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Elizabeth Sellers
Student Leadership Board president, Elizabeth Sellers, is someone who loves everyone at Stratford. This is her second year on the Gazebo, and she is a staff writer. 

She will be graduating this May after 15 years at Stratford. Elizabeth will dearly miss her little sister, Campbell Ann, an eighth-grader, and her friends.

On weekends, she loves to hang out with her friends who prefer to call her Liz. She also loves to watch her favorite T.V. show “The Society” and spend time with her family. 

Elizabeth is involved in SLB, cheer, basketball, track, and Pep Club. Her favorite thing about Stratford is the wonderful FLIK food, specifically the fries and cookies. Her least favorite thing about school is the wifi. 

Next year she will be leaving her favorite underclassmen Shorter McCook, Mack Strickland, and West Kovacs behind.

-Knox Cleveland 

Elizabeth Sellers, Staff Writer

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Elizabeth Sellers