Noah Hill

Josh Davis: Family For Life Nuff said, “My knee,” Mini Hoop, Ding dong ditches, El Som, drivers ed, That one time you played DB in 7th grade, 8th grade football, the clutchness of the 8th grade championship, Kickoff team, 2k battles, playing football with my cast on, airsoft, KG, Lebron ring jokes, GA Southwestern Roundball RoundUp, Watch the Throne Album,Snapbacks, Wings by Macklemore…. “This air bubble right here”, Heather, RIP Sadie, Rip Sissy, The greenhouse,The rings we never won, Thanksgiving Bonfire. Robert Stone: 10th Grade rides in the Rav, Barging in at the wrong time, Tink, White Gurl Run, Our paper football making business in 3rd Grade, Brad and Jane. Sanford Caroline: Our Bestfriendship,Chicken Tenders and Fries, Haunted Montrose, Krystal, Actually calling you Sanford, FaceTime talks, Emergency Waffle House,homework, humanities, Football Friday Nights,QB1 and Cheer Captain, English with Mrs. Dromsky, short lunch, Dr. Stu, Juju on that beat, Remember that one time, IVP.  Annabelle Tomlin: The North Macon Night Rides, Remembering those times…., Haunted Montrose, The time you visited in 8th grade when I fell in love. Nathan Hunt: Todd, 2, My Buddy, STPOTY, Football camp, The time you got knocked out against Holy Innocents’ Wade Snow: years of future Wizardry, American Faves, Get Out, the Acura, Kailey, Sports talk. Trey Tharpe: New Knees, Coach Sweeney, Spring Break. Jon Barron: Stratford Basketball, Life talks, Some Woarter, 4:40, lowcut socks, 9th grade pregame JV. Coleman Rozier: Sarcasm, Vine videos, Spring Break 16’,Bob, Your sisters, Bihhh Dave and Maaa Suuue. Valentine Grinstead: The North Macon Night Rides, your clutchness, maybe one of the funniest people ever. Margo Hannan: LAXBRA,Angieee, Turkey Ball ‘15, sophomore year study hall, just sophomore year and a lil extra. Aysha Roberts: basketball, Sadie Hawkins, some athleticism. Gracen Boatright: Graebae, the instagram pic you made me post, never meeting your little sisters. Jaylan Hughes: My Defensive Back skills, Coach Sweeney, “Putting me on songs”. Jordain Irving: The satisfaction of starting the name “Big Boat”, Kodak boopin, Macon TD Club. Jamie Oquinn: DBU, the catch. Autumn: Fall, Jooonesss County. Josh Bevil: Reps, Bev City. Russell Mole: Hits, OBJ, play play cousins. Tyler Jordan: TJ4hunnid, Coach Sweeney, The Backfield,Wing Spot. Jacob Burke: 3rd Period College Algebra, A birthday cake, An extra year of eligibility, TJBCOTYA, Will Evans. Grace Adams: Oreotown, being in the same homeroom every year, a 5 year crush, Molly. Nathan Dillard: The brotherhood and bean pies, Violin Lessons, Bedtime, Basketball Career, all the girls you were talking to, Football 10th grade, wanna be #5, da pine. Aaron Arnold: 10th Grade DBU, Spring Break, Holly S, Southland,Gerald, 9, ABCDEFG…. Alyssa Orona: Softball Girl 1. Hannah Rae: Softball Girl 2, Abbie Rae, annoying you. Justin “Thad” Griffin: Your football hygiene, DQ in Saint Simons, some common sense. Sarah Kate: Your entire family, music talks. Kasey Sanders: “The Most Underrated Player In Macon” 2015 and 2016, the gutter, 100% thugger, The leash or invisible fence (depending on week). Tobe Umerah: Emeka, Football History Book, Offers, Chinstrap, an offer from Stanford. Riley Grossnickle: A family swap, Our scholastic competitiveness in 2nd Grade. Monica Montalvo- Perez: Shooting my shot sophomore year, Pete, My fluent spanish Jensen Bowden: Sharell, Lucas, advice. Luke Slappy: Senior Year of Football. Ames Jamison: Memories with Coach Pierce, 17, Shamez, Punt Return, Melis. Jake Jamison:  Kicker Bboy, My 5 min career as your holder. Emma Davis: cousin, Sunday dinners with Bonnie, Scotty and Angie D, Thanksgiving Bonfires, almost drowning in your pool. Devin Butts:  “Yeah man you already know what is man,” Da Meeeds, Casualness, Derwick. Mimi Davis: Your phone, FPD apparel, you and my girlfriend, food and drinks so you’ll stop asking for mine. Lily Howe: Katieeee, that time we dated in 5th grade for 8 min, Me and Andy in 7th grade. David Matlock: The warmness of taking snaps, Aaron in the stands. Larson Mcdaniel: The L, 4 years of starting,speed flex.  Trey Giles:  “All the times I left you open” (my bad). Deandre Duhart: Lil Big Cuzzin, some football swag, extra weights. Christian Palmer: Coach Sweeney, The keys to the kingdom. Raleen Jones: FPD Christmas Dance, the money you owe me for rides. Tucker Massey: “Tyrann Massieu”, THE 7, Some shoes. Maimee Henderson: Karats and Keepsakes, Reversible Chokers. Jaydn Stevens: Kyler Murray Clone, Community service when your dad came in, football attendance record.

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