Ames Jamison

Ames Jamison

Luke: you crashing the mule, Joseph is funnier than you, the broccoli was huge, never catching a fish in your pond, bird hunting in your backyard, hoco 3 in 1, fence in your neighborhood, Belize, being Sarah Kate’s life counselor in 8th grade, dippin dots, “I can’t my family is in town” George: 103 Jennifer drive, matchmaker, cabin porches in Belize, your first scag, “I have two hands”, “US George postal service”, “apple juice”, junior girls, yellow, study hall, zombie, Indian Springs, Houdini, MIA, Jake: The jersey, you and Zane’s fights, going for a dip at your house, Roberta, little creek car rides, plan ABC, “ I can’t, I have to study for next week’s test Aaron: baseball, football, you shadowing me, sober assassin, Johnny V’s, fishing on spring break in Roberta, spearing the fish, catching the dove, Mel, walking to waffle house with Josh, Moe’s is better than barbs Robert: thumbs up, riding bike into pool, arguments about baseball and soccer, “when the bag is bigger than you”, riding in back of Noah’s car to shawn’s, recovery days, Roberta, George’s bedroom Zane: summer 2016, the Nissan, picking up limbs in Roberta, Paula, your house, braves games with Leven, dippin dots, Mel and your cooler, Indian Springs, messing with George, Mrs. Wangerins homeroom, Dr. Dromsky’s class, Roberta, Satilla Loy: Lightning in Roberta, Little Creek, Mario baseball, new years, the hotdog, picking up limbs in Roberta Kevin: your parties, being last ones up on spring break, your dog getting stuck, giving your dog the wrong treat, that one day in Roberta, part of Luke, basketball games Josh: walking to waffle house, shooting the straw, Mrs. Wangerins homeroom, your reasons why you are late to school, baseball, football, vitamin C, sleeping in your bed at Finns party, vine ingle, pizza over Brogen’s Burke: “yeahhhhh”, homeroom, sarcasm, short/fat jokes, going for a dip at football camp, auditorium, study hall last year, your old school, economics Jon Jon: screaming at you during basketball games, “I’ll bring the speaker”, “I got the table”,football, ice cold water, saving you from your chicks, Mimaw Barron Wade: the super bowl, your chick fights, that one night we were undefeated, Blake: baseball, spring break sophomore year, your rants about anything, Miranda, Nathan: pizza over brogen’s, moose, spring break, “why are we going to sleep” Justin: 5 gallons of bug spray in Belize, me killing every bug for you, football, 6 month hamstring injury, “coach what’s your wifi password Crawford: study hall, your garage parties, Noah: Qb1, “IIIIIII quit”, never throwing the ball David: football, senior group message, snapchat stories Coleman: Humanities, English, Environmental, Humanities homework, “word”, the river party you never had, taking my notes for me Gracen: Spanish sophomore year, Box, Box does… Sarah Kate: my childhood, backyard baseball, Mulberry Youth, church, George, Jake, Cooper, Phillip, Thomas, you acting like my mother, Amelia Island, ears, hot tub, “Hey why are you in a bad mood?” Lily: talking to Katie, college visits, annual lake trips, ski trips with the Petersons, Luke and Kevin Annabelle: trash can Trey Giles: baseball, golf cart ride at Sachin’s, Vitamin C, turning 2, middle infield, 6, waddles road, Ingleside, bunting, Gweez, football, never beating trey and Nathan on spring break Jack: Belize trio, the salamander, lunar moth, jungle trek, balcony on spring break, tarantulas, Holocaust, lip tat at Sachin’s Larson: Football, left side defense, shell, backyard basketball Sammy: baseball, football, Gweez, your roasts, dad bod Jake J: kicking/holding, my stellar reputation with all the teachers, jumping in the pool at Cuscowilla, baseball is better than soccer, Caroline: scratch rumor Gracie: half of Junior year Emily: Siegel, Tim Sheridan Nathan Hunt: number 2, football Michael: Idle hour grounds crew, shimmy shuffle Big Boat: 7 th period PE, football Siegel: Emily, football, left side defense, whiff against Wilco, shimmie shingle, the camry, “Out Out”

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