your 6th grade threats. Hannah: Sims, Laila and Robert, Kristy. Nisha: my little brown sister. Mary Kate: soiled pants, AP Spanish, bloody knees in the parking lot. Laurel/Ella: Twila Fayes parking lot. Ella: End of the World, Richard and Theresa, holy palmer’s kiss, DQ. Laurel: Yueyue, Justin, Siena, Jaime Lee Curtis (a.k.a. your mom), the Adirondacks. Cooper: my mom, taking up your license DT. Chandler: two showers. Meme: all my love, yee feller, Pike House, Spongebob, Sadie Hawkins, weesnaw, Facetiming, fighting all the time, Bon Hommes, J.P., Susan, John, my girlfriend Georgia, dating or nah. Missy: your sink. Swim Team: Coach Drew DawsSuzanne. Miller: GATA. Bonnie: Cleo, not being invited anywhere together, the lake. Lawson: spitters, the Saturn, BK. GL: Laneski, Club Sheridan, “debit or credit,” Grayson, Randy, Betty, Mark and Pitty Pat. Emily: bro, dance partner, Timily. Evans: Chandler, study hall, Camski. Evans/Emily: “Don’t break the barrier.” Jack K.: your mom, the play. Petie: your brushguard. Trey: Tattnall. Sam: your anonymous girl. Brighten: two moms from DT. Ansley: nothing but love and AP Spanish for you. Macaden: Forrest, 24 for $12. Sydney: SYD, Reese’s Puff. Katherine: Sebastian and Ruby, Mr. Free, Vine, horses. Connor: that $10 you owe me. Ashlee: Dr. Francis. Lucy: we’re gonna date someday, all our classes together <3. Cody: dumping water on me. Copelan: pepper spray, wanting to drive me, Tina, uhhh. Morgan M.: dating freshman year, Chuck E’ Cheese, triangle haircut, your mom, Margaret the duck. Val: morning ride before school, Georgia Power property with SLS. Karen J.: all your 8th grade friends, the rave. Tommy M.: Addie. Mr. Stecher: Krystal/eagle mascot. Fleming Homeroom: Stone and Ember. Christina: I found us a ride. Zoya: Buffalo Wild Wings, Macon Haters Club, Sunday night, NYC. Tolu: Zahra, “who is at the gate,” Agnes. Jake E.: prom date. Kevin: FPD game. Dori: swimming is not an extracurricular. Joseph: your videography skills. Heather: your cracked head. Mary Cason: the garage. Jackson B.: Mercer lol. Sean: only one to laugh at my “jokes” in English. Everyone Else: Sorry if I left you out. If I did, don’t fight me bruh.

Jonathan Dean

Jack H.: our FIFA games, my house, all of my cats, my Xbox, stupid fights that lead nowhere. Lukas: soccer, FIFA, our car rides to Atlanta, staying at each other’s houses, soccer trips, Tod. Cooper H.: the waffle from spring break, basketball in middle school, Team Wildside, your protein bottle. Brighten: Workout buddy, Team Wildside, our FIFA matches, the ab wheel, the Stratford weight room, riding looking for fights. Jacob C.: Team DeanWildside, late nights at your house, 2k, Chicago Bulls. Chandler: Team Wildside, ab wheel, S&S. Conner C.: Team Wildside, the gym, wrestling. Sam: soccer, sophomore year locker room, the girls phone, Jordan, spring break. Sean G.: soccer, track, us talking in strange voices. Morgan M.: our dances from 9th grade, prom, haunted houses. Virginia Ann: spring break, your birthday party freshman year, snowdays, the tiger, space camp, the farm. Ginny Lane: the farm, snipe hunting with Lane, your house, my shoe. Amelia: Darg, Milledgeville, third wheel. Thomas T.: now the best FIFA player in the school, our FIFA matches, Krystal, Megamind, the soccer team. Tift: the Valentine’s Day card, lemur, sniffs, my scarf, 3rd period, 7th period math. Ann T.: Lukas. Robert S.: soccer, the pennies and cones, the name Stoner. Jake E.: cones, the balls, cleaning my cleats, the water, the midfield next year. Luke: The defense, the midfield, #24. Kevin: always smiling, cleaning my cleats, working out, wrestling, and making fun of people. Andrew P.: Being the frat star, Jack’s shoes, car rides, making fun of Lukas, the entire upper school. All of my teachers: thank you for everything. For those that I did not name: it was because I was tired of typing this, I didn’t forget about y’all. Thank you for the memories.

Brighten Donner

Custis: Snapchats of Shug, the house, the weight room, my soccer locker, the harassment of mom,no one sleeps in my bed while I’m gone. Cooper: the core four, muscles, team Wildside, Sonny Carter, FPD, Stratford, my first deer, Southern, my partying buddy for life, 9-12th grade, many summers, Mexico Beach, many girlfriends, many bad grades, ding dong ditching. Lots of good times. Macaden: the core four, forest, seaside vacation disaster, many crazy nights, summer jobs, your beautiful legs, my muscles, the meeting of Leslie, your dad’s sawed-off finger, many more great times to come. Sam: the core four, the mountains, camp, hot girls, cross country, soccer, many strange nights, North Carolina, kill baby kill, Sit still like a tree, BK, Waffle House. Chandler: the weight room, my muscles, team Wildside, your first time for everything, my car, chocolate milk, banana nut Kashi bar, xc, Donner01journalism, fighting, Lucy, Athens. Jonathan: our boy Evan, muscles, team wild side, weight room, my soccer skills, walk from Missy’s, many good talks, hazing, anger, fights, yellow cards, protein, my swagger, my athletic ability, my good looks, the dent in my car, a good friend. Lukas: my soccer skills, my brain, my keys, the tree I kicked, the weight room, talking to Cooper’s mom, the many times you told me I should not have gone out the night before, fifa, 8-ball pool, my swagger. Jacob: My ab wheel, my biceps (you need them), my flow game, my bed, team Wildside forever. Corb: Team Wildside, Gainz, under your car seat. Mary Cason: my birthday, Stratford, Sonny Carter, spring break, no shirts, sunburnt, parties, Georgia College, my first kiss, many great conversation, many more years to come. Mary: My first time at the Haven, Halloween, summers at the pool, crushes, my bro, spring break, desperation, hugs, walks to intern, many laughs. Lindsey: XC, soccer, a very long time, car rides with the windows down, the river, FOJ, scarf, the bachelor, shug, pippi, bad communication skills, “What?”, the big chair, Christina, sleep in movie nights, great memories. Christina: wingman, sleep in movie nights, many parties, Josh Wilson, Kesha, Missy’s front porch. Sean: centerback bros, gangster handshakes. Lawson and Drew: Burger King. Jack H.: FIFA, Southern, soccer, indoor, great times, driving. Karlyn: The pinkie promise, river, photography, soccer, your crazy health kicks, arm painting, weird talks, your beautiful blue eyes, sleepovers. Katherine: Spring Break, Syd’s house, the lake, fighting, Physiology, ice cream runs, deer, snow days, the help desk, Charlie, SSI, to many great times to say. Kaley: Prom, the summer, dinners. Sydney: Old music, rock and roll, your house, spring break, important talks, rapping, sadies, the roses, the dinners, tennis, the papers, the Help Desk, Physiology.  Ansley: Spring Break, the punch in the face, snuggling, dinners, dancing, laughing, important talks, great times, my swagger, my muscles, the lake.

Ansley Edwards

Katherine: Kroger cake, lifetime supply of nose spray, Jim and John, a pinecone picker-upper, Dora mask, a bowling alley, Frozen, the Greenbrier, stair clothes, Molly’s, Luke Bryan, racing school, “light” waffles, a text message responder, nightgowns, impaired vision, sliding rock, caramel apple pops, polkarama – you’ll always be the Serena to my Blair, the cali club to my Fountain of Juice, and the rose to my Bachelor. Sydney: the cruise, Buffalo’s, knives, Belize, spiders in our casita, Halloween costumes, “light” waffles, 1980, cheering, Park St., the dinosaur hatchery, Naomi. Kales: “robbery”, being on time, Sam Hunt, the Flying Biscuit, intern visits, cake pops,, spring break jogs, health food, coffee with your cream. Cooper: Edwards02The Bachelor, homework reminders, watercolor, high class ft. Snoop & Starr, being bae #1. Chandler: lies, gum that’s in my car, AP Gov. study sessions, Allie, a billion after your first year. Chan and Coop: France, 7th period, blowpops, Voss water, frat coolers. Mo: my fam, Belize, holding hands and tinkling in the rain forest, Girl Talk, friendship advice with Shelby. Brighten: snuggs, saving my life, that time I punched you in the face. Doodle: BET TV, lake trips, Sadie’s 2012, driving your car. Lindsey: Furman Camp, late night heart to hearts, fountain jumping, all things GG, Molly’s Café, being my soul sista. Maggie H.: AP Gov., long lunch dates, forever leaving a carrot on the lamp at Buffalo’s in your honor. Amelia: digging through the trash for your retainer, math class every year. Drew: huggy no muggy, jolly rancher pops, Afnan, AP Spanish. Missy: first Stratford friend, homeroom, Five Guy’s, berry punch smoothies, gas money to visit Sean & me. Bonnie: a “grot tim” and losing all your clothes at the “chicka crick.” Savannah: Lola. Connor: pencils, rolling my eyes, love letters, Grease. Alex K.: Do you want a yard sign?. Sarah: a tooth, Pawley’s, Nov. 26, being the same person, directions to my house. Cole: a planner with the right dates, talking with my hands, “tell me when you start,” We’re friends remember? I hope you stub your left pinky toe. Shelby: snow panther and Tarzan babies. Hamilton: “Smile and breathe.” Joshua: Mr. Bloodworth’s melting clock. Gracie: rides home to the Forest. Preston: WaHo chocolate chip waffles. Andrew P.: a bow tie and my love. Jack K.: Ke$ha party and my love. Volleyball Girls: Savannah Tournament, Sonic twerking, late night talks, Outback, beached whales, I adore every single one of you. Mrs. Chabot’s Homeroom: Y’all are the best. Girl Talk Girls: I heart you all. Gracen: forever my favorite sibling. I love you with all my heart. Allie: fishy kisses, Parent Trap handshake, my closet, Chinese, and not marrying for love. Jake: bow ties, whistling, hanging hugs, my closet mirrors, jeep rides, Mac charger. Jake and Al: Y’all are my absolute best friends and I can’t imagine life without y’all. I love you both mtanwfae – never ever forget it!

Laurel Ferrari

Drew: the 3 month period where we didn’t speak, the party where we made up, offensive jokes, role-playing mermaids in the pool, Yue. Noah: late night talks while getting crazy on a school night, an Oreo to give to Ella to replace her other one, getting scandy in Pre-K under the tables, the time we dated for 12 hours. Nisha: the inter-school function that never was, getting the same grades on everything, nail game that is on point, Infection. Mary Kate: Jesley, Kentucky, Rishi Gupta, Josh & Parker, a wink & a kiss blown in your direction. Mary Kathryn: me actually going to a soccer game, juice spilled over your head (& our friendship that followed), watercolor buddies. Tolu: High Quality, the pic of Ella & her bae in France, the movie night, getting chased with a frog. Marc: Siena (when life was good), secret hand signals in World Cultures, LARPing, welcome to the percussion section. Andrew M.: the trumpet section (lol good luck). Jacob: being a car unit, the best 4th of July ever.  Zoya: the makeup palette we never made, youtube fame (& theFerrari02 video of us dancing to Shakira), the time I lost your mouse, holding you over a fire (whipping you until you die again), Dora the emo kid. Cody: that good good (no that’s a baby iguana), I saw your nippity noppity bippity bop, a trash can for you to shove me into, your laughing face, sending links back & forth, me stalking your facebook, being really emo, (breathing heavily) “I’ll shoot,” an all black outfit, colored bath tablets, incense. Hannah: getting you into fanfics, my 1D phase (& the fact that you never got over yours), intently watching “the football games” (if u catch my drift), your Victorian woman hands, cuddles on the camping trips, Stardoll parties, Quotev, Video Production, a boyfriend, our middle school diaries, starting our blogs together. Ella: Bearstock, our Rohin phase, our ABCs, puff currency, 2 AM food runs, our pimp alter egos, 21 & Over, sleeping in your guest bed every weekend, good breakfast food, Reese’s Cups, our photoshoots, forcing beauty treatments on you, those boys that saw us in your backyard, good vibes Kroger, Wayne & Garth, instantly regretting our outfit decisions (lol), going to Starbucks just to rant, Krispy Kreme, semi automatic, seeing other versions of us in public, our emo phase, very under-discussed topics, Charles, my Bae #1 folder, the flu for happiness, zooming in like in the Office, Mitch, belfies, um, and a billion years of best friendship. Justin: Violet (except JK I’m never giving her up), all the movies we WILL watch together, your swag dance moves, koala-ing, your refusal to let me call you Thad, some hoodie strings for you to pull on, a huge cologne collection, the Adventure Time ending credits song, my journal so you can finally see what’s in it, Haunted Montrose (& afterwards), scary movies (and how you’re always more scared than me), the Henry Burns park, an Iphone, Do You Realize?, the Twiggs County Game, our car playlist, and October 25th.

Macaden Fulk

Brighten: the single cab, Seaside summer 2014, all those deer hunts, nights on the range at work, toothpicks and toilet paper, that summer working for Chad, the bro trip, car paint, the gym, Barrington Hall, core 4, rap, Shug, Snapchat, golf days over the summer, Dairy Queen, chicken, Humanities midterm essays, Georgia/Auburn weekend, and Wesleyan. Chandler: Georgia/Auburn weekend. Cooper: All those deer hunts, pond in the mountains FaulkMacadenwith bros, cheap food, Wendy’s frosties, core 4. Katherine: Tutti Frutti, Greek Corner, Prom 2014, the lake house, the phone calls, Spongebob, rides to the store, your muddy phone, that broken glass. Ansley: Sadie Hawkins 2013, “Doodle,” the summer lake trip. Sydney: the summer lake trip, your house, Spongebob, new pair of jeans. Mary Cason: our gym nest birthday party, the garage, no responses back. Alex K.: the cabin, the burnt letterman jacket, nights at your house. Cole G.: those Coke bottles, the laughs, photography and “the math game.” Kaley: a notebook with paper, Snapchat, the summer lake trip. Virginia Ann: new pencils, our weird faces, math class, pulling your hair. Lawson: all those Friday nights, that pole, the hit mailboxes, Drew’s 70’s music. Drew: all those Friday nights, your 70’s music. Sam: the nights with Drew and Lawson, core 4. Mary: fun nights in the Haven, bruises on my arms from your punches. Will G.: my broken windshield. Conner: “at least I don’t…”, math class, the cabin. Joseph: All the laughter we’ve had, golf team, the summer lake trip, words said on the golf course. Alexis: Sadie Hawkins 2015, math class, staring contests. Taylor B.: Leslie (if you want her), the mountain trip, toothpicks and toilet paper, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Carol, the name calling, me and Leslie’s driver, and the outdoor fridge. Coach Pierce: all those talks on the golf course, the laughs, and me always getting made fun of. Alex C.: golf, the visit in Chattanooga, the brickyard that summer. Jack Evans: The Golf Team, making Coach Pierce laugh, that red solo cup. Jay: The party bus. To all the people that call me Forest and tell me to run: I hate you.

