Riley Grossnickle

Riley Grossnickle

Kat: Swab, DQ, Ihop, Johnny’s Waiter, Blonde guy in the Hoodie, Spring break, the dunes, Baxter (RIP), Sour Patch Kids, Nudls, Losing Streaks, The night we died, Officer Pittman, Coffee, Dixie Chicks, Your birthday party, the barn, bass pro, Getting that water bottle, the dedication behind the concealer, old lady night, Spring Break cuddles Gracen: Pool house, double dates, ice cream, Grind, Spring break, we own it, broken neck, ski trip, IVP, halloween pals, hotty toddy, Mary Ellen’s Pancakes, 1.2.3., the maid and the air vent, losing roommates, old lady night Allie: triple dates, Movie Night, crying to Chasing Cars, Cuddles, post grad party, old lady night, a good time, old and new Lily: Mr. Ethridge, lake docks, Spring break, Valentine’s Mom’s car, Grilled Cheese, cuddling with Max, Justin Beiber, my parents, slaps, baseball, whoosh Maggie: Emily’s sink, Spring break, Late Night Sadies Talks, Halloween, getting filmed by strangers, venmo Coleman: Every class, Holocaust papers, Coach Sweeney, Spring break, Post Sadies Talks, that one bad clink clink, struggling to find dresses, online shopping, Houseparty Jensen: Pilot’s license, Pre cal, Triple Threat, coloring Kevin: Valentine’s Mom’s Car, Princess Tent, Your dog, slaps, Our Mom’s, Late Night Talks, Saving my life, ER, Getting that water bottle, Pulled over on spring break, Officer Pittman Sarah Kate: Precal, Long lunch, track, “I think I got the stomach bug,” Spring Break man hunt Valentine: Lola, my computer, Friendsgiving, Nana, whoosh, sneaking in the window with one shoe, Charlie’s beanie Annabelle: Valentine’s bathroom, Ole Miss, donations, contributing to your death, never having a roommate George: Boogertramp, French, 8th grade party, Middle school crush, that awkward marker placement trading with the scarf, James Bond Ames: Sadies, making music with the glasses, every class together, February 27 Jake: homecoming, snatching the aux, snow days, your trash, post grad party Tootle: environmental, always driving, brownies, ballet, Mystic Mike’s party bus, football games, painting ornaments  Grace: carpet burn, GATA, baseball games, bass pro, two years of being in-laws Luke: snow days, hugs, homeroom, Lukie Pookie Nathan Dillard: Natty D, all classes, Ole Miss, Spring Break, your Humanties paper, consecutive L’s Burke: Mickey Mouse, long lunch, third wheeling swab Lizzi: Weagles, wizard, 8th grade, biggons Carly: chewtoy, biggons, Slobbermouth Mimi: my mom driving, new years, your after sadies hawkins party party at Maggies Aysha: volleyball, track, the funniez, Arob Cherish: Jerod, track, volleyball, rants, Dylan Sammy: tutoring me in precal, seeing the puppy, sadies hate, Latin, C Pat Sarah Koplin: post football games, track, Houseparty, hurdle crew Amelia Bunker: Supper club Tarab: Weagles, our dads Tucker: football nights, horror movies, Stratford’s fastest 400, hurdle crew Anna Grace: my car, riding with mom, pumpkin, car jams, DQ, no clothes, sleeping in your bed, setting the bar low, makeup tutorials, sour guac, Holes soundtrack, you never cuddling with me, Ben and Jerry’s, all the drama, Tina, Doctor Who, which Oxford Zane: your keys, making fun of heads Loy: hair cuts, Instagrams, long lunch, making fun of my laugh, PA, intern, spring break strategy, Skype Tori: track, always the same drama, the 400 Faith: call outs, track, four phased triple jump Julianna: locker talks, maybe not getting into college, encouragements Aaron: music in homeroom, good hair days, NuWay, jaws, apple eating criticism Wade: go Duke, keeping your car pristine, biting Sara Kate: fwab, making AG social, fat lard Lucy Bos: fwab, your fav sister Liza: fwab, stealing ag’s netflix Sydnie: club, rides to Warner Robins, Kid, extra players, the beach trip, cookie butter, Houseparty, Weagles Weagles: the cult, bellyflops, IMs, Parker getting kicked out of practice, Doogie, region Gracie: belly flops, mom Luke: snow days, hugs Abby: brain damage, crabby apple Hannah: all classes, baseball Alyssa: all classes, all drama lol Trey Tharpe: arguing in Humanities, Trey Tharpe, my mom, ppuff Robert: Spring Break blood, seventh grade, Skype, rekindling the flame Mr Ethridge: study hall everyday, UGLY SS: ocean noises, Aunt jemima, last minute plans, all getting blocked on Instagram, who’s driving, Halloween, Valentine sneaking in the window with one shoe, babysitting Marge, where are we spending the night, Mama Suz, Mary Ellen’s pancakes, the boy’s bathtub, bad influences, the dunes @Lily, WW3, the last supper at Crabdaddys Everyone I forgot: high school was awesome, and I love all of you.


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