Annabelle Tomlin

Annabelle Tomlin

Tootle: cousin, bestfriend, twin, roomie, tuddle, Farley, tootoolooloofoofoo, Nick Simonetti, “tootle… it’s 7:35,” hot chocolate so hot it’ll burn your gizzard, late night Krystal, KK/DD, “wanna race? I’m not going past 55 though,” salad with chicken for dinner (but then eating another dinner after that), my makeup=your makeup, waiting on the other one to get home before going inside, I was thinkingggg maybe I could…,. sleep with you :), my hair in the morning when I shower right before bed, arm/leg/back/anywhere else scratches every night, when Adam and Eve came in my room, grapefruit, bath bombs, “annabelle maybe I should drive… then we can get there faster,” “Lorlie? The forman?,” Getting caught sneaking back in the window, “dude I don’t have my wallet but I swear I’ll pay you back,” sending each other something funny and hearing the other one laugh from across the hall, and just like that, wolf shirt and cow pants, “you don’t remember what I’m talking about do you,” lamby and moo cow, random trips to Milly, drive by’s, Stephen is the goat, “now we wait.. to live, to die, but mostly to die,” Olivia’s faces on the bachelor, schlump, inspiring truly inspiring, “I’m not answering him,” mama, dada, tuddle, first indoor soccer game, “I’m about to eat every bite of this,” ~levitating~, face masks, always self diagnosing ourselves with diseases, the butt, tattnall baseball games, Callaway gardens, swamp fox, that one drive by…. Valentine: vtine, sweet V, John Morgan, “so Valentine, what’re you and I gonna do tonight!!” “Okay I need to vent,” Driving around waiting for Tootle.. all the time.. vtime, throwing rocks at your window to wake you up, Vampire Diaries, yo my name is Nicholas, Saturday night and I got no plans, Buffalos, X Ambassadors, picking you up for every meal we eat together, late-night Krystal, throwing munchkins at mailboxes, feeling left out when you’re literally in the back seat of the car or in the room next door, having FOMO, “yall, I just want a donut,” almost killing us while passing someone, PJ, Smisson, and the rest of my relatives, when you skipped the yield sign, road trips back from the lake, the same taste in music, that one time we hated each other, “okay, why are we walking so fast?”, litty, your dad’s truck after Homecoming, constantly feeling awkward, “just go straight,” your phone on Halloween, slipping in mud on New Year’s, “no no no please don’t take a nap I’m bored,” “you know who’s really annoying me lately?”, sleepovers basically every weekend Grace: ayo goo, hairy, the foot dancing, mini cheer camp, yeeyahhh, humanities, junior english debate (never forget), GATA, the interrupting phone call…, lamby, sleepover partner, falling asleep with the TV on, when the gate kept closing, when I lost my purse on the beach, spring break drive, corn pup, the Shell gas station with Ben, when my laugh sounded like something else, wearing sunglasses no matter what the weather is, Rihanna, when I ran the wrong way in soccer and you saw, coming over in your pajamas, drinking soy sauce, needing Coke more than oxygen, anyone got some gum or sumfin? Jensen: that was geeewwwwd, late to everything, “wanna go to ______? I’ll pick you up!!” when you used to think I was “intimidating,” bus buddy for all away games, ballin’ Paulin, post Bon Hommes activities, officer pat down, cheer captain, crying on the star, being late after every short lunch, Chick Fil A for every meal of the day, bible studies together last year, Lily: bug, that one time where we hated each other, corner buddies, boogum, juice, ski trip roomies (sorry for knocking you over), analyzing every bit of food you put in your mouth, Homecoming proposal (sorry about that too) Maggie T: Emmy’s friend that got in my face, “does anyone wanna hangout? No? Okay”, Spring Break roomies, the roof of the junior guys’ house, the washing machine too…., “hey, uh, I’m at your house”, when we got your car stuck on the side of the road, searching up and down the road for your jar, Dixie Chicks concert (sorry you missed it), tripping over the rope on the golf course, Glen Mary gate guard, Kat’s party and the blow up mattresses, guest room, Atkins diet, fruit roll ups and ravioli, Hank the Tank, how loud you breathe when you sleep, “yall, I need to go home and take my medicine,” dog sitting, when you basically broke your neck trying to do a back tuck for people in your yard Gracen: my phone on Spring Break… Ole Miss Emma: late night venting, “hey, can we be friends again,”
