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Arya Datta
Arya Datta—sometimes confused for her “twin sister” Rania—is a senior and four-year Gazebo veteran who is leading this year as one of the News Editors. This is her 12th and final year at Stratford, Arya’s best advice for underclassmen is “don’t procrastinate!” Outside of traveling, watching TV, and making Tik Toks in her free time, Arya is active in extracurriculars at Stratford such as Pep Club, Key Club, Girl Talk, ADL, and the tennis team. Her biggest pet peeve is open-mouth chewing, so be careful when eating those delicious chocolate chip FLIK cookies around her. Her favorite movie is “The Purge.’’ She is also a “thrill junkie.” Her bucket list is topped with sky diving, parasailing, bungee jumping, and traveling around the globe.

-Matt Newberry


Arya Datta, News Editor

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Nov 15, 2016
CC discusses affirmative action (Story)
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