Nathan Dillard

Josh Davis​: the bunker, Pansy, greenhouse, Demetrious, numerous drives through every part of Macon, Xavier, Uncle Buckets, playing 2k and NCAA football, sad violin, study sesh for exams, Sis tats, and our endless bro moments. Wade Snow:​ a pack of Rotos, the first night I met you at Roger’s, Rise Up, Traphouse 3, the knockout at practice, peach?, and awesome friendship. Kevin McGean​: the never forgetful 10th grade SB, God Bless the USA, 4 year soccer bro, and Childish Gambino’s The Worst. Trey Tharpe​: spending the night, 2k God, Champagne Supernova, Splash Bro, and the pep talk that you gave yourself. Luke Slappey​: 4 year soccer bro, Dill sauce, El Capitan, our trip to Athens, and countless bro moments. Robert Stone​: the Athens trip, bumping to Thugger, Threeeeeeee, 4 year soccer bro, and being a savior. Jake Edwards​: 4 year soccer bro, El Capitan, our jersey fight, mudding with T Nash, God Bless the USA, pregame naps, and our love for Africa by Toto. George Dunwoody​: Beyonson, Dragoooooonnn, Zaxby’s by Migos, and our endless soccer moments. Karma​: catnip Zane Holliman​: Double Bogey, my love for Paula, All Time Low, fight night in South Carolina, dude do you play soccer?, and Zlatan vids. Loy Sheridan​: Chest, being able to dance to any song, and our love for rap. Ames Jamison​: Pizza over Brogens anyday, God Bless the USA, our trip to Athens, Double Bogey, and our one year of football together. Aaron Arnold​: the best handshake in the history of handshakes, Roll Tide, God Bless the USA, and our one year of football. Jacob Burke​: my missing trail mix, our cruises in the Veloster, the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, and my one year of football with you. Justin Griffin​: Thad, wrecking me in football, getting swole, and the Goathouse. David Matlock​: hearing you dad scream during our basketball games, roasting the senior GroupMe, tossing weight, and our one year of football together. Russell Mole​: the sleepover, infamous Rex, and dancing. Jaylan Hughes​: dancing, sleeping in class, and playing football one year. Trey Giles​: 4th of July, YL, Leigh Parker, and Windy Gap. Charlie Giles​: Chuck, 4th of July, our trip to Parker’s, and basically being my little brother.

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