Claire Rinehart

Claire Rinehart

Jessica: Cosmo the Happy Dog (ching ching), tennis shop visits, Grey Goose, Matty Healy, the sack to my potato, pleazer, steak and shake, chocolate milkshakes, always 2 hours late, eh-ward, the Strat-Grat bus, photoshop, that time you were vine famous, Snapchat, Walmart, Apple Jacks, Lonely Biscuit style, Ryan started the fire, geocaching, Little Five Points, Russian pancakes, the Russian church festival, djworldwide, (pine)apple juice, trips to savannah, the cowgirl picture, denson jokes, that time I left you at kroger, Waho all stars, who took the picture, golf guys, Chick Fil A guys, our Zebulon road book, Walmart rapper, the picture with sam, butter smack cam, breaking Maddi’s headband, Patrick from the Rookery, the drawing of Wade, that ride to Waho, Joseph, the klan, the ride back from Emily’s, the Zach Galifinakis’s speech, international flavor, black hair, jizzy pang, u can have my cat back, a chicken biscuit and a Trumoo, my shoe u ran over, the grotto, sidepony & michael, library books, the Gucci Mane cake, the sandwich in my garage, the empty plate at lunch, Mr. Free’s window, freshman boys, Michael Queliqi Sophomore Chem Class: dead baby jokes, the groupchat Megan: Junior year SH/intern, Clurr & Meegan theme song, Music Midtown x2, 1D, our related cats, Jacob from Taste and See, homeroom, hey i still have your onesie, all the hugs, CAROLINE CALLOWAY, the hope that one day we’ll be living in Cambridge together dating British boys, Emily’s, concert buddy, homeschooled dance, Music Midtown lemonade, the probation office, movie marathons, black girl swag, a broken bed Jensen: the klan, robby escalante, Atilla & Danny, big brother, geocaching, that dance recital fashion show, Freddy Krueger, middle school in general, skyping Nick, fat baby giraffes, that time I hit my head on the ceiling, auction running, kilwins, JBiebz, Versace loafers & bull p, 1107, Said, the grotto, the b&bw display I knocked over Aysha: pizza guy in Milly, the klan, the ride back from Emily’s, 1D, my boots you’ve had for 4 years, ketchup, brothers, SB roomies, geocaching, SBday1, Blac Chyna, who took the picture, Hoco afterparty, golf guys, college next year(;, fitness room bathroom Monica: Music Midtownx2, Brendon Urie, homeroom, Steve, all the music & bands you’ve gotten me hooked on, college algebra, the party in your room, HAHAHAKUR, Cuban Goddess, homeschooled dance, music midtown lemonade, a shorter neck Carly: a women’s studies major, HAIL YALE, nap pictures, Jacob from taste and see, laxlaxlaxlax, Carly’s rager, cody, Evan from the fair, the guy who didn’t call Cathy back, spirit animals, homeschooled dance, a slap from Reid, election night, the probation office, lax trail mix Lizzi: Luke Guillory, PLUR, road trip, junior year spring break, Harvey house, Jessica’s pennyboard(;, heart to hearts, homeschooled dance, Waldrop’s party, that trip to Waho, gyros, Halloween junior year, haunted corn maze, it’s ya boy, the guy on clearance, the roach salad David: flying cheez-its, New Years, macdaddy, milk jug, advice, chicken hat, fake ppl, my “trainer” Rush: getting into a better college than me at 15, Liam Lorenz, Marcus Williams, elaborate lies Jules: junior year Spring Break, the banana snapchat, front row bearstock, Halloween party, 21 savage B Squad: David’s edge and savagery, Music Midtown, memes, Spring Break, senior trip, Boone, Zombeavers, Super bowl, Valentine’s cards, movie marathons, teenagers LOL Cherish: 2 years of spanish, laxlaxlax Tarab: laxlaxlax, checks, joe jonas, starbucks dates, freshman biology, that time I walked in on your date Alyssa: Shalissa, senior trip, Creed, stats/trig, carrot spray tan, burrito, neature, easy mac powder, Mr. Free’s window, Mommy, what am I looking at, jigzone puzzles Walker: HOT!, Daddy, Creed, happy bday Walker, stats/trig, Harambe, redheads, impressions, Mr. Free’s window Trey: best Turkey Ball date ever Joseph: a 4:00 a.m. trip to milly, the New Year’s wreck Kevin: a nice run down Barrington Hall, your Milledgeville doppelgänger Zainab: laxlaxlaxlax, starbucks dates, the zoo Lily: lots of AP Geo!! Kanye’s Clique: “shopping,” Johnny’s pizza, the Suntrust Building, new girl, my birthday candle that wouldn’t shut up, playboy bunnies, Disney Channel movie marathon, sidepony, the cheetah print loveseat at 5sos, sonic, the motorcycle that drove into the building, friendsgiving, broken plates, wolfpack Thomas: Lizzi’s sleepover Maggie Fuchs: trip to Milly, Stratford playground Justin: dat boi Lacrosse Team: book club, a double rainbow, conditioning, Lee Ann, iola, beating mds Matt: Mike Kelley & AP Geo Yearbook Staff: a finished yearbook, opus Finn: the selfie on my phone Andrew: Reinhardt

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