Megan Wimberly

Megan Wimberly

Carly: Osama Bin Bunny, Indians in the cupboard, Boone pies, Rapture, Creature, All the time we spent together (aka 90% of the past 4 years), S’mores, Cody, car wrecks, Carol’s hatred for me, Panic, OG squad Monica: ap art problems, Citizenship, Weekly obsessions, My heart, S’mores, My fashion sense, Pinterest, Starbucks, salt and vinegar chips, Panic, Nickelback, OG squad David: bear hugs, braces, Senior GroupMe roasts, skiing fails in boone, turtle face, OG squad Justin: the weirdest memes I’ve ever seen, ripped pants, making me uncomfortable or annoyed every day ever, OG squad, high fives Maggie: Latin, AP art problems, Allie: AP art problems Walker: bear hugs, 6th period spanish, Tattoos, OG study hall squad, Brotein, HOT Andrew: ew Jessica: maple leaves, SCAD dreams, “Hey” *strange noise*, braces, That tennis grind, AP art problems Claire: Harry styles, study hall junior year, Clurr and Meegan theme song, head nods Aysha: Niall, all the unhealthy food in the world, love for Queen B, S’mores, sassiness Lizzi: dolphin snake, dead baby jokes, sexual comments at lunch, S’mores, cuddles, that phone call that made us realize we are more alike than we thought, Panic, OG Squad Sarah kate: Carly Jules: cookies, OCD, the best guild ever, S’mores, awkwardness at lunch Cameron: love for makeup, the best tennis doubles team ever, Finn: an alarm clock, Harry Potter scar to match your glasses Thomas: hatred Kevin: “shut up, Megan” Jake: the best guild ever

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