Grace Adams

Coleman: BDC, I need to throw up but I can’t, Lonely Island jams, Seven Nation Army, 1..2…3… smile, the brutal kick out, Statesboro trips without you, GATA, Hail Southern, seriously needing to reevaluate our lives and the people we are, IDGAFN, BWTF, 4th of July, WITBLMFH, froomies!!!!!, college algebra, putting up with my dramatic self, sooo many memories to come, THE NEXT FOUR YEARS WOO. ILY!!! Maggie G: 6th grade Justin Bieber jams, human party foul, sand dunes in SSI, middle school basketball, phone calls to agree on things, Georgia vs. Tennessee, fights with Tennessee fans, a busted chin on New Years, 124, 1…2…3… smile, being ready for college, dogphotos69, gaggy vine account, never failing to make me laugh, peer mentors, bus partners junior year, being immature with me, digging to China in the sandbox, almost getting into a fight with the car in front of us leaving the fair, I’m gonna miss you so much!!! Please come visit me!!! Tootle: a forever friendship in 1st grade, the mouse and the motorcycle, yellow jeep, MARY ELLEN HEY!!!!, 2nd grade pics, late nights, pink eye, Tim McGraw in 7th grade, TGR, lemon lime Gatorade, selling our eaten chicken nuggets to the yard man, when Mary Ellen heard us talking in the pine room, dd dj, Georgia games, waking you up for medicine in the middle of the night, “hey, Tootle it’s time to get up ya hear let’s go girl let’s go,” running from MH, FTSIO, braves game, laughing at things we shouldn’t, handprint, Warner Robins, never seeing me before you, hiding in the trunk during your deep talk with M, telling each other everything, keeping me alive, always almost hitting hambone, hi im him dance, panthers softball, no matter what you say you’re coming to visit!!! Ily!! Annabelle: SCARY HAIRY, flashlights, WITBLMFH, not making it to dinner, trying to help on Spring Break, when Mary Ellen heard us talking in the pine room, the Snapchat face, Bragg Jam 2015, calling you while you were outside…, Lean Cuisines, what shirt is it, getting shot down in H, she twerkin, LAMBY, your laugh that sounded like something else in the video, patty watty aka Mister Trey, trying to get in that gate to get Maggie, drivebys, junior English, 80HD, trying on Halloween costumes, kickin chicken wrap from buffaloes, excessive dabbing. Get ready for some Oxford visits from me!!! Gracen: the duo, baths on Spring Break, hour long phone calls, party buddy, ice queen, being insanely ready for college, long lunch dates to taki, spring break 2016!!!!, keeping in touch, near death experiences on the way back from long lunch, long talks about how we’re the same, coyote hunters, being my bestie!!! COME VISIT ME NEXT YEAR!!! ILY!!! Lily: trips to Malibu, the cookie you ate that the cat sat on, long lunch dates, teaching at the soccer game sophomore year, Halloween twins, running up to you on the beach, the last night of spring break, left corner, our raps, SSI sand dunes, taki rice and splash, falling asleep at the rodeo. ILY!!! Valentine: Nana, Buffaloes sweet bourbon barbecue chicken tenders, paying you $20 on spring break for nothing, your dancing on Spring Break, WITBLMFH, Spring Break 2016, being a mermaid, grad party sophomore year hahahaha, Mr. John, Friendsgiving. Since you’re ditching me for Georgia College, you must come visit!!! Ily!! Maggie T: Matching Reese’s tank tops at the rodeo, 2nd grade surgeons hahaha, lake trips, your love for Jackson Hendry in 4th grade, panthers softball, Statesboro trips, almost leaving me in Statesboro that one time, Fergie, your pig (I forgot its name), being the most straight up person I know, pink highlights, porta G, getting us home in an hour, super speeders, Dixie Chicks, the next four years, Mrs. Vonda, yelling at Hank, calling me out for anything I do, you can’t get rid of me just yet!!! These next four years will be awesome. LOVE YOU!!! Allie: Maggie telling you to stop embarrassing yourself, Krystal corn pups!!!! I don’t care how far away we are, we will see