Missy Fuller

Mill/Chummy: Rivoli at sunset, we’re on fire sir, walks, One Direction, pretty brown eyes, car dances, Atlanta trips and corner bakery mac, ugly dinners, Taylor Swift, gac, feathers, christmas, mother/daughter height difference, mmfshehehe, the same clothes and the same car, riding everywhere together, the best friend I could imagine, the next four years of Facetiming everyday, and so much more. Meme/Martha Macklemore/Ma’am/Cotton: trails of tears, a hat to come on in, summer drives, your speaker, they all got boyfriends anyway, a new Seadoo, ducks, obtuse angle, that lizard picture, mirror pics of outfit options, Thomas Marsh, ugly Snapchats, 4th grade bully, boxers, so many stories, pictures and so much advice. Sean: an aquarium trip, the Snapchat with the flower the whole grade saw, corny jokes and pick up lines, spoons to block out haters, embarrassing screenshots, shaved legs, cold downy, Disney movies on friday afternoons, Bo Burnham, lady, flow (but not as much as Matty or Harry), Kee-sha, frogs to lick, dead fish Fullerhugs, sticking by me when I’m frustrating, the best senior year I could have asked for. Maggie: the best bowlers, museum trips, Cole’s driveway, venting, cartwheels down the hallway, long lunch, the fair, bonding over English video stress, gummies before fifth, forever waiting on the boys, hugs after football games. Heather/hedgehog/sketch: endless adventures, crazy outfits, dinosaurs, basement talks, Music Midtown, Bera the cat, pillow blankets. Cole: a new mailbox, probably another new mailbox, giant steaks, boots and shorts, all lowercase texts, nicknames, hallway hugs. Murr: the best football season ever, gasping at cute boys, eagles in the middle, swag, taking care of Miller for the next four years. Vallory: little man, being salty at Music Midtown, aw big booty. Sam/my mom’s favorite child/the best dance partner: an unlocked basement door, barging into my room whenever you feel like it, summer 2013, a house in Virginia with a giant dog. Hunt/Aaron Burr: winter musicals and silly names, the lounge, mini cheer camp, bad pictures, summers at the pool. Lexi: corndogs, Ke$ha, bruises from stunting. Jack: 12,687. Griffin: Dr. Philicia, that Facebook page about your hair, hugs, homeroom sass. Ham: three years of awkward dating, coffee, surprising me with candy or chocolate when I need it most. Tolu: Hilary Duff, calculus jokes. Coy/Noylar Mchoran: the name Coy, getting stuck under your bed, educational books, the most infectious laugh of anyone I know, the greatest little sister I never had. Felton: handshakes, Calculus BC, 4th grade besties. Ann: all my pep to use during football, pole girls, Idle Hour swim team, the best camp roomie ever. Riley: awkward dinners, hating cold weather, filling me in on all the latest drama, making fun of Sean, watching gravity and terrible comedies, my adopted sister. Ashlee: surviving math, cartilage piercings, the top spot on Felton’s chart. Jack and Tucker: breakfast dates we never actually had. Maggie Greer: calling me Michaela, big feet, Mr. Fred.

Cole Garrett

Maggie: three years of high school together, the inside jokes, dude man, all 10 of the bears, I’m broke, trust fall, your socks, the Michael Kors shoes, no one likes Little Man. Sean: skyping, the Snapchats, Cooper’s back yard, pre game naps, I know we have a truce but the ear, MP, the Denali, castle crashers, tresemme, road trips, wide awake. Sam: WP, Cooper’s back yard, Katie, my drumming is better, penny board, the Snapchats, tennis partners, why do you have Wanna’s hat, talking crap all the time, frisbee, fix your headlight, super smash bros. Alex: Blue and his shop, bro downs at the house, cabin, darts, scared of getting sued, these are my people, country music, Cooper and Sarah, the aerobed, okayyy, my GMC, all of the voice mails. Connor: partners in corn hole for life and the sport, betting your car, the situations of them, the gator, ripping my pants on your door, Kevin Gates,Garret being the only one to ever punch you back. Austin: Blue resting his drink, tennis games, thanks for the invite, Sonny Carter, the woods at New Year’s. Macaden: it will eventually happen, photography, the Katherine joke, the Hummer. Lawson: work in the summer, Masseyville, the standard, lakehouse, no one likes Tex, Caca, penny board, the road trips. Jacob: South Carolina, I workout, the total minor kingdom, tresemme for the win. Chandler: smash bros, fancy, the dance, doubles partners, TC, the bullpen, talking crap is our specialty. Sarin and Sachin: 121, he’s veining, brown bros, volleyball, badminton, Louis, TC/CP, I thought we was family. Traynham: happy birthday dear Felton, eh eh come here, gears of war, Eleanor, trash man. Nathan: the hugs at break, tresemme, Dorita. Kenji: stop veining, small calves, the girl that stares, don’t get angry. Jack E.: your Tahoe is my favorite thing ever, getting tired of Koplin not letting us do anything, darts, no room at lunch, okayyy. Hamilton: the Carhartt hoodie, the squirrel was crazy and outsmarted three of us. Joshua: also the fact that the squirrel was crazy and outsmarted all of us. Missy: I have to like you, Lady is the best, awkward hugs. Joseph: super slime soccer, vines, Frank, Andersonville. Cooper H.: the design in your back yard. Cooper D.: the lost koozie, Koplin’s house, crazy rap song, Sarah. Ames: stop turning into him, LP/mini me, wait on your teammates, you finally did it. Aaron: the picture, pre game naps, the song. Larson: rides home from everything, post game dinner and Coke slushie, your mom likes me more than you, you owe me, mentee, don’t let it happen to you, 30 pairs of shoes and thanks for mine. Jack K.: show some respect, the texting, she likes me more. Tucker: penny board, your apartment, make Jack show some respect, you will always and forever be a guard, your lazy. Mikey: you will lose one day in both. Trey: mentee, I’m not leaving, I’m not going. Jon: the country music, your truck, the bullpen.

Sean Grossnickle

Lawson: mud boggin, a can, Kaka, Toyota Squad, backlot parking, a bag of off-brand Frosted Flakes, track, warming up before every game possible, packed car trips. Cooper: Bubba Watson’s, the podium, grass paintings in your yard. Jacob: South Carolina trips, stuffed animals, a 120 pack of crayons, home room, a car wash, stickers for your back, the Minecraft account, GTAV, Halo bases. Conner: Mrs. Jackson, some Mcie D’s, COD, the Black Betty, 4×100, bus rides to football games, chomo, creme fraiche, the shake weight, bro tanks, a mattress, spring break cuddles. Cole:  penny board, a win against me in tennis, Toyota Squad, lead blocks, trip to Athens, quad protection pack, MP, Snapchats from the bathroom, the belly button game, “so wazup.” Sam: California, shotgun, Matt, a dead tree, Jeneane’s, shreddin Saturdays, soccer trips, lots and lots of cereal, longboarding, Burger King,   Grossnickle 2Snapchats from the bathroom, SISL orange team. Riley: half of my room, fixed dent, an unlocked door, study room conversations, family bonding, track and stuff. AnaGrace: my Xbox and Call of Duty Zombies, a new watch, ride to volleyball, my secrets, my purple socks. Brighten: Highlander crew, center back bros, Cheerios, a key to the weight room, the random handshake. Felton: a heavy duty headband, Feltawwwn, go cart driving. Austin: your mom jokes, footsie in Government, COD zombies, Teriyaki House, tubing with Tally, some sick Roshes, football workouts. Missy: bath bombs, Lady’s attention, a clean basement, Jeffery’s real name, date to the aquarium, BOTB, mirror pics, a giant stuffed giraffe, perfect score on your quiz, Disney movie Fridays, “Netflix,” a phone call, popcorn, plane ride, Juanita. Chandler: a helmet, clash, SAB dinners and videos, shooting team, nearby seat in every class. Kenji: Clash of Clans, a game of ping pong, hedge removal service, a trip to the club, another birthday party, gifts from other countries, el gross, a ride in your car, rice crackers, those square candies. Christina and Mr. Loomis: 69-63. Aaron: safety swag, robotics, Trayvon Boykin. Sachin: a straight hand wave. Justin: a new locker buddy, shopping trips on Valentine’s Day. Miller: full can, a triple date, gift buying advice, promposal, a long ride in my truck though lots of mud. Maggie: an invite to the next cooking social, Hoemilton, bowling win, 6-pack abs with Lance. Ramsie: my secret crush.  Ansley: black button down with a tie, a meet up in North Carolina. Morgan: SH 2k14, SAB, neighbors, basement arts and crafts, kayaking. Joseph and Jacob: the cassita, the legendary challenge. Conner H.: “HEY CONNER!,” study hall, mom’s cookie cake. Thomas T.: chest bump hand shake, kicking, a taped ankle, some effort for practice. Connor: Miami-Duke rivalry, a couch and a blanket, great rumors, homeroom. Jonathan: “Jawny,” Evan W., the rainbow corner. Lukas: haunted nights in Lexi’s room, laser tag. Nathan: shooting team, booty slap high fives, camp cuddling, Puddin.

Ella Hall

Laurel/Lay: my sunroom, 1,000,000 more mornings at Waffle House, my guest bed, your toiletries kit, mix CDs, a driver, an amazing gift giver, a couple new aesthetics, Krispy Kreme, Henry Burns, *, Jumbo’s, forking, a failed YouTube channel, random road trips around Macon, Mario Kart, LaurElla Inc., a college friend who understands how hard it is to be on time to places, another pair of matching shoes, an actual decision on where to go to dinner, Justin (so people don’t think we’re dating), the best friend I could literally EVER ask for. Hannah: the best driver in Bibb County, a boyfriend, French 4 packets, French tutorial, Chick-fil-A, Fifty Shades, Skype (mostly about French), date nights, “I’m so annoyed right now,” Harrison DeHart, the mom of the friend group, hour long phone calls, hoity toity, LIKE A DOUBLE VISION, that one Bastille song. Zoya: an amazing basement for you toHall hang out in college, a new bridge, sleepovers at your house, the Pepto Bismol fairy,even more candid pictures, a stand-up show I can go to, a friend who can make you laugh as much as you make me laugh, sophomore year spring break. Drew: Dairy Queen trips, Krispy Kreme, RICHAUD, long island moms, end of the world, Moe’s, LOKO, a trig class where we actually pay attention, TFF, more Robert Bowers’ tutor sessions and group messages, Brian Peppers, Skype movies, my Netflix password, an enigma, MIM. Tolu: amazing French skills because you didn’t give up (lol at Hannah and I), France, ERIC EVANS, the deck in France, where my hug, Amaury, your boyfriend (Nate). Noah: a new lane buddy, Coach Robert, Sadies, Prom, that Oreo you made me drop in 8th grade, a couple of cuts while shaving your legs that I DIDN’T DO, a Speedo, matching tattoos, the best rap CD’s around, a new set of amazing dance moves. Mary Kathryn: an eye, spring break, a million more portraits, a computer with photoshop, “I have soccer practice,” a sandwich container, the drive back from Rigby’s. Mary Kate: summer nights on your deck, respect for your ability to be so blunt, your low-key sophisticated lunches, and a scratch on your car. Jacob B.: the time we all became cars. Cody: great music taste, the actual biggest flirt, amazing subs, a Jessie phase, another $20 hole in the wall. Emilie: the deck in France, someone to understand thin hair probs. Nisha: a driver’s license, a car, subway lunches every day, a mysterious life in Warner Robins. AP Art: another four years of Fred. Jessica: a new section leader, 300 more random texts. Mary Carolyn: another eight years of playing baritone together, a co-section leader, the old time rock and roll solo, even more low brass bonding time, and three more 7th grade boys to deal with. Low Brass Section: bonding time because we all love each other even though we don’t act like it. Swim Team: a pool heater, motivational quotes, a student section. Ginny Lane: Robert Bowers. The Band: the love of waking up for a 7:50 class that literally everyone forgets that we do every morning, 106 degree August sun, the best Friday nights of my life, love for Mama V. and Mama H.

Maggie Hamilton

Cole: three years of high school, Dude Man, the Whoopie Cushion, “Hey Craig, Oh that ain’t Craig, Play it Cool,” all the hours waiting for you to come out of the football locker room, piggy back rides, always losing in Mario Kart, and many memories I will never forget. Lindsey: Blair Waldorf, the two-mile walk spring break freshman year, our adventures in abandon places, Twerk Team, making it from Atlanta to Chattanooga in less than an hour, the car ride home from junior year spring break. Murray: going to Krispy Kreme at midnight, the Georgia v. Auburn game, the noises, sophomore springHamilton break, Bragg Jam 2013 and 2014, that one time when the stairs were too much, Just Dance. Karlyn: running a mile in the rain at cheer camp to dinner, the nights you thought you were a model, Dirty Guvs, junior girls dance, all the cheer routines we’ve made up, lake days. Murray, Lindsey, and Karlyn: star gazing, river trips, the car rides when we actually try to sing and sound good, jumping off waterfalls, sleeping on tarps because we can’t pitch up a tent. Missy, Sean, and Cole: Missy and I being squashed after football games, Supper Club, Gold Cup Bowling. Mary Wilson: twin. Alexis: the bump, running at Luke Bryan, Firehouse. Katherine: kickboxing. Riley G.: the track trash can. Lindsey, Murray, Alexis, and Morgan M.: driving down the interstate in the snow. Cheerleaders: lots of food, long bus rides, ponytails, The banana, energy drinks, the cheer sleepover, blading, every minute of the craziness that we shared. Ally Parker and Colyar: “Two in One,” free throw commentary. Tift (Tiffie), Maggie Greer, Coleman, Alli E., Gracen: Freshman Biology. Missy: The Spy Game.  Morgan M.: my birthday card. Miller, Missy, Virginia Ann: taking walks down Ingleside because we can’t sleep.

Cole Ham-West

Ham-West Cole

Science Department: an unlimited supply of science. There is never too much science. Never. English Department: Homestuck. Have fun! History Department: the ancient temple on the moon. Math Department: a paradox. Foreign Language Department: an alien with an unknown language. It is from the moon temple. That is on the moon. Everyone else: blow horns and the command for chaos to ensue. That is all.

Jack Harper
Cooper H.: oooewwwww, basketball in study hall, getting weird, hooper hartley, cds for me, having to say ‘that’s just coop’, giving you and ____ a ride, pond behind Jacobs, golite days, wheel alignment, unadilla, 2K14, lucky basketball socks, do what he do, thinking what would coop say, Ed, Jays nap at school, yes sir, not throwing your helmet around Bobby, Waylon, chillin with bandit, watching you toughen up Carson, Fairmont, not making the HarperJackbaseball team, Dairy Queen bathroom, my hat, mo mundy, wenday wendy, dawgs, a cleanse. Jonathan: leaving your door unlocked, annoying you, beating you and regretting it, throwing controllers, your bed, gas station walks, being the only one to not take your clothes, mailboxes, the disco room at Wanna’s, he love me long time, 6th grade noises, rooming at Washington, baby sagwa & kitten, Binks, prime rose, Whebe, simba, trout, helping house sit, trying to find you, New Year’s every year, learning from the best, testing your limits, your mood swings, got you to try out for basketball and you made it over me, being it in dodgeball at recess everyday, your peewee football rodeos, time to start the bath water, Jill/Dr. Dean and everything they’ve done for me. Lukas: wasting Dr. Pepper behind Jacob’s, one day I’ll have the guts, my bed and fan, never spending the night at your house, my FIFA style, ganging up on me, hating me, the carpet at Wanna’s, judging you in 5th grade, the hawk, hm, some chicken wings, ranch pizza, some secrets, Holocaust, “I didn’t study”…makes A. Morgan M.: little Eli and Isaac, who did that, being a cripple every year, some of your snack in middle school, the same homeroom 6 years in a row, that awkward pic with Hutch, touching your butt. Connor:  Pinewood, you’re gonna wear your hair like that?, the raptor failing to get me out, hanging on the weekend bah, adios then to a lawsuit, dun da da dun dun big ___, I think he’s ___ or something, the sandlot dog, Six Flags with Andy, snarf snarf. Chander: some muscle, that huge house, the dirt bike outing we never went on, teeball. Sam: my one friend whose nerdier than me, wow, oldschool, exp gainz, Halo 3, squanto, Jackson’s, vbs. Brighten: skill moves, bread, lifetime supply of beano. Lawson M.: law law paw paw, Sundays at Christ Church, 2k, NCAA, Madden, scam destroying falcons, almost fighting, your button down, some shuckers, buy 3 4th is free, hello dere, spring fling, junior retreat. Tommy M.: an ultimate team. Sean: Shawnn, car rides to final 4, swimming across your pond, summer kick off parties, ice cream gutters, give it to me, timmay, small eyes from South Park. Jack E.: my height, juugsquad. Thomas T.: coops n weinberg. QT: 2k, gang, ok, UGA tickets, rides home. Cole G.: tier 1 tennis, Stacie’s in Athens, balance. Jacob C.: some good times at your house, the warming drawer, breakfast with the mikey. Mary: dove hunts, sitting outside like a man, back scratches even though I’ll get them next year. Andrew: air maxes, zappos, dawgs hoodie, grabbing you in the halls, a rematch in ping pong. Sahan: a fight.

