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Olivia Coleman is a sophomore and this is her second year working as a Gazebo staff writer. This is Olivia’s thirteenth year at Stratford. She has one sibling, Josie, who graduated from Stratford in the class of 2019. Olivia’s favorite part of the school day is lunchtime, and she enjoys participating in Cheerleading, Key Club, Spanish Club, French Club, and Pep Club. One thing she dislikes about school is the bad wifi connection. Olivia enjoys hanging out with her friends on the weekends, and she loves to watch How I Met Your Mother and the Harry Potter series. Her favorite FLIK food is the cookies, but her all-time favorite food is sweet potato souffle. One thing Olivia wishes to do in her lifetime is to visit Australia. If she had a superpower, she would want to read minds. 

--Josie Lamb

Olivia Coleman, Staff Writer

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Olivia Coleman