WADE SNOW: Goalkeeper, Pep Club, Eagle Scout

May 18, 2017

Wade Snow wasted no time getting involved in Stratford student life.

After meeting many of Stratford’s current senior class through club soccer, Wade transferred to Stratford from FPD at the beginning of his junior year in 2016.

“I just felt that Stratford was a better fit and I knew a lot people going in so that made it easy,” Wade said.

Wade had played club soccer with four of his fellow seniors at Stratford and thought it might provide more opportunities and a better fit for him.

“I have really had a lot of fun at Stratford and it was just the right move,” Wade said.

At Stratford, Wade is the goalkeeper for the soccer team, a member of the student activities board, a sports writer on The Gazebo staff and a co-president of the pep club.

His favorite memory was his fifth-period internship with English teacher Mrs. Michelle Fleming.

“Mrs. Fleming is my homie. She’s a real ‘G.’”

Outside of school, Wade is an Eagle Scout with Troop 19, writes for The Huffington Post and is an avid FIFA player.   


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