Cooper Hartley

Jack H.: Moe’s Monday, Wendy’s Wednesday, light bar, nutri grain bar, 52, Migos, 2k, plies sps, club rock, Di Giorgio’s card, 10 to 0, stroud, stuck, getting you girls, Nan, do what he do, hearing aid for Hal, working out once, cheated on that bet at Young Life when number was drawn, ribs, hit dem folks, Sedgy, pbj’s. Brighten: FPD, Team Wildside, Shug, food at your house, Music Midtown, mountain house, blob, grizzlies, rolling my finger in window, SAVAGE, wreck with old lady, Kohl’s puddle, car paint, Sedgy, Pearl, broken jet ski, first buck, big bass that got away. Chandler: basketball 6th men of the year, duck squad, Team Wildside, spitting fire, grandparents store, mile 6, Nanny’s cooking, freshmen, the play, Kristin, Call of Duty Jeep, Key and Peele. Lukas: hey buddy, Pablo Sanchez Hernandez, strawberry patch, Jacob’s house, seeing you twice a day at school, protein bar. Macaden: hiking, the ole 2 door, Macdaddy, the bag. Sam: road trips in the Highlander, hut, Bubba Watson’s, Music Midtown, girl with one arm. Conner: TeamHartley Wildside, warriors, protein, huntin. Connor: France. Jacob: a whip, Team Wildside, teddy bear. Sean: Bubba Watson’s, canoe. Alex K.: the hut, Mary Benfield, 2k11, stuff on eyebrow. Jonathan: 8th grade waffle, your couch, the basement, Team Wildside, beach fight with Seth Carter. Lawson: Sonny Carter, 2k, code names, ca ca house/ toilet, throwing stuff in her yard. Spencer: Sensy Spence, locked out of your house. Drew: your mom, your weight room, Palmer’s shirt. Quintez: commit to the G, oreo, lost in Athens, Doug’s thumb, the Camry, New Year’s, on the boat, Wendy’s girl, plies, bball. O’Showen: on the boat, Kroger trip, my dog, swish, hitting her car with the door. Aaron: uncle protein, nephew Louie. Jack E. and John Michael: duck squad, running through stop sign, woody nation, getting lost until three, grandparent’s house/food, juggin, skote, pepperonis. Murray: your neighborhood, Russ, Savage, rita, Southern. Jack P.: squirtle, beans, your creator, bk, steaming, basketball camp. Tommy: the treehouse, your hat I lost. McKenna: one El Sombrero date, freshmen, talking to my parents for three hours. Thomas: Trashman, megamind. Mary Cason: garage, Will Gibson’s, tutor, Brantley Gilbert, 10 days, cat place. Bonnie: stairwell, lakehouse, jet ski, prom. Mary: the Haven, back massages, hail Southern. Virginia Ann: 8th grade, the notes, lost on the four-wheeler, tramp stamp, Westfield party, blonde. Alexis: carrying you in Athens, pretend boyfriend, close enough neighbors. Ansley: half built house by Katherine’s house, Starr, bachelor, Sadie Hawkins bus. Karlyn: railroad tracks/river. Christina: someone to be mean to. Morgan M.: Morgy, 8th grade best friend, 1234 you’re awesome. Tift: my freshmen/sophomore year. Ginny Lane: Club Sheridan, the farm. Maggie G.: magnificent Maggie. Ann: that bus ride, algebra, handshake. Jack K.: buying you stuff, the play. Kevin: “Why can’t you just be happy for me?” Addison Barth: Stratford student there never was.

Heather Hayden

Lawson H.: Macon, Conner and Sam’s style, my hats, Andrew’s basement, Mom and Dad’s money. Riley G.: Taco Bell, hot tub, eyes-nose-it, our insta pose, fave sophomore. Aysha: take care of Lawson, our bae, apples to apples, fave sophomore. Volleyball Squad: Vine at Sonic, Jeff, hotels, bus, Coach Heather and Kate, sleepovers, Sarah “sleeping with her mom,” dinner at Dairy Queen, Outback, imaginary ball practice, ladders, Savannah trip, FAMILY. Cope: ugliness, white teeth, Jordan from the University of Georgia, the cellphone, Sarah’s Bros, more ugliness. Fussell: environmental, eating in your car, volleyball practice, pantsing. Bella: cheek, haven, your house before practice, hotel room. Custis: environmental, eating roaches. Corb: my bff, box, third wheel, insta comments, slapping, halving fat cakes. Huntley: Ke$ha, Washington, middle school notecards. Hayden HeatherBrighten: sb2k14, love/hate relationship, Milly(GCSU). Ansley: Preston. Macaden: English, Milly(GCSU). Lawson M.: Sonny Carter, driving Savannah’s car, humanities and math, Squanto. Savannah: your barn, the bucket, last summer, driving over 100 m.p.h. Jack: America’s fave and Mo, dora, lunch, Jonathan’s, Squanto. Cooper: Sonny Carter, first boyfriend, boro trip, snoop coop. Jay: Steak-N-Shake. Ginny Lane: lake trip, Club Sheridan, Milly trip, SB2K15. Coach Reynolds: green raincoat. Lukas: English, World History, lunch, in the ear. Jonathan: 7th grade English, cockroach, Jackson, your house. SAM: Ella Bickley, Freshman Sadie Hawkins, jumping my fence, railroad couch, Haven, convos in my car, our bet, dancing, Music Midtown, Bonnaroo, public speaking, most original, Missy’s basement, Andrew’s basement, Missy’s woods, Squanto. Sarah: Emily J., lake trip, the day I cried, English, lunch, girls night, public speaking, Jonathan’s back porch, SB2K14 and SB2K15, Milly(GCSU), Mr. Ethridge, lunch talks, box, garage, listening to music, I LOVE YOU. Bonnie: the lake, girls night, Brandon Fountain and Jordan, Jonathan’s back porch, lunch talks, Statesboro trip, helping you pass English, $20, #3, I LOVE YOU. Mary Cason: Sonny Carter, Hagans, elko, SB2K14, garage, Haven, jam sesh in my car to Ellie Goulding, NYE, lake trip, Milly hotel, Jaxx’s basement, cockroach, 5th of July, Ke$ha, Hunter Cranfords, summer, your car, video star, vine, your neighbor, parkers, St. Petersburg, lunch, Walgreens, sasquatch, Milly(GCSU), last nine years, bff I LOVE YOU. Mary: Washington, jif, chuckie, Heather slap, 8th grade English, Tia, Idle Hour, Maggie T.’s bushes, garage, Haven, bathtub, crabs, beach trips, old Facebook posts, fighting, SB2K14, Hagans, third wheel, volleyball, Milly hotel, Ellie Goulding, cooking, long phone calls, workout buddy, Statesboro trip, sushi dates, emojis, last seven years, bff I LOVE YOU. Class of 2015: sweet 13 birthday parties, Ke$ha, dressed up to get…, NYE, Club Sheridan, SB2K14, groupme, and here is to our class reunions.

Morgan Herman

Tarab: a lunchroom cookie, joining your Spanish class, offering to beat people up for you, a promise to drive safely if you’re ever in the car with me. Gracie C.: a “water” bottle. Dori: weo rocks aka the start of a beautiful friendship, laughing for three hours, eight glasses of milk, the conspiracy, glitter, getting gifty, a six foot tall Big Bird balloon, the chateau, Texas facts, a sass sticker, a piñata full of dirt, the Mormons, the Alamo, Poe, I saw it in the news!, a four tined fork, the blood world, organ recycling, David’s Pizza, ground beef pancake, a saddle pad, a Snickers, “Thanks, Captain MorganPlanet,” the subjunctive, Gaston. Caroline H.: Jimmy Fat Cloud, George Obadiah, Bellatrix, the gravel pit, Kimmie G., high fructose corn syrup, a comb, glitter, Bruce Jenner, being in cahoots, a copy of Sally, the chain from a fan, Chili’s, your lime green pants. Mary Carolyn: Adopt-a-Daul, two varieties of fresh greens, horse shows, “My dad played basketball.” “No, he didn’t.”, Cards Against Humanity, choo choo special friend, Jeffrey stories, you can choose to be a moose, “Smell my lunchbox,” throwing Texas across the room. Zohar: the lantern at Ginger, a great Sadie Hawkins, intense spy techniques, the Snorthweast passage. Clayton: weather, a spoon, a hand covered in Nutella. Cole Ham-West: clean hands. Noah C.: saving me from the bees in kindergarten. Griffin H.: the best recycling interns ever. Zoya: Tuesdays With Morrie. Morgan M.: a salty cookie. Mrs. Ferrari: so much recycling. Mrs. Fleming: four years with the best homeroom ever. Ms. Eubanks: getting me into college. Mr. Stecher: throwing a stick at your window in 6th grade and you chasing me, your “Mentalist observer” abilities. Mrs. Boswell: SAT math, your honorary intern, is mayonnaise an instrument? Mrs. Gumbart: Texas facts, Poe-ing your office, a sticker book, all of my writing abilities.

Mary Kathryn Hightower

Julianna: jam out sessions, the front-seat, “Oh fried-chicken,” “good idea, poor execution,” Yellowstone, long car rides, fuzzy blankets, giant cookies, Macon soccer club, hair braiding, rabbit food, Netflix, American Girl Dolls, creepy closets, your fear, scary movies, Iron Man, Nana’s brownies, chocolate chips and peanut butter, your toothbrush. My sisters: absolutely nothing from my room, crazy car rides, six hours of traffic, Indian names, muffins I never get, the reward of scooping ice cream, all 178 soccer balls in the house, toothbrushes I borrowed, art projects, birdhouses, kayaking, the Sky Box, windburn, ninja, bike rides, stubbing your toe on dog toys, the seat in front of the fire, and fighting over the shower water and bathroom mirror. Nisha: Calculus, stupid questions, unknown reasons, “what class do we have next,” Mercer, a medical degree, the end seat at lunch, not hearing the conversation, and the “I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing” look. Hamilton: your underwear, football games, the pizza you never ate, movie nights, late night conversations, fighting like an old married couple, the stupidest people in Calculus, washing your dogs, pool parties with three people, Sadie HightowerHawkins two years in a row, and I LOVE YOU. Hannah: all the times when we were little, matching outfits, broken inner tubes, Disney World, “I can’t,” all the crazy adventures we’ve had, 7th period study hall. Hannah, Laurel, Ella, Nisha, Noah, and Mary Kate: the best lunch table, bowling, “did we have homework,” awkward middle school dances, braids, Sadie Hawkins dinners, “are you walking to your car,” secret Santa (y’all are the best), surprise parties, SB2K15, movie dates, prom, Friday the 13th, I LOVE YOU ALL. Noah: messy twister, Starbucks, 7th period study hall, scary movies I’ll never watch again, Chinese food you never made, houses forever far from everyone else, splatter paint, polar plunge. Shelby: soccer, ugly bruises, awesome tackles, the winning goal, No-Flop zone, five years varsity, kids shoes, the right to choose the music, wicked braids, dreadlocks, ice, black-out, Tostitos, soccer camp…, re-piercing your ear, Georgia games, Starbucks, yoga poses. Soccer Team: ice cream sundaes, the week of fitness, lacrosse balls, the best part of highschool, Team 21, unattractive insta pics, all the tape and pre-wrap, only water. Coach Kate: the best coach I’ve had, the time you scared us all to death, pre-game speeches, discovering muscles I never knew I had, 8th grade fitness test, team 21. Daniella: a friend to talk to, sharing food… oh wait, ice cream, canary yellow, soccer buddies, fruit. Carly: Lebanon, hiding in corners, can’t play tag, facial expressions, sweaters with stripes, journalism, Boston sweatshirt, rearranging hotel rooms, changing all the clocks, family pictures. Megan W.: Journalism, trivia crack, awkward hugs, Instagram pictures, super short conversations, part of the family, I got your back. Bella: pre-game, pump up speech, peanut butter, bruises, long balls, hair braiding, “what time is soccer?,” complaining about everything together, lazer tag someday, secret player. Lizzi: a car, the only ones speaking, MacDaddy *Magnetic*, center mid.

Nayah Hill

Noah H.: all the things I do that you are now going to have to do. Mr. Bloodworth’s homeroom: being the best Mentor Homeroom ever. Leah: Faith Boyington. Faith: Leah Davis. Aysha: fun trips to the hair salon. Cherish: fun state track meets and rating boys. Trey T.: my title of being the best Hillshoulder tap pranker and being sexy (lol). Nathan D.: being adorable. Niya: being the only Niya in the entire school. Nate B.: taking you home almost everyday. Russell: being my cuz because I’m still going to see you. Daniella: our basketball talks. Ashlee (Alleey): my boy dilemmas, our singing, our facial expressions, Quinn, and Faith Boyington. Zoya: our harmonizing and love for Beyoncé. Sarah F.: being each other’s first friends at Stratford. Cody: being Childish Gambino. Mary Kate: amazing nails and clothes. Tolu: being flawless, being my soul sister, our love for Beyoncé, and my advice about Darius. Noah C.: being my ride-or-die since Kindergarten and your secret love for Britney Spears. Jay:  you’re “you know what Card” and my punches to the chest. Nathan P.: our staring contest. Emilie W.: rebel attitude (I love it!). Shelby: being my ride-or-die since 5th grade, The Book, and our mind reading powers.

Hamilton Hirsh

Mr. Stecher: fart machine, life advice/emotional scars. Zane: THE cleats. Shelby: spicy meatball, jumping spiders, lucky charms. Conner H.: just a hug. Katie K.: medical bills, Batman videos in the library, and flowers. Raine: too many paper bracelets, the video from the fair, a nice smelling scarf, HurshHamiltonbitstrips, a missing morphie. Emilie: Starburst hearts, candy you can’t eat, my shoes at the door, the promise to be friends forever. Mary Kathryn: random compliments, an uneaten pizza (sorry!), a muscular version of myself. Mary S.: a surprise in your bathroom (sorry!). Thomas N.: my copy of The Pink Panther (jk that’s going to my grave with me), great impressions, beatboxing lessons, fruit snacks, mug, the greatest picture ever. Jonathan: a bill to repaint my ceiling (the smudges are still there). Elizabeth C.: a not-so-safe seat. Sam: mysterious splashes, surprises at Kroger, an awesome fort, obedient dog sitting. Joshua: mysterious splashes, great pick-up lines, slaps to the face, kicks to the face, rants, an awesome fort. Jacob B.: an awesome fort and all of the matches (really?). Heather: cheese in your chair (sorry!). Nathan P.: the greatest handshake the world has ever seen. Cole G.: self-compliments, trash talking, movie making memories, streams that have been crossed, a hole in my wall. Jackson B.: movie making memories, the hope that your Jeep won’t get stuck in grass, fashionable socks. Sean: pre-pre-pre-k memories. Mr. Reynolds: my senior privileges.

Austin Howell


Jay and Andrew: the group message and the “bonfire.” Nathan: super vague texts, Claire, fishing at my house. Drew: the trip to the Hamptons, Idle Hour, YOLO Night. Spencer: Katherine Bolles, big Olivia, managing, Idle Hour, and taking care of Drew. Jay: #JayVsMadison. Cody: lacrosse. Alex C.: Spanish II.

