Allie Edwards

Gracen: Gray, Chick-Fil-A, a house in macon, pool floats, La Fiesta, Big Chic, the island, surfboards, beach games, the bunk bed room, Ryan’s tunes, sewage tanks, panama pops, a flashlight, scorpions, walks across the bridge, This Means War, The Proposal, Betty White, NYC food trucks, a love for shopping, a new pair of chacos, upstairs in your house, the dungeon, ttown, volleyball camp, love for your sisters, the end of the lunch table, Ansley’s bed, the mattress, playing with your hair, arm scratches, phones in class, “taking notes”, Arnold Palmer’s, sweet boi, the wellness center, sunsets, tanning, rice with cheese, flavor blasted goldfish, driving too close, Rotel, stn nights, Georgia football games, Athens, cotton candy, Barnes n Noble bathroom, the toilet, Ayyy Ladies, wobble, bridesmaid, best friend in the whole entire world, love you forever Sarah Kate: yoga, lots and lots of oranges, pretty woman, shirley’s subs, wrecking ball, flick lunches, enthusiasm in the mornings, dance moves, stop sk 2k16, hipster, NYC, good hair days, rides to school, cinnamon drinks, tea, bearfoot tavern, golden gurls, tracking friends, dancing on tables, DD, loafers, presents, illegal movies, any $ I haven’t already given you, darling i’m home, most genuine and kind person I know, ily Lily: “working out”, SSI fence, love for max—since no one likes him, the club food, those crackers, a love for volleyball, football cheerleading, someone to catch you when you fall, spring break roomie, bus buddy, raisins, the pizza place, saran wrap, bushes, grilled cheese, s’mores granola bars, a new boyfriend, short hair, susie’s pasta salad, sand dunes Margaret: a trip to the fortune teller, lake trip 2013, grapes, cuties, that time you hit a car in the Dillard’s parking lot, driving you everywhere, snapchat streaks, my mother, a party in your pool house, museum picnics, Ouija boards, procrastination, hottest brothers award, Siegel, Ballerina legs, royal husband or pro golfer, shades, asparagus, my personal trainer, a friend from Highland Park Coleman: bro not a, Fred, forever in the same study hall, Panera lunch dates, broccoli cheddar soup, ouija boards Riley: pool house bathroom, your mom’s chocolate chip pancakes, monkey bread, eating pizza on you kitchen floor at 3 am, perfect siblings, chasing cars, slip n slide, FOJ, volleyball, jimmy john’s, sweet boi, trip to NC, pink drinks Anna Kat: lake trip 2013, freshman yr study hall, apples to apples, almonds, cheer neighbors, that time I drove your car, love for sleeping, white grape juice Jensen: apples to apples, the banana, espanol, Cracker Barrel, peanut m&ms, a quick trip to Zaxbys, a membership at idle hour, Kroger trips from the pool house, long lunch dates, workouts Grace: Forsyth, Ingles, krystal’s corn pups, the Taki waiter that knows you, coke, K down low Sanford Caroline: NCL, spring break freshman yr, heellpp Valentine: the art room pipe, fred, a finished painting, nicest person I know, a new home for Chipper Annabelle: Griffin, the floor Luke: freshman sadies, snow days, Act of Valor, canoe rides, laughing at Gracen, favorite child,spot in our fam, 50 day snapchat streak, 1 dollar Kevin: weekend at your house, new years chats, fruit punch, Emily S: a hoarse voice, Pip, divers ed, Chick-Fil-A bagels, invites by maggie to stn at your house, museum picnics Ames: prom, the cave, moss Wade: Belize project Jonathan S: son Evans: museum picnics Gracie: DQ, a house in macon, the Forest, the rest of cheer season Elizabeth: yoga, rides when SK won’t drive you. Monica: unnecessary homework, the freshman, magnetic globes, ap geo probs, ap art probs, me asking you what my next idea should be, geo partners, braiding my hair Megan: my crappy art skills, taking mod shots in the dark room with the lights off, study halls in the art room, after school in the art room, best friend in another life Tucker and Andrew: six Belize: burrito bags, Justin’s sunburn, snorkeling in cargo pants, whistling, papaya, maggie’s botfly, british people, peanut butter, taking showers Aaron: early morning tunes, ap geo discussions Ashlin: Starbucks, a closet in your car. George: my art folder in front of your locker Steve: Mr. Stecher’s chair, being in charge of the candy Molly Groves and Hadley: impeccable tennis skills, tier 2 forever and always Art: good days, green folders, trying to escape, that one piece we all have, 3 a.m.ers , pack animals, 3 empty tables, 24 completed pieces, a celebratory party, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Jake: my love and visits to Wake since you may or may not be going to college.

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