Safi Rahman

Li-An Tsai: Leadership of Percussion and my red mallets Zainab Siddiqui: That giant bird we saw on your front porch that I scared off when we were in first grade and cows Amelia Foulkes: A bearded dragon and an A in robotics if you take it next year Andrew Smolensky: The money you wasted on the piƱata, Hot Wheels cars, and kites we never used for McCue vs McQueen Grace Deedrick: Chill Pills Cameron Walsh: Kittens and a Fisker Karma Ryan Spiegel: The Rifleman serve Riley Davis: A fluffy Pomeranian Ms. Fleming: Another Basset hound Dr. Katz a new Civic and a lifetime supply of Coke Zero Mr. McCue: A new engine for your Pathfinder

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