Jensen Bowden

Jensen Bowden

Lily: crab walking demons in the ceiling, eatalotexia, pom stunting, your portable drum, coolers/movies on the bus, intern with Griff, teaching the junior girls dance, the second grade girls dance, secret keepers, trapped in the cheer closet, stressful trips to the Walmart bathroom, my queen blowup mattress, late night Krystal, hating each other in middle school, christmas music, the pink sheep nightgowns, hoco after party lol, rescuing you from the golf course, germophobia, grilled cheese in a pot. Valentine: crab walking demons in the ceiling, eating on the same side of the booth, nana, Buffaloes, scary movies, being my sister wife, Mrs. spillers, Disney jams playlist, the lab room, Daniel, chewing ice, large ranch extra saucy with a Dr. Pepper, you trying to get me to watch your Netflix shows, jensentine, Dr. Dromsky, Nana and Dude’s anniversary videos, rip Samuel, and my humanities tally. Maggie G.: being the pole girls, junior year apes, studying at Starbucks, all night FaceTime calls, ady, the hip hop dance, bruises and your skin disorder, sneaking out of the pool house to get ice cream, temporary Monday workouts lol, mutual love for the tanning bed, and the weagles sign in the middle school locker room. Tootle: co-captainship, running out of cheers to call EVERY SINGLE GAME, love for ksol, ulgh, earlobes, the glitter glue on Aunt Dawn’s pillow, fighting with Mrs. Todd, the bugs in the mirror room lights, cheer is life!, awkward homeroom freshman and sophomore year, making each other yell louder, football players in cheerleading uniforms, the FPD game ball, making dances, peach game and kiwi, miniman, making tags at the last second, crying, coke icees, and the stain on the carpet. Grace: Juleen, that time we had to make the slideshow, the “stain” on your shirt at the yearbook assembly, co captainship sophomore year, Von Dwingelo, doing everyone’s pages for them, DJ juju. Sarah Kate: when you dated Jack Renfroe for a day, going to Barnesville, listening to 40’s music, just Macon things, skyzone, Twilight marathons, Robert Pattinson, driving privileges. Coleman: avoiding boys at Moon Taxi, CSD, awkward homeroom freshman and sophomore year, basically being a cheerleader, Hoco car ride group, the morning after the farm, Sweeney, dying on NYE. Annabelle: rip froomies, ulgh, your wolf shirt, going to Zaxby’s, when Dr. Stewart had a crush on you, algebra 2, asking to Sadie Hawkins in September, bus buddy, my mom, cutie pie, Bill, when I was scared of you, officer pat down, going out the in, asparagus, getting your eyebrows waxed, overflowing the sink, that was goooood, the spray tan booth, phone flashlight, girth, short lunch, your Mr. Brown fix, the burrito in your car, and many many trips to the Eagles Nest. Cheer Squad: I’m sorry for all the times I was mean or yelled at y’all. I love all of you with everything I’ve got, and it breaks my heart to pieces that I’ll never cheer with y’all again. Juniors, I hope you never take anything for granted because senior year went by so fast, and I would give anything in the world to be able to be down on the track cheering on the Eagles one more time. Go out there and get that nanner this year and make me proud. I love y’all and go eags <3 George: Hoco dates 2k16, calling you joige, english, when you died after Sadie Hawkins, and our long streak. Burke: that time I tried to get Kat to break up with you, physics, your occasional British accent, linking arms on the way to class, Jansan!!!!, Von Dwingelo, making me mad, ice chewing, triangles, your juice, the bb, parenting the school puppy, final destination, diets, McAlister’s, emergencies at Tutti Frutti, and lots of sass. Loy: (almost) being my Sadie Hawkins date freshman and sophomore year, switching your part, your first coke icee, long talks, sage, MDS girls, calming your temper, my roommate, the cast party, and getting you a water from the BK drive through. Genie: always willing to talk to me, that time sophomore year, jessica’s annoying comments, saving