Mary Carolyn Hulgan

Morgan H.: Texas Island, legions of child Mozart, Captain Planet, the cool kids club. Dori: the Salieri lookalike, Midas’ disapproval of the Gatorade bottle, French musicals, “Is that a chicken?.” Cole Ham-West: bees, your face, [dragon emoji], my name is Komui Lee, ZOMBIES!! Zohar: Hulgan Mary CarolynMatsuda Appreciation, *shifty eyes* Necromancers, Salad Troupe glory. Clayton: Snorthweast, pun battles. Dylan Q.: main character status, the party square, bees? Anna Kate A.: puns, I feel you, Snorthweast, why can’t I hold all these limes? Savannah A.: CARNEGIE HALL, the billboard. Jessica G.: my section leader title, have fun!, B natural is in fourth position, don’t talk to William. Mariam: Panic!, the party square, Bollywood and actually almost dancing to death. Gracie C.: Garcy Children and Nancy Caroline Holgar. AP French: group therapy, La Cantatrice Chauve, Il est………………….. neuf heures. BC Calculus: kiss this, Mr. Stecher’s amazing grandma, artistic interpretations of Einstein. Belize Crowd: spider eyes, the suspension bridge, 1600-foot falls, “The island is on fire!”. Band: sweepstakes, Friday nights, *flat voice* “Come on Stratford Eagles, you know what to do, you’ve got to rock with the white and roll with the blue,” what do you do to an eagle you meet?, are you ready to ROCK!? Low Brass: “We have a sectional today?,”  the Boogaloo, old time rock and roll, trigger the trombone and the nice baritone, you are majestic heads of lettuce, never give up. Jan Fest Crowd: my undying love for measure 20, “I like to direct in the moment,” prejudice against bottom buttons, soul food, food for the soul. Everyone I forgot: *enthusiastic high five* you’re super cool, and be on the lookout for my robot army.

Griffin Hutchins

Walker: the West Side Whales, jamming to Loser everywhere we go, conversations that got too deep at times, riptide on repeat. Sarah K.: April 2nd, moving too fast, seasons of love. Katie K.: actually dating, the handshake, One, hanging on to me in Anything Goes, talent show. Steve: let it fly man. Margo: who’s Becky? Janie: sketchy hugs from behind. Sarah Kate: Delovely, being cornered in the hallway, always singing opera. Savannah A.: Toxic backstage, study hall conversations. Conner H.: Band Geeks, slaps for good luck, driving the truck, always hiding your keys, *You’re,  turned out Hutchinssneakers, my drum and hat, since I probably forgot to grab it anyways, nailing the original ending of one look at you. Jacob L. and Jackson P.: Physiology…need I say more? Stephen, Asa, and Dylan Q.: the dressing room before a show, our eventual boy band. David H.: my wrestling shoes. Ally P.: saying I love you 20,000 times, being “normal” backstage, invitation to be my roommate when we live in New York and are on Broadway together. Christian: who wears shoes for Ultimate? Ally R.: Sandy, the first two weeks of Musical Theatre, real tears, One, emotional hugs. Chandler: 8th grade track practices. Missy: Dr. Felicia- worlds best councilor. Nisha: poison cookies, U.S. History. Nayah: confrontations in the locker section, singing everywhere in the school. Nathan P.: sitting on the car with amazing ideas, Senior English. Karlyn: all black everything, sketchy Ouija sales, the demons are here. Tolu: study hall, our two-man band, deep conversations that go nowhere because we’re ADD, bad Snapchat stories, being socially awkward, laughing at nothing, having someone to vent to. Huntley: buzz cuts, ring pops, NYC Star to Be, secretly holding hands in the tunnel of love, embarrassing inboxes, Jungle Book nae nae, Buffalo’s with William, sexy hat, backstage at region, calming me when I’m stressed, our hugs, being an old married couple, my best friend and the person I will struggle to live without next year. To anyone I forgot: I’m sorry, I love all of you and thank you for the awesome memories.  

Sam Jenkins

Sean: the number one man in the world, all the stuff we’ve done my god, California, Matt, texture of your smell, Swag on the soccer field, Snapchats, summer that I spent at your house. You’re the man, I’ll remember you for the rest of my life. Brighten: the best bro I’ve ever had, shout out to the first half of the year, your progression as a dancer from junior to senior year, the mountains, mountain biking with Chandler, Highlander squad, Core four, and countless trips we haven’t gone on but one day we will. Do everything that you want, don’t settle for anything less. Lukas: the only person I can act crazy as with, I leave you us freaking out in Human Relations, the most amazing jam sesh in a car, the Cudi ball, the fact that we’re both Slightly Stoopid, the absolutely insane things we always manage to do together no matter where we are. In the end they’ll judge you anyway, so whatever. Stay crazy my man. Jacob B.: Some of the best memories of high school, slacklining, Little Creek, Roxanne, Homeroom, WoW, runescape, and being real with me. Cole: squad with me, you, and Sean, WP, Snapchats, I won’t leave you Maggie, I’m taking her with me. So glad we became friends, stay true JenkinsSammy man. Chief: Squanto! Gettin loko in your car, Jam in the spot outside KFC. Have fun man and stay wild. Chandler: cross country man, from day one. I leave you that night at your house where we ate all the food, that day we went mountain biking, that mountain lake, all the times you beat me and all the times I beat you in races. Jack: All the things we shared on Facebook, runescape, kudzu, always keep being a nice dude. Jonathan: You’re crazy sense of humor, that Red Hot Chili Peppers concert we still have to go to, stay wild and maybe one day you’ll be good enough to beat App. Cooper: Long rides in the Highlander, slayin’, Athens trips, that mountain lake,the Core four. Alex K.: The Hutt, how your always psyched whenever I see you. Macaden: Dudee, the core four, that mountain lake, how you’re always down to get crazy. Joshua and Hamilton: I don’t know where y’all were all high school but us getting together senior year was meant to be, Adventure Squad for life, I leave that camping trip, the mysterious splashing, frisbee games, Hamilton’s frisbee games, the fort that better have been built by the time this is published, the slap bet, the countless fires we’ve built, the countless times there was no fire. Stay close my men, we’ll all be back together one day. HB: Hahahahahah I don’t even wanna say anything, you #1 tho. Kevin: ey thug, stay wild but stay chill. Don’t worry about things too much, and remember what you shook on. Jack Peterson: Shoutout for being a nice dude man! Jay: Dawgg, stay wild bruh and stay happy. George: thunder and lighting man. Steve: the mantle is passed to you my friend, continue the legacy, stay wild. The frisbee squad: Stay crazy dudes, Huck it on and off the field. Lucy J.: sorry for not being the best brother. Now that I’m gone it’s your turn though. Keep the legacy strong. And get your work done.

Dori Kacsoh

Morgan H.: the Conspiracy, steamrolling, the Blood World, the List, Mary Papyrus, Texas (yes, the whole state), Texas facts, David’s Pizza, sass stickers, the sticker book, quoting Spongebob at length, Lady Macbeth Will Make a Man Out of You, Macbeth the Musical, Texas cookies, getting gifty, Miss Greg, cocoa, Hufflepuffs, organ recycling, putting the sticker book in Ms. Gumbart’s fridge, Purple Thursday, pomegranate juice. Tarab: Morsas, subjunctive parties, the subjunctive as a calming factor, cultural days, Grapes of Wrath, Clybourne Park, the “Grapes of Wrath outfit,” Juanes, optimism, satanic cabbages, chou, speaking in Spanish so others couldn’t understand, Arabic and French lessons, flefle, saree’, labne, Billy la Bufanda, Shrek the Musical, having to toast pita bread, downtown paranoia. Thomas S.: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, talks about languages, Hungarian food, your obvious chemistry with Lucine, passing for a Frenchman, angry discussions in which we’re all in agreement inKacsoh Dori French, making fun of my obsession with Emmanuel Moire, chou, thinking that guy in Paris was Cyprien, Albert Stylo, Non merci, je regarde, the tomato, salt baby. Noah C.: swimming with Robert, slipping in juice, IHOP, 22 Jump Street, hanging out at the state meet, putting the sticker book in Ms. Gumbart’s fridge, Lokátor, e-mailing my grandmother, working on the English movie. Adam K.: How the Grinch Stole Winter, stepping in an ant bed on December 15, 2011, remembering the date because of your advent calendar, getting a republic gunship on that day, Samuel’s Club, saying names in funny voices, Skylanders (more specifically, Ghost Roaster). Shelby: Morse code twerking. Tolu: J’accepte, Ms. Fleming’s homeroom, chou, Jay-Z’s lips, teaching me slang. Mary Carolyn: Mozart l’Opéra Rock, salt baby, Salieri (and various drawings of him), Florent Mothe, Miss Greg, Purple Thursday. Cole Ham-West: swim team, gluteus maximus, clean hands, leaving the hyphen out of your name, your hair in 5th grade, bunnies, handing out clementines, your snack bag. Zohar: Prom, bad poetry, giving dingos the right to vote. Mr. Bloodworth: Hope, jugo (because it encompasses everything). Mrs. Gumbart: Texas facts, too many college essays, the birthday party, complimenting your outfit from four days ago, the broken yardstick from the piñata with the orifice, talks in your office. Mrs. Chabot: introducing me to Le Roi Soleil and Emmanuel Moire, making me fall in love with French, our AP class. Mrs. Fleming: a great homeroom.

Katherine Kennedy

Sydney: Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star, Vine…nuff said, Shalisa, Brent Rivera, “Actoress,” our video submission for the “one time” music video, our desks in the playroom, THE REESE’S CUP SHIRT, the York Peppermint Patty given to you in exchange to play 6th grade soccer, the flushed washcloth, Bob stories, “you go lil’ buddy,” fresh “powd,” Iris. Ansley: Ms. Goodenough’s English class in 8th grade that started it all ☺, lake trips with the families *lol*, our twin dads and their goobyness, volleyball and the best setter around☺, carmel apple pops, the Greenbrier and our many adventures, Michael from spring break…., English with DK freshman year. Kaley N.: THE Kaley Doppler, making you drive me in the middle of lightning and a tornado to Kroger because I wanted doughnuts, our red hair, Annie and Haley, basketball adventures, partner shooting, Spring Break 2K14, robbery, Tutti Frutti, World History. Macaden: our supposed “relationship,” your Physiology grade, our flower babies, bird noises in Physiology, KennedyKatherineStarbucks and “study sessions” at Sydney’s, chin cramps, your four water bottles you drink everyday and would die without, Greek Corner…and the waiters that love us, “doo da doo da doo”, your prom pictures…lol, the tucked in pillow cases. Brighten: Spring Break hero, my blue pen you used everyday in Physiology, chin cramps, back scratches…lol, DJ B-Right, all your ghetto rap, Ms. Water’s weekly “concerned” e-mail to your parents, deep talks in the basement, “I could so beat him up” and all of your “Brighten comments.” Alex K.: Glynn Mary neighbors 4 life, Hook em’, Ms. Schirmer hates us. Allie E.: “Wait Ansley has a sister?,” lake trips, the little sister I never had☺. Jake E.: the Greenbrier and looking for secret passages, our slalom war that has yet to happen, high harbor’s newest legend, THE Jake Edwards. Cooper H.: “later tater.” Drew: Sebastian and Ruby v. Master Stechor, MAC-HINE, 7th AND 8th grade Spanish… and being sent out of class numerous times with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard, Spongebob jokes 24/7, Dunkin Doughnut runs on Saturday morning, EVILLLLLL. Cole G.: 30-day free membership at Weight Watchers, the people who take our hate comments seriously, your beloved planner, “go die somewhere,” “I hope you stub your left pinky toe, and then you get so mad that you stub your right pinky toe too.” Lindsey: AUBURN for the next four years☺. Maggie H.: kickboxing, being a spy. Murray: Ms. Schirmer, Ms. Waters, your Physiology book made into a flower. Bonnie: “I went to the chicka cric…. I lost all my clothes. Riley G.: Spongebob and candy corn. Lora Kate: net monster. Mary Wilson: “Pull the lever Kronk.” Morgan M.: middle school theatre, “FIREWORKS FOR SALE,” Ms. Schnee, “Ching Chong Chi”, hound dog and dog bone, left pinky finger…human relations…nuff said, “I’m warm.”

Alex Koplin

SEA: 28-21. Sarah K.: I leave you the keys to the realm, all of our jam sessions, crying about camp, all of the memories I can’t type in here, many more but I don’t have room. Take care of mom. Love you. Connor: too much to put in here, our beach trip, all of the movie quotes, Varsity Blues, all of our adventures with Devyn, my Chinese order, I’m the only one who can beat you in NCAA, you know our memories bro. Love you. Cole G.: all of our country music jam sessions, the cabin, Molly, Mellow Yellow, the tops popped off the can, the ride home with Lori after Sadie Hawkins, Henry’s nicknames, good job Cole, you are the dumbest smart person I know, stomach poisoning, Lori Lori, that thing you said in the huddle about your pants,Koplin Roll Tide brother. Love you. The Rest of my O-Line: I will forever hold every grinding minute with you men, It was an honor and a privilege to play with y’all, Lori, Susan, Derita, Julie, Jessica, Yogi, China China. Thomas and Jack: Coach Carter started it all, all of our 2K and NHL games, the nutter butter milkquake, making fun of Petey, trips to Fussell’s house, wrecking the golf cart at Barrington, 17 degrees Celsius, homemade baklava, pepper’s soul, mocking Eleanor, all of our late night talks and bro downs, Saturday Night Live, so much more I can’t fit them here. Thomas, I leave you in charge of the Glenn. Jack I leave you in charge of Thomas. Roll tide boys. Sean: I leave you all of our adventures, Shabba ball, that time we moved that huge fountain, hoodrat stuff, club goin up on a Tuesday. Beans: I have too much to say about you Pete, all 1200 nicknames of mine, IHCC, E-Buck, Thirstbusters, Taco Bell, that time I threw BP to you, LSU and Ole Miss, our frat experience with Tommy at UGA, I hope you survive Trash Man. Tommy: all of your Dad’s shenanigans, our adventures when we were little, driving to UGA with Grandchief, Robby’s Cafe, making fun of Spanky, you know our memories TomCat, adios bro. Senior football players: It’s been an honor standing by you men the last four years, all of y’all will be groomsmen at my wedding. I will never forget any of our memories. FAM: Everyone apart of the Wilkins family, I owe Noah a trip to Sharks, all the laughs at football. Dav: lets go hawks, stories about Rodger. Aaron: do you put pepper spray in your burrito, Iris, I love all of the Wilkins Fam boys. The rest of my football team: I love all of y’all, 28-21, the CO dance Clarke Central did at camp, grinding everyday, keep in touch men, we will all succeed at life. Macaden: Carpooling when we were little, we have been thuggin since day 1, Forrest you crack me up, I won’t forget our shenanigans. Kaley and Savannah: the redheaded devils, I wouldn’t be here without you two, I leave y’all memories of our trip to Dickeys, y’all forcing me to do work, and all the trash we talk, would be dead without y’all. Katherine, Sydney, and Ansley: JFK’S campaign, the guy we called who said you will suffer the consequences, a yard sign, jamming, BRICK HOUSE, star gazing. Murray: 12:50 ok! All of our quotes from peter at the perk, and all of our toasts at 12:50.

Virginia Ann Lineberger

Amelia: the list, adventures, mudding, calling for chinchillas, Fastow, Will, Luke Bryan, baes, house on fire in Belize, pretzels and bloody nose, getting on the float at my lake house, Panda Express, Wesley Glenn, hitting the fan at Ansley’s, “I’ll be right back,” balcony in your den, driving party bus, red Kia, Tattnall boys, stitch in the sunroof, Dominican Republic. Lindsey: apples, cross country fun, picking up Lana, Waffle House at GT, cop Linddawg, ride to Dirty Guvs. Christina: TINA, Bo, pineapple, monokini. Alexis: remix to every cheer, chamber two, cheerleading reign, bus riding partner, sliders, soapy trampoline video, elbow touching fetish, fever blisters, hotty toddy, forgetting your birthday, canoeing in the pond. Lucy: Abercrombie, the other Lucy, New York trips: NYPD, no no no stay back stay back, Lana del Rey, Gato <3, my lake house, baby face, matching scars, National Charity Leauge, our moms, baes. Ginny: pep club, super kitty, Katy Perry, a million pictures in Belize, Sanders, my 18th birthday, Chinese trap covers, picking yourLineburger 2 nose, steak, J. Pridge, running over me, countless Luke Bryan concerts, Robert, face plant in sandpit, sprinkle. Bonnie: confessions at the river, extensions, riding a camel, red KIA, asking Burger King to make chicken nuggets from chicks, falling asleep at Barberitos, Febreze song. Lawson: ok ok ok, endless food and drinks from Ann, pasta, taking Lana for a walk, Walker the dog, pins, Ridge’s house, panthers, party bus, roof tops, Cacas, boring trips to Betty’s Creek, Vine, eight-minute Spongebob song, Chinese baby pic, Lawson’s life, junior study hall, naps, railroad tracks, left side in pics, jet fuel, Griffin, Chief Keef, king, undecided place to eat, that 70’s show. Jonathan: walk home from dressed up, tiger from space camp, running in front of the truck at the farm. Cooper H.: 8th grade, Music Midtown proposal, tramp stamps, Westfield party, YoungLife, Bob Marley, basketball bus rides. QT: Clemson, baller, your laugh. Miller: waffle, adventures at cheer sleepover, hey man I’m a KA too, form the.. Migos, Reese’s puff, ripping my jeans playing Tinkerbell, telling the man we’re sisters. Morgan M.: the casino, letting go of the lantern, Rock City, dog at the beach, Panama City Beach, short hair, ski trip, rafting, dates at basketball games, Delilah, drowning in the river. Macaden: Forrest, Ms. Boswell’s class, thirsty. Lukas: 6th grade, Chicken biscuit on Valentine’s Day, beating you up. Gracen: cross country, awful pictures of us, lunch dates that never happen, Lawson’s tag. Tift: swerat, cuddles at cheer camp, Bo Oreos, cupcakes on railroad. Riley A.: sariarnse, swerat, our childhood, being mean to you, Rudolf. Emily S.: once a month, baby skull, little sister I never had. Evans: cuz, baby skull, Christmas. Copelan: randomly becoming friends. Drew: blizzards from Dairy Queen, good good, swimming in your pool, stop drop and roll at Krystal after Westfield party, sink at Ke$ha, river, SLS, Valeau. Ann: turtle, cheering for football.

