Luke Slappey

Luke Slappey

Ames: O Squad, Roberta Trips, 1st grade, SPRING BREAK 2k16, Josh’s newbies, Burrito Bag, Holding it in for 30 min, waking up in a pool, BK, Steaming, Road trip to Gracen’s, “can you go get your mom”, “hi my name is Thomas, what’s your name?”, “hi Lynn’s boyfriend, hi not Lynn”- Glenn chirvin, “the broccoli was ginormous,” boobsie, Eskimo, Joseph’s jokes, killing tarantulas, Dippin’ Dots. Jake: O Squad, high-pitched voice, Lake Burton trips, “I’ll have a salad and some lime jello,” olives, sister jokes, back 4, Roberta trips, Belize 2k16, Macal River, SPRING BREAK 2k16, Eskimo, gravestone, Sarah Kate and 89 Hershey’s kisses, Athens trips, hotline. Robert: O Squad, Roberta trips, Rob, back 4, Athens trips, biker, sleeping anywhere, pretzels and peanut butter, Spanish class, fsu visit, cope, Spring Break 2k16, putting Nate to bed, FIFA struggles, El Oso, the news, the rav. George: O Squad, O Nights, Roberta trips, ROF, Eskimo, Belize 2k16, killing tarantulas, SMITE, junior girls, suarate, ammonium, reds, sausage croissant, SPRING BREAK 2k16, the rav. Kevin: O Squad, Roberta, SMITE, Lily, looking for socks (the cat), Eskimo, Spanish class, SPRING BREAK 2k16,Charles Jr., back 4, Athens trips, Rebecca Maintski, armadillo. Aaron: O Squad: Roberta trips, fishing, SAB, baseball, assassin, frick you, the Ford, Spring Break 2k16. Loy: O Squad, Roberta, Little Creek, long jump championship, dancing, pond cabin, tepee, Yol, lanyard, the hoe, turtle team, long boarding, El Oso. Zane: O Squad, Roberta, ROF, piglet, turtle team, grilled cheeses, Paula, SPRING BREAK 2k16, leaving ames, running, Zanabelle, Jon bellion, corndog nips, soccer games, Eskimo, Ames’s Dippin’ Dots, El Oso. Wade: SPRING BREAK 2k16, biology study sessions, skiing, oatmeal, banana suit,  Henderson Hurdle. Nathan: Dilldog, SPRING BREAK 2k16, crying, the hospital, soccer, hot sauce, moose, heather. Burke: painting at home, yeah, was it really, his British accent, messing with SK, showing us your bruised “arm”. Allie: SAT review session, movie time, 90210, Lake Burton trips, Sadie Hawkins, Act of Valor. Gracen: Cfa, long phone calls, G, Sadie hawkins, laughing at you, Ames, a cup, act of valor. Lily: Exodus, being a diva, Belize 2k16, Sadie Hawkins, Valentine’s Jeep, Macal River, the silent treatment, mean jokes, Homecoming 2k16, 1 of 3. Coleman: dinner dates, Turkey Ball!!!, relationship chats, Exodus, our jokes, pizza. Maggie: your dead parakeets :(, always trying to be the center of attention, being the pres. Sarah Kate: long phone calls about Phillip, acting like you go hard, eating everything, terrible dancing, Joseph Webb. Riley: 2 in my pocket,  AP Bio, better older siblings. Monica: Belize 2k16, 1 of 3, Capitan, Macal river. Jake Jamison: arguing with ames, soccer, mini baseball, beating you in FIFA every time. Emma: Red Hot Chili pepper tickets, being mad at me, Jake Jamison, your mom’s Snapchats, not supporting your brother. Caroline: wolverine claw. Lucy: ROF, Zane’s laundry room, Mr. Jay, Satilla. Gracie: ROF, ROF activities, Satilla

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