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EmmaJane Canady
EmmaJane Canady is a junior and is in her third year of the Gazebo. She enjoys to watch Netflix on the weekend. Her favorite show is “Friends”. The thing she enjoys most about school is getting to see her friends. Her least favorite thing is the work at school. Some of the nicknames her friends call her are EJ, Germ, and Emu. She has one older brother, Carter Canady, who graduated from Stratford in 2016. She has two dogs, Buddy and Pluto. Her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite FLIK food is the old cookies. EmmaJane’s favorite color is blue. Some of her pet peeves include people biting their nails and people smacking gum. EmmaJane’s advice to younger students is to “do all the activities that you can.” She participates in lacrosse, Pep Club, Key Club, Film Club, Classics Club, and track. If she were to adopt any underclassman she would adopt sophomore, Brandon Firlotte, One of the things on EmmaJane’s bucket list is to visit Italy. 

-- Anna Mincey 

EmmaJane Canady, Presentation Editor

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