Jessica Gratigny

Claire: my best friend, always being the last ones awake, a Side Pony visit, your chocolate wrapper, Sadie, a ton of future Milly visits, embarrassing middle school pictures, Lawson, Justin, a side mirror, my art, Nascar, that time you stabbed me in the throat, a shoe, getting pulled over, The 1975, RKS, The Lonely Biscuits, P!TD, etc., the things Alan says, Savannah trips, Waffle House, Agape, the grotto, idle hour, hotel golf boys Aysha: my best friend, Chance the Rapper, every awkward situation ever, “ding dong” ditching on multiple occasions, food, Moe’s, an unbreakable phone, a ton of future Milly visits, a Work out bathroom, car rides in Chad, religious talks at Bearstock, getting pulled over, Ridge, pizza guy, 8 weeks, you sleeping through EVERYTHING, The Jokhai Brothers, ketchup, sophomores Samuel: my love, my favorite brother, $50, Harambe, Liza, Monica, my amazing tennis skills (since you’ll need them) Mark: “sadness”, homecoming, messing with Sahan, Linerd Skinerd and Pink! Floydd, The Office, The Teagles, Father of the Teagles, Checkers Empowerment Jenny Belle: the best doubles partner I could ever have, dream team, getting our handshake right, a Brookstone win Joseph: propylene glycol, middle of the night trips, driving Chad, that time you drove into Jaime’s truck, that time I almost scratched your window, btw I still use your pandora, a Shia LaBeouf movie, other things Zainab: all of middle school, that time the world ended, Mrs.Hanberry, Music Midtown, Abs, JZ Jewelry, Shawn, that time I slipped in mud in your Sperrys, fish sticks, burrito man Jensen: our hedgehog child, chocolate wrappers, fluffypal101, Webkinz, Kim K, you’re a cat, puns, Vine, 8 ball pool, bushmen, Netflix, feet, Kevin, polar bears, your north face jacket I never gave you back in 8th grade, the family plan, the klan, Ethan? Alyssa O: Shalissa, that snapchat to Zane, Mr.Free, Guatemala, chicken minis, making your boyfriend feel awkward, senior trip Hannah G: making your boyfriend feel awkward, you punching me in the arm, inappropriate jokes Carly: Will, Carsica The Band, band, your brother’s butt, party ditchers, young republican supporters, a trip to the zoo, Shia LaBeouf, Johnny’s Megan: Reid, Savannah, the “cult” (agape), tennis, art, acting like we’re 12 (because we are), Spencer, party ditchers, Emily’s Lizzi: some fries, Eskimo sisters!, dream team since 6th grade, cucharas, hotel golf guys, my penny board Monica: you’re actually Mexican, Bianca, art, Samuel, Kevin Jules: Mom, Mr. Fred, the art room, never being able to finish anything David M: Frat David, a card, me beating you, ~edgy~ Walker: Mr. Free, Daddy, memes, trying to annoy you, Harambe, fights with Mr. Free Swaglinsky: the video, eastern european heritage Finn: Prom, Captain Thomas: Red Head Wonder Justin: Claire Johnny: Nationals at Disney, voicemails, public speaking, Aysha Tyler: Public speaking, relationship discussions, video journalism, Johnny and Emily, a photoshop Will F: boyfriend, BBT Nick J: driving my car, Aysha, a slap in the face Sahan: always breaking our streak, volleys, 6-2, Carly, Samuel Eliza: Pincher, Florence, Marco Daniel: a team room Tejas: the cure to Cancer, better phone service Carter: a deer, my boyfriend, Clark, Margret David: Lucy, a necklace Liza: Samuel, a learners permit Lucy: David Greg: spin shots like no other, aux, the trap bus, Marco Lora Kate: Robert DeLong, necklaces, freshmen boys, Will Fackler, Marco Om: an exhibition match Grace A and Kat: ratchness Alyssa F: instant Layne: Sasha Tarab: best picture, puns, burrito man, flower crown lady Riley D: sleeping on a hill at Music Midtown, being lifted over a fence in front of a full crowd Maggie F: Jaime, Wendy’s, tennis, Coach Ramsey, Kathy Jeffery: the Moe’s bathroom, Reid Gracie C: Zac Efron, the T, Disney Grace D: photo shoots Shawn S: chess club, Zainab Cameron: you hitting me in the head with your racket in middle school Hannah L: Ethan, Gabe’s snapchats Gracie Bell: that time you spit in my face, wifey status Nick D: Russian church Ames: *puts up hand* Got em. Kevin: Jensen Wade: a broken fence and punched mail box Trey T: Afroman, Supa Hot Fire, almost Monica Maggie G: the Napoleon to my Pedro Alyssa and Alexus: middle school after school Band: Splash Mountain Class of 17: Dr. Stewart Mr. Free: my favorite teacher, my art, a class trip to Guatemala Last Stats and Trig class: one last look out the window The Art Room: Mr. Fred’s legacy

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