Josh Davis

Josh Davis

Aaron Arnold​: 3 more fish, 2014 baseball team, flow, a new shoulder, every nickname I have, King and Prince 2015, squid, dingers, Kent Murphy and JD McCoy. Jacob Burke:​ a green card, overly offensive and personal jokes, mariachi band, pregame smoothy sophomore year, Mexican people, Luke Ford’s car, the AKE, Lardicus, chick-fil-a uniform, new closet from pushing Jud through it, cleaning supplies for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight party and Mr. William Evans Nathan Dillard​: the bunker, greenhouse shenanigans, long lunch, a new camera roll, the Obamas, Friday, a gatorade bottle, ACE hardware, mouthpiece and a hammer Jake Edwards​: a sheep, Candy Island, a bush, Moon Taxi pregame and concert Justin Griffin​: LBsquad, pregame jam sessions, freaking out, insects and the steam room Blake Hendley​: packin, the South, Ryan Begyn, cops, baseball and complaining Noah Hill​: 5, knee jokes, an offensive line, Michael Vick, Lebron James, 8th grade trophy, the walls, a wedding ring for Kirstin, Trent, Darrel, BOP, QB1, El Som, Mips, quarterblack, airsoft, Alabama football with Brent Musberger, Friday night lights and playing with a cast Ames Jamison​: vitamin C, the infield, packin, BOP, no look pass, St. Simon’s pizza, spaz attacks after getting out (both of us), anger management classes (for Burke, you and myself) and river days Kevin McGean​: a stretcher, ambulance and new drivers ed car Loy​: a treasure CHEST and spring practice Freshman year Luke Slappey​: LBSquad Wade Snow​: Tinsley, Dimitrius, another dent in your car, my hatred for the Rockets, 2k, making fun of Trevitt, Georgia Dome, Tackle for a loss, intensity in the student sections, fighting, birds for Mount De Sales, the original squad and Roger’s old house Robert Stone​: Asheville Mountains, a new pregame buddy, early morning soccer games (which I still don’t know how you get up so early sometimes haha), the RAV4, Saturdays, Roger’s old house, Luke Ford, Octavious, Fifa, gas money for all the rides you gave me before I could drive and you know what in front of you know who’s house Tootle​: arguments where you take Noah’s side no matter what, a prom date on time, road trip to Athens, Trey, a trolley and a roadblock Grace Adams​: incredibly explicit music on the aux, the face and Coleman’s sense of humor Mimi Davis​: cousin (jokes) and somebody to make fun of you Lily Howe​: Hoco 2016, middle school romance and moon taxi pregame disaster with Annabelle by the printer. Alyssa Orona​: throwback to September, Snapchat, and telling people (which I didn’t) Coleman Rozier​: the face, the lips, Sadies freshman year, weird noises, vulgar language, Safi, and a new playlist for break lol Annabelle Tomlin​: Zane, College Algebra, that squealing noise and New Jersey Emma and Waldon: ​The Davis Legacy= be great cuzzies Trey and Charlie: Vitamin C, 3rd base, Henley, Muse, foss, the river, and too many memories to list The Entire BOP (Birds of Prey): ​Eagle Pride; thanks for being like a second family to me! To anyone I forgot because I was sick of typing: Thanks for the memories, and I wish you the best!

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