Morgan Maier

Lucy B.: your graduation present. Alexis: Leo. Val: PCB, P.E. buddies, sweet tea, someone to go on dates with, lockermates, Delilah, monkey bag, glasses socks, dying in the river, lantern stuck in tree, ski trip. Amelia B.: flip, someone to beat up, sunset at softball, pretzels & bloody noses, freak out in AP Modern, my sink, Rick’s bush, Thunder. GL: red camera, the witch’s finger, big foot, PCB, Chris C., running over Val on ripstick, Coke, kayak, sledding in the snow, Matthew, Casey, AP Modern, sneaking out SB. Bonnie: theatre, Yellow jeep, P.E., Joyful Noise, Miley, our handshake, dogpile, Macbeth. McKenna: Who scratched the screen?, angry elf, Tess & the coolers, countdown for Camp Rock 2, flip, library 9th grade SH, Mr. Fletcher’s homeroom game. Meme: ride home from river (poor Liz), kudzu, knitting, softball, APES, “I don’t understand,” Tea, Terrio, “What did she say?,” JP’s Maier“gum,” WDE, Ken, going to lunch 5 minutes early, her is. Cali: wrecking Liz, soccer pre-game, a soccer locker buddy, Meg, three honks, *gasp*, 2nd period train, 4, LAYLA, watercolor paintings, VMO, Tift trying to drive my car in BK parking lot, someone to visit (won’t be awk like Auburn). Tift: “I didn’t know you were weird, I like you,” Abby, SAB video outfits, Cali, Tom, ski trip (too much to say), Les Mis, blame for making me weird, a friend on SAB retreat, Richard, your freak outs, Seasons of Love, I LOVE YOU. Ann: “pull Aaround,” Wednesday mornings, back-up goalie, Rick, Auburn, camping on New Year’s, seeds in 6th grade soccer, do you miss camp?, stellar, Liz, Lose Yourself, the ability to talk and text, Macon Outreach check in table, 4th of July…., some emotion, longest friendship with lower classmen. Drew: boyfriend, kissing the pig, picking wildflowers, our fight, rides to school. Sarah F.: Tomboy club, playing with boys at recess, Camp Chattooga, Mom, dirt. Chandler: oohh, football at recess, one-way streets, swinging before youth, “dying” to take me to prom, adventures, forever best friend, ditching me in Athens, the time of your life in college. GAP: tennis, picnics, most clever Instagram names, starting the video while talking at assembly. Jonathan: goo in my hair, “Who did that?,” some of my soccer skills, Sadie Hawkins & Prom, French Emma, best friend. Shelby: GLUTEN FREE, “When I was in college.” Ansley: girl talk. Jack H.: “Who did that?,” 8th grade, drawing on me in 6th grade. Murray: buddies for life, our handshake, neighbors, FRIDA, Mr. McClain. Cole G.: FRIDA, hugging pics, SAB, old phone calls about homework, “hello.” Sarin: hoodrat stuff, ping pong, [email protected], your BFF Sachin. Emma: 0. Emily S.: mentor, Dreamer. Carey: soccer, good attitude. Savannah A.: always your biggest fan. Savannah J.: Ben Rector, favorite person to see in the halls. Spencer: best husband, Passion, manager life, eating alone. Katherine: theatre, Spongebob, curie, geometry. Tolu: 2016. Carol R: hugs in the hallway, I LOVE YOU. Wade Snow: love of my life. Mr. Loomis: more enthusiasm, good luck with the freshmen. Ms. P/EMcD: a new intern-LOVE Y’ALL. Ms.Gumbart: anything you want. You’re my girl, Mama G.

Lawson Massey

Jack K.: hanging with trainers at practice. Jack H.: 2k, shockers, chilling in studyhall, my ID, superstar baseball. Chandler: being frat, two showers, concussions, breaking Kristin’s ankle, wakeboarding, Brad. O’Showen: Almighty, my house, sosa, hot fries, tex, 4runner, taxi boy. Quintez: being my dad at Ortho Georgia, pulling up on ya, my couch, nubs, endless times to spin the night. Mary Elizabeth: opossums, being mom, LSC,  talks in homeroom. Alex K.: football, tall white socks, lego shirt, Kate, parties at your house, addict. Alexis: yelling at four in the morning. Amelia B.: Agnus, making fun of me, being Griffin’s role model. Austin D.: Sonny Carter, corn hole partner, football, riding four wheelers, trip to Auburn, ping pong. Brighten: 4:30 a.m.  Cole G.: junior year summer, country music, losing at corn hole, my bathroom floor, rough morning at work, my hat, Masseyville, lake trips, Athens. Cooper H.: looking for SAE house, homeroom talks, Brad’s yard, protein. Conner C.: trip to Auburn, football, pulling me out ofMassey Crawford, Southern Proper visor. Connor: my hats, losing at corn hole, we made it, TS, football, beating up Ryan, trappin in Chris’s office. Drew: mio, Idle Hour parties, 70’s music, pullover. Heather: hanging in old people home, BK, driving your car, Squanto. Jonathan: New Year’s 2015, owing you for losing bets, track 4×4. Lucy B.: Auburn v. Ole Miss, venting at Starbucks. Macaden: sleeping on the floor, Idle Hour golf tournament perks, hanging before games. Maggie H.: high-pitched voice, pole vaulting, yard work at your house. Bonnie: chilling in LSC, dumb tweets, selfies. Mary Cason: Snapchats of me, Sonny Carter day one’s.  Miller: being the sister, ticking me off, walk to moonshine and tailgate, your dad likes me better. Missy: Luke Bryan, Sean. Morgan M.: ice cream gutter at Sean’s, pool games. Murray: Hail Southern. Nathan P.: Seeds, first game jitters, football. Sam: weekends, adventuring, the shell, trill music, Senior English, Ms. Stevens, BK, Athens, KFC parking spot. Sean: salsa, Mexico, futbol de Americano, popcorn, your pool house. Virginia Ann:  Pasta, hanging out, train tracks, 9:30 bedtime, driving lesson for you and Ann, new rims, hurdle buddy, trip to the Hamptons, white sour cream, shaving my face, choosing dinner, hyper activity, sweet tea, locker buddies, skateboard accident, 2k lessons so you can compete with me, senior year. Jack P.: Championship Teams, my car, anything of mine. Elizabeth C.: a newt named Lawson. Tift: ice cream trips, mascara tattoos, door slams at Natalia’s. Tommy M.: beat you at 2k with a broken hand. Pierce: track, liars club, swole patrol, screwing around at football. Tucker:  car rides to school, our apartment, mark, being a corner, senior football season. Andrew P.: skill, height.

Miller McCord

Missy: chums, immune system, “working out,” Taylor Lautner, One Direction, food, weird dreams, shaved legs, beta fish, not dating, “one check tonight?,” neighbors, concussion, pretty brown eyes, churn the butter, All-American, pole girls, floor work, heh, HAY, Annie, cupcake photo, hair dye, budder pecin, Atlanta, Bonefish, mac n cheese, walks through Idle Hour Country Club, CoinStar, feathers, Lil Bub, fork dream, SSI police, July 4th, “sorry master,” acoustics, Zumba, kissing Justin Bieber poster, Katie’s roomie & bf, censored photo, ice cream, too much …, Rivoli, lost in Athens/Statesboro, Panera, dt FOJ, Nutcracker, Colby, your other crush, GAC, Harry, Barbs, Christmas, black clothes, matching, “share your body,” “do it for your brothers,” piercings, bobkitty, I LOVE YOU. Meme: boys, Hotel Cali, a party, “weirdest day of my life,” oatmeal, chaw, golf course, studded, Bible, situational irony, BMW, sporadic movements, Angie, heh, budder pecin, July 4th, “sorry master,” SSI police, pitbulls, whale calls, special McCord, Millercommunication ft. Jeffrey, “Hello, ma’am”, IHDNC, PetLand, ducks, diamond girl, Rita, make me a sandwich, possums, after uhh, Banks, “Statesboro is the greatest place on Earth,” Burkhalter, Cookout, Quint, “EVEN JEFFREY,” “do it for your brothers,” THE TOWEL, “good morning,” your sweatpants, “NOT THE KATE SPADE,” cleaning the dorm, “give…me…the keys,” I LOVE YOU. Weasel: roomies, Statesboro, “NOT THE KATE SPADE,” after uhh, Burkhalter, cookout, Lion King, RIFF RAFF, pants, DAM, dolphins, Migos, 4peat, Rita, wrists, lost wallet. Morg: ugly, poke war. Lexi: scissors, waffles, C-Team, Ke$ha, Scandy Randy, Beijing ;), evil goose. Virginia Ann: waffles, Miley, KA, SWEET TEA, Little Man, Ingleside at 4 a.m., 5 star. Lawson: opossums, save a horse, me and Missy. Sean: me and Missy, save a horse. Drew: buzzkill, 5th grade, Pinocchio, Frosty/McFlurry. Ann: boys, punching me, lipstick, mono. T: spilling ice, giving Colyar hives, Tomp, JellyBeans, cotton candy, Christmas, never staying up late, raw noodles, hollow. Allyn: pole girl<3, marrying Harrison. Brighten: a date. Felton: Sadie Hawkins, place to stay. Pete: your twin. Dew: advice on high school parties. Jack K.: Waffle House, group texts. Tucker: formal invite to breakfast. Cheerleaders: rocky top, BANANA, K Sol, pregame lasagna dinners. Bob: crumbs, mushy cookies, Ashley Stephens, cereal, football, Dog Dog, Disney World, rap, “Bobby’s good at football,” having friends over while you’re gone, Mirko. Lerd: One Direction, Zayn, packing a suitcase, country diva, move it move it dance, Holden, Joy, “Julie, Julie, Julie,” dinner, FaceTimes. Coy: SNAPSTORIES, cheerleading roomies, place to stay, “time to get up,” Niall, Noylar McHoran, Ratigan, annoying you, attitude check, “you’re ugly,” ELLEN<3, hazing, “omg my ice,” DiGorgio’s, little people in your room, coconuts, nugged my mugs, 11th nugget, light touches, Michael, my fish, marriage to Holden, avoiding my friends, Westside Story.

Thomas Nash

Raine: Hammy’s video at the fair, a boyfriend who’s just like me, a super fun prom, spilling root beer on you at Ingleside, a chance to go mudding, the wall in your room that’s painted the best, IHCC deep end during a movie, gas stations and cowboy hats, a friend to tell all your problems to. Katie: my bod, an arm wrestling match you let me win, my number 22, third and fourth wheeling with Raine and Chuck all the time. Zane: fight night losses, the memory that it’s still coming. Jake, Stone, Luke, and Nathan: the weight room. Kevin: two 45s, as many pens as you want, hilarious videos from Jacob’s car. Custis: Jacob scaring you, The Girl by City and Colour, 50,000 grams of protein. Ally R.: the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck. James: a dominantNashThomas Strikers team. Janie: hallway hugs, an awesome sweet 16 party. Gabe: an egg drop project that actually works. Hammy: loaves of bread in the toilet, an almost made video, the survival of the man cave, an awesome road trip playlist, a ridiculously effective defogger, Wayne Brady’s fashion, too many times watching the Pink Panther, ridiculous cars in Underground, all the games my mom threw out, making that couch fit in your mom’s car, Misty eating your face, Aunt Jemima and the gang, when the Lakers fell into the lake, weatherman Rainey Clouds, the secret handshake, drinking only from mugs for no reason, a watch, the creek at the land on January first, your first fish ever, Hamilton Hill, getting locked in Claystone Park, blatantly hitting the ball away from the table, a sick joint birthday pool party, toothpaste in a can, a ton of fruit snacks, driving around the woods for an hour, four years of community service at the same table, sliding down the rail before prom, James Bond’s tux, the tiniest speck left in the blender, seats in Sanford that aren’t in the upper deck, the signer at Aziz’s standup. Josh: more flow, a gas station less than 10 miles from your house, tons of Smarr/country boy jokes, winning most of the categories at the Super Bowl party, a bigger truck, a sick blind Ping-Pong shot, being best friends for four years and still not knowing how to pronounce your last name. Spencer: shakes PEERS. Sam: failing while using a shotgun, an everlasting membership to Runescape. Cole G. and Jackson B.: solid times in Ms. Gunn’s class, the most outstanding uncut video ever filmed in Latin. Mary Kathryn: gentle hugs, hating that we don’t have a class together our last year, finally learning how to spell your name. Noah C.: your house everyday after school in lower school, all the fun Christmas parties, the secret toilet, when you gave me your big bear, throwing bugs at that mean babysitter. Sarah: Boogey shoes!

Murray Nixon

Lindsey: bae, shoulda had a grilled cheese, driving me everywhere, middle room, Dunkin Donuts, FOJ, Rivoli Farms driveway, the last night of spring break, the reason why I got my car taken away for a month, Lauren Olivia Smith, Rita, Spongebob, Caren, hs, Linda, “I’m so sorry,” nubby, 4th of July, old lady in Taco Bell, Planet Fitness, all your clothes I’ve borrowed, Joe Enos, “nice to see you out,” engagement pics, Miss Nelly. Karlyn: our awkward middle school pics, Charzar, Luke Bryan 2014, Karen, the MOM, interesting singing, screaming not ready to make nice, barre, the room in the basement you never moved in to, food, Squidward, I’ll call ya Andy, hs, 4th of July, old lady in Taco Bell, Krispy Kreme trip, Hagrid, beautiful SnapChats, the bully, Leah McDavid, Bragg Jam. Maggie H.: Sandy, official third wheel, middle room, trip to Athens, Margarina, all the clothes I’ve borrowed, pictures we never take, trivia. Meme: the past 18 years, Chris Pat, 4peat, your ears are 17 years old, banks, after a, Xavier Xander Nade, pics with dogs, “its always me and you,” Flocka, turtles, soa ycsmp, five seconds every five seconds, amirite?, trail of tears, Bachelor, Luke Bryan. Miller:NixonMurray cousin pics, the farm, bird buggy, weasel, you never letting me be simba, next year after a, Alex and Mollie, Riff Raff, Migos, my new mother. Mary Cason: bffs since we were born, the Krystal trip our dads never took us on, the card, Shiike Muslim, 13th birthday party, the pic of us in our bloomers, whatcha gonna do with that big fat…, Kevin Hart, Larson McDaniel. Morgan M.: mirror pic Monday, neighbors forever, buddies, Emma, Russ, Frida, Mr. McClain, dancing in the holiday assembly, the many birthday cards. Cole G.: the bet I lost, Frida, Spanish 10th grade, “ooohhh”, trivia. Christina: Tina, raisin toast, Corvette, Uggs and leggings, the bull, the monokini. Ginny Lane: Kevin Hart, cheerleading for football, Larson McDaniel. McKenna: every class together this year, our Britney Spears video. Alex K.: 12:50 okay. Amelia: the stains on the carpet in your bonus room. Sydney: 6th grade soccer, a napkin. Huntley: get fired up. Ansley: belly butt. Brighten: all the dates I’ve crashed. Karl, Linds, Marg: football game in 7th grade, forever group message, mirror pic Monday, trips to chatt, RF, Natasha Daniels, Jess, neopets, bare, seventh wheel, dolphins, Gaboo, aquarium, star bursts, carenadorable, classic group pics, Jackson Earl, lake days, goodnight texts, jumping in the pool, a place to stay next year, being the best friends ever and I don’t know what I would ever do without yall.

