CAMERON WALSH: Theatre kid, hula hoops and ‘most changed’

April 26, 2017

Cameron Walsh was shocked and honored when she was nominated in the Drama category for Golden Eagles earlier this month.

“I did not expect to win because I haven’t taught homeless frogs how to do plays, while the other people at the ceremony had done so many great things,” she said. 

Cameron is very passionate about theatre because it is one of the things in life that brings her joy, especially because she loves to sing. She has participated in numerous plays not only at Stratford but also in the community. Cameron has also played tennis during her time in high school.

Cameron Walsh was also voted the superlative, “Most changed since 9th grade” by her senior class. Although, she was not surprised, she acknowledges how much she has changed throughout high school, for example, she got her braces off and cut her hair.

When leaving for college, Cameron will miss her teachers, Ms. Sylvia Hayne and Dr. Frank Katz tremendously. Reason being, those are the two teachers that have impacted Cameron the most. Cameron also talks about how Ms. Haynie has known her ever since she was a little girl.

When asked about her hidden talents, Cameron responded that she is strangely good at hula hooping and she can do other strange things but she chooses not to tell anyone.

Cameron’s favorite high school memory was when Stratford won the region One-Act competition last year. The play was  Animal Farm, and nobody was expecting to win. The students were shocked, surprised and emotional.

“I looked around and all the people were crying with me and it was like we did this, we worked hard, it was really awesome,” she said.


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