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Harrison Brown
Harrison Brown is a junior and has been at Stratford for 13 years. This is his first year on the Gazebo. His friends call him Brown. He participates in lacrosse, Key Club and Pep Club. His favorite thing about school is his friends. His least favorite thing is the work. His favorite FLIK food is the barbecue. On the weekends, he enjoys hanging out with friends and watching Georgia and Falcons football even though he said it makes him cry sometimes. He said he laughs at everything. His favorite TV show is “The Office” and his favorite movie is “Dodgeball”. He loves eating wings. Harrison’s favorite color is red. If he won a million dollars he would buy a Tesla and a nice house. Some things on his bucket list include going to Switzerland and other places in Europe. If he could adopt an underclassman it would be, freshman, Carter Tharpe. Advice he would give to any student would be to study hard but have fun. If Harrison had one superpower it would be super strength because he would be able to do anything.

Harrison Brown, Staff Writer

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Harrison Brown