Kaley Nystrom

Sydney: four wheeler into lake, Wolf Creek, Halloween party, reading to me after the graduation party, left at a red light, overactive spit glands, “I don’t move, I plow,” sun tanning by street light, running over curbs, Texas, mysterious cupcakes, climbing up sliding rock. Katherine: Parent Trap sisters, basketball practices,“whoopee,” lake trips, Camp High Harbor, bending over, inhaler, sliding rock, wearing hats in 3rd grade/burned face, nose spray, monsters, Martha Washington’s dress, mysterious cupcakes, SpongeBob, Vine, up to the ceiling, 16th birthday, “you see that Vine,” ginga sister, let me show you the new songs, duck face. Ansley: candy apples, Gossip Girl, fur bus, Sam Hunt concert, our late night talks, gift swap, agree on everything, flower pictures, rent a boy, cake pops, world traveler, rabbits, running buddy, caption maker, mysterious cupcakes, painting. Amelia: neighbors for life, beach trips, four wheeler races, wreck, Camp High Harbor, New Year’s party, bonfires, basketball practices, mysterious cookies, geocaching, car ridesNystrom with Jackson, softball, state party, church choir, Mall of Georgia. McKenna: mysterious cookies, geocaching, mysterious noises, basketball camp, Spring Break 10th grade, yellow ball, private plane, phone in the harbor. Conner C.: fuzzy socks, football, goats, escaping, birthday dinner, hunting, Spring Break, necklace. Austin D.: Freshman year, carnations, Sadie Hawkins, spring break, threatening to kick me out of car. Bonnie: 4th of July, spring break, basketball camp/practice, Ole Miss trip, van from Georgia game, Woodstock. Brighten: 8th grade history, Swedish fish, lake trip, Prom, Sydney’s basement, old times. Macaden: Doodle, lake house, dock jumping, trips to the store, night runs, Forrest, “happy,” taking my paper. Jonathan: childhood neighbors, Wolf Creek, playmates, Sadie Hawkins, LSC, crazy eyes, gum balls, Hilton Head Island trips, army men, busted chin. Alex K.: gas station, long lunch, bowling, LSC, meek mill, salty. Savannah G.: falling off the horse, breaking my fingers, 3rd grade, Fuddruckers, Sapalo trip, horse shows, salty, red hair. Maggie H.: boxing, spring break 10th grade, sleepovers at Lindsey’s, lake trip. Cooper H.: Cherry, lake trip, “mooing hamburgers.” Cole G.: tennis trips, “whoopee,” Waffle House, Weight Watchers, bowling. Murray: 4 peat, one-minute speech, late, dolphins. Lindsey: watercolor, Spring Break, sleepovers at your house, your garage. Karlyn: lake days at your house, Bobby, High School Musical sleepover, camping, bonfire, basement, Hilton Head Island trips. Little Bro: riding dirt bikes/four wheelers, trampoline tricks, beach, fighting, fishing trips, “I win,” baseball games/practices, can’t have my room, good luck next year without me, I love you. Jack E.: gas station, Meek Mill, Mercer game, wreck, fair, the swings. Mary Wilson, Avery, Evans, Tori, Leah, and Morgan Mathis: Softball, good luck! Lucy B.: “rolls,” taking the blame, “making us restart practice.” Morgan M.: class president, travel ball, the flip, softball videos. Virginia Ann: travel ball, Havoc, party in basement, Coke and Sprite bottles. Jack H.: 90 degree angle, stealing my blanket. Lukas: church choir, 5th grade, Sadie Hawkins.

Jay Patel

Jay Patel

Nathan: the handshake, many male hugs, and the gm. Drew: Drew juice, ye yee, and the gm. Andrew S.: FDB, a guitar, the bon fire and the gm.  Austin H: Mexico, the bon fire, and the gm. Spencer: many awkward banana lunches, ye yee, and the gm. Alex C.: frat, the gm. Sarah F.: our mad dougie skills. Mary Cason: our lunch dates. Brighten: the night at Missy’s. Lukas: State Not Southern. Ann: WHAT. Connor: J. Cole. Griffin H.: shut up and dance with me. Joseph:  ye yee. Nayah: punching my stomach during break. Steve: water pong. Codi Ferguson: LAX. Sam: the flow. Jack H.: “the spot” at the hotel. Public Speaking class: our Public Speaking class. Senior class: my brief death at Sadies.

Nathan Puckett


Cole G.: one more hug during break. Conner: 9th and 10th President and Vice President. Sean: Philmont and a clean campsite. Michael and Larson: a bag of jumbo ranch sunflower seeds. The Football Team: TRESemmé touchable softness shampoo, a free iPhone, and the Silver Streaker. David H.: left tackle. Amir: a pet bird. Nathan D.: a brand new mouthpiece. Carter and Alex: 0 period workouts. Jack P.:  a can of beans. Cooper D.: another ride home. Stephen D.: Zoya and a blue roll of tape. Aaron: LBC, take care of her. Tucker M.: one last handshake and 62-63. Lawson M.: my Master’s visor. Andrew S.: a bottle of P.S. sunscreen, FPD chicks, LBC, and 4-wheel drive for Dora. Austin H.: funny your mom jokes, voice cracks, a sombrero, and Julia. Nisha: a finger cast just in case. Jay: a pair of Georgia Boots, a ride through LBC, a bonfire, Jaytel, and State not Southern. Hannah and Laurel: a pack of gummy bears. Mary Kathryn: a shooting team jersey and my football tag. Tommy C.: better aim, TRD, and the Sardis Church Rd gas station. Lawson H.: a bullet proof vest for shooting practice and “gooby pls.” The Shooting Team: Coach Ben, my cheap limo golf cart, and Fred Farr. Drew: a lift and mud tires, yee yee. Davis: the shooting team and muddin’ after practice. Cody: LAX bros for life. Spencer: my Southern Proper visor, intern, Caroline. Alex C.: “cut her off.” Jackson B.: Snapchats of mud holes, the land behind the LBC Kroger, and my Jammock. Jacob B.: pre game rides, Moe’s, and car paint. George: one more handshake. Sam: Ocmulgee Traders. Judson W.: nah, never mind.

Zoya Qazi

The Band: You better win Hawkinsville every year for the rest of Stratford’s existence. The Theatre Department: a dollar for every time I’ve fallen offstage, and a quarter for every time we panicked before opening night. The LAX Team: a great season, starting a legend. Cody: multiple awful nights, but good music played. Nayah: singing Beyonce every day, and killing the harmonies. Noah H.: thanks for being my best friend. Drew: Sunday fun days, the “hate” crew, AHS. Tolu: Drake, Alex from Debate, sharing Daniel’s craziness, being empowering women. Sam: riding dirty around Macon, Qazialways willing to turn up. Noah C.: being the only people who quote Vines regularly. Morgan: keeping it real. Marc: busting crimes and making the band bus interesting. Justin: Watching you emerge into a butterfly. Emilie: finally joining Lacrosse, and crazy long nights. Ella: being friends even though you had a Firefly cellphone, watching coming of age movies about teen girls, Charles, Jermonte, crazy Saturday nights, agreeing on literally everything, that Catfish we busted. Laurel: The trumpet section, “dating down,” sharing fanfictions, that Shakira video. Hannah: growing up through everything together, That one birthday party we shared (we should do that again), Steve from Chat Roulette, our tumblr blogs,  Skype sleepovers, and loving you even though you are too obsessed with One Direction. The squad: We made it through high school without going crazy (almost), “The journal,” truth or dare, “impressions,” the dumb YouTube videos we made, sharing perfume, Lacrosse, our senior blog, that Pretty Little Liars night at my house, Grey Grinstead. Stephen: Music Midtown, running from the cops, being the Kim-ye of the school. All the boys of the Stratford upper school: leave me alone please stop shouting my name.

Lindsey Read

Murray: bae, rita, shoulda had a grilled cheese, Natasha, hail Southern, Good Morning Baltimore, Fickling Farms, dolphins, you work for Nellie!, chips and salsa, beaches, Macon fun, I’m so sorry, the middle room, the bull, Planet Fitness, no flex zone, engagement photos. Maggie: the square dance, cleaning Karlyn’s basement, SAE twerk team, taxi cab, abandoned buildings, the middle room, MDS, Serena, splash camp, a mile walk to the village. Karl: 7th grade MDS football game, ishmurrsays, photoshoots, Barre, light pink flamingos, Luke Bryan, my bathroom lol, jamming, the couples summer (plus murr), boys soccer games, sneaking out, blue eyes, Katie Campbell, the steam room, my wardrobe. Tina: shopping, raisin toast, chocolate covered strawberries, magic bear, twin families, Auburn, the pole, rides to CGSA, a filet at 3 a.m., bbw, O’Charlie’s, the master suite. Sydney: telepathy, Readevery class together, chocolate cake. Katherine: burberry body, Spongebob, “What’s the withdrawal method?” (Coach Bridge’s class). Mary: big hugs. Mary Cason: the garage. Maggie T.: bio, your secret list. Ansley: deep talks at Furman University camp, future first ladies, preppy. Val: our spot, big apples, Dirty Guvs. Ally P.: here we are, visiting, couples retreat. Brighten: what, the locker room, what I said, Shug loves me, Howard community center, scarring, “fitness motivation” pics, Wesleyan soccer field, windows down to the farm, tags on Instagram, new record, guitar on the wall. Jack K. and Andrew P.: best mentor ever. Cole G.: Terrence & Tossie, SB2K12. Miller: cleaning their dorm. Amelia: bonus room. Meme: How’s it going? Thomas T.: frat gear. Carlton: talks in pb, divas. Jonathan: smile, parties at my house. Alexis: tweakin at Luke Bryan. Morgan: happy birthday Lindsey, @morganmaier, aauuhhmm, bbw, Larry, stripping at Karlyn’s. Drew: when I slapped you. Jack P.: my car keys. Emily S.: KA pledge, limes and salt in your bedroom. Hammy: my Calculus notes, the desk in front of me, a booty shake, a ping pong ball on the floor, Alfie. Jackson B: what I said to you after the party bus, a kick in the head. Shelby: beanie, player x, dancing. Missy: Ke$ha, best parties. Bonnie: dancing in movie room at dressed up. Ginny Lane: Joseph & J. Dick, a filet at 3 a.m., club Sheridan, vs obsession. Cooper: “make her kiss me,” river trips. Gracen: questions at cross country. Monica: MDS, Dresser. Bella: giggling 24/7, juggle competitions, dynamic duo, MDS traitors, Serafee hatred. Cali: closed doors, the beanie, her punny jokes at soccer. Calculus class: cutest Christmas card, ping pong ball, me talking during class. Coach Kate: burpees, crying in the locker room, the time you almost flipped the bus. Carey & Pete: Pete’s makeover and instafame, Samford camp. Sam: movie nights at Tina’s, creative Snapchat masterpieces. Boogie: Fastow, shagging partners. Connor & Alex: the golf cart. Sean: carrying the boombox, does the cleat fit. Chandler: my crush on you freshmen spring break. Spencer: surprise Sadies date, Wesleyan Woods. Macdaddy:  Forrest, “don’t make fun of my voice.” Lawson: garage parties, on pool table. Savannah: VS, besties at parties.

Marc Rosengart

My Four Junior Girls: being my first true friends, Buffalo’s, many plays together, Laura, split lunch tables, the Bodies Exhibit, being real, learning Mackenzie isn’t all motherly, when we were finally in high school together, dealing with break-ups, dealing with Michelle, band trips, tackling me, Victoria’s transformation, learning a woman’s perspective, giving me confidence, supporting Savannah’s dreams, lots of laughter, lots of memories, I’ll never forget you. Savannah A.: late night Skype calls, so much advice, stressful makeup, the Magic. Victoria: lower school art, drama queen, that jacket with the fuzzy balls, being my percussion overlord. Mackenzie: being motherly, Sadie Hawkins, first ginger friend, first texting buddy.Rosengart Marc Michelle: rude advice, attitude, the bell, somehow being your friend in the end.  Hinal: selfies, sissing, verbal skills, your mom will read this, never mind. Rujul: that picture. Mariam: shipping, suddenly being friends, popcorn Friday. Tanisha: evil berries, scarves. Amber: your name’s pronunciation, new foods. Aiza: HAIZA, sass. Jaedyn: that girl who talks a lot. Laurel: BAEWATCH, Anaconda. Ella H.: surviving the 7th graders. Zoya: that one party, always making me smile. Hannah: surviving the year, Spirit Week selfies. Mary Carolyn: absolute randomness. Taylor R.: always being in the same English class, sleep. Dylan Q.: percussion awesomeness, back problems, scheming with Zohar, practicing texting. Ben P.: dictionary definitions of certain words, being silent for an entire year, being chill, Zoya’s party. Cole Ham-West: me refusing, homestuck, karate, our love of Halo, that time we creeped out the waitress. Jacob Z.: the cod match we never played, being the only person to talk to that day.  Sofi and Alexander: that time I got kicked out of class. Maddi M.: late night FaceTime, gossip. Zainab: my spirit animal. Gracie C.: beam me up mom! Cameron: the plant, nearly being in your play, social action. Caitlyn M.: DUDE, dinner nights, Chinese stuff. Camille: Cark. Band: it was actually a good year. Everyone Else: I actually exist.

Ginny Lane Sheridan

Evans: “therapy sessions,” Tommy aka mommy, free people clothes I don’t take to college (half of which are probably yours), Omegle, chokers, matching pooches, hoodies and all things hipster. Carey: DQ runs, Zeb cruising, bball pep talks. Maggie G.: reincarnation, boss, horse shows, bird watching books, insta captions. Emily: Club Sheridan, Daddy’s obsession with us, fritada, “hola,” an aux cord, helmet for Polaris, red snapper from Crabdaddy’s, Jiffs #1 choosy moms, clean car, Callie, 1 too many subtweets, dreama, BK anything, the “onions,” Grey’s Anatomy, GG, The Office, life lessons, Andy Palm, “cute” hand-me-downs, failed attempts at sisterly bonding, all the leggings, funky socks, and cons your heart desires, sleepless nights on Christmas Eve, the elf (Santa isn’t real), a clean room (maybe), heart monitor with needles, my love, my heart, my admiration for yourSheridanGinnyLane strength and independence, my appreciation, a huge thank you for pulling me through at times when I couldn’t make it on my own this year (and every year), and being the best friend and sister I could ask for. Tift: long talks on bus, deer stand, strange voices and dances, tucks. Ella: my bad driving/art skills. Mary Cason: mirror pics in body central, running to your house in rain, music midtown, late nights “working out” at IHCC, 5 a.m. WaHo after Luke Bryan, ranting about anything and everything, that amazing sandwich with bacon, horrible made up dances in middle school. Lucy: junior boys, 9th grade SB, tennis matches where I won, talking bball, Gato, locking ourselves in my bathroom because we were scared, crunchy vs. doughy cookies, flower projects by the pool. Morgan: life size birthday cards, rock city w/o you, Sharptop, the witch, Mrs. McDavid’s pics, kayak races, Dreamer, Belize, PCB, Chattanooga, rafting trips/ adventures. Bonnie: time outs in 3k, dancing at tennis camp, making babysitter’s lives miserable, falling in prickle bushes in doon buggy, uncontrollably laughing, river, Halloween, when you fell down the hill in front of Jordan, late nights on your dock, falling down the steps because of the tent, continuing what our mothers started. Chandler: puppy, that 1 deer that I most definitely shot, freshmen. Cooper: Tim’s red snow suit, snow days, Mary from SB. Caroline and Coleman: sticky rice, Santa at Gin Gin’s, rainy days stuck at river, family beach trips, scavenger hunts. Val: WA, super kitty, passing notes in 7th grade, dressing up as Hannah Montana/ Miley, handmade balloon drop, Luke Bryan 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th, sneaking to Jordan’s house for Bonfires, Corey Smith, Orange Is The New Black, camp friends, dragging from Bonnie’s boat, dying wiggles with food coloring, long walks on Buford, 9th/10th grade prom, Sprinkle, Rock City minus Morgan, question game with Chandler from DC, endless mix CD’s. Christina: Dirty Guvs, TINAAA, limes. Drew: Uncle Mark, hanging with my fam, no Jim Daws we do not date. EVERYONE: more characters so I could write more memories that include more people.