Caroline Durkee: messing up every single cheer during basketball, drive thru/my driveway with Conner and Charlie, Waniel, late nights at Emily’s Emily S: ooohhhh Emmilllyyyy, spending the night at your house every single weekend, “so Annabelle, on a scale of 1-10 tonight what are you,” arm scratches, most directionally challenged person ever (losing your car downtown)  Carey W: petite, Sunday School bathroom, Gracie H: public speaking, Paula Burke: your many accidental snapchats, hellloooo Burkeyyyy, guess the shirt, 4.8/5, but is it actually real or are our senses failing us? Flipping water bottles, paddy waddy Ames J: trashcan, daily hugs, the finger, corn pup, Spring Break Wade: coming up for a hug but really to take my food  Stephen D: Mei Mei’s barn party, shacker, “you’re my special friend,” community service, the constant need of a hair cut, almost killing me in your dad’s car Jon: schedule buddy, my go-to for college algebra, daily lectures on boys, when in doubt always guess D- my favorite!!! “Yall don’t talk to Annabelle.. she’s in an awful mood,” never knowing what is going on in humanities, warter, genetics. Jamie: 80HD, Skyzone, hide and seek in cars, world history Luke S: mother nugget Kevin: prom, the broken umbrella, your dog having PTSD after getting stuck in the gate Maggie G: shoving tree nuts in my face, Kim workouts, running around the Idle Hour golf course and dying in two seconds, the most selfish human being ever, does not offer food but is the first person to take other people’s food, diseases and genetics, cuties, pimple popping, no doubt hemophiliac, my love for Harry, **when you call me randomly at midnight freaking out about something that is not a big deal whatsoever** Allie: Griffin, Homecoming night, diseases/genetics Evans: sliding into the bushes, running on the golf course at Sierra’s, only other person who feels my pain of borrowing clothes, party buddy Coleman R: nae nae remix, doby, dancing in the kitchen on spring break, “that’s the WORST”, Lucy L: soccer stars, calf game, nail dates, people signing us, jumping in the pool, Emma’s car…Olivia P: bowling broke, with the GOIGE, big bird, cheer camp, graduation party, I hate him I hate him I hate him, getting lost finding Emily’s car, college algebra, Noah: Jesus, Lawd take me, making Dr. Dromsky mad 90% of the time, secure the bag, if you ain’t throwing then get out, nightly FaceTimes, the weird YouTube movie you made us watch, drive by’s…. Tucker: Lucy <33333 I love y’all, nuggettttt, random questions that make Mr. Harrington uncomfortable, you and Andrew’s handshake Andrew: neighbor, Hotty Toddy, constant updates and venting in class,flipping bottles in genetics, “Annabelle, can you do a neighbor a favor and drive me home,” Arby’s drive thru  Trey: “hey pumpky wumpky sugar plum,” always shake the hand. Loy: in economics as seniors, me always being so happy in homeroom, neighbors, always dancing, Sadie Hawkins and almost dying in Zane’s truck, passing each other on the road daily, that one Snapchat filter, the drive to Gracen’s when Valentine almost killed us Sarah Kate: “morning Annabelle!!!!” “Go away”, the only person I know who can dance to absolutely anything, lady Gaga, Anna D: your dad swatting the fly with a napkin, calling and asking you to spend the night at 1 am, world history struggles, lubby, your towel at cheer camp (sorry girly) Maimee: world history, eeeee, BK parking lot, Barbaritos in the car, your printer, neighbor Caroline H: riding around for endless amounts of time, Chick Fil A on Zeb, Wendy Wu da Homecoming Warrior, Exodus roomies, Sam Hunt, your tragic singing that you think is really good, “I’m bored as noodle,” oooouuu, the “collar” you had to wear Jake E: mean to me every single day of the year, THE varsity boys soccer captain, ski trip car ride, New Year’s Eve snuggles Josh D: Sadie Hawkins, parties at Heather’s, being salty 24/7, fights in English class Kitty: hellloooo, daily snapchats of your mom Mimi: wearing sandals on the first day, FPD shirts even though you go to Stratford, turning around on the way to the gym because of you know who… Riley: talks in the bathroom, not having a roommate, spring break last year (thanks)

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