Zainab Siddiqui

Zainab Siddiqui

Tarab Ajjan: Lunch Club, Queen of Hearts, Music Midtown, Joe Jonas, the chicken, Lord of the Spies, laxlaxlax, dad, rants, relationship advice, black hole of anxiety. Rania Akbar: colorguard, Music Midtown, the daily raisin legacy, car stunts, cat streaks, dysfunctional pictures. Gracie Childers: Lunch Club, 2012 ‘end of the world sundaes, Mrs. America, Captain America, Didny Worl, red balloons, pancakes, the elevator, hitchhiking on your hood, old women. Riley Davis: colorguard, Music Midtown, near death experiences, starburst. Grace Deedrick: Lunch Club, Princess Futon, Didny Worl, Music Midtown. Carolyn Dromsky: hugs, deep talks, My Queen. Crawford Edwards: the empty desk beside me in APES that you refuse to sit in. Meredith Fuchs: Lunch Club, Didny Worl, Spring Break 2k17, the you half of my brain, daily Skype calls, holy bread, Darth Vader, Rocky Horror, rubber ducky, Rent-A-Roman, MB. Walker Gibbons: Andrew Smolensky. Jessica Gratigny: 2012 ‘end of the world’ sundaes, Ms. Hanberry’s homeroom fam, hipster pics, Morgan Sowell, Sam Jenkins, Lady Pine of Appleton, Didney Worl, fish sticks, Music Midtown, burrito man. Justin Griffin: Monica Montalvo. JR Gumarin: co-workers, Clash. Katherine Hall: Kathy rocks!! #shesingle. Kaylee Jellum: soccer benchies, guard, ps. I’m the superior intern. Asma Karim: Hamp Tiller. Ruzan Khoja: daily raisin snipes. Cap Patel: bad AP advice, sip. Deep Patel: my undying affection. Shiv Patel: 3rd wheeling. Safi Rahman: Chufi!! Claire Rinehart: anthills, zoo adventures, laxlaxlax. David Matlock: Senior Fight Night. Maggie McCullough: motherhood, sips. Monica Montalvo: Justin Griffin. Thomas Sachy: #XXXL. Zuna Shabbir: Zoooone-aaahh, 50 shades of dabs, cheese and all cheese related foods (mac n’ cheese, pizza, grilled cheese, cheesecake, quesadillas…). Shawn Shivdat: Splash Mountain, family friends, myHours, chess, P.S. I’m stealing Precious. Andrew Smolensky: your mom, Sadies 2k16, lightbulbs, candy canes, chicken butt, other STOLEN memes, bone theft threats, Western Ukraine, a mouth, lost wristwatches, Anna Wangerin and Taylor Gumbart. Daniel Smolensky: Danny Boi, Zany Dany, Baby Swaglensky, the library incident smirk. Wade Snow: Wade hugs 🙂 Rosalee Spivey: Lunch Club, my mother’s coffee, my mother’s cooking, Mama Siddiqui, Waffle House, Spotify playlists, Music Midtown, Clash, grapes, chess, laxlaxlax. Thomas Thwaite: food fights, PDA, tough love. Hamp Tiller: Asma Karim. Manasa Vemuri: Shawn Shivdat. Ellie Wangerin: pure savagery, a dress. Dylan Yurgalavage: a dramatic tree of your choosing, 8 ft. rainbow colored nylon rope, saxophone section sing alongs, triggering side conversations, button pushing wars, pink starburst. Megan Wimberly: You’re just fabulous. Carly Wanna: Didny Worl, deep band bus convos, Cody ride-alongs, the real Carly laugh. Dr. Katz: Creative Writing, No Exit, 5th period Freshman English, Hans Va Maal Day, chase downs. Mr. Wells: just spy things, wrath of the Cercopes, hidden memes, magic brownies, yellow cards, chocolate stashes, victory beanbag, Latin Con, BETS. Colorguard: Ms. Haynie’s words of wisdom. Lunch Club: dramatic bleacher pics. LAX: BAB Book Club, running shoes, birds. Senior Class: “no”

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