Mary Cason Sherwood

Ginny Lane: Kevin Hart, Music Midtown, Ke$ha, Bobby Bones, “Hey what do you need? I’m in a hurry,” working out, Maime Ruth intern, Larson, river trip, thespian, “you should be appreciative,” always having the parties, FOJ. Murray: why does the sky blue?, my girl, Kevin Hart, islands, flip my trenchcoat, Larson, daddio, my tongue go brr, “I love my presents,” little beast, Mrs. Pete, “Ridge can you take us to Waffle House?,” I like math SO MUCH, Ginny Lane collapsing, boiled peanuts. Tolu: medium beast twin, pajama game, you can’t fly with the birdies, Mrs. Pete, beating you up in P.E. Mary: spring break every year, “what year is it… OMG it worked,” the TV in my room, Buffy, “we grew up together,” assuming you’re spending the night, socks, you’re my mom, crying in the car before Dirty Guvs, chapstick on your hand, Haven, Clay Humphries, 441, a potato, Ridge, minions, your SherwoodMaryCasonbirthday parties. Thomas T.: the student section, Jon Clay, GL. Ally P.: back of the bus, Pre-Calculus, Miranda. Heather: the next four years, your dad jumping in the lake with your phone, R.I.P. rest in, got the job done, I just want some chips, Waffle House or Mary’s?, a potato, Jackson Moore, tweeting obsession. Laren D.: “we’re hot don’t hate we’re the class of 1-8, Emily Edwards. Missy: it’s tricky, Maria Paula. Miller: Maria Paula, you’re ugly. Karlyn: back of the bus, junior girls’ dance, Thomas Traynham, winter wonderland, football field of tinsel, getting pulled over on the way to Dirty Guvs, Lee McDavid, pictures on Sydney’s roof. Jack H.: 8th grade year with you Jonathan and Jackson. Josh D.: Chinese fire drills, parties, Santas coming tonight. Emma D.: late night Walmart, Chinese fire drill, the selfie stick. Huntley: all American cheer, “I did something bad this weekend,” only take good pictures when, ABSURD. Jonathan: Idle Hour gym, garage attic. Nathan D.: daily hugs. Jay: Sadie Hawkins, sleeping in my garage, lunch dates, tweaking with my little sister. Savannah G.: four wheelers, crying in your field, lake trip, Heath Jarriel, Chuck E Cheese’s, Cole Angelo, tingle lotion, cinnamon roll waffles, your mom’s food. Cooper H.: study sessions, big booty, 10 days, cat litter, Brantley Gilbert concert, Claudia Monfort, prom dress decisions, Migos, driving you to school. Bonnie: three days, Ms. Brogdon, watching football at Cole’s, big beast, Phillip and Pippin, vandalizing the playground, lake trips, Craver Swing. Brighten: twins, first kiss, “it’s a lifestyle,” “Mary don’t look at him,” Noah, the brother I never had, Shug, most social, day one. Macaden: long lunch, I don’t mess with you, gym nest birthday party, Forrest Gump. Sarah F.: your secrets, slumber party, public speaking, human relations, your crush on Mr. Ethridge, Jacob and Noah. Sam: life of the party, original. Custis: you kissed me first, venting sessions at every party. Cody: lil B. Copelan: party bus, you’re ugly. Bella: ice skating, double dates, scrapbooking. Morgan M.: birdies, Mrs. Pete, birthday cards, Phillip and Pippin, Marcel, “I hate Stratford”, Tess and the coolers. Alex K.: it ain’t gonna hoppin, chicken, my dad.

Nisha Shetty

Mary Kate: homeroom, space dog pirates, Pierce, Spanish study guides, Immersion Camp, Harry Styles, Mary Kate redundancy. Ansley: Star, space dog pirates, Spanish study guides, las drogas = Spanish 4, alternate English seat. Laurel: one day older than me, One Direction music video, nail polish, Chemistry, infection, community service thing, SB Snapchat, HQ. Cole G.: homeroom, nerd, sitting next to me to copy notes, AP Biology, “Nice Pics Cole!”, Fleming’s favorite. Ella: “how’s everyone’s day”, Valentines Day cards, SB Snapchat, Mary Kate redundancy, fish Snapchats. Mary Kathryn: Calculus, string project, Immersion Camp, sleeping in AP Modern, take home tests, “dating” Hamilton, Biology midterm, 5th period intern. Nayah: Netty, mixed up names, homeroom, Mr. Loomis, 3rd period. Hamilton: Hershey kiss & nish, hotshot, late homework pass for exercises in style, take home tests, always late. Joseph: 3rd period math lab, “Nice pics Cole,” Cole, confusing Katherine, anonymous walrus, locker buddies, Dunworthy, Vine, STD frat. Karlyn: 3rd period math lab, impotent, Hinal, non Macon ppl. Hannah: our 1D music video, Pierce, Nishaproofreading papers, library incident, Harry Styles, Mary Kate redundancy. Jay: love/hate relationship, Zayn, weird crooked finger, smoke magic trick. Chandler: Drogas = Spanish 4, AP Spanish, space dog pirates. Nathan: study hall 9th grade, Snapchats, clutz, HQ/X/MK. Lindsey: poetry confusion, feeling of cleeean sheets, Hamilton = boyfriend, describing daily routine. Griffin: poisoning you, English with Ms. Hutto, romantic promposals, The Duggers. Hinal: #NotAPatel, GroupMe, study hall, OK, Dhruv, #mandirguys, license, “confidence to take a selfie.” Tarab: OUAT, Neal vs Hook, Elsa/Dori, College Office, study hall. Thomas N.: AP Geography, AP Gov, take home tests, flex, eye project, Dori, Sadie Hawkins. Dori: Mr. Ethridge’s seven wives, Bufanda, freshman, NaCl, Killa, Dorge, Christmas card, my spy.  Spencer: X, food from the Food Drive pile, N.V.. Noah C.: foreigners, we’re not dating, Anne Frank, X, fish face, take home tests, clammy hands, Panera, Andrew Garfield, acne screenshots, TVD, flipz, Indians taking over the world, daily plunges, routine at break/lunch, 3rd period, “cleeean sheets”, Words With Friends, prank with Hannah, Jeneane’s, Noah <3’s Nisha (Netflix), changing pw. Drew: dumb Indian & smart blonde, emojis, LOL, Immersion Camp, Carol, birthday song, emojis = people, Srishti, DQ dip cone, Anne Frank, X & HQ, take home tests, gray hair, Drew juice, go back to your chamber, map test, translations, “cocinar,” HUZZAH, STEPPING ON MY BOOKS, little brown sister, Mercer group, Senior project ideas. Amber & Aiza: OK, SHOKSS, uday, Shelly, #red/bluebeauty, twins, typing tweets, Desi Guys/Gossip Girls, #mandirguys, “novels,” “3 things about you,” confusion, Bentley, Valentine’s day, Katrina, PK, husband/wife pose, Kavin, bae questions, biryani, Sachu/Ali memes, zoo pics, KIDS, promposals, actress, Amber the gora, Aiza Shabir?, help desk, Moe’s, hmm hmm, “sign in!”, blueberries, chalkboard, archery, pic of me & braids.


Mckenna Sibley

Kaley: depot, the next four years, trippy cats, tennis. Lucy B. and Amelia: Belize, gato, the lost camera, Luke Bryan. Elizabeth: Shark Fin, Waffle House, Pancake, Kuh, Monogamy, Green Twizzlers, throwing water off a bridge, forever failing at tennis, party bus, your granddad, car rides with Elizabeth, living out of your car, dinner dates, our cute Snapchats, Annabell, P. Hastings, talking money, spiders in my pants. Emily Claire: colored eggs, Copes Camp Mac tshirt, thankful are people talked, the eno, ding dong ditching, dinner dates, beluga whales, SSI ride, environmental, doctor’s appointments. Mary Elizabeth: debit card, ID, one busted flour baby, the river, thunder, all of my broken shoes, softball partners, Sibleyfamous spring break picture, running off your driveway, amish. Missy and Sean: poisonous frogs, meep, forever my favorite couple. Amelia Brown: God made girls, Milledgeville, food stamps, forever your favorite third wheel, cleaning up toilet paper, Agnes, my mud boots, mud bogging, sunshine, Gyro, parking decks, Kate, our workouts, yoga, New Year’s, Thunder, our love for tennis, not going to school, your smart comments, Chris, Alabama, freshman year, monster. Jack K.: zebras, dinner dates, cookies. Tucker Massey: my love, the fort, hot fries, walmart, cookies. Morgan: bus flips, one cracked flip, state party, the Belize bus, dominating elf trivia,  freshman study hall, ice skating professionals, Savannah Alday, drivers education. Alexis A.:  forever my sleeping partner, being queens of the slide. Missy Fuller: being picky eaters, our seat on the Belize bus, party kaseta, spiders. Mary Wilson Avant: UGA 20, frogs, Thunder, always braiding hair. Lucy B.: eating with your family, trippy cat shirt, roll tide, “the picture”, softball state party. Murray:  rita, famous spring break picture, 4peat. Tucker, Andrew P. Jack K.: yeti.

Joseph Slappey

Laney: Where do I start…many more dates at Zaxby’s and FOJ, late night bonfires at the firepit and pre-date jam sessions in the car to Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, all the Twilight movies x50, 3rd period help desk every day, our trip to your favorite place on earth, the Georgia Aquarium (not thSlappyJosephe Atlanta Aquarium), and all of the adventures where I inevitably got us lost, I look forward to many more memories to come, I love you!  Luke: my boots that you have worn many more times than I have, pelt and soccer in the playroom, the Ringer, a game of freeze tag in the front yard, and a few locks of my hair, love you bud. Macaden: my leg braces to help out Forrest Gump, soundproof walls for the darkroom, and the other half of your bar for your letter jacket. Jack E. and Macaden: Post golf match Buffalo’s dinners. Alex C.: “You’re gonna have to do better than that.” Cole G.: bear fights man for salmon, Evan Breen, a caramel cake, and Andersonville. Chandler: S&S chop steak, “Stop sign,” another kicked rabbit, and the paintball team that never was. Spencer and Jacob B.: Thursday morning Waffle House, IKids. Drew: a video of the California Gold Rush. Jake E.: many more games of Pelt, and Guitar. Ames: Jeffrey, Thomas, Glen, and Jimmy.

Tolu Sogade

Emilie: sitting down to take your shower, Frenchie sleepovers/breakfasts, getting your wisdom teeth out, soccer, so healthy, best advice giver. Shelby: soccer, leprechaun dance, Taki, Starbucks, #flawless. Noah: Lu, the week that I swam, tweeting about crunchie munchies, the first person that you drove. Ella: Jumper, French, get on Skype, that guy videoing us dancing, meeting random guys in Paris, Eric Evans, where’s my hug starter pack, maybe if you weren’t in band you’d be popular, de nada, daily pics on my laptop. Drew: old married couple, driving me around all of sophomore year, Zahra ruining our lives, Sadies junior year, Valou is waiting, Stacey and Madison. Laurel: obsessed with High Quality, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, making eye contact in the hallway, sharing mixtapes, waiting to be 16 so we can drive, accidently becomes possessed. Hannah: HannahTolu Montana, Chick-fil-A in study hall, francais, group messages with Daniel, scrolling through tumblr. Zoya: Daniel, debate partners, Alex jumping on your back, afraid of Andrew, watching Maury, you can’t leave the yard Beyonce. Nayah: my brother, the library, queens of the Nile, beauty is in the eye of the beholder his beauty is just not beheld in my eyes, your fingers. Huntley: all our friends graduating last year, winter musicals, making the set changes all by ourselves, snorting to other people, discussing Awkward, finally doing the talent show. Griffin: all the girls including me whose heart melted from the absolute best promposal that ever existed, winter musicals, losing all our friends who graduated last year = insta BFFS, starting a fire and band, playing matchmaker for you, how do you function in society, taking your car for a spin because you’re such a team player, you should wear your glasses more often, gossiping in the piano room, tickets to see you on Broadway. Holland: breakfasts/sleepovers, pinching your cheeks, Alexandre, walking too fast, Sugar, laughing at the flies above our head, eating dinner with your family. Emily Claire: both having a crush on Alexandre, being a diva all the time, the breakfasts/sleepovers, never eating. Aiza and Felton: Smeagol, Stitch, laughing at Felton’s face, our group message. Ashlee: the cute boys on Instagram, being the favorite in Calc, cherry blossom pageant. Ally P.: Miranda Sings, I love you, trip to get golden Oreos, rocking the pajama game. Conner H.: I love you, you’re wonderful, helping with the promposal, running in front of knife boards, becoming friends in the play <3. Katie: KT you’re the best, take me back to Manhattan, keep that indie soft-grunge spirit, that party at Zoya’s, playing guitar, you are literally Stevie Nicks, the batcave. Thomas S.: making it to AP French, listening to the same type of you’ve probably never heard this music, eccentric lifestyles, TS 16 squared twins, crying on the plane. Dylan O. and Robert C.: deelan, 2016 TOC champs, Calen Martin, Lord Ashtar CP go for Security always. Nate: hope you get over your crush once I graduate, it would have never worked between us.

Mary Spivey

Rosalee: the “Spivey” name, it’s your turn, morning drives, jam sessions, Vine, paint sessions, my bed for Netflix, Charlie at night, and other things. Heather: BFFLs since 6th grade, super secret slumber party, one cup of sugar, Haven memories, me cook you watch, you sleeping in the tub, the Boro’ trip (the future ones when you come visit), date nights, volleyball, Gilbert. Mary Cason: my other Mary/half, our freestyle rap sessions in the car, PCB, St. George Island, our tub at spring break, Haven memories, the garage, summer, yours aunt’s pool, Mario Kart, the designated third wheel, when you called me mom. Vannah: the barn, Haven memories, down town, Luke Bryan, Music Midtown, Netflix days, Boo, summertime, pond days, muddin’. Bonnie: we always make each other laugh, the Boro’, roomies for life, Devil’s spray and milk, 4th of July, Milly. Sam: the Haven window, Stanislaus, Halloween, forcing seafood on your family, SSI, Spencer and Grace, Runescape. Maggie T.: my other lil’ sis, fake casts, Sundays at the hospital, SpiveyMarytrampoline, your old house, my brother, Eggo waffles, gingerbread houses, Idle Hour, your pool, the lake house, Nickelodeon play station game, and so much more. Bella and E.C.: our goofing off at practices will be missed, pegging Bella with a ball or punching E.C. for encouragement. Riley G. & Aysha:  my favorite sophomores (besides Roro). VBALL Squad (in general): my family, all of y’all mean the world to me, I couldn’t ask for better teammates, the senior girls: Sarah, Kat, Ans & Heather…all the hotel slumber parties and hilarious bonding times, Heather fell in the tub, shampoo rations, lollipops provided by Marriott, humid rooms, bus rides (and all my stops to pee), twerk, forcing country music, tournaments, nicknames, my number, Sonic, Coach Heather, team sleepovers, and of course…volleyball shorts with cutoffs. Tori: love ya like a sis, singing XMAS carols at Calloway Gardens (and annoying Conner) was the best. Brighten: don’t know what I’m going to do without ya buddy, the Haven, the garage, Spring Break… our talks about everything, the tree with our initials (even if I put 2015…), Idle Hour in middle school. Cooper: Snoop, hail Southern, the Haven and the black light I know you broke lol, Spring Break and the other Mary. Lukas: the game we made up, my lunch food. Jack H.: back scratches, fruit roll-ups, lunchtime. Jonathan: long lunch, being the funniest ones. Conner: that last 8th grade English class, Snowflake, Ke$ha party, five years of being besties, all my working out…bah, Haven after Luke Bryan, the trip to the fair, your number one baseball fan, date nights (usually Mexican), hilarious Vines, and all of the other fun stuff. Class of 2015: Ke$ha, NYE, Halloween, Sadies and the other crazy times we’ve had, best group of people ever.

