JOSH DAVIS: Football, brotherhood and Robin’s special sandwiches

May 11, 2017

Senior Josh Davis loves football.

He likes being on the defense, when his teammates all have the same goal.

“It is kind of like a family or a brotherhood”, he said.

A starting linebacker, he described playing rival FPD as “intense.” Playing in his last game was a sad feeling because it would be the last time he was on the field with his teammates.

Off the field, he said he considers himself as having an outgoing personality, although he can be shy at times,

Josh said he has loved eating food in the lunchroom. His favorite food is when cafeteria worker Robin makes him his specialty sandwich, which includes turkey, cheese, pepperoni, and lettuce on the grill.

The one person that has influenced Josh the most at Stratford is Mrs. Patsy Hayslip, of the Learning Support Center. He said Mrs. Hayslip has helped him to become a better student and prepared him for life.

He said he has a major case of  “senioritis.” On a scale of 1-10, he laughed and rated himself as a “15.”

He will attend Georgia Southern and doesn’t know where he will be in 10 years, but he wants to be happy with whatever he chooses to do.

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