Aysha Roberts

Drake: Being part of the fam, Netflix & DQ dates, our “favorite” girlie, our actual favorite person, eating 24/7, Jack’s grilled cheeses, boy problems, hot boys, deep talks/rants, car jams, that one time in Idle Hour, our streak, sports, New Years, being my center back, all the people we left in 2016, being my bus buddy for bball and soccer, making people angry on purpose, the duo, powderpuff, “don’t forget the leg,” being SISL coaches together, being my long jump buddy, snuggles, California, and last but not least, being my best friend/sister. Jessica: Spontaneous trips to ATL, jams in Chad, sophomores, stealing my friends, broccoli, that 8 week period together, Denson and the jokes, “Shut up Jessica”, being obnoxiously annoying, New Year’s and Halloween, the elephant, being thumbs, our hats, Bearstock and 30 minute religious lectures, Walmart trips, being together almost every weekend, our fanny packs, jamming to Chance, new songs, Steak n’ Shake, downtown. Gracie: Being my gf, that one time you tried to breakup with me, my love, cookies, the famous bookbag, Panera family, Drake. Claire: Junior year Spring Break, El Sombrero, Millidgeville, adventures downtown, One Direction and 5sos, the giraffe, the klan, lake trips, being a lax God, Velvet. Monica: “Babe,” being my dancing buddy, being a princess, salt and vinegar chips, setting, the boat, collages, giving you my food at lunch. Lizzi: Being the youngest with me, junior year spring break, jet ski rides, “scoooop.” Megan: Laughing at almost anything Jules says, being chic, giving you my food at lunch, ice, ~artsy~, Pinterest, AHS, apush, breaking things. Carly: Being my apes buddy, blankets, naps, our matching windbreakers, Andrew, Conner. Jules: Junior year Spring Break, blankets, being a lowkey savage, uncomfortable lunch situations. Kanye’s Clique: Halloween, bunnies, sleepovers, s’mores, Monica’s house, Megan’s dads house, Side Pony, boy problems. Jensen: HSM jams, perfect pictures, card & board games, Maddi, the klan, the blue necklace, Milledgeville. Riley: Being my bus buddy for vball, four years of varsity, the 400, our 4×100 team our freshman year, volleyball trips, that one time at Sonic our freshman year,  “DirtyPenny and ARob”, our favorite coach, being my peer mentor buddy junior year, almost dying in PCB, playing “never have I ever” with Austin and Sydnie, being track stars. Margo: Lake trips, ADD & ADHD, lax, chicky  daddy, our high-pitched yelling, that one time we had cake at Taki, “DADDY”, making fun of Big Boat, our boys, Lx2. Sydnie: That one time we almost died in PCB, Spanish class, volleyball, cookie butter, that foot massager, Hawaii, playing “never have I ever” with Austin and Riley, jeep rides with Fussell. B Squad: SPRANG BREAK, the snapchat group message, bonfires, Music Midtown, Will (too soon?) Basketball Team: REGION CHAMPIONSHIP, cookies, Elite 8, being the only senior. Christian: Leeches, G.O.A.T.D., our streak, messing up and not realizing it. Devin: the comfy chair in Spanish, one on one games, cookies, brownies. Big Boat: Your puppy “lil boat”, being mean to each other, fun stories, HoCo, that one time DQ pretended to be closed, wing night. Nathan: a.k.a my babe Twix, FIFA, my puppies, wing night, baby Dawn and taking care of her, sweet tarts, salt. Jeffrey: Chocolate kisses, making Pete uncomfortable in math, your pickup lines. Griffin: Being my best friend even if you don’t know it. Sarah Kate: “Hey bud”, Spanish class, Moes, always asking “what time do you think it is” at practice, triple chocolate brownies with extra fudge, quesadillas and burritos. Nick: Driving through the neighborhood, drawing on my car, throwing me off the jet ski. Johnny: Breaking phones, Max, the pink heart, our streak, 2:31. Joseph: Girl problems, my sunglasses that have been in your car for months, the sweatshirt, being my savior, Spring Break last year, trips to Atlanta, Spanish class, Jamie, not showing up at school. Tori: T.D.  David: the conversation I forgot from New Year’s, your nickname, pre-k, promm.

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