Andrew Stephens

Nathan P.: an invite to the next bonfire, LBC, a tow hook. Austin H.: the bonfire, Mr. Fletcher’s homeroom, an FPD chick. Jay: ChicDr, the bonfire, an StephensAndrewFPD chick. Cody: LAX. Alex C.: taking Snapchats of me and sending them to you know who, the state shoot. Spencer: the Mercer Quad, a vote for 6th grade rep, “Vote for Spence. He makes the most sense.” Lawson H.: a 2WD jeep, “Feller”, the Renegade. Tommy C.: a new passenger side door, ricers, “TRD.” The Shooting Team: a state championship, Peter Jones, Wonderwall, the Oasis glasses, “the Squad,” LBC, Fred Farr, McLovinnn. Davis: Peter Jones, Goodwill, muddin’, roll coal. Nate J.: Peter Jones, the pheasant hunt, a freakin’ Krieghoff. Judson: oh wait…never mind. Jacob C.: senior year talent show. Jacob B.: Ms. Waters. Emilie: a Hummer, front row tickets and backstage passes to my concerts, that giant Hershey bar from Vegas, Milk Duds, July 1st, and a song. The Football Team: my iPod, cheese balls, defensive tackling drills with Miles, Amir Ahmadi, the best years of my life at Stratford. Madelyn: Skittles, car rides. Sean: an apology for not wearing sunscreen.

Karlyn Suggs

Brannen: screaming, the bathroom and chair, cleaning guns, 6 a.m. duck calls, deer mounts with sombreros. Lindsey: my second home, scary movies, shopping, “I’m going to eat healthy from now on,” FOJ, driving your car, your/my C/Karen, turtles, #1 supporter. Murray: #SMS, Doritos, Gaboo, weird singing, mobile of Murray, Chuck, world peace to match your clothes, chauffeuring you & Linds in the back seat, tree in your blind spot, 1 a.m. trips to Amelia with Dixie Chicks, full tank of gas, Atlanta…?, the all-nighter, 6 a.m. Krispy Kreme, interpretive dancing. Maggie H.: JGD, one-man stunts inside, cheer Vines, hip rotation, the line dance, So Chi roof, abandoned apartments, chatt adventures. Linds, Murr, Marge: 2 a.m. talks with Karen that I didn’t attend, rides, my day ones, all my love. Christina: beebw, grow, O’Charley’s, yardsticks at FPD, AP Chem, Hemanth, horrible jokes, orange Corvettes, chocolate covered strawberries, scorpions. Morgan M.: celebrating UGA, ski trip, equilateral triangles, star of JGD, back-up goalie for a day. Thomas T.: not any Mountain Dew or FIFA, McDonald’s, some more paintings, switching tables, kite flying. Brighten: personal trainer, student sectionSuggsKarlyn cutout of shug. Carey & Pete: trips to DQ<3, Samford recruitments, can I be you?!, my Stratford soccer legacy. Jackson B.: nice Snapchats, im-potence, freshman Sadies pictures, getting in trouble in English. Sydney: 6597 days together, baby pictures, bumps in your ponytail, stunting, Halloween cleanup. Katherine: old couple picture, two chicken sandwiches, revive her, a remote to my lip. Mary Cason: winter wonderland sign, Nick Chubby. Ally P.: Miranda photoshoots, weirdness, tickling your arm. Cooper H.: train tracks, truth or dare. Mary Wilson: MaWi, #UGA20, lilrock, gym dawgs, another year with Mr. Ethridge. Miller: our birthday/Kwanza/Canadian Boxing Day, SB dream team. Chandler: The Book Thief. Ansley: outfits and makeup. Tootle: 2 a.m. venting, Waffle House, Chicky. Tift: half double chin, glitter, ski lessons. Sam: my deal with Brighten. Conner H.: everything Molly, green tea frappe, Ouija board. Cole G.: an apology for slapping you, getting angry in Environmental, skipping into the sunset. Shelby: thug. Huntley: twerking. Bonnie: Bobby, height differences. Alex K.: Prom 2014, booogs, people watching. Joseph: bebe goats, puppies. Virginia Ann: Dirty Guvs car ride. Savannah G.: 10 heads, large pizza, driving the Mercedes. Jack: basketball lessons. Riley: falling on you. Corbitt: work out bud. Bella: kites, being run in to, dynamic duo, icing dates. Ally R.: front desk. Monica: “hey Monica, So this one time..” Luke S.: saving my life from the goat. Nisha: quiet sarcastic comments. Noah C.: toffie. Coach Kate: a burpee for every day you miss me. Varsity Cheer: the sleepover, scarring the juniors, Spencer’s. Band Geeks: the legacy of Molly, new clarinet prodigy. Belizians: the hot shower, Gato & Joshua, the fire. Soccer Team: shave>save, the best teammates I could ask for, keep it real next year, I love y’all. Seniors: the best year ever— Eagle Pride til the day I die.

Mary Elizabeth Wade

Miller: spongebob, Shrek, SOD, old rowe, after, uh, HAY, Hotel California, opossums, Vine, partition, banks, ocean, weagle, spring break, redcoats, tickets, Weezy, hit em, Migos, young man, kards, golf course, tiger love, BMW of Macon, the Boro, 4th of July, Flocka, 4 peat, muffins, shoes, unwanted brands, always being right, burkhalter, goodmorning, KA, Kevin Gates. Missy: Martha Macklemore, Ma’am, Spongebob, HAY, pizza bar, “he did a great job,” modesty, UCLA, metal detector, golf course, sugar we’re goin down, cotton, sigchi, 1975, DARE, Monica, awkwardness, running, on beach, 4th of July, muffins, shoes, poetry, beautiful kids, brands, randomly yelling in public, bullying you in 4th grade, JP, butterfly (think about it). Murray: Murnie, turtles, MJ, ruining you and Jackson’s ship, oh no, I’m single, Barney, moments we only see, oh I c, ok ok, you’ll be in my heart, after, uh, banks, pants, WadeGATA, strawberries, HELP, Elton John, Flocka, 4 peat, donkeys, cartwheels in PE, #brr, cok, ignition, busting your chin, shoes, muffins, China man, bah, Spongebob, parties, 18 years together, brands, Pocahontas, Jordan Belfort, KA, Kevin Gates. McKenna: getting lost, lake trips, failing my driving test, telling same story 10x, Walmart, double piercings, slide ons, Thunder, donkeys, the Eagles & U2, beluga whales, #4, silent lunch, being my pitcher, leg policy, GD, YN, being my bff for many years, roll tide. Drew: Spongebob, Shrek, pretty patties, flurry, hash slinging slasher, our marriage, 441, John Wade, swing, abuse, Jeeps, jumping the fence, tickets, big trucks, yee feller, bread, the south rising again, Georgia (my dog), doodle man, valet parking, boogers, 70’s music, Billy Joel, logical song, under a tree, pike, branding, random ghetto car, horses, parties, grill tops. Avery: twins, car rides from softball, back problems, Jones County, modesty, being tracked and grounded for life, Tech, frog, east bumble, ranting. Tina: late nights at the Wade house, CB, Thunder, “dates” with John. Mary Wilson: UGA, Thunder, frog, dance moves, pool days, your catcher. Jensen: spring break, matching cars, car rides, Walgreens, PB, playlists. Amelia: dirtbikes, Thunder softball, grabbing my arm, homeroom buddies, Auburn trip, dancing. Lucy: rolls, Thunder, 4th grade, Auburn trip, the ride home, boogers. Morgan: UGA, kudzu, punkin and precious, Terrio, Vine, environmental, crabs making cakes, please be joking, the flip, Liz, washing Liz, JP, getting balls in the woods, gum, her, Susan, oh Morgan, seadoos, Coach Wall pics, Spongebob, Shrek themed, laughing at anything you say, having no teeth, ug lee, PCB Thunder. Pete: #2, catching, satellites. Jack K.: Cola, Waffle House dates, the rave. Lawson: three amigos, save a horse, opossums, carpooling, 4th grade, Kevin Gates, dance moves, trip to Natalia’s during depression, weagle, GATA, 18th birthday, being your sister. Maggie H. & Lindsey: dance moves, party bus, being upfront, summer of 8th grade, swimming, parties, party bus, weird voice we do, beach trips, spring break.

Shelby Walker

Emilie: our trips to your lake house, 8th grade when we became besties, dancing and singing in the car even though we both can’t sing, that time you almost locked me out of your car because of the man you saw when we were getting a Redbox movie, that one time in 8th grade when we went to the circus and you stepped on the can and it stuck to your foot, all of our 2 a.m. text messages, countless sleepovers, that one time we threw spaghetti noodles at the wall to check and see if it was done at 3 a.m., TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY! Nayah: “The Book,” being twins and us doing and saying the same thing at the same exact time, me almost slipping and dying on the cardboard in aerobics, golden oreos, the time you ran out of Ms. WalkerShelbyWootan’s office and left me because you heard a noise, Peona, the time me and you and Noah went to Alabama, that one time I was driving behind you and I almost followed you all the way to your house, the one time in Spanish when I had something in my teeth and you and Christina were mortified. Noah: all the times we have jammed out in your car to countless songs, us getting down to songs, parties together, you failing at the “Somebody told me you look like an owl” joke with Mary Carolyn, our love for Britney.Tolu: all the dendrobate’s in the world, the leprechaun dance, yeah me too, and testing our zero to 60. Cody: nah u str8, all of the crazy dubstep songs in the world, destiny, our Humanities class together, that one time Nayah and I came over and she had to leave because she was sneezing so much, that one time you didn’t lose your senior privileges and Emilie, Tolu and I did, that one time we were in Wild Wings and you tried to take a Snapchat of me and the flash went off…and we were in the middle of the room. Magan: my excellent goalie skills, a family size bag of Tostitos (not lime flavored), Co-Captains for life and Tostitos Club. Christina: all the years we have played soccer together, all the times you have screamed “Shelby no!” in soccer games to keep me from making stupid decisions, the one time you fell and I got in trouble for laughing, that one time in Spanish when I had something in my teeth and also the time I was crawling on the ground in the dark and I said I dropped my pencil. Copelan: our chameleon farm and our husky farm, a ton of cookie cakes. Ansley: my snow pantherness. Karlyn: Karolyn Scruggs. The Soccer Team: thank you for an amazing senior year. Playing with all of y’all has been a blessing. I am definitely going to miss all of y’all next year. Soccer practice was where I could go to laugh and have a ton of fun. Team 21 will always have a special place in my heart.

Spencer Williams

Drew: dinners at Idle Hour, Hampton trip, living with you, group texts, and TMO. Austin: dinners at Idle Hour, Olivia and Randy, the megaphone, and group texts. Nathan: intern, your visor, Claire. Alex C.: frat clothes, our walks during break in 9th grade. Jay: that time you had appendicitis in 8th grade. Spencer WilliamsAndrew: a working microphone and Explorers. Avery: basketball and baseball managing, a social life, and Steak ‘n Shake. Mary Wilson: crazy ex’s, Coach Wall, stalkers, and the Williams/Avant/Boswell family. Anna Katherine/Ms. Boswell: the Williams/Avant/Boswell family, crazy neighbors, and Tony Fair. Coach Dickey: your job, a new intern, and Mountain Dew. Coach Smith: “Let’s go.” Coach Wall: secretly taking Snapchats of you. Jacob and Sam: homeroom, Reddit, and dirt. SIB: awkward hands and Capri Suns. Jacob Culclasure: driver’s ed. Jackson: Chemistry and Vine Ingle. Corbitt: college. QT: my basketball abilities. Morgan M.: our marriage, managing, and the Giglio’s. Mr. Loomis: Diamond Dudes. Copelan: American Idol, your love for me in middle school, and Taylor Buendia. James: Mercer games, intern, bus buddies. Tommy: my pass at George Walton. O’Showen: Kempa. Trey and Jon: bench buddies. Griffin: C.R. Joseph: Tuna fish, whippy, and breakfast. Miller: that time we dated in middle school. Cody: Mr. Free. Aysha: Martha Bowman youth. Evans: sacks. Ansley: Literary Magazine at Starbucks. Alexis, Katherine, Nisha, Mary Wilson, and Lindsey: dates to every dance you go to. Sean and Kenji: birthday parties and ice cream gutters. Ramsie, Savannah, and Felton: SALSA. Noah Hill: my sister. Heather: cheese butt, Grandma, daily Snapchats in College Algebra.  

Hannah Wilson

Nisha: when we almost poisoned Griffin, distributing quarters for bowling, that time Mary Kate and I made you cry, freshmen camping trip. Drew: Physiology, learning how to suck up, inappropriate jokes about my family, the three times we dated, Skype Sleepovers. Cody: that one date, multiple photobooths, becoming friends on New Year’s, going to three dances together, pointing fake-finger guns at each other, Super Smash Bros, playing Outlast and throwing the controller, Chandler and Jessie, the Jessie-face, family game nights, planning to go to Kennesaw. Mary Kathryn: womb-mates, Disney, going to like three soccer games, volleyball, forcing me to workout at Idle Hour with you, hair braiding. Mary Kate: Spring Break trips, meeting Pauly Shore, kicking your phone in the pool with the picture, when our siblings dated, the time I hated you in 8th grade, Jesley, the Jessie-face, Supernatural, the giant green frog, Josh and Mr. Parkhurst, One Direction concerts, Liam Payne, The Lincoln Lawyer, paying for everything becauseWilson I’m poor, Rishi Gupta. Noah C.: those times we dated, letting me steal sips of your drinks, bonding over Supernatural, long lunch, your 18th birthday. Tolu: Sharkeisha, study hall together with Johnny and Alex, the straight test, the Frenchies, watching the Ring 2. Griffin: that time Nisha and I almost killed you with old cookies, Physiology secrets, your presence when Nathan and I held hands for the first time. Nathan P.: that time we dated for 8 months, our first date, gummy bear harassment, LARPing. Jacob B.: world cultures, napping buddies, J.A.C.O.B. Sloane: the next four best (worst) years of your life, advice that wasn’t taken, and ugly Snapchats. Marc: Josh the lunchlady, role-playing during lunch, ugly Snapchats, gossip. Ella: Skyping, late night phone calls, Harrison, being 18, erller hurl, ermergerd, always babysitting, the Frenchies, Chick-fil-A, Skype Sleepovers, Zach Hardy, Ecology-camping trips, pretending to beat me up, tickle fights, finally doing the love face, Warped Tour, 18th birthday car ride, giving boy advice, bad front-cam pictures,  laughing while frowning, the journal, “Me, Ella. You, Hannah,” cheerleader, belting out singing, inappropriate double chins. Laurel: Snowyfable, lay444, lurel ferrurray, ermergerd, fanfics, One Direction, club penguin, being scene together, the journal, Rishi Gupta, Josh and Mr. Parkhurst, imitating Ella, the love-face, when we were married, L.I.C., harassing Christian, Warped Tour, Stardoll, finding emo boys. Zoya: stealing the plane in GTA, GTA, always having random people at your house, sleepovers, Hamtaro, making videos, aimandbroadway, zoyzk7, Club penguin,  Neopets, Omegle, being friends because of Teletubbies, the love face, the Journal, Disney World, your 17th birthday, Zoya’s Tips, Wumbo, Chakka handshake, the trampoline, PLL-Mode, two-headed shark, “Do sharks have fins?,” Paradise Fears, Warped Tour. Om: the clarinet section because I don’t trust Carly or Meredith.

Kenji Yoshida


Sachin: tennis team, make em say uhhh, the best parking spot in all of Stratford, roller coaster rides, the ace competition and Extreme table tennis! Mark B.: our state championship title, tennis team. Sean: El Gross and all of her interesting personality, our weird looks that end in smiling while laughing, and the saying of GODZILLA!!! Sarin: running the tennis team, long and bumpy roller coaster rides, tweener battles, and Extreme table tennis! Chandler: undefeated tennis season, making the opponent as mad as possible just to get a laugh on the court. Felton/James M.: all the striker games. Spencer: all the bananas you can eat.





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