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Miller Cranford
Miller Cranford learned the alphabet in sign language over the summer. Miller is a junior and has been a member of the Stratford Gazebo for three years. This upcoming year, Miller is a feature editor on the staff. Miller has been at Stratford for 13 years and is a part of the Shooting Team, Lacrosse team, Pep Club, Ecology Club, Writing Club, Beta Club, Latin Club, and Film Club. She has a younger sister, Dottie, who is a seventh-grader. Miller's favorite thing about school are the teachers, and her least favorite part is having lunch at 1:05. On her leisure time, Miller enjoys writing, reading, swimming, playing board games, watching movies, hanging out with her friends, listening to podcasts, and learning Italian. Someone who makes her laugh is Sebastian Maniscalco. Her favorite type of food is Italian and she enjoys all dishes. One of her favorite shows is “The Sopranos” and she loves watching the movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” With a million dollars, Miller would generously donate half to Feeding America, showing her caring personality. One thing on her bucket list is to attend the Sundance Film Festival. If Miller could give advice to a younger students it would be to be curious. Her one superpower would be the ability to fly, so she could get a different perspective on things.
--Ben Baxley

Miller Cranford, Co-feature Editor

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