you after sadie hawkins, failing pre calc tests, taking the best pictures together, clue and apples to apples in freshman study hall, your “list”, and never getting pancakes on national pancake day. Ames: the handshake, four years of english together, cans in my fire pit, you’re literally the worst, what’s on ur neck?, NYE, best hair in the grade, when you gave me a concussion, and catching you behind a trash can. Physics: that time my bottle rocket went highest, Kevin’s house, Abigail, the transfer, your mom, Mrs. Spillers, when Sarah and Burke got in trouble, hangman, center of mass projects and Sarah’s mini piñata, and roasting Brannen. Jon: being my brother, after football game pictures, being the best secret cheerleader, fam dinners, beach trips, game day cupcakes, driving our parents. Hannah: letting me tell you everything, signing in late, always going to Chick Fil A, going out the in, your Sadies dress, buying Sriracha, always letting my copy homework, Coop problems, study hall, Dr. Dromsky’s room, the bee movie, cooking shows, cracking your phone screen, never going to workout, Davis’ beard, freezing at baseball napping on Coach Bridges’ floor and the woat. Blake: My humanities tally, homeroom with Mrs. Spillers, giving me gum, Mr. Ethridge’s shirts, and algebra 2. Riley: the pilots license, Jensy-poo and Riley-poo, bombing pre-cal tests, doing nothing in English, stn in the basement, the pit 2k15, breakfast by Mary Ellen. Sarah: chewing/sharing ice, you always knowing my birthday, watching Burke harass you, middle school dance playlist, your baby piñata, intern, crying, Abigail’s “sitter”, day care, and KSU(P.S. Please don’t lose your eagle pride I love you, and I hope you have an amazing senior year) Gracen: always getting my most likes on insta, brushing my teeth, Kroger at 2 AM, dropping you off at your “friend’s” house, that time you took us to “fairway drive,” math freshman year with mama bos, and you making up your own cheers. Allie: knocking over the bench at Hoco, study hall with Coach Bridges, leaving the pool house to get ice cream, grilled cheeses at Lily’s, getting caught going out the in, Idle Hour members, peanut m&m’s and chex mix, apples to apples and clue, and Kevin’s list. Kat: walking to class between you and Burke, making the FPD basketball sign, the water bottles in your car, millions of twin pics, christmas socks, turn up for christmas, turn up for stumps, Sour Patch Kids, and lots and lots of fishiessss. Mimi: yearbook, people trying to fight you, spending the night after halloween, satan, humanities, beef with Dr. Dromsky, and getting in fights with FPD people. Wade: long texts and phone calls, Emma, Young Life, biting, homeroom, and the picture you drew me for my birthday. Aaron: pictures on USA day, yearbook junior year, your paper clip tree, playing music everywhere you go, always calling me Jenny, and when you and Emma dated. Aysha: helping with boy problems, taking the BEST pictures, my side, shut up Jessica, when neither of us got a jeep, sleeping at Claire’s house, sonic slushies and my blood in Walmart’s fabric section, Mrs. Gumbart’s class, personal pizzas, and mac and cheese balls with cheese cake. Jessica: Kevin and Jensen round 3, flamingos, Denson, secret keepers, when we found that diary lol, chocolate wrappers, bushmen, interrupting important conversations, polar bears, Spanish, Sonic slushies and my blood in Walmart’s fabric section, giraffing, ted talks, Carter Uren, elbow touching, wagon wheels, soft smiling, DS selfies, Edward, and keying my car. Claire: Versace loafers, when I was in love with Eion, christmas dance freshman year, too many sleepovers at your house, E-dawg, creating the nickname “Al-Dawg”, meeting Gabe at the MDS game, when you dated Lawson, Sonic slushies and my blood in Walmart’s fabric section, Mrs. Gumbart’s class, a million Spring Breaks, Rae Sremmurd, Robby Escalante, hook and release, Jamin and Big Bird, Maddi’s dog, and Callaway Gardens.

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