Finn Anderson

Walker Gibbons: A new mailbox and carpet, Top Gear, “AH,” a piece of Bit Candy™, Obama’s War Lion, Creed Fever, Those Thoughts Thomas Thwaite: Thwaite a minute, Sunscreeeen, FIFA, A Cape with “The Redhead Wonder” printed on the back David Matlock: A car, my dad, Guild Wars 2, Pico quotes, Candy Barsh, a family size box of Cheez-Its Justin Griffin: Drumsticks, Malcolm Flex, Dubstep, Protein powder Carly Wanna: A mentally stable boyfriend, Spanish Panic Jessica Gratigny: Photoshop Skillz, Pawn Stars Memedaddy: The Red Army Choir, an accordion, an extra Slav chain, Finn more like gill, Got Em Claire Rinehart: Clurrrr, Nascar Julianna Hightower: A lower tower Lizzi Clayton: Membership at Appalachian Ski Mountain Monica Montalvo: VHS, A portrait of Castro, All of your words that aren’t words Aysha Roberts: Jessica, Right Twix Megan Wimberly: Art, some more art, and a little bit more art Wade Snow: Ranger Dan, Firehose Finn Anna Kat Boswell: The pic of us that is now a meme, the 500 free Maggie Greer: The Mr.Krabs meme, Kelley’s Homeroom JR Gumarin: A hidden blade Tarab Ajjan: A directing job Trey Tharpe: A handshake Zainab Siddiqui: Pink Guy songs Josh Davis: The Greenhouse Preston Brewer: Suh Dude Stephen Durso: Finnderson Son of…. Finnder Jacob Burke: A ship to sail back across the pond with Logan Thomas: Sylvester the Turtle The Class of 2017: Our fragile peace

This is written in no particular order and was done the day this was due, so I did not put much thought into it. So don’t worry if you were not included; I still love you.

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