ALEXUS WHIPPLE: Twin sister, English and West Georgia-bound

May 16, 2017

Alexus Whipple first came to Stratford Academy when she was in second grade.

This year, Alexus participated in Key Club and SALSA.

“I like SALSA because I like people that have a good time without doing all that kind of stuff, and that’s the person I am,” she said. “We had a good time, it was really fun.”

Alexus was also a part of the track team this year. She recalled a special memory from her first practice with the team.

“The first time I actually threw a shot put, I threw the boys’ ball and I was wondering why it didn’t go so far,” she said. “They told me I threw [the wrong one] and I was like, ‘great.’”

Alexus’s favorite memory from her time at Stratford was the Stratford vs. FPD football game her sophomore year.

“I’ve never screamed so loud,. All my classmates were together and we were screaming and jumping around. It was great.”

Alexus said having a twin sister, Alyssa, at school with her is “very lovely,” even though they’re never in the same classes anymore.

“I know I can count on her, and she’s like my best friend. She’s the one I go to with all my problems, and I like seeing her,” she said.

Alexus recalled her favorite memory from having a twin sister with her at the same school.

“We cheered from sixth to eighth grade together, and that was really fun. We have a lot of inside jokes now that we’re seniors, and we just laugh at everything, and we’re just kind of sad that we’re leaving.”

According to Alexus, her most embarrassing Stratford memory was when she fell at a basketball game. “During a free throw I was walking up the bleachers and I fell up them. Everyone was like ooh, and I was just like, ‘why?’ It was bad.”

Something not many people know about Alexus is that she’s not as tough as she seems. “I try to act hard, but I’m a big softie. People have told me that. I didn’t know that before.”

When asked what her favorite subject is, Alexus said “English all the way.”

“I love English and I love Mrs. (Ann) Dromsky, and Mrs. (Irene) Whitaker, and all my English teachers. They’re like my best friends,” she said.

Like most of the class of 2017, Alexus has come down with a nasty case of “senioritis.”

“I didn’t think it was a real thing, but I’ve just been like ‘I’ll do my homework in the morning,’ and then I don’t do it. So, yeah, it’s a real thing,” she said.

After she graduates, Alexus said she will miss her classmates most from Stratford.

“It really does get to me because I’ve been with them for so long. I’ve never switched schools before, so it breaks my heart that we have to be separate and I won’t get to see them every year anymore.”

Alexus has lots of advice for future Stratford seniors.

“Senior year is going to be the best year and most stressful year of your life,” she said. “Keep your grades up, because they’re really going to affect everything that’s going on,” she said. “And make sure you go to the college office. They want to help you. Try to be closer with everyone because you’re not going to be with them for much longer. And be yourself, don’t try to fit in with the crowd.”

Alexus plans on attending West Georgia College, where she will room with her twin sister Alyssa. She plans to major in nursing.

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