VALENTINE GRINSTEAD: Familiar face, close friendships, broken water pipes

May 17, 2017

Valentine Grinstead is a familiar face at Stratford.

She has attended the Academy since middle school. Before transferring to Stratford, she lived in Texas and attended a private school.

Her favorite teacher is Dr. Ann Dromsky because “she is like another mother to me, and she can handle all the sass that I throw at her.”

Valentine loves at Stratford how close every student can get to their teachers. She has loved Friday night football games and her favorite day in the cafeteria is when FLIK offers its legendary Chinese menu.

She said her most embarrassing moment came last year in Mr. Fred’s art room. She was trying to run into her friend, Allie Edwards, and missed. She slid into a pipe and it broke.

“Water flew everywhere and it smelled really bad,” Valentine said.

As she leaves her high school career behind, she is headed Louisiana State University. She said she will always remember the strong friendships she has made.    

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