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Haley Ellison
You may know sophomore Haley Ellison for her love of all things Stratford, including swim, friends, and FLIK cookies. What you might not know is Haley, loves to sew, and has been a part of the Gazebo staff for two years. She is a staff writer. In her 12 years at Stratford, she has come to realize her biggest pet peeve is chewing ice. She also is invested in JV cheer, Pep Club, and Key Club. Stratford has allowed Haley to enjoy funny moments with her friends, and experience many things. She says that if there is any advice she could give a younger student it would be to do homework and work hard. When Haley is not at Stratford you may find her watching her favorite TV show “The Office” or her favorite movie “Mulan”. Haley has an older sister, Abby Ellison, who is a senior at Stratford. She said  she would like to adopt Athena Leskovich as a little sister. If she had a million dollars she would spend it on a brand new car for herself. Her celebrity crush is Tom Holland. Although it may be hard to believe, Haley doesn’t have any superpowers, but if she did it would be to fly so she could be a complete package: running, walking, swimming, and flying. At home, Haley has one dog, Ginger, and her favorite color is purple.

Haley Ellison, Staff-Writer

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