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Sabina Ajjan
Sabina Ajjan —or Sabean, as denominated by her friends— is a junior. This is her fourth year at Stratford and her third year on The Gazebo staff where she operates as a co-editor. She has two sisters: her younger sister Ranya, who is in eighth grade, and her older sister Tarab, who is a junior in college. It is also worth noting that she has a cat named Crystal. She is part of various school activities, including the Swim Team, the Color Guard, and the Math Team. Her favorite thing about school is the excellent, helpful, and kind teachers, whereas her least favorite thing is the stress caused by homework. During her free time, she likes to exercise and play the violin. She enjoys running and relaxing on the weekends since she doesn’t have much time to do so on weekdays. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite food is pretty much anything that has avocado. Her favorite TV show at the moment is the thrilling Netflix original series, “Stranger Things.” Moreover, if she won a million dollars in the lottery, she would save some for college and donate some to charity. Curiously enough, a couple of things on her bucket list includes traveling more and being able to see the Milky Way one day. She has traveled to 12 countries, including Estonia. A piece of advice she would give to a younger student would be: “Try your best at everything and don’t decide not to do or try something just because you think you’re going to be bad at it.” -- Annie Shih


Sabina Ajjan, Co-editor

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