each other next year!! Ily!!! Anna Kat: ratchet, ratchet trips to Frederica, so many tennis trips, helping Burke pass college, laughing at each other without saying a word, the sand dunes in SSI, Spring Break 2016, being the smartest one in our friend group, making over a 1400 on the SAT (same girly!!!). Riley: always letting our friend group crash at your house, me you Lily and Gracen cooking dinner, slip n slide day. Sarah Kate: grandma!!, being the actual worst, dancing all the time, Howard, crying at the Valentines Dance, Drummer the horse, spring break 2016, the dock, having beautiful vocal chords, the definition of extra. Genuinely gonna miss you so much!! I love you loads, so please come see me!!! Mimi: coming to Stratford!!, Senior English, yearbook!!, never having your phone lol. Jensen: Sophomore year cheerleading, yearbook, dj juju, you and Said (lololol). Kevin: ditching as Sadie Hawkins date, 13 year old brothers, APES, triangles, Genie. Caroline Durkee: “Let’s go Stratford!!!!”, standing beside me at cheer, always going up a row and leaving me lonely at cheer, being violent. If you don’t come see me next year I will be heartbroken, so come visit!! Ily!!! Emily Sheridan: “I just threw up in my mouth”, B-team Cheerleading, Rush, your Samsung phone, having to use your samsung phone when we dropped you, come to the boro and see me and Coleman!!! Carey Woodcock: The party at your house that almost lasted an hour, literally always making me laugh, COME AND SEE ME NEXT YEAR AT YOUR FUTURE HOME!!! Ily!!! Lucy Lee: crying with me at every cheerleading senior event!! Love you!!!! Gracie Holliman: literally picking up dances faster than anyone, the face, come visit me!!!! Evans McCook: Macon Noise, losing every single tennis match during state tennis, the tennis top that was a little too tight, 30 minutes late to practice because Sonic, Grandchief, hating myself for the grace jump, I’m  gonna miss you next year!!! Come see me!! Ily!!! Trey Giles: drawing abilities, $20 in your mailbox, that time me and Tootle laughed at your dog, not being in LSC but really being in LSC Noah Hill: Oreotown, being in the same homeroom for forever, 2nd grade best friends!!! Lora Kate: ONE DUBBS, Bleckley County girls, getting heated at tennis, College Algebra, getting roasted in College Algebra, six, nine, the clean version of “Bad and Boujee” (10/10 would recommend), visiting Mollye next year, DC, Samuel, Lo2Skittles, always cracking me up at tennis, BURSTERS BABY, almost winning state, trying to fall down a mountain, anxiety attacks, Papa and his vape tricks. You better come see me!! If not I’ll come see you when I go to see my Papa lol. ILY!!!! Josie Lamb: enough cat shirts to last you a lifetime, sitting through family events together, walking around money, beach trips with Papa, Memaw, I’m kidnapping you once and making you come visit me!! Otherwise I’ll save you from family time when I come back home!! Love you cuz!!! Mom and Jeff: being at school with y’all for my whole life, being my two role models, for giving me everything I don’t deserve and more. I’m gonna miss yall so much!! I love you both more than words!! Burke: Literally the reason why you’re passing Senior English, Humanities, is this even a real senior will, do we really exist??, Hail Southern!!! Mrs. Hayslip: being the reason I made it through from staying on top of me about getting my work done, being like another parent figure to us, pushing us to do our best and always having our backs. You’re the best and I’m gonna miss you so much!! 7th period College Algebra: driving Mr. Stecher insane, 69, Lora Kate’s urban dictionary, daily roasts, never getting those 20 points on the midterm. Dr. Dromsky: being my favorite teacher in just a short amount of time, helping me be successful, genuinely caring for us, being the BEST. Thanks so much for all you do and how you make everything so fun!! I’m gonna miss